Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews 2021 – A Suitable Snoring Solution?

Disrupted sleep due to snoring disturbs more than just your sleep, having interrupted sleep would affect your general well-being in the long term. If you have a snoring problem or if your partner has developed a snoring habit that affects the quality of sleep you are having, it’s worth looking into anti-snoring devices that can help eliminate snoring. There are many variations of anti-snoring devices available but one of the easiest picks is an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

If you are looking for another type of anti-snoring mouthpiece, you can check out our post on the Zyppah Mouthpiece. You can even use an anti-snoring chin strap too. 

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are divided in two categories due to different functionalities, a Mandibular Advancement Device mouthpiece (MADs) is designed to physically move the lower jaw to help the tongue stay in place so the passageway for excess air will blocked. MADs tend to be slightly more expensive as they usually come with features to custom-fit your mouth and teeth.

A Tongue Retaining Device (TRDs) is a mouthpiece holds the tongue in place and does not affect the lower mandible in any way. A TRD helps the tongue to stay in place so there can be no blocked airway that would cause snoring, this sort of mouthpiece is easier to use and cause much less discomfort than a Mandibular Advancement Device sort of mouthpiece.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is a TRD type of mouthpiece, an easier sort of anti-snoring device to use with the potential of causing less discomfort to your face and jaw as compared to a MADs mouthpiece. This review will cover the details you would require to know about the GoodMorning® Snore Solution before you decide to try this mouthpiece as your anti-snoring device.

GoodMorning® Snore Solution

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution was created in 2005 by MPowrx a Canadian based company that focuses on health and wellness. The mouthpiece was invented by a Calgary based dentist and sleep researcher named Dr.Leslie Dort, in partnership with Dr.Nancy Markley who was the scientist who assisted with the discovering the right material to use for the manufacturing the GoodMorning® Snore Solution.

The vision of the company is “Wellness Through Science”, their focus is primarily devoted to solving common human problems for better living. MPowrx is also keen on the idea of “informed intelligence”, basically letting scientist research and discoveries to improve life. Being a health and wellness-based company, one of their main goals is prioritising health above everything else. This company seems to be dedicated and focused on making lives better with solid scientific research backing their claims and products.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is a premium range TRD mouthpiece that is on the market with satisfactory reviews, the devices seems to be able to cater to a good majority of the market with minimal negative feedback. Do keep in mind that anti-snoring devices do take time to get used to and there will be initial discomfort for the first few uses, regardless if the device is a MADs or a TRD type of mouthpiece. It takes patience and perseverance at the first week to let your body to get used to the device and gradually the snoring can be curbed with prolonged usage of the mouthpiece.


The GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece is made from dental plastic resin that is safe for prolonged oral use. The material is also used in made other dental grade products, there is proof that the resin is completely safe to be used with no side effects. The plastic resin is FDA approved and is also BPA and BHA free which is extremely important.

BPA is Bisphenol A, a type of industrial chemical that was very commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics and resins since the 1960s. Recent research has shown that plastics or resin that have BPA in its chemical compound can be harmful to humans. Similar to BPA, BHA (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) is a manufacturing chemical that can be found in most plastics and prolonged exposure to the chemical can he harmful to the body.

The manufacturing company of GoodMorning® Snore Solution has refrained from completely giving away the composition of the plastic resin material that is used for the mouthpiece as it proprietary in nature, protecting their specially manufactured formula for the material. Since the material comes with approval from the FDA, it should put your concerns to rest on whether the material is safe.

However, if you are allergic to certain plastics or resin, it will be worth checking first if you can use the device with no adverse effects.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is made to be durable with a certain amount of flexibility, this is crucial as you would not want a mouthpiece that is completely rigid, surely this will cause discomfort and pain to your gums and teeth.

How Does It Work?

First off, you would need to choose the right sized mouthpiece for your needs, the GoodMorning® Snore Solution comes in two sizes. There is a size for adults and young adults, choosing the right size is extremely important as a wrong sized mouthpiece would either be too loose or too tight and it will not serve its purpose of helping with your snoring problem.

Unlike a MADs type mouthpiece, there are no extra steps to customise the fit of the mouthpiece to your mouth. The GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece should be ready to wear as soon as its unboxed, saving you preparation time and you can test the device as soon as you get it with no hassle.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed to be like an inverted baby pacifier, the tongue should be inserted into the “bulb” part so the outer part of the mouthpiece will rest in front of your teeth and gums. You should feel a suction sort of motion once you insert your tongue into the device, this motion would help the tongue to move forward and keep in place so the passageway for the air can be cleared.

