Sponsorship, Partnership & Advertising Inquiries (Guest Post, Etc)

Bedding Pal serves over 50k readers monthly and you could use that to your advantage. These readers are highly targeted audience in the sleep improvement niche. If you have a product or website aimed to help individuals get a better good-night sleep, you could work with us to advertise your product on our website.

We did a quick survey to our readers (over 1000+ responses) and we realize that there are also interested in subjects as listed below:

  • Health related subjects.
  • Home improvement subjects.
  • Kids/Babies.
  • Sleep related disorder (Snoring, Insomnia, etc).

We are open to various partnership opportunities and here are a few common options that most advertisers opt for.

Contact Details

For all advertising / partnership related enquiries, please use this email address, affiliate@beddingpal.com . We will normally try to come back to you within 24 hours. Please use proper headlines addressing the issue in concern.

Sponsored Mentions / Commercial Guest Posts / Sponsored Posts

If you are looking to build awareness for your product / website, you could contribute a guest article in which you are allowed to talk about your product and how does it benefits our readers. The best way to do this is to deliver information upfront before pitching your product. Overly commercial or pushy articles will be rejected.

The article you submit must fulfill these conditions:

  1. Uniquely written.
  2. Free from grammatical errors.
  3. At least 800 words in content.
  4. 1-2 images in which you have copyrights for.
  5. Author bio (“Guest post by …”). You can request to remove author bio from the article.

Please discuss the topic of submission before writing the article. We don’t want overlapping posts on our site as it’s just simply not helpful to our readers.

We will be charging a fee of $200 per submission to compensate for our editorial time as well as the exposure that you will get. Furthermore, we would love to maintain the level of quality of our site to prevent / reduce spams.

Note: If you represent an educational, governmental or not profit organisation, no fees will be charged. We are a responsible organisation and would love to play a part in supporting healthy activities. Just discuss with us.

Advertising Space

If you would love constant exposure to our readers, then the option above might not be enough. As such, we offer serious advertisers the opportunity to purchase prominent sections on our website to display advertorials in the form of banners or image/text links.

There are many advertising spaces available, so please discuss with your representative. We are very flexible in determining the optimal advertising space for your product (in between relevant content, etc).

Please discuss the rates as well as they do change from time to time.

Other Opportunities?

Do you have something in mind that’s not covered above? Feel free to drop your idea over and we will seriously consider. If it’s something that would bring value to both parties, we will come back to you for further negotiation.

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