Best Twin Sized Mattresses in 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Choosing a mattress size is a decision that may be influenced by many variables in your life like available bedroom space, purpose of the mattress and budget for the mattress. If you are considering to purchase a twin-size mattress for your home then it is best to do some research on the advantages and disadvantages of owning a twin-size mattress and if it is the best choice of mattress for your needs.

A twin mattress may hold many advantages due to its versatile size and if you have a home with more than two-room then it may be helpful to keep a twin mattress as a spare sleeping option. It’s best to also identify your mattress preference before you confirm on a purchase, for example, what sort of material do you prefer, do you need the mattress to have good cooling abilities and any other special features you might be looking for so you can choose the best mattress for your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what a twin mattress can do for your home and our top ten picks for the best twin mattresses available this year.

What Is A Twin Sized Mattress?

A twin mattress is the smallest mattress size that is available in the scale of mattresses that are commonly sold in the market. If you like to get a bigger picture on how a twin sized mattress would feel, you can see this article about mattress sizes by Better Sleep Council. This mattress size is 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and is almost half of a queen size mattress which measures at 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Twin mattresses most commonly found in university or college dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, hostels and motels.

Twin mattresses are usually used by kids, teenagers, students and couples who are living in a room with limited space. A twin-size mattress is quite convenient to own as it is easy to move around due to its lightness and small size so you may move it around anywhere in your residence. It is also easy to store away in a closet if you live in a small space; there are many uses for a mattress this size. Parents usually purchase a twin mattress for cribs or cots so it may also be used for a baby’s sleeping needs and it may be used till the child is much older, the maximum capacity of a twin mattress is a single adult.

Pros Of A Twin Size Mattress

There are many advantages of using a mattress that seems quite versatile, flexible and user-friendly. Let’s have a more in-depth look at the pros of owning and using a twin mattress.

Minimal Space

The small size of the twin mattress would mean that you do not need much space in your room or sleeping space to accommodate it. If you do not have a bed frame to put the mattress on then you may easily fold a twin mattress and store it into a closet to save space. This is a good option to have if you live in a room or dormitory where space is limited and you might be required to get creative to make more space for your living needs. Couples who are renting a small space and can’t accommodate a queen size bed might opt to have two single mattresses which can be stored away when not in use.


A twin mattress is very affordable to purchase and own due to its small size so if you have budget constraints but need a good mattress to sleep on, you can consider to invest in a good quality twin-sized mattress that can give you a good night’s rest and not break the bank. You do not have to compromise too much on the quality of a mattress as there are many good, affordable options available for a twin-size mattress.

Widely Available

Due to its versatility and demand, a twin-sized mattress is usually almost always available for purchase from most bedding companies so you do not have to search far and wide for this size. Most companies cater for the popular demand for this size of mattress so you should be able to purchase a twin-size mattress from a company that you prefer with no difficulty.

Light And Easy

A twin-size mattress is very easy to move and handle, it is easy to fold, move and to be flipped over with almost no difficulty. Unlike a full-sized mattress like a queen or a king, a twin mattress can be moved with no assistance and its lightness provides the user the option to store it in a space with no hassle. This is extremely helpful when you are living in a small or cramped space.


A twin-size mattress has a variety of uses, it can be used in a baby’s crib, as a kid’s mattress, it can be also be used in a spare guest room. Students prefer using twin size mattress due to its price point and easy to move feature. You may also opt to just keep a twin-size mattress in storage for emergencies like surprise visits from guests.

Cons Of A Twin Size Mattress

There are some small disadvantages in owning a twin-size mattress but this might vary depending on your living circumstances and not every user might experience the same cons.

Not Couple Friendly

A single twin size mattress may be too small to accommodate two adult people; couples who share a same living space might have to opt for two twin mattresses instead if they cannot afford a queen mattress due to living arrangements or budget issues.

Too Small

A mattress of this proportion might not be too user-friendly to someone who taller than an average individual, so taller people might have to consider a twin XL mattress to accommodate their height requirement. A twin size mattress also might not be a good option for someone who is wider than usual as the mattress might not be able to provide adequate support for the whole body and this may result in disturbed and uncomfortable sleep.

