Layla Mattress Topper Review (2020): Best Hygiene Mattress Topper

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Layla Mattress Topper is one of the best mattress toppers you can currently find on the market. As a mattress-maker, it has brought the benefits of copper-gel infused foam to sleepers. The mattress topper that they made is a plush, copper-infused memory foam layer that diffuses heat and is anti-microbial.

It’s great considering how if you are someone who is a mysophobe. Moreover, a lot of people who have bought this mattress topper to be cool and adding a contouring comfort.

At Cursory Glance

Layla Mattress Topper

Overall Layla’s Mattress Topper offers a copper-gel infused memory foam topper, which according to a lot of sleepers, is soft and can be added to existing mattresses for a cooling soft contour.

We can say that we have received a lot of positive feedback towards Layla’s topper and it is being described as “providing a good amount of softness to firm mattresses”.

Layla Mattress Topper: Composition and Setup

Layla Mattress Topper is made of memory foam and is a copper-infused 2-inch topper. As a mattress topper it keeps your mattress cool and clean, and it works to add extra contouring abilities to your current mattress that you have.

If you are a sleeper who is currently suffering from painful pressure points, then this is a big plus. It can also help people who do not carry much weight since it is harder for them to enjoy deep contouring support from their own mattresses.

Also, at the same time there are mattress toppers that does not have straps, and there are some that do. Layla’s Mattress Topper comes with a strap that keeps it in place.

When you have received this mattress topper in its box, do be prepared that when you unbox it that it will be a bit bunched up. This is completely normal because it comes compressed in a box. All you have to do is to shake out the material and it should make its way back into place.

According to some of the feedback we have received, we were told that you will have to let it rest in its normal setup for at least 30 minutes minimum. That way it should completely be decompressed and be ready to use in not time!

Features and Benefits

Layla’s Mattress Topper comes with plenty of benefits that leaves you wanting for more. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer as a mattress topper.

Silky Feel Cover

This is definitely one of the first things that sleepers noticed when they lie on the mattress topper. The new and improved sleep surface cover can be dry cleaned, and you can choose whether of you want to use this with a fitted sheet or not.

At Layla’s, they implement a proprietary softening process to their fabrics. That means the result is an almost silky feel that is unlike any other mattress toppers a lot of us have tried out.

Copper Infusion: Excellent Alignment

To be fair, we like it how memory foam mattresses allows its sleepers to sink without compromising on necessary comfort experiences. When this happens, it is mostly due to the copper infusion. Since copper strengthens when compressed.

When coppers are compressed and strengthened, it allows for proper contour while still offering support where necessary to keep the spine aligned. Furthermore, you can definitely pick up on it when you lie on the Layla Mattress Topper.

Firmness Options: Freedom in Diversified Choice

This mattress topper is made for sleepers who are looking for a plusher sleep surface. Its 2 inches of additional foam becomes completely compressed when you lie on it. This can be seen (and definitely felt) when you compare the firmness of any other regular mattresses with or without a topper.

One of the users mentioned that when using his own mattress topper with the Layla mattress, it is flappable and provides 2 firmness. When he stood in the middle of the mattress, he sinks in 7 ¼ inches. On the firmer side, he sinks in 5 ½ inches.

The indentation load deflection reflects a little more about the mattress topper’s firmness. However, at the same time, if you struggle with pressure points or do not carry much weight, then this mattress topper will provide the added comfort and hug that you have been looking for all along.

Brilliant Motion Isolation

Traditionally memory foam material lacks heat transfer. What it lacks in heat transfer is made up for in its ability to isolate motion to the point of impact. It is a very significant feature for your sleep partners – if you have any, that is. If you have a mattress that has a bouncy innerspring unit, then this proves to be a really big help after all.

Heat Transfer: Sweaty Sleep?

We are pretty sure that a lot of us (if not all) dislike sleeping in sweat. You want your mattress to sleep cool, undoubtedly. There are a few things that are a lot more annoying than losing sleep, and sleeping in a pool of sweat is one of them.

However, this mattress topper takes away 2 primary measures to overcome excessive buildups. And they are:

  • Memory foam is infused with copper gel beads to absorb body heat.
  • The cover is woven with a thermoGEL cooling agent to reduce heat buildup.

One of the users keeps track of the heat buildup by lying on it. For an average lay-down time of 30 minutes, it takes different time frames for it to cool down. For its plush side, it takes at least 14 minutes for it to cool down. For the firm side, it takes up to 13 ½ minutes for it to cool down.

It is a known fact that memory foam sleeps hot. So keep in mind that the mattress topper’s ability to sleep cool is going to have an impact on your sleeping experience. If you are a sleeper who does not have problems with hot sleeping, then you will most likely not notice many differences.

At the same time, if you are a hot sleeper already, you may want to consider getting yourself a cooling pad to go with your topper. But hey it’s all a suggestion after all.

Durability and Maintenance

In terms of durability, this Layla Mattress Topper is said to be on the better end of the quality range. Usually with this kind of durable quality, its cost usually is a bit higher than your average mattress topper. But it is definitely worth the price though.

On a side note, a lot of wear and tear takes place on the surface of the mattress topper. That is mostly due to how it is being used for sleep (for obvious reasons).

And let’s face it: accidents happen. If let’s say your cover becomes dirtied, the Layla topper zipper cover is removable. Also, Layla recommends you to dry clean it to maintain optimal plushness and feel.

You can wash the cover on a gentle cycle and dry it in low heat. However, the cover may void your warranty. What more, the cover is not waterproof.


If you already have an “existing condition” of getting in and out of bed, then this mattress topper’s addition will make mobility even more difficult for you. If that is the case, you may want to look for a topper with more bounce like one that is made out of latex.

At the same time, Layla allows you to feel the topper for yourself before you wish to commit to buying it. If you do not like it for any given reasons, they will arrange for your piece to be donated to charity. You will receive your payment in full after showing them the donation receipt – all with no hidden fees included.

If you are looking for something to improve contour, make your mattress plusher, or just help to keep your sleep surface from transferring motion, then this is an excellent choice of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) new buyers may have about the mattress.

Q: Does Layla Mattress Topper sleep hot?

This is a pretty common question posed by a lot of sleepers who do not like to sleep hot. You may come from a hot climate country, or you are simply just someone who do not like to sleep hot.

According to a lot of sleepers who have tried this mattress topper out before, they mentioned how it does not particularly sleep hot. It features copper-infused memory foam that is made to dissipate hear. At the same time, it also contains Thermogel in its cover, which should also keep the top of the mattress from sleeping too hot.

With its excellent technology infused into the mattress, you can expect to have a much cooler and restful sleep at night. Say goodbye to having sweaty and sleepless nights with Layla’s Mattress Topper!

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