Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews 2021 – Is it Suitable for you?

The Dream Cloud Mattress is unlike your typical mattress. It comes in 15 inches in height and has 8 layers in it. The Dream Cloud is a hybrid mattress that has a combination of memory foam, latex and coil as well. The combination offers the bed different type of comfort and support to the body.

This mattress is known as a hybrid mattress as it has a few components and materials to it. It has the perfect balance of comfort and support to it. The Dream Cloud mattress has high quality and is also used and is similar to most of the mattresses used in hotels. If you are looking for that hotel luxurious mattress feel, the Dream Cloud can offer this to you.

Below the components and features of the Dream Cloud mattress will be discussed in great detail from the materials used, the suitable sleeping positions, advantages and disadvantages of the mattress as well.

Key takeaways:

  • Hybrid mattress – offers great balance of comfort and support
  • Luxurious mattress


The Dream Cloud Mattress has a unique 8 layer design to it. The first layer which is the top layer has a cashmere polyester blend cover that makes the mattress breathable. It is a hand tufted cashmere blend topper.

This layer also adds a softness to the mattress creating a layer of extra comfort for the user. The cashmere is made out of soft undercoat of goats bred that makes it extremely soft and has been hand sorted from selected goats as well.

The second layer is the memory foam layer that is gel infused. The memory foam is able to conform to your body shape and hug your body giving it the support and comfort it needs. The gel technology infused is able to support as well as cool down the mattress. This is especially good for those who tend to sleep hot at night.

Next, the super soft quilted memory foam layer. The quilted memory foam is soft and creates a cloudlike softness. The fourth layer is the supreme natural latex layer.

The latex gives a bounce feel and extra contouring to the body as well. This latex layer is also natural and hypoallergenic, making it safe for users to use it.

The fifth layer is the dreamplush supporting memory foam. Supporting memory foam is a high density luxurious memory foam that is able to provide deep contour and support to the body in the best way. This allows the body to feel supported and have that hug feeling for th comfort of the user.

The sixth layer is a super dense and soft memory foam that provides the support in the mattress. This layer is able to hug and cradle your body in every sleeping position be it side, stomach or back sleeping.

The seventh layer is the patent pending coil layer which they call “BestRest”. It is a five-zoned foam that has covered pocketed micro coils compression system that provides support from the head all the way to the toe as it has a head zone, shoulder zone, hip zone, knee zone and the lower leg zone. This layer makes the mattress a slightly firmer mattress than an average product.

The last layer is the high density super soft memory foam and is 4cm in height. This last layer is the high density foundation foam that keeps the body supported and also helps reduce any motion transfer in the mattress offering you the luxury mattress experience.



On the firmness scale, the Dream Cloud mattress is at about 7 out of 10. The firmness of the mattress would differ from person to person depending on the weight of the person. For example, if you are lighter, mattresses will tend to feel firmer for you and if you are heavier, mattresses would feel softer for you. This is something to take note off when purchasing a mattress.

If you prefer firmer beds the Dream Cloud would be the right choice for you. However, if you prefer softer mattresses, this might not be suitable as it is on the firmer side.

When first lying down on the mattress, you will be able to feel the first layer of the quilted top. When your body slowly sinks in, you start to feel the support from the coils below and feel the support.


The Dream Cloud mattress has great temperature regulation. Since the mattress has a layer of memory foam that has gel infusion in it, it is able to reduce heat it the mattress. The gel in the mattres is able to trap the heat from making the sleeper get hot which is perfect for those to sleep hot and sweat in their sleep.

This mattress also has a coil layer that has been designed to promote air circulation making the mattress breathable allowing air flow in and out of the mattress. This also helps in regulating and cooling down the temperature of the mattress.

The latex layer in the mattress is also naturally breathable, adding to the breathability effect of the mattress. This again promotes air circulation in the mattress hence regulating temperature.

Since the mattress is on the firmer side, your body doesn’t sink into the mattress. Naturally, when you are not sinking into the mattress, you do not get warm and will be able to sleep cool as the mattress is not hugging you and your body is floating on the mattress instead of sinking into it.

Sleeping Position and Pressure Points

Since this mattress is on the firmer side, it is more suited for stomach and back sleepers as it offers the right support for these sleeping position. For side sleepers, this mattress might not be suitable due to it being too firm.