Not Suitable For Long Term Usage

Twin-sized mattresses might not be ideal for long term usage as the mattress might wear out quicker than usual compared to a thicker mattress. You should consider that a twin mattress might not the full dexterity of a standard queen-sized mattress hence its support features might expire faster than usual and this also depends on how well the mattress is cared for during its lifespan.

Top 10 Picks Of Twin Sized Mattress

Here’s a guide of our top ten picks of twin mattresses for 2019.

 1. The WinkBed

The WinkBed Company is famous for their WinkBed, a mattress which has many premium features that focuses on the comfort, support and pain relief of the user. This manufacturer has incorporated a number of patented features into their mattress that makes the WinkBed a unique and very durable premium mattress.

The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that is made of high-quality memory and innerspring coils, this mattress is designed to provide optimum support for the lower back area and to important pressure points to relieve you from the daily aches and pain the body goes through.

This mattress comes encased in a Tencel® cover; Tencel® is a patented fabric that is made from eucalyptus-based cellulose that is very eco-friendly, durable, breathable and incredibly soft. This special fabric has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities and sleeps 30% cooler than standard fabric so you are guaranteed to be able to sleep cool and dry through the night.

The first comfort layer of the WinkBed is made of a Euro-pillow top that has been infused The WinkBed Company’s special Hypersoft Foam; this special form has been engineered to absorb heat from your body and dissipate it at a much faster rate than normal. Coupled with the Tencel® mattress cover, this first layers of the WinkBed is made to keep your body cool and temperature neutral while you sleep. This can be extremely helpful if you live in a hot climate or overheat easily while sleeping.

The WinkBed has a self-cooling feature called the Triple Layer Heat Disperse™ system which consists of the first two layers of Tencel™ mattress cover and the infused Hypersoft Foam Euro-pillow top layer. The third part of the Triple Layer Heat Disperse™ system is the Micro AirSprings underneath the Euro-pillow top comfort layer; this layer of specially designed springs allows air to flow through the mattress and cools it down rapidly so both the mattress and the sleeper will stay cool through the night.

The fourth comfort layer of the mattress is made of individually wrapped innerspring coils that are made to provide excellent lumbar support for the WinkBed’s 3-Step Relief System™, this is another patented feature that is included in the mattress to give your body pressure relief and eliminate muscle tension while re-aligning the spine when you sleep. If you lead an active lifestyle due to sports or being constantly on the move then this relief system will be very beneficial for your body to heal itself and rejuvenate during sleep.

The WinkBed also comes with enhance edge support; this means the edges of the mattress is very well supported and you will be able to sleep on any part of the surface and still receive the same sort of support and comfort all around. This is extremely important to have on a twin-sized mattress which is already small in size so you really can get your money’s worth of functionality with the WinkBed. The WinkBed comes equipped with a LumbarLayer which is The WinkBed Company’s signature system that provides comfort and support for the middle part of the spine; if you suffer from back pain, neck aches or general body aches then this will be very helpful to heal your body.

The WinkBed is a premium grade mattress and the twin-size version of this mattress is priced at $1,049. There is a 120-night trial period provided and the mattress comes with a Duratech™ Lifetime durability system which basically means the memory foam and innersprings have been tested by external durability certifications and it proven that the materials in the product has a sag rate of less than 2% in over 20 years of usage. The WinkBed is slightly pricey but you will be getting a mattress that caters above and beyond the basic needs of a sleeper and you can be assured of the quality due to the patented high-grade materials used.

 2. Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora

Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress company that manufactures their own mattresses in the USA, they own the manufacturing process of their products from end-to-end and this helps to them to guarantee their workmanship and quality to their customers directly. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is one of their highly-rated mattresses that comes with patented features and high user ratings for excellent functionality.

This mattress is available in three types of firmness; soft, medium and firm. Soft mattresses are generally recommended to side sleepers as the pressure points of a side sleeper require a softer form of support while their body enjoys a “cradle-like” feeling from the mattress. The medium firmness is recommended to combo sleepers who prefer the mattress to have good firm support while contouring to the body so you can feel the balance of both optimal comfort and support when you sleep in varying positions. The firm type of mattress is used by sleepers who prefer to sleep either on their back or stomach as this sort of sleeping position requires firm pressure point support for the spine.