By clearing the passageway for air at the back of your throat, this action reduces the chances of vibration with the soft muscles in the back of your throat, effecting reducing or eliminating most of the snoring. The GoodMorning® mouthpiece effortlessly reduces the sound vibrations at the back of the throat while causing minimal discomfort to your tongue, it also does not cause any pain to the lower mandible since it does not force the lower jaw to change its position.

It should be noted that when we tested the GoodMorning® Snore Solution, we found that it is imperative that users will need to use their nose to breathe while sleeping when the device is in place. This anti-snoring mouthpiece will block your airway in the throat hence if you have any sort of condition that affects your nasal passageway this device should not be used. Users with sinus problems, nasal congestions or any other respiratory issues are discouraged from using this device as it might cause suffocation while sleeping.

A randomised study done by the manufacturer proves that the GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece works to significantly reduce respiratory disturbance (RDI) with minimal to no side effects to the user. This mouthpiece also has a record of over 70% high compliance with testing users confirming that the device works and delivers the snoring reduction that it promises.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is also registered as a Class I medical device with Health Canada that can be sold over-the-counter to help treat mild to moderate sleep apnea in addition to eliminating snoring. So if you live in Canada and suffer from sleep apnea and snoring, you can consider trying the GoodMorning® Snore Solution as an alternative means of help for your snoring and sleep apnea issues. However, as with any medical condition it is strongly advised to check with a doctor or medical practitioner if the device is safe to use for your condition.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is registered as a Class II medical device with the FDA and can be obtained with a prescription in the U.S. for snoring problems but it is contraindicated for sleep apnea treatment.

Special Features

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution anti-snoring mouthpiece is made with high-grade materials that promises durability throughout its lifespan. It is not completely rigid and hard which is good when it is in place in the mouth, it can provide some comfortability while being worn.

The estimated average lifespan of this device by the manufacture is one year, depending on type and frequency of the usage. The term of the lifespan may vary from individuals as the wear and tear of the mouthpiece is influenced by the care of the device and the sort of usage.

This anti-snoring device also has a very easy cleaning process which is great for the consumer, the time consumption is less for the device’s maintenance. To clean the mouthpiece, you would just need cold water and a proper cleaning solution that is recommended for dental ware. Harsh cleaners and hot water should be avoided as they will damage and compromise the integrity of the device.

If you are wondering what is a certified cleaning solution, it is basically a cleaning product that is made and approved for the cleaning of dentures, retainers and mouth guards. This sort of cleaning solution should be easily available in your local convenience store or pharmacy. If you are unable to get hold of such a cleaning solution, you can also use toothpaste and cold water to clean the GoodMorning® mouthpiece for your daily cleansing routine although it is recommended to soak the mouthpiece in a cleaning solution for ten minutes at least one a week for a thorough cleaning.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece is also designed specially to cater for overweight users, majority of snorers tend to be heavier than the average person and this mouthpiece has an excellent track record of helping to eliminate snoring among heavier users.

Users with heavier weight (Body Mass Index of 25-30) tend to have extra fat around the neck area which leads to the throat being compressed. This compression results in the sleeper snoring and having disturbed sleep, the GoodMorning® Snore Solution can easily remedy this problem by pulling back the tongue and opening the airway thus reducing or eliminating the snoring completely.

Another plus point of using the GoodMorning® mouthpiece is that is denture free so you can use this anti-snoring device without worrying about your dentures. Most mouthpieces are designed with the sole purpose of eliminating snoring with no consideration towards users with dentures, braces or other oral applications that might be in use. The GoodMorning® mouthpiece can be easily used by users who wear dentures and braces and it will not affect the functionality of the anti-snoring device.

As previously mentioned, this device comes in two sizes (adults and young adults) and once you have chosen the mouthpiece from the right category its one-size-fits-all feature should be a perfect and comfortable fit for your mouth. You would not have to do the extra work of the boil-and-bite process, the GoodMorning® mouthpiece should be ready to use as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.


The great news about using the GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece is that it can probably help you with just more than snoring. Studies show that most snorers also suffer from Bruxism, this is a condition where the sufferer grind, gnash and/or clench the teeth while sleeping.

Bruxism causes the teeth pain, headaches, migraines, earaches, jaw pain, joint pain and teeth damage. Since Bruxism generally happens when the person is asleep, the sufferer has almost no control to consciously stop or curb it.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece can help prevent Bruxism as it protects the teeth from grinding as the plastic resin material acts as a shield against the teeth. If you have Bruxism, the durability of your GoodMorning® mouthpiece might be slightly compromised as you will still subconsciously try to grind your teeth but having the mouthpiece will prevent further teeth damage.