However, if you are a side sleeper that prefers firmer mattresses as well then you can give this mattress a try. Most side sleepers would need a softer mattress that is able to sink in to support the head and shoulders of the sleeper. The Dream Cloud is able to relieve the pressure points of side sleepers but it is not the best at it.

When sleeping on the back and stomach, the mattress is able to relieve the pressure points of the body. Sleeping on the back, the mattress was able to relieve the pressure of the lower back and hip area making the body feel supported and comfortable.

For stomach sleepers, this mattress is an excellent choice for you. The mattress is able to keep your spine alignment in the right way and keeping your body in the right posture.

Due to the firmness, your hip area doesn’t sink in much to cause an uncomfortable arch. If you are a combination sleeper, sleeping on this mattress allows easy movement as well. There is not stuck feeling that you might experience on some mattresses.

Also, ensure that your dominant sleeping position is either your back or stomach to obtain the best comfort from this mattress.

Edge Support

The edge support on the Loom & Leaf is not the best but also not the worst. It has an average rating of edge support. If you are on the heavier side you might feel less supported but if you are on the lighter side then the support for you would be good enough.

Some of our readers noted to us that there is a roll off feeling when they are at the extreme edge of the mattress not having proper edge support. If you are sleeping alone or sleeping on a wider mattress with a partner this might not affect you much.

However, if you sleep with a partner on a smaller mattress and they tend to kick you all the way to the edge you might lack the support there. If edge support is something you are looking for this would be a factor you would want to consider when deciding to purchase the Loom & Leaf mattress.

Motion Transfer 

The Dream Cloud mattress is also good at motion isolation. The design of the mattress has been made to prevent motion transfer in the mattress. This is extremely useful and to some couples an important feature.

Having motion isolation allows both individuals to sleep comfortably without getting disturbed from the movement of the other. This allows you to have quality sleep.

This mattress is unlike most coil mattress, it has individually wrapped and foam encased coils in the mattress that is able to prevent motion transfer in the mattress. The layers of memory foam in the mattress is also able to absorb the motion hence keeping the mattress stable. However this is not the best motion isolation mattress like some memory foam mattress but it is a good one.


The Dream Cloud mattress comes in the standard sizes that most mattresses have. They have the Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King as well. The ranges are quite good as it allows you to purchase the mattress for different types of people. Whether sleeping alone, or with another person or even for kids, this mattress has the available sizes.


These are some added advantages of the Dream Cloud mattress and further information on it


The package that the mattress comes in is also very practical for users. It comes in a bag and the mattress is rolled up and wrapped and put into the bag. To assemble the mattress is easy as all you would need to do is unroll the mattress where you want to place it and it will eventually inflate to the size it is supposed to be.

Return Policy 

If the mattress is not to your liking, returning the mattress is simple. There will be no questions asked and you will be able to return the mattress. On top of that, they will also offer you a full refund for the mattress. Hence, you will not lose anything from purchasing this mattress.

Warranty & Trial Period

The Dream Cloud mattress has an excellent warranty policy. For the first 10 years of the mattress if there are any defects in the workmanship or the materials of the mattress, the company will replace the mattress with a brand new mattress with no charge at all.

After the 10 years, they will repair and recover the mattress or replace the mattress with a new one. Take note that all charges will be waived if the mattress does have the problems or defects that has been complained about.

The warranty will only be valid if your mattress is on a proper base such as a platform base or any other suitable bases or frames. The warranty is not valid if the mattress have been purposefully damaged, misused, abused or burned.

Remember that the mattress warranty only covers the original purchaser and if purchased from Dream Cloud themselves or an authorised retailer, hence if you are purchasing the mattress as a second hand or buying it from someone else, the warranty will not apply to you.

 The Dream Cloud also has a great trial period of 365 nights which is a yearlong trial. This enables you to test the mattress out at home to see if it is to your liking. With a yearlong trial it gives you the opportunity to really test it out to know that it is the right mattress for you.

White Glove Service

The mattress also comes with an available option of white glove service. This service will ensure your mattress is delivered and the mattress will be set up for you and also you will have the option for your existing mattress to be removed.

This service is a great option to have especially for those who are unable to set up and remove the mattress themselves and there would be no need to seek for external help for the same service.