The Brooklyn Aurora starts off with a mattress smooth top weave cover that has infused with a proprietary blend of phase change molecule (PCM) known as TitanCool™; this infusion on the surface of the mattress has been engineered control and maintain skin temperature to a comfort level of 88°F. The TitanCool™ is basically infused to the surface in a gel bead form that will liquefy itself at a heated temperature so it can provide you with instant cooling relief and when the mattress is not in use the beads will solidify back to its original form to keep the mattress cool.

The first comfort layer of the Brooklyn Aurora mattress is made of hyper-elastic foam called CopperFlex™ that has been designed to respond to pressure at an accelerated rate. This memory foam layer has superior conforming abilities that can provide you with excellent pressure relief and has two other patented features incorporated into it making it exceedingly unique comfort layer in a mattress.

This layer of CopperFlex™ has been infused with Brooklyn Bedding’s CopperGel™ which is a specially formulated mineral that features copper to give the mattress a protective antimicrobial layer that resists bacteria, dust mites and other allergens that are attracted to grow in mattresses; you may wake up feeling more refreshed since this layer helps to keep the mattress clean and hygienic. There is an added infusion of TitanCool™ gel in this layer to keep up with the first comfort layer so the mattress is being cooled throughout most of its top comfort layers.

The next comfort layer is made of another layer of hyper-elastic memory foam called TitanFlex™ which is a superior memory foam that has great pressure relief and pressure response. Due to its excellent pressure response, you will not experience any extreme sinkage in the mattress, the Brooklyn Aurora would be able to support your body while not letting it sink too deep for you to feel constricted. Added underneath the TitanFlex™ is a transition layer of visco-elastic memory foam that gives deep compression to the body to help your spine to be aligned thus minimizing any pain you might be experiencing in your lower back.

The next layer consists of 1,189 individually wrapped spring coils that virtually helps to eliminate any motion transfer on the mattress; if you wake up easily due to movement on your mattress then the coils in this mattress will solve this issue. The coils also help to provide individual support towards the whole body and gives the mattress some bounce so it will be easy for you to get up from bed without sinking too deeply into it.

The whole mattress has a base support of high-density memory foam that supports all the top comfort layers and the spring coils while giving an overall comfortable boost to the mattress.  The Brooklyn Aurora is a mattress that has incredible patented features that has the potential to provide you with comfortable and pain-free sleep with its excellent comfortability and cooling features.

This is premium grade mattress that is priced at $999; the Brooklyn Aurora mattress comes with 120-night trial period and a ten-year warranty which is a good coverage deal for a mattress. If you suffer from ailments like joint pain, arthritis, back pain or overheat easily while sleeping this is mattress is a good choice to consider for your twin mattress purchase.

 3. BearMattress

The BearMattress is a all memory foam mattress that comes with high user ratings and is one of the popular bedding products from the Bear. If you are not a fan of hybrid mattresses and prefer an all-foam mattress then perhaps the BearMattress would interest you.

The mattress comes covered in a Celliant™ cover; this is a patented technology that helps to convert body heat into infrared rays that will be reabsorbed back into the body to heal tired and damaged muscles and tissues. The Celliant™ layer is also able to increase the oxygen intake of the body, boosting the healing factor provided by the special fabric. There are scientific studies by five clinical trials to support the features and functionality of Celliant™.

So, if you are experiencing constant body pain due to work, lifestyle or sports that is taking a toll on your body then perhaps investing in a mattress that can help you heal would be beneficial for your health. The Celliant™ cover also is very breathable and encourages good airflow into the BearMattress so it may keep you and the comfort layers below the mattress cover cool.

The first comfort layer of Bear Mattress is made of cooling graphite-gel infused memory foam which helps to absorb and flow heat out of the mattress so you can sleep in a comfortable temperature and not overheat. Even with the Celliant™ cover that absorbs body heat, it is good to have a cooling layer in the mattress as all-foam mattresses tend to overheat easily. The graphite-gel layer also acts as a deodorizer that helps to eliminate unpleasant odors that can sometimes cling to a mattress; this may help you to sleep in a fresh-smelling mattress every night, depending on how well you care for the bedsheet and mattress cover.

After the graphite-gel foam layer, there is a responsive transition foam that is extremely comfortable and focuses fully on providing great pressure relief for your pressure points while carefully distributing your weight evenly across the surface of the mattress. This transition foam would help you to align your spine and support your lower lumbar region without letting your body sink too deep into the mattress; this would help you move or change your sleeping position easily without feeling restricted on the mattress.

The whole BearMattress has a base support layer of high-density support foam that allows some sinkage with good support towards the whole body. It is important to not sink completely into the mattress especially if the all-foam mattress has a slow response to pressure; you would not want to struggle to get up or move around in bed and this might cause more discomfort while you sleep.

All the memory foams used in the BearMattress is CertiPUR-US® certified meaning that the materials do not contain harmful chemicals and have no harmful emissions and is safe for human usage. This mattress is priced at $540 for its twin size version and for a medium-firm mattress that has the Celliant™ feature plus the multiple high-quality memory foams, this is a great choice for someone who has an active lifestyle who needs their body to heal from pain during sleep. The BearMattress comes with a 100-night trial period where you can test the mattress and if you are not satisfied for any reason you may request to return the mattress.

If you are looking for a mattress with innovative cooling technology, the Bear Mattress is definitely the mattress you should look out for. You can find out more about it in this Bear Mattress Review

 4. Helix Midnight

Helix has been producing hybrid mattresses since 2018, they are a fairly new company compared to most manufacturers but they have moved up in esteem due to good reviews from consumers and the high-quality mattresses they produce. The Helix Midnight is one of the mattress in their line of hybrid series and it is quite a popular selection among consumers.

The Helix Midnight is best suited for side and back sleepers; the ideal weight that is recommended for the sleeper to have is between 130 to 230 pounds so the user can experience the optimum comfort and support of the mattress. The reason the mattress has a maximum weight capacity is that not every individual would have the same body weight and the overall body weight of the user has influence over what sort of experience you would have with a mattress.

This hybrid mattress is made of high-density polyfoam and pocketed coils; the Helix Midnight is 10 inches thick and is built with features that can provide comfort, individualized support and good pressure relief. The mattress comes encased in a cover that features Helix’s Soft Touch design which allows air to flow well into the mattress with a cool-to-touch feel. The first comfort layer of the Helix Midnight is made of high-density memory plus foam that has excellent pressure response; your body will feel the foam conforming to the natural curves of your body, you will feel some slight sinkage that will be comfortable for your body. A transition layer of high-grade polyfoam which helps to support the memory foam layer above it and to add more conforming pressure so your body can experience good pressure point relief.

The next comfort layer is made from individually wrapped coiled springs that provide excellent lumbar support and some bounce back to the mattress so you would not feel too restricted to move around in bed. The spring coils also help to isolate motion on the mattress so you will virtually feel almost no motion on the surface of the mattress; this is a helpful feature to have if you are easily woken by movement in bed. Enhanced edge support is also present in the Helix Midnight mattress due to the spring coils so you can use the whole surface of the mattress and expect consistent comfort and support.

The whole mattress is then supported with a base layer of DuraDense foam from Helix; this is a high-density memory foam that will give your body the firm comfort it needs while not letting you sink too deeply into the mattress. The Helix Midnight is priced at $500 for its twin size, comes with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. This is a simple no-hassle hybrid mattress that can provide you good support, comfortable with a lengthy warranty period.

 5. Nolah Original 10

Nolah is a mattress manufacturing company that started their journey by wanting to improve the traditional mattress materials; they wanted to innovate memory foam and latex to provide better comfort to users. They then invented their Nolah AirFoam™mattress and the rest is history. The Nolah Original 10 mattress comes with unique and high-tech features for the comfort of the sleeper, let’s have a closer look.

