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Late night snores keeping you or your partner up at night? If you have been experiencing trouble sleeping due to snoring or breathing through your mouth, perhaps it’s time to look into anti-snoring solutions to improve the quality of sleep you are getting. There are loads of anti-snoring devices available on the current market to help curb snoring, you just need to identify which device would work best for needs.

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An anti-snoring mouthpiece is a type of device that can help with eliminating snoring and there any many different brands of mouthpieces in the market with varying features, quality and functions. An anti-snoring mouthpiece is categorised by two different designs and functionality and it’s imperative that you choose the right type to suit your anti-snoring needs to get the best results from the device as possible.

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One type of mouthpiece is classified as a Tongue Retaining Device (TRDs), this sort of device basically holds the tongue in place and clears the airway of the throat to reduce the vibrations around the soft tissues of the muscles that are in the back of the throat, essentially eliminating any snoring sounds. This device does not impact or affect the lower jaw in any way, it also generally comes in a one-size-fits-all setting which makes it non-customizable.

The other sort of mouthpiece is categorised as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MADs), this type of mouthpiece is more expensive than a TRD since it comes with customizable features, catering to users who prefer a personalized fit with their mouthpieces. This device prevents snoring by moving the lower jaw forward so the tongue will not fall back and block the passageway for air flow. A MADs sort of mouthpiece would physically affect your jaw placement and might cause some discomfort at first.


ZQuiet® is a MADs type of anti-snoring mouthpiece that has unique features that sets it apart from to other standard MADs mouthpieces due to its special design. Dan Webster, the co-founder of ZQuiet® stated that the company had three main objectives when creating ZQuiet®. The Sleep Well LLC Company was founded by both Dan and Katrina Webster as a way to find a solution for their chronic snoring problem.

Dan and Katrina brought Avery Lieberman on board to the Sleep Well LLC Company to help them figure out how best to curb snoring with the best possible mouthpiece they could create. Avery Lieberman is a dentist with over 20 experience under his belt with expertise specializing in sleep apnea, sleep medicine and snoring was a perfect choice to take the lead on the path to discover ZQuiet®.

“Comfort, ease-of-use and effectiveness”, these were the focus points that acted as the foundation of ZQuiet®’s creation. The manufacturer seems to have achieved their objectives with the ZQuiet® mouthpiece as we found it comfortable, easy to use and it functioned well to stop snoring as promised.

A MADs type mouthpiece can be broken down into two other categories, hinged and adjustable. A hinged mouthpiece functions by conforming to the individual’s specific mouth size and it gives a more comfortable fit and allows for easier breathing through the nasal and oral passageway. An adjustable MADs mouthpiece are usually equipped with an adjustable tray that needs to be fitted to the mouth as well as possible for it to function, this sort of mouthpiece is generally made out of harder materials than the hinged mouthpiece and is more rigid in the mouth.

The ZQuiet® mouthpiece is a hinged type MADs that is less bulky than an adjustable mouthpiece and is much easier to use with less rigidness and hardness in the mouth.


The ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece is made from medical grade thermoplastic elastomer that is completely latex and BPA free. It is certified safe to use by the FDA, making this mouthpiece very durable and safe for prolonged oral use.

The material used to manufacture ZQuiet® is very strong, durable and flexible: all great features to have in an anti-snoring mouthpiece. You need a mouthpiece to be flexible and slightly soft as a hard one will be extremely uncomfortable to wear and there are chances that it will hurt your gums if it’s too rigid.

Durability is also important in a mouthpiece as it is fitted to the teeth and some damage can occur when its in use, you will want a mouthpiece that does not deteriorate too easily with frequent use. A mouthpiece that can last throughout its estimated lifespan with no compromise towards its functionality is great value for your money.

The estimated lifespan for the ZQuiet® is about 15 to 24 months, which is a great average lifespan for a mouthpiece considering it would be used every day.

How Does It Work?

The ZQuiet® is ready to use as soon as you get it: there is no set-up process involved. This is something unique for a MADs type device that generally requires some customization like a boil-and-bite process to make the fit of the mouthpiece perfect for your mouth. The ZQuiet® can be used immediately as soon as it is unboxed and it comes in two sizes, Comfort 1 and Comfort 2.

The manufacturer recommends users to use the Comfort 1 size mouthpiece first and if your snoring persists with the usage of the Comfort 1 sized mouthpiece, move on to the Comfort 2 size. Try to use the first mouthpiece for 20-30 minutes while awake to “break it in” so your mouth can get used to the feeling of having the device. The mouthpieces should be able to fit your mouth, however if your mouth is smaller than the mouthpieces you can attempt to trim it to fit better.

This hinged anti-snoring mouthpiece works to stop snoring by extending the lower jaw and holds it in place so the passageway can open up to allow air to flow, it also keeps the tongue in place by not letting it fall back into the throat. This helps to reduce the vibrations in the soft tissue muscles in the back of throat by tightening the muscles around the throat and mandible.

One of the features that sets ZQuiet® apart from other MADs is that is comes with a patented living hinge technology, this special addition to the mouthpiece allows the user to have freedom of jaw movement which is virtually unheard of when it comes to MADs type of mouthpieces.

Standard MADs mouthpieces generally would enforce the user to have a forced clenched bite and the user will not be able to open or use their mouth once the mouthpiece has been inserted. The ZQuiet® mouthpiece’s living hinge feature allows the user to be able to open the mouth naturally, eliminating the feeling of being constricted. When testing the mouthpiece, we felt the ease of wearing the device without feeling clenched or rigid around the jaw area, a very comfortable feeling compared to other sort of MADs mouthpieces.

The living hinge design allows the user to be able to take a sip of water or talk while its in place in the mouth, this is a very helpful feature to have as its very inconvenient to repeatedly take out the device if you want to have a sip of water or talk. Its also quite crucial to be able to easily have a drink when wearing the mouthpiece as some users tend to experience dryness in the mouth when using an anti-snoring device.

The flexibility of the mouthpiece ensures that it stays put in the mouth and it does not fall out of the mouth regardless of your sleeping position. The thermoplastic material used has good firmness to keep your jaw in place and you will not need to clench your teeth to keep the mouthpiece in position, your mouth can be in a relax throughout your sleep.


Since the ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece is a ready-to-use device, there is no extra work required to make it functional. While it comes in a pack of two, you will still need to test both the mouthpieces to ensure the fit is good. An ill-fitting mouthpiece can cause more damage than good and you will want to avoid any pain or discomfort if you can. To avoid this problem, there are some signs you can look out for to ensure that your mouthguard is a good fit.

The ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece can also help with Bruxism; a condition where sufferers grind, gnash and clench their teeth. Bruxism causes teeth damage, earache, jaw pain and cause long term joint damage if not treated. ZQuiet®’s ability to be able to prevent Bruxism is an added bonus as it reduces the pain and discomfort you have with this condition. However, the durability of the ZQuiet® mouthpiece might be lessened if you suffer from Bruxism, teeth grinding will affect the lifespan of the mouthpiece’s material.

The living hinge feature of the mouthpiece provides the user the ability to breathe easily with no restrictions, this is a helpful feature to have especially if you are sensitive to using foreign devices and are easily disturbed by anything that might constrict your breathing airways.

Unlike most MADs mouthpieces that require the consumer to only breathe through the nasal passageway when the device is being used, the ZQuiet® mouthpiece is versatile in its design and allows the user to breathe using both the nasal and oral passageways. This makes this anti-snoring mouthpiece easily useable for users who have respiratory conditions like sinus blockage and asthma.


The ZQuiet® comes with great advantages and it stands out for being an exceptional MADs type anti-snoring mouthpiece with unusual features for its category.

The materials used to manufacture the ZQuiet® mouthpiece is FDA approved and safe, great news if you are very sensitive to plastics and resins. There are not many mouthpieces in the current market of anti-snoring devices that are approved by the FDA hence this is a valuable feature to have for a device you would be using on daily basis.

The living hinge technology puts this mouthpiece ahead of the race but allowing freedom of movement for its users. Additionally, the living hinge design coupled with the feature of moving the lower mandible forward is a very helpful bonus feature as the mouthpiece not only helps to eliminate snoring but also strives to slowly correct the jaw’s positioning to naturally stop the body from snoring.

The ability to freely drink water and talk while using the ZQuiet® mouthpiece is not to be taken lightly as standard MADs mouthpieces do not usually have this feature and this is a massive to have for an anti-snoring mouthpiece. The living hinge technology pushes the boundary with this feature and the user can avoid having a dry mouth (a common side effect) when using the ZQuiet® device.

The ZQuiet® comes in a pack of two mouthpieces varying in sizes, company has the proactiveness to provide their customers with two options straightaway so they can experience positive results with their snoring issue. Aside from having the usual benefits of the ZQuiet® mouthpieces, these two devices that come in the starter pack have different measurements and will allow you to adjust the amount of pressure to be placed on the lower jaw.

It’s great that the company included two options for jaw pressure preference as different users will have varying preferences for the amount of jaw pressure that would be comfortable. If you find that the mouthpiece is slightly too big for your needs, you do have the option to trim the mouthpiece to your needs as the material is pliable enough for that sort of slight change in size.

The ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece has a very easy maintenance routine, you can clean the mouthpiece with warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush. The company cautions against using toothpaste to clean the ZQuiet® mouthpiece as toothpaste will disintegrate and discolour the surface of the mouthpiece.

