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How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who oversleep and those who sleep too little. Both of these habits affect us significantly, that’s why it is vital to know how much do we need to sleep. Once you get it right for your age, you will see improvement not only in your health […]

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You…

It may be surprising, but your sleeping position reveals a lot about the type of person you are and the kind of personality you possess. Yes, Many characteristic traits link to different sleeping styles.Not only about your nature, but the sleeping positions also say a lot about how do you perform in your day to […]

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Best Sleeping Position Is A Myth. Know How.

The question “Which Sleeping Position Is The Best?” itself is wrong. You may sleep in any position you like, and it will turn out to be the best way to sleep in if you can learn how to counter-balance the alignment of your body with proper pillow placement. The core of having rid of body aches […]

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Achieve Better And Deep Sleep With Yoga Poses

Insomnia is a prevalent condition these days, and certain yoga poses are proven to be one of the most efficient methods to cure the condition. It helps you achieve a better sleep, almost immediately. I don’t claim yoga alone to be the sure cure for the condition, but you will go a long way managing the […]

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How To Stay Awake While Driving

Here’s the worst consequence of not sleeping well at night? Going on a long drive the next morning with family or friends and feeling drowsy. Now a long drive sounds fun when you are pepped up and full or energy. However, if your eyes are barely opening and you are behind the wheels, your long drive […]

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Can You Sleep With Contacts? Well, It Depends. Here’s How.

No, you can’t sleep in contacts. As a straight answer, you must remove your contact lenses before falling asleep, or it may cause some serious troubles to your eyes. The irony is, if you wear contacts, often, it is hard to put them off before falling asleep, particularly in the workplace. Although sleeping with your contacts in […]

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Sleeping At Night

Sleep phobia is dreaded, but no matter how challenging your condition is, it can be overcome quickly. Anxiety is at the root of fear of sleeping at night. Most of the time anxiety and insomnia goes hand to hand. Sometimes, the anxiety occurs as a result of worry about sleep, daily life stresses, sleepwalking, or fear […]

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How Did Our Ancestors Sleep. Know The History Of Caveman Sleeping.

It seems cavemen used to know, if there’s one thing that determines whether or not you’re going to have a good day, it’s how well you’ve slept through the night. The people back in the ancient times managed to get sound sleep. Whereas, these days people struggle to keep their eyes shut. Cave dwellers managed to […]

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Can’t Sleep at Night? Learn How to Fall Asleep Better and Faster

Learning to fall asleep is of prime concern in today’s stressful world. The stress and anxiety won’t even allow you to doze off even if you are tired. If the condition persists, it becomes insomnia. If you can’t sleep through the night, it is not compulsory to consult pharmaceuticals. They are not your only hope; there […]

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Understanding NREM and REM Stages Of Sleep. The Sleep Cycles with Fascinating Facts.

Even though we all sleep, and we’ve done so since we first laid foot on this Earth, the mechanism is still obscure and unfathomable to scientists. Sleep is more complicated than we ever thought. For instance, did you know that a total of six organs are engaged in falling (and staying) asleep- the brain stem, […]

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