The Nolah Original 10 mattress comes covered in a protective fabric blend made from soft, eco-friendly wood viscose fibers and high-grade polyester fibers which provides excellent airflow and moisture-wicking capabilities so the mattress can help to flow your body heat put and let you sleep cool all night long. This mattress cover also has a luxurious soft feel to it so you instantly feel comfortable with the Nolah Original 10 as soon as you touch its surface.

The initial comfort layer of the mattress is made of the company’s patented AirFoam™; this specially engineered memory foam has some interesting features that makes the Nolah Original 10 mattress stand out from its competitors. First of all, Nolah claims that their AirFoam™ will provide four times more pressure relief to the body compared to standard memory foam that is used in other mattresses. Nolah formulated their special memory foam by using a compression process that produces billions of tiny air bubbles in the foam itself and this helps the foam to provide superior support and pressure relief.

The AirFoam™ is also said to be more durable than standard memory foam, this is due to the special compression process that produces that multitude of air bubbles that function like shock absorbers so the foam can distribute the weight and pressure evenly across the surface of the mattress while having an accelerated response rate to pressure. This would mean that you feel completely supported when you change sleeping positions in bed and the lifespan of the mattress will be longer than usual since the foam as a good bounce-back response; this gives you good value for the money you might invest in Nolah Original 10 mattress.

Sleeping cool is a very important feature that a mattress should have especially when the mattress is fully made of memory foam; the AirFoam™ cools down much faster than regular standard foam and this is due the special attention given during this foam’s manufacturing process. Nolah states that they do not use any heat sensitive chemicals, standard memory foam generally use viscoelastic chemicals to enhance the “memory” capabilities of the foam but by using these chemicals the material will retain heat within itself and this would result in you sleeping hot.

The Nolah Original 10 mattress comes with great memory foam support that guarantees good pressure relief, cooling features, support and comfortability. As an added bonus, the AirFoam™ used in this mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, this means that the memory foam has no harmful chemicals, emissions and is safe to be used on a long term basis. The twin size mattress is priced at $499, comes with a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty. If you are looking for an all memory foam bed that has unique features and great cooling abilities then this mattress should be part of your consideration.

 6. The Leesa Mattress

Leesa currently offers two type of mattress in their production line, the Leesa Mattress which is made of all foam and the Leesa Hybrid Mattress that consists of memory foam and spring coils. We’re taking a look at the all memory foam Leesa Mattress as a twin size mattress option.

The Leesa Mattress is a ten-inch thick mattress that has three different types of memory foam for optimum support and comfort for the sleeper. The mattress comes covered in a protector made of polyester and a Lycra Spandex blend that provides softness and makes the fabric stretch well across the surface of the mattress and good breathability. The four stripe mattress cover which has flame retardant properties; the “sock” will smother and dampen any fires by forming a layer of char so that oxygen can be prevented to flow into the mattress thus stopping any potential fires. This is a very unique feature to include in a mattress and it shows that the manufacturer prioritizes the safety of their customers with their sleeping comfort.

The first comfort layer of the Leesa Mattress is made of two-inches of cooling memory foam that allows good airflow into the mattress to cool the foam and your body to preserve the temperature neutral sleeping environment. This layer of memory foam also has good pressure response and has some bounce back so you will not experience completely sinkage into the mattress; this first layer is all about making your body feel comfortable when you lay down.

Right after that, there is two inches of memory foam that focuses on pressure relief so you can let your body heal from its aches and pain while sleeping. This layer of memory foam has excellent contouring abilities and will hug the natural curves of the body to apply pain-relieving pressure; this may also help to realign your spine which will help if you have back trouble and neck aches. You also won’t feel too constricted to move in the Leesa Mattress as this comfort layer provides enough support and push-back for you to comfortably change sleeping positions.

The final base layer that fully supports the Leesa Mattress is made of high-density polyfoam that is six inches thick; this base contributes a good firm and solid support foundation to all the comfort layers above it while giving your body overall comfort when you rest. The support base is not too firm and has enough plushness to feel luxurious and soft while not letting your body sink too deeply into the foam.

