Best King Size Down Comforters in 2020 – Review of the Top 7 Picks

Choosing the right Comforter might seem like a cakewalk. You casually let yourself loose in the online/offline market to look for options and find the right comforter to fit your personal style and level of comfort. Especially if you are someone living in the colder regions, having an efficiently warm comforter/Duvet/Doona is not an advantage, it is a compulsion.

While it may seem very easy to make a down comforter purchase, there are a lot many features that you need to look for before making a confirmed purchase. The biggest concerns that one should have before purchasing a Down comforter are its size and the level of comfort provided by them. This is where King Size down comforters come into the scenario.



Why King Sized Down Comforters?

The right King size down comforter not only adds a great touch to your bedroom, but it’s soft, luxurious, larger than life, and fluffy feel provides you with the ultimate relief from cold weather. The over the top sizing ensures that you snuggle with the comforter and get to wrap it around for maximum comfort. Not just the cold season, the natural, lightweight, and breathable material of a high-quality King size Down comforter makes it ideal for year-round use and such a popular product.

If you are interested in getting other sizes, we’ve got you covered too. You can check out this post on the best down comforters in the market. We have covered a wide variety of down comforters of different sizes.  

What should you know about a King Sized Down Comforter?

If you happen to get your hands on a premium-quality, King size down comforter, combined with a deluxe feather and down combination, you might never want to go back and swap the experience with even the most amazing blankets out there. This is so because no synthetic can compete with the warmth-to-weight ratio of down. This ultra-light yet warm kind of comforter is people’s favorite because most people find that the less weight they have on top of them, the more relaxing their sleep. To top it up, a king-size down comforter can be easily wrapped around the body by the edges, providing a snuggly feel.

Based on your preference of colors, sizes and thicknesses, you can narrow your choices by going for certain criteria such as fill type, fill power, and weight. King size Down comforters are available in many styles and price ranges, from high-end goose down comforters to hypoallergenic polyester-filled options.

Factors to consider before buying a King Sized Down Comforter

With lots of room to spread out and roll over, king size down comforters are the ultimate in luxury. They meet individual style and sleeping needs. The various guidelines for the purchase of the best king size down comforter are furnished in the blog post below.

Stitch Types

Having an opinion about the type of Down comforter that you wish to buy is going to help you with making a decision before investing your money. The design and the stitch pattern on a down comforter decide the type of it. Baffle Box, Diamond, Karo Step, Ring Stitch etc are the different types of Down comforter design.

The Baffle box design of a down comforter offers a box pattern. The final product appears as if the boxes have been created with the help of stitches. You can be sure of attaining that extra level of cosiness due to this design that offers heightened expansion. This happens because this design is a result of a sewing technique which brings in elevation and wooliness.

A baffle down comforter comes with an attractive box-shaped strip. If you are looking to get a Baffle down comforter, you will have to do with the fact that the filling in this down comforter won’t move freely from one place to the other. Hence, the levels of elevation and comfort are optimal.

The Diamond comforter is manufactured as per a diamond-shaped pattern. If you like your fill material to move freely, getting the Karo step design down comforter is going to be your thing. The filling in a Karo step is able to move about with the help of an open internal stitch that allows the fill to move unhindered. And, when the base and upper sides are stitched in small circles, the ring-type stitch design of a down comforter lets the fill in a down comforter move freely.

Dimension and Design

You begin the hunt after finalizing the size you want for your down comforter and a comforter that complements the aesthetic element if your bed and the room. If you sleep in a queen-sized bed, you might choose a queen-size comforter. Once you are through the design you would like to go ahead with, it is obvious that you get a down comforter that is of the same proportion as the surface of your bed. However, we recommend that you get a slightly large size so that you get a little extra length and width to wrap yourself in during cooler months. This is why a king-size down comforter is above everything else.

The Weight of the Comforter

The material of the Down comforter is lightweight and that is what makes a down comforter so highly popular. With the availability of different weights and proportions, you must go for an average weight down comforter. Based on the season for when you will be putting this comforter to use, you can either go for a heavy comforter for a colder season or a lighter comforter for a warm season. Since we are talking of the weight, considering the level of warmth expected by your Down comforter is also a thing. You can check that by assessing the weight.

Consider the Filling

We have talked about the movement of filling in the stitch type of a down comforter in one of the points above. This clearly indicates that considering the fill quality is also a prime determinant in the choice of a down comforter. The better the filling, the more comfortable the comforter is going to be. Well, there is Duck fill and loose-fill, of which the duck fill is more expensive and also more comfortable. If you are looking for ultimate relief from extreme cold, the goose down is a preferable option.

Down fibre, foam, feather fibre, and down-alternative fillings are also available in some comforters. Foam filling makes up for a lighter comforter. A hypoallergenic blanket is great for you if you are plagued with allergies and can’t stop sneezing. Don’t forget to get a special down-resistant shell fabric that further keeps feathers firmly inside the quilt.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A thread count of 400 and over is going to ensure that the filling in the down comforter is put together neatly. This thread count also ensures that the filing is going to stay in place and not get exposed to frequent usage. Also, it ensures that the resultant down comforter is cosy.

If at all, you wish to go ahead with the choice of a luxury down comforter, you must know that you would be getting more of wool and down rather than feathers. The wool down comforter is warm enough and suitable for all kinds of weather, they also stay in shape after continuous usage. You can choose a luxurious down comforter in attractive colours that have chic satin-trim edges. After spