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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Jet Lag Proof Journey

If you love or have to travel between different time zones, you must be acquainted with the main drawback linked to it – jet lag. Instead of stepping off the plane filled with excitement and anticipation, ready to explore a new destination, you are taken aback by fatigue, tiredness, and an excruciating headache. Evidently, this […]

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How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows, Mattress, And Other Bedding Stuff

Memory foam has become famous over the last few decades for its soft and impacts absorbent properties. First used by NASA in the 1960s to make aircraft seats safer, it became less expensive and more commonly utilized in the public domain as time went by. Though they are more expensive than other types of bedding, they […]

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How To Wash Pillows With Or Without A Machine

We sleep on them. Hug them. Drool on them. Put them between our legs. Sometimes sit on them. Do other nameless things to them. What are we talking about? That’s right – pillows! Most of us know in the backs of our minds that we should probably wash our pillows more often, but it’s one of […]

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How To Use The Healing Power Of Yoga To Cure A Chronic Neck Pain

The ancient practice of yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago as a spiritual and physical discipline. Over the last century, it has become popular all over the world (particularly in the west) as a means of exercise and relaxation. One of how yoga can be beneficial is it provides you relief from morning back […]

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Lucid Dreaming. Easy Techniques & Ways to Your First Lucid Dream

No, you should not aim for learning how to lucid dream in a matter of days or overnight. Lucid dreaming is a spiritual skill, and you must be conquered in steps. Means, you must be ready to put in some hard work. There are many aspects such as optimizing your sleep, increasing mental & emotional awareness, […]

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How To Stop Snoring. An Anti Snoring Action Plan.

Snoring is common in males than females and easily curable. It affects the sleep of both you and the person sleeping with you. Medical problems like sleep apnea follow snoring, which can be dangerous because your breathing stops at regular intervals during sleep. People snore when the air flows through their nose while the throat is unable […]

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