Best Sleeping Position Is A Myth. Know How.

The question "Which Sleeping Position Is The Best?" itself is wrong. You may sleep in any position you like, and it will turn out to be the best way to sleep in if you can learn how to counter-balance the alignment of your body with proper pillow placement.

The core of having rid of body aches is sleeping in a position so as the neck, backbone, hips, and legs are aligned in a straight manner. Wherever you feel some off-posture, place a good pillow to support the straight line.

No matter what position you sleep in. If the body is misaligned, it will lead to cause back or neck pain, fatigue, muscle cramping, heartburn, snoring, etc. Moreover, your sleep also suffers both in quantity and quality.

How To Balance Best With Different Sleeping Positions

Regardless of health challenges, people sleep in a position they feel the most comfortable in. Remember, you will be sleeping for the 1/3th part of your life and you can't take it lightly. Just add a few tweaks to the way you sleep and it will save you on many health hazards. Let's dive into it:

1. If You Sleep On Your Back

It is the least troublesome position to sleep in. If you are laying on a mattress that is firm enough to support you without sinking in, it will do the job to keep the whole body aligned.

However, you must not use a high pillow as it will lift your head too high. It may hog the airflow causing snoring and neck pain. Experiment with pillows of different heights and find the lowest height you feel comfortable with.

2. If You Sleep On Your Side

This position is also good but brings about some challenges with it. For the whole night, your ear is squashed. So find a pillow, specially designed for side sleepers, with an ear-hole in it. Thus, you can place your ear in the hole, comfortably, and your neck is aligned with the other body parts.

The another challenge with side sleeping is, if you are a person with bigger hips, your outer hip will lift up too high. A quick workaround is you placing a soft pillow between your knees. It will counter-balance the off-posture.

3. If You Sleep On Your Stomach

The best that I can recommend you is stop sleeping in this position. It is the worst sleeping position and brings many health problems. It goes very hard on your food/air pipe, lifts your neck up in a very uncomfortable and unnatural position, and no pillow can make up for this position.

If you are a stomach sleeper, it is not hard to change your sleeping habits. Try with side-sleeping. You can take help of a body pillow to assist you until you are habitual of the new position.

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Hopefully, you got the point that it is not the sleeping position that matters but how the body is aligned throughout the night. Pillows are the only good way to make the required adjustments rather being too conscious about your posture.

Moreover, if you are getting a poor sleep , it will affect almost every aspect of your life negatively. Not only this, your sleep quality and sleeping position reveals a lot about your life, mood, nature, and psychology.

About the Author Jessica Larsen

I am a big advocate that having great sleep is something everyone deserves. With over 10 years of experience in this field, I would love to use this platform as a means to help you achieve a good night's sleep.

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