Alternately, you can also use the ZQuiet® Clean cleaning solution that is specially formulated to give the mouthpiece a thorough cleaning and sanitization. If you prefer not to make any extra purchases, you can also use a cleaning solution that is approved for dental wear cleaning (like dentures) that is easily available in your local pharmacy or convenience store. Do avoid hot water when cleaning the ZQuiet® mouthpiece as hot water will melt the thermoplastic material and the mouthpiece will no longer be useable.

The ZQuiet® mouthpiece has a good average lifespan, it testifies to the high-grade material used in its manufacturing. If the device is cared for properly, it should last as long as the predicted time frame with no compromise towards its functions. This mouthpiece comes with a storage case when you make a purchase and according to the manufacturer, the “golden rule” for the mouthpiece’s durability is to always store the device in its case to retain its shape and prevent any unintentional damage.

Due to its ability to be able to prevent Bruxism, its durability will be slightly compromised with users who suffer from the condition. If you have Bruxism, you can expect improvement with your teeth grinding when you start to use the ZQuiet® mouthpiece, however you should keep in mind that you might have to purchase a mouthpiece much sooner than a usual user.


The ZQuiet® has a wide array of great features but every product has it disadvantages or cons, let’s take a closer look.

Even though the ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece comes in a pack of two that has different sizes to accommodate various jaw pressures, this mouthpiece predominately caters for users with medium to small sized mouths. If you are a user who requires the anti-snoring mouthpiece to accommodate a larger sized mouth, the ZQuiet® will not be able help you.

This MADs type mouthpiece also does not accommodate users who need to use dentures, the need for natural teeth to grip the device in place is imperative hence denture users would not find this anti-snoring device fit for their needs. The manufacturer advises against using this mouthpiece if you have full dentures however if you only have replacement tooth at the top or lower jaw then it is possible to use the ZQuiet® device.

There are a number of users who have reported some side effects that causes discomfort while using the ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece. You might experience excessive salivating while wearing the mouthpiece as some users find that the mouthpiece causes their mouth to open slightly during sleep and drooling occurs when this happens.

You might also feel some pain and discomfort with your lower jaw area due to the design of the mouthpiece that functions to push forward the mandible. Users who suffer from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) or any form of arthritis might encounter increased joint pain around the lower jaw area. It is best to consult a doctor if the pain persists and discontinue using the device till you get further medical advise on whether the mouthpiece should be used for your snoring needs.

There are some complaints that the living hinge function expires more quickly than expected and that the hinge turns soft and offers none of its initial support for the jaw area. If this happens you should discontinue the usage of the mouthpiece as inadequate support towards the lower jaw will cause damage and pain, you might seriously injure your joints.

Should You Purchase ZQuiet®?

The ZQuiet® anti-snoring is sold as a 2-size starter pack, there are two mouthpieces of varying sizes and a storage case included in the starter pack for a total of $79.95. Although it’s a premium price to pay for an anti-snoring mouthpiece, you are getting a pair of devices when usually other mouthpieces are sold in single units.

If you feel unsure about committing to the device fully, the company provides an option where consumers call ZQuiet®’s customer service anytime within the trial period of 30-days from the purchase date and request for a Return Authorization Number to request for a refund. Customer who request for a refund within the trial period for any reason will not be charged the $79.95 fee. It should be noted that the initial trial fee of $9.95 and shipping fees are non-refundable.

Overall, the ZQuiet® seems to be an anti-snoring device that covers the main purpose of its creation which is to eliminate snoring and improve the overall quality of the users sleep. We felt the mouthpiece did deliver on its promise of flexibility when inserted into the mouth, the living hinge technology provided great support while firmly pushing the jaw forward to improve the airflow at the back of the throat.

It was also extremely nice to be able to grab a sip of water while wearing the device and it was really helpful to be able to get rid of the slight dryness of the mouth with some water and having no need to take off the device while doing so. There is some initial discomfort during the first few nights of using the ZQuiet® mouthpiece but the discomfort and salivating stopped after a few days. As with many customer comments on first using the ZQuiet® mouthpiece, most found that their snoring stopped during the first or second night of usage.

This shows that ZQuiet® does not need long to produce results unlike other anti-snoring devices where a certain break-in period is needed before the device can fully work to stop the snoring. The general conclusion on whether the ZQuiet® stops snoring can be confirmed as it seems to work for a good majority of the customers who has purchased this anti-snoring device.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece has great value for money, delivers its functionality with no extra hassle and the ZQuiet® team has great customer service with good after sales care. Customers who have had to return the device have left glowing reviews about the care shown by the customer service and even the founders of the company themselves about the after sales service provided. This company genuinely cares about how their product affects the consumers and this is a great attitude to have and it also helps to retain customers.

If you are looking for a anti-snoring mouthpiece that works, has a good price point for its features and great customer service, look no further than the ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece for your snoring needs.

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