For a twin-sized mattress, the Leesa packs a lot of comfort and support into a small space and it costs $445, making it a mid-range premium mattress. The Leesa Mattress also comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. It is also helpful to note that all the materials used in this mattress is CertiPUR-US® approved so there are no harmful chemicals in its materials and it is safe to use.

If you are more interested in an in-depth review of the Leesa mattress, you should definitely check out our Leesa Mattress Review. It’s a guide you should definitely check out if you want to take an in-depth look to determine whether the Leesa Mattress is a suitable mattress for you. 

7. The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has made waves in the bedding industry due to its high-quality standard and affordable price point. This all-foam mattress has been a popular choice among users and has high-ratings for its functionality of support and comfort. The manufacturing company has found a good balance of producing products with premium materials and matched it with good customer care.

This mattress is made of all foam and it comes with unique patented features to give you a restful night of sleep while being affordable for a good-quality twin-sized mattress. The mattress cover is a hybrid made of a cooling cover and quilted gel memory foam so you get a soft-to-touch feel immediately when you first have contact with the mattress and it also cools your skin down from heating; the cooling fabric used is custom-milled and helps greatly with regulating temperature.

The next comfort later of the Nectar mattress is made of gel-infused memory foam which greatly improves the mattress’s ability to distribute your body weight evenly across the surface. This patented gel-infused memory foam has a “semi-open” structure which contributes to excellent airflow capabilities to cool the mattress and the sleeper; this layer can dissipate heat at a much faster rate compared to normal memory foam so if you overheat easily while sleeping then this may help you sleep cool more effectively than other mattresses.

After the first comfort layer, the Nectar mattress has an Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam; this is a high-density and expensive foam that is exclusively used by Nectar to provide the sleeper with superior body support and pressure relief. The memory foam has enough plushness to allow you to feel some sinkage and the “cradle-like” feeling is great for the body to find relief from back pain, shoulder and neck aches. The Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam also adds a good bounce to the mattress so you won’t feel too much sinkage so you can feel free to move around the bed without feeling restricted.

The whole Nectar mattress is then supported with a base layer made of dense memory foam that not only provides great comfort and support but it is also extremely breathable. This final base layer completes the whole airflow cycle of the mattress making it very cooling for the sleeper. Additionally, the Nectar mattress also comes with a bottom mattress cover; this is incredibly rare and not usually included in most mattresses. This bottom mattress cover helps you keep your mattress in place where you place it on the floor or on a frame and it can be especially helpful to have for a twin-sized mattress that might be stored or used on a floor.

The Nectar mattress is sold at $399 for its twin-sized version and it is a reasonable price for the combination of high-quality materials used in the construction of the mattress. This mattress also comes with one of the longest sleep trials; 365-nights and a lifetime warranty. The Nectar has one of the best warranties available in the mattress industry and this speaks of their confidence on the quality of the mattress they produce.

If you want to read an in-depth Nectar Mattress buying guide, I would highly recommend that you read-up our Nectar Mattress Review. It’s definitely one of the most affordable high-quality mattresses that is available in the market. 

8. Olee Sleep

The Olee Sleep mattress is an all memory foam mattress that comes with an I-gel infusion in its foam to promote good airflow and cooling properties while keeping you comfortable and supported. This mattress has a no-fuss feel and delivers direct functionality; it is made of three sorts of memory foams and is predominately eco-friendly to use.

The cover for the Olee Sleep mattress is made of polyester and Spandex, it has good stretching abilities and fits the surface of the mattress well with no bunches or loose ends. The mattress cover is also soft to touch and has adequate breathability to keep the surface layers of the mattress cool for you to sleep in a temperature neutral state. The first comfort layer is made of the unique memory form that has been infused with I-gel, this layer works in tandem with the mattress cover to maintain the cooling properties of the Olee Sleep mattress.

There is a transition layer of medium feel memory foam that helps to provide good conformity and relieve pressure points after the cooling comfort layer; you will some slight sinkage but there is enough push back from the mattress to keep you in place and this will also help to realign your spine.

The whole mattress is encased in a base support of high-density memory foam that works to provide overall comfort and improve the durability of the memory foam that is placed in the top layers. This is a very affordable and sensible option to consider for your twin mattress consideration if you looking for a simple, no-hassle product that offers direct functionality.