If you suffer from joint ailments like TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) which affects the mandible, the GoodMorning® Snore Solution can still be used to help with your snoring issue. Since this mouthpiece is a TRD type of device, it will not inflict any discomfort or pain towards the jaw and this is extremely helpful to snorers who suffer from TMJ.

Another advantage of using a TRD type mouthpiece is that you can still use some parts of your mouth. Using a MADs sort of mouthpiece will fully restrict the usage of your mouth which would mean you will not be able to take a sip of water or talk when you use it. When compared to the GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece which is a TRD type mouthpiece, you can drink some liquids and talk a little while the device has been placed in the mouth.


You might find that the price point for the GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece on the pricier side for a TRD device. Usually a MADs sort of device is more expensive than a TRD mouthpiece but since the GoodMorning® mouthpiece has great durability and delivers results, you are getting the full value for the money you are spending. Considering the facts that this device can help with more than just snoring, its higher price point for a TRD sort of device can be justified.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is not designed for mouth breathers as this device fully requires the user to breathe through the nose. If you have permanent or serious breathing problems with your nasal passage, this anti-snoring device is not suitable for your anti-snoring needs.

This anti-snoring device is not recommended to sufferers of severe sleep apnea as there has been no research or tests done to support its effectiveness and the device might cause harm for severe sleep apnea sufferers. If you have sleep apnea of any degree, do check with a doctor or a medical practitioner on the suitability of the device for your condition and needs.

When using this anti-snoring mouthpiece, you will experience some side effects and discomfort for the first few nights. You should expect to experience some soreness with your tongue, dryness in the mouth and excessive drooling for the first hour of usage. These side effects are normal and should discontinues after longer use of the mouthpiece, your body will start to get used to the device and will adapt to it.

If you have sensitive gums and are prone to bleeding, swelling or sore gums due to gingivitis or other conditions like diabetes, you are advised to consult with your dentist or doctor before purchasing the GoodMorning® Snore Solution device as the mouthpiece might make your condition worse.

Cost and Where to Purchase

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is sold at $69.94 per piece as a starter, this pack come with one mouthpiece device and a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee which is great news for first time buyers who are unsure if this device will work for them. The company has a no-risk return policy which gives you the option to try out the device for 30 days or less and if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return it for the full purchase refund price (excluding shipping).

This is good customer service provided by MPowrx, giving buyers the confidence that there is good after sales care and also the company displays confidence in the performance and durability of the product.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is also sold in varying bundles, you can also get two mouthpieces for $99.94 or get one adult and young adult sized bundle for the same price. This is a good deal if you have a younger person who also needs a anti-snoring device.

You can easily make your purchases online with the official GoodMorning® website with no hassle or fuss. This is a good alternative to have if you can’t get to a pharmacy or local store to make your buy.

Complaints and Compliments

Most comments left by customers of the GoodMorning® Snore Solution are generally positive with great feedback on how the mouthpiece has improved their sleeping and stopped their snoring problem.

There are many users that have been using this device for more than a decade and testify to its functionally and ease of use. Some early users have commented that they did experience discomfort and mouth dryness but this eventually went away after long-term usage.

In the rare case where the device did not deliver what the user wanted, good feedback was left to the company regarding the return policy and their after sales service of caring for the buyer even though the product was returned. Overall, MPowrx seems to be on the right track with their product, marketing strategy and customer service.

Should You Get The GoodMorning® Snore Solution?

If you are tired of snores interrupting your sleep and need to work on getting better sleep with an anti-snoring device, the GoodMorning® Snore Solution TRD mouthpiece seems to be a solid choice that can help remedy your snoring problem.

Of course, you can use other methods too, such as developing an anti-snoring action plan.

It comes with good, durable and safe materials and has zero hassle usage procedures, you do not need to waste any time on finding out of the product will work for you. This mouthpiece is easy to wear, the side effects are bearable and goes away after an acceptable test time, as a user this is good because you would not have to deal with the discomfort for long.

The GoodMorning® mouthpiece comes with certified and conclusive scientific research that proves it works for a good majority of the market and its overall functionality of pulling the tongue forward for the reduction of snoring works. If you have no nasal breathing issues and no other severe disorders that affects your breathing, this anti-snoring mouthpiece is a great choice to try.

The price point seems to be validated by its ability to also prevent Bruxism, giving you extra protection for your teeth if you suffer from this condition. The maintenance of the device is very minimal with an easy to clean process, there is almost no fuss required to maintain this device.

The GoodMorning® seems to be an overall winning choice for an anti-snoring mouthpiece that both delivers its function and offers great customer care.

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