Buying a mattress is a huge investment. If you are looking for a quality mattress and want to invest in one but do not have the full budget to pay for it all now, there is no need to worry. The mattress does have financing services available allowing you to pay the mattress in different option payments.


The materials used are of high quality and the latex layer is also expensive to manufacture. The materials makes the bed a luxurious bed and is the same quality as what some hotels have. It also has micro-coil system in its mattress making it support

Although this mattress has memory foam in it, it does not feel like a memory foam mattress. As most memory foam mattresses you will sink in and have the feeling of your body being stuck when you are trying to move but this mattress does not have the stuck feeling.

Since there is no sinking feeling, you will feel as if your body is floating on top of the mattress. This is a good and bad depending on what you prefer.

The memory foam used is a medical grade visco elastic memory foam and the support base is made with high vegetable base super core that is a 5lb support foam. It also has a Hi Core 9.2 Grade Foam in its layers.

All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified meaning it is safe to use. The foams are made without any hazardous substances such as ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead or any other harmful chemicals. It also has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) making it safe for indoor use.



The Dream Cloud mattress has its great features but it does have some limitations.


The mattress is more on the firmer side which might not be suitable for most sleepers especially those who are on the lighter scale. As you are lighter mattresses feel firmer and if you are heavier mattress usually feel softer. Since this mattress is already on the firmer side, it might be too firm for those on the lighter scale.


The price of the Dream Cloud is a little on the higher side as well but they often times have discounts and it is almost all the time. Hence this makes it cheaper at times as well.


The mattress comes with a slight off-gassing smell which might be a problem for those with extremely sensitive sense of smell. Some people can’t take the smell for long. On the bright side, the off gassing smell does disappear within a couple of days after opening and airing it out.

What Makes the Dream Cloud Different from other Mattresses?

The Dream Cloud is truly unlike any other mattress. Most mattresses aren’t able to support users on the heavier scale as after a while the mattress will start to sink and create a dent in the mattress.

However, this mattress is able to support all users no matter their weight. It is an excellent choice for those on the heavier scale and struggling to look for the right mattress. This mattress can offer your body the right support without sacrificing any comfort.

It is structured with 8 layers and is at 15 inches in height. It is a hybrid mattress that has a combination of memory foam, coils, latex that makes the mattress so luxurious and comfortable. The materials used in the mattress are also of high quality and also safe and healthy for use.

Not only that, but the Dream Cloud Company also offered excellent after sales services. They come with an excellent warranty that could cover up to a lifetime as well as a whole year long trial period. Not many companies offer a 365 night trial period but the Dream Cloud does. 

Who would the Dream Cloud Mattress be Suitable for?

The Dream Cloud Mattress has good built and is extremely strong and supportive for the users. It is suitable for those on the heavier scale as well as those who prefer firmer mattresses. Back and stomach sleepers will enjoy this mattress much and get excellent comfort and support from it.

If you prefer not to sink into mattress, this mattress is the one for you. Although it has memory foam in its structure, there is no typical memory foam feel to it. The mattress doesn’t have the sinking feel and does not hug your body as a memory foam would normally do.  If this is what you prefer and you don’t like the sinking feel of memory foam, this mattress will be very suitable for you.

It is also a great choice for you if you tend to sleep hot at night. The mattress has cooling properties in it allowing your body to cool down and promote air circulation throughout the mattress.

The design built reduces any heat in the mattress and the gel technology traps the heat away from your body. This allows you to sleep cool and comfortable at night and prevent any sweating as well.

The Dream Cloud is a great choice for you and it is worth giving a try especially if you are on the heavier scale as it does offer great support to your body.

Final verdict

The Dream Cloud Mattress is a well built mattress that is supportive and comfortable. The mattress is able to support all weights even those on the heavier scale. The Dream Cloud is a luxurious mattress at a cheaper price than what you would get at a shop. All in all, it tackles all the issues you might face when sleeping and helps improve the quality of your sleep. 

This is for you if:

  • You’re on the heavier scale and finding for a very supportive mattress
  • Do not like the sink in feeling 
  • Looking for a luxurious mattress that has the quality but cheaper in price

Potential downside include:

  • Off-gassing
  • Firmer mattress- some people might find the mattress a little too firm to their liking
  • Price – Since it is a luxurious mattress, it comes at a higher price. However, for a luxurious mattress it is cheaper than normal. 



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