9. Aveline by Modway

Modway is a branch of LexMod, a furniture company and this branch of the main company fully focuses its efforts on manufacturing their all-foam mattress, the Aveline. The Aveline is a value for money mattress and if you are experiencing budget constraints then this is a good choice to consider for your twin mattress needs. This mattress comes in three thickness options; eight, six or ten inches. It is best to consider the thickest option to maximize your comfort on a small-sized mattress like a twin size.

The Aveline comes covered in a diamond stretch knit polyester fabric that gives the mattress a touch of luxurious feel while also being soft and breathable. The stretch knit fabric covers the mattress well and does not form any bunches that might cause you to sleep uncomfortably. Right under the mattress cover, is the first comfort layer which is three inches of gel memory foam that provides good pressure relief to the body; you will deep sinkage with this layer and the mattress will engulf important pressure points like your shoulders, hips and back.

To ensure that the mattress does not overheat as memory foam mattresses are prone to easily do so, Modway has infused cooling gel into this comfort layer so you can sleep cool and the Aveline can dissipate the body heat away. The final layer of the mattress is made of seven inches of high-density polyfoam that acts as a support base for the while mattress and this layer add some bounce to the mattress so you do not completely sink into the Aveline.

The Aveline is rated to be a medium soft mattress which can be ideal to side and back sleepers but might not be very suitable for stomach sleepers due to the lack of firmness. This mattress has adequate edge support so it possible that you can use every surface of the mattress and get the same comfortability; this is very important for a twin-sized mattress where space on the surface of the mattress is limited.

This mattress has good motion isolation, you won’t feel much of any motion when on the mattress. Overall, the Aveline mattress by Modway is a great budget mattress with good functionality with two memory foam layers. If you are looking for a twin-sized mattress for your spare bedroom or a guest space then this is a good choice to consider; the Aveline has a 100-night trial and comes with a 10-year warranty which is great for a budget mattress.

10. Zinus Hybrid Green Tea Mattress

Zinus is a popular brand choice for most consumers due to their eco-friendly products and direct-to-customer approach especially with their bed into boxes approach. Zinus has produced a few popular mattresses that have garnered great user ratings and feedback with their choice of materials and special features.

The Zinus Hybrid Green Tea comes in three thickness options which are eight, ten and twelve inches. This mattress a hybrid which means that are at least two primary materials used in the mattress’s comfort layers. It comes covered in a fiber quilted cover which adds a luxurious feel to the surface of the mattress, this cover has adequate breathability and can keep air flowing through to cool the foam layers underneath.

The first comfort layer in the Zinus Hybrid Green Tea mattress is made of memory foam that has been infused with all-natural green tea extract coupled with castor oil. This extra-special infusion helps to keep a certain air of freshness around the mattress as the infusion of green tea and castor oil will help to eliminate unpleasant odors that might cling to a mattress. This special infused memory foam is resistant to dust mites, bacteria and other allergens; this will help if you are easily prone to allergies or asthma.

Underneath the layer of infused memory foam, there is spring coils that are durable and heavy-duty so they can provide great support for the back and other pressure points. The spring coils can help with providing individualized support to your body and they also help to remove any motion transfer on the mattress.

The base support of the mattress consists of high-density memory foam to give an overall support foundation to the Zinus Hybrid Green Tea mattress; this will help you body not sink too deeply into the mattress and you can move freely in bed. This is a good, simple and solid choice for a twin-sized mattress as it provides the basic functionality of a mattress and it is very affordable. The Zinus Hybrid Green Tea comes with a 10-year warranty period which is a good warranty period for a budget mattress.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Twin Size Mattress?

You should first identify the reason you need a mattress of this size and if the main purpose of the mattress is to be your main bedding then considering should be given to comfortability, cooling properties and other support features that your body needs for a good night’s rest.

If you are considering purchasing a twin mattress for a spare bedroom or a guest bedroom then the consideration of functionality would be different. Ultimately, there are some great choices of comfort and support available in today’s mattress industry for you to make a good choice and get great value for the money you want to invest in the twin size mattress.

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