PureSleep Review 2021 (Recommended for the Heavy Snorers)

PureSleep Review

Snoring refers to noisy breathing during your sleep and it is a common problem among all ages and both genders, and it affects the sleep quality of approximately 95 million American adults on average. Although snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone, it happens more often in men and those who are overweight. Also, snoring tends to worsen as you age.

Occasional snoring is acceptable and isn’t usually a serious problem. On the other hand, if you or your partner has long-term snoring issue, you are not only disrupting the sleep patterns of your bed partner, but you’re hurting your sleep quality as well. Recent research shows that snoring is a risk factor that increases your chance of having heart disease or a stroke.

Are these enough reasons for you to start the search for an effective stop snoring device? The great news is that I’ve already had the perfect anti-snoring mouthpiece that is effective with snoring cases and here’s the PureSleep review that you should totally have a look at.

What is PureSleep?

PureSleep is a Mandibular Advancement device (MAD) that is designed to help eliminate snoring by holding the lower jaw in a forward position where the tongue muscle attaches. By doing so, this anti-snoring device keeps your jaw from moving back into the airway and ensures nothing will be blocking the airway when you sleep.

Many people didn’t know that snoring sound is created through tissue vibration inside your mouth when you are deep in sleep. They vibrate mainly because the air was being forced through your airway and causing the throat tissues to vibrate against each other. Therefore, when the airway is kept clear, the soft tissues will not vibrate.

When your airway is clear, there is no vibration. Therefore, there will be no snoring, and you will have a good night’s sleep.

In-Depth Review about PureSleep Mouthpiece

PureSleep is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is manufactured by The Pure Sleep Company with patented adaptable dual-polymer design that can be customized using a boil-and-bite technique for the best fit for your mouth.

What makes PureSleep so special is the feature of customizable bite fit setting which similar anti-snoring mouthpieces found in the market aren’t offering.

Based on three different settings (Standard, Underbite, or Overbite), you can pre-adjust the upper and lower piece and further customized your best bite fit with the boil-and-bite technique.

Thus, this unique design makes PureSleep much easier to adapt in your mouth and perform better compared to conventional stop snoring mouthpieces. 

There are many benefits of using this mouthpiece during your sleep. For example, you’ll have more direct control when you can custom fit your MAD at the comfort of your home. It also ensures that mouthpiece is going to be well-suited for your jaw to induce better sleep, which will also help to reduce your jaw fatigue.

Moreover, the design of PureSleep is very well-made and this anti-snoring mouthpiece is less bulky or obtrusive than other options in the market, therefore, everyone should feel comfortable sleeping with it in their mouth.

Even though this self-molded mouthpiece is made of two selections of plastic, but both are BPA-free and latex-free. Besides, this American made device is advertised as an FDA-cleared device.

Additionally, it’s a Class II medical device approved by the FDA for snoring treatment. It means that you’ll need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it in the US. Fortunately, you can fill out a questionnaire on the official product website at checkout to retrieve that prescription.

This unique questionnaire will provide valuable information about your snoring issue. After you’ve done with the 21-questions form, they’ll evaluate your answers and decide whether the fitting of their mouthpiece will be beneficial to your snoring and oral health.

How Does PureSleep Work?

The PureSleep mouthpiece usually comes in upper and lower pieces. There’s attached detailed instruction to teach you the adjustment process and a storage case. First, you need to determine whether you have a typical bite, mild underbite, severe underbite, or drastic overbite before you proceed to the bite fit settings in your mouth. You can’t mold the device until you choose a setting that is varied in 1, 3, and 5 mm.

This step is crucial for you to choose the right fit so take your time. This is because if you’re not careful when set your fit, the fitting of this mouthpiece is irreversible. Your jaw will need to make do with the mouthpiece for months.

Once you have figured out the bite setting, you can begin the boil-and-bite procedure for the best fit in your mouth. The steps are as followed:

  1. Place 2 cups of water into a pot and then heats it to a boiling temperature.
  2. Submerge the mouthpiece for a recommended amount of time (around 60 seconds).
  3. Using a pair of tongs or spoons to remove the mouthpiece from the water, and leave it for 15-20 seconds for it to cool to a safe temperature.
  4. Fit the mouthpiece in your mouth, while holding your lower jaw a little forward without being too forceful or aggressive, then bite down.
  5. Bite and hold with jaw forward, and hold this position for 45 seconds as the softened material allows your teeth to feel warm and form an impression.
  6. Remove from mouth and cool it under running water to speed up the hardening process.
  7. Trim any excess material that might hurt your gums and mouth with small cutters.

A Look at the Company behind PureSleep

ABCs Good morning America has done an outstanding job in publicizing Pure Sleep as a perfect snoring solution suitable for adults and even babies! Since then, million over PureSleep mouthpieces have been sold per dentist prescription. Many people have got their hands on the well-known PureSleep mouthpiece at a significantly lower price than what most dentists and physicians charge.

But how much we know about the company behind the invention of this unique device?

It all started with a dentist with snoring issue named Dr Douglas Fenton, who resides in San Francisco. Alongside with his colleague, the late Dr Bernard “Buzz” Kramer, who is an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

For at least ten years, the mouthpieces used by Dr Fenton and Dr Kramer in their own practices as well as many of their co-workers, are being charged at $400 to their patients, for the capability of having their snoring problem under control.

Together, they created this spectacular mouthpiece with an idea in mind to help their patients stop snoring using cheaper anti-snoring mouthpieces. They really wanted to come up with a device that is affordable by families with average households and battling snoring problems.

Then Noel Lindsay, a businessman with a snoring problem, entered the picture. He even mentioned that he used to get kicked out often by his wife for his loud snoring. He had gone through a long and challenging journey to search for the right devices for his snoring.

In the end, he found a successful treatment for his snoring, it is called “mandibular repositioning”, but it was VERY EXPENSIVE ($1,200).

In 2007, Noel was introduced to Drs. Fenton and Kramer in San Francisco. Noel was a wise businessman and saw the potential of an anti-snoring mouthpiece offering to its snoring consumers at an affordable price. Thus, the Pure Sleep Company was born! The company’s product went on further to claim its “World #1 snoring solution.”

Nowadays, PureSleep becomes one of the anti-snoring devices that facilitates a course where licensed dentists and physicians are able to quickly and conveniently prescribe PureSleep for people who fit at a significantly lower price.

How Much Does PureSleep Cost?       

PureSleep is selling their best-seller mouthpiece for $59.95. Though, you don’t need to worry about paying an extra shipping fee because the shipping is free! How great is that? PureSleep is also rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the year 2011. It means that the PureSleep Company is already 12 years in business.

I’m a little devastated that PureSleep does not offer a two-for-one price of the deal on these mouthpieces anymore. For $59.90, plus $10 shipping and handling, you used to get two devices.

But now, you only get one mouthpiece with the similar amount with the shipping cost covered.

If you’re still hesitating on whether to buy this anti-snoring device, you can be assured because they have a 60 day money-back guarantee. In any circumstances if you don’t see significant improvement in snoring or your sleep within that period, you can return your PureSleep mouthpiece.

Are you worrying about paying the shipping fee to return the mouthpiece? Don’t sweat it, because the returned shipping is free as well! It comes with an individualized, postage-paid return shipping label to make returns easy.

All-in-all, if PureSleep does effectively bring a great result to your snoring problem and provide an ultimate sleeping experience, the cost won’t matter anyway. For me, this anti-snoring device is worth all the money I pay.

What Do Customers Think of PureSleep Mouthpiece?

Before you purchase this product, you’d surely want to know how users think about this mouthpiece, their experience with it and most importantly, whether these devices help with their snoring and sleep.

PureSleep is one of the companies that ask its customers for reviews on a regular basis, no matter they are positive or negative. In my opinion, I feel that this is a nice small gesture that every company should practice.

So I’ve browsed through hundreds of verified Pure Sleep reviews and found people have mixed opinions on this mouthpiece.  

Pure Sleep either score five stars and comments like “best snoring device” or one-star with comments like “less effective for a good sleep”. I even found a recent three stars rating with the review saying the cutback of material in PureSleep.

Overall, it receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5 based on the customer reviews with a 69% of five stars rating. Here’s some unfiltered reviews from real customers that I retrieved from the official PureSleep website:-

“Unfortunately the device did not help my snoring this time. I tried with two different devices, and neither of them worked.” – Scott (1 star)

“We purchased Pure Sleep when it first came out, and it worked great. As a few years passed, my husband realized the newer mouthpieces started to come apart. I don’t know if they changed the material. Also last time we contacted customer service they were not very friendly. We still have found that Puresleep devices work best out of the different mouthpieces”.– Patrick (2 stars)

“These devices used to work well on my snoring, but they have cut back on the material in the mold, and it does form a good enough imprint of your teeth anymore”. – Tom (3 stars)

“I have used Pure Sleep for years and tried others, but keep coming back. It works better than most mouthpieces. But it doesn’t last more than three months before having to re-boil. Use to get 2 for the price of one. That would be nice again”. – Charlotte (4 stars)

“I’ve been using Pure Sleep for a few years now, and I am completely happy with it. My wife says I no longer snore in my sleep; I wake up feeling better because I think I get better airflow by keeping my lower jaw lifted. It didn’t take very long for me to get used to wearing the device, but had noticed a bit of discomfort in my mouth for a period of time. Everything now is good. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly to get a good fit, and you will be happy with the results”. – Gnibs (5 stars)


Common Complaints about the PureSleep

Although the product does have higher positive reviews, the company has had some common complaints reported by some customers. These issues may include:

  • Jaw soreness or jaw clicking
  • Drooling during your sleep (Normally dissipates after the adjustment period)
  • Unstable product price

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Materials are BPA-free and latex-free
  • Three customizable bite types for lower jaw placement
  • Free Shipping
  • FDA-cleared product
  • Customizable bite fit; easy self-molding in your mouth
  • Manufactured in the USA using 100% American-made materials
  • Designed and recommended by a dentist
  • Reputable company
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Life expectancy of six to nine-month
  • Comprehensive questionnaire
  • Works for most snorers
  • Contains small holes to facilitate breathing


  • Unstable pricing
  • Limited setting chances. Cannot be re-adjust once molded
  • Troublesome checkout process
  • May cause jaw pain, teeth soreness and dry throat on the first few days of usage
  • Long shipping period and slow delivery, may take around two to four weeks
  • Promotes drooling
  • Need to clean on a daily basis 
  • As suggested by some reviews, the airflow holes may be too small for some
  • Temporary aching in mouth muscles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use PureSleep?

Dentists and physicians have approve mandibular repositioning to reduce snoring over decades. Also, it is an FDA cleared device. It’s a big deal having your product approved by the FDA, because it proves that PureSleep has undergone rigorous quality system process and review on the materials used.

Also, you should carefully follow all instructions, including the cleaning procedure and the labelling on the PureSleep before usage to ensure that PureSleep works securely and effectively.

How long does it take to get used to this product?

Typically, your mouth will need an adjustment period about 3-5 nights of regular use. On the first few days, you would experience slight soreness and fatigues in your jaw, teeth and gums, and that’s perfectly normal. It gives out a discomfort feeling in your mouth, similar to wearing braces or retainer for the first time.

Can PureSleep treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

No, PureSleep is designed for the sole purpose of reducing snoring without giving you any jaw soreness. Thus, it is not intended to cure sleep apnea or any other medical conditions.

How often should I replace my PureSleep mouthpiece?

All PureSleep devices go through normal wear and tear since users wear them to sleep every night. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the device once every 6-9 months if you care and clean it properly. If you tend to grind your teeth frequently, you probably need to replace the unit more often than normal people. The mouthpiece is possible to re-boil up to 3-4 times if it needs to be reformed.

How long does it take to receive my device after I’ve ordered?

If you make your order online, it will be shipped to customers who are staying in the continental US within 1-2 weeks via standard shipping. On the other hand, if you make an order through the phone, it will take longer to process.

PureSleep does make delivery to a selected list of countries outside the US, including Canada. All international orders outside of Canada is shipped as “air mail” and subjected to the local duties and customs clearance procedures of each country.

Can I purchase PureSleep through my dentist?

Yes, you can. Any licensed dentist or physician in the US or Canada can prescribe PureSleep for you through the PureSleep Dental and Medical Partner program. If you’re a dentist or medical professional, they’ll invite you to join the Puresleep Partner program.

Final Verdict

PureSleep seems to be one of the top contenders in the anti-snoring mouthpiece industry, and it is manufactured through a reputable company designed by the dentist himself. Also, it is a reasonably priced, customizable snoring solution that is made of safe materials (BPA-free and latex-free). Furthermore, it contains air holes in the front, which allow you to breathe through your mouth during your sleep.

A bonus for me is the comprehensive questionnaire which could help to determine whether you are the right candidate for the mouthpiece prior to the purchase. If it does not fit, you don’t have to pay for it. But if the result is positive, you may want to give it a try and hopefully this will put an end to your or your partner’s snoring.

I hope my PureSleep review helps in the comfort your mouth and a peaceful sleep. If you’re searching for an anti-snoring device with a solid reputation and good bite fit, it is safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this nicely priced, midrange mandibular advancement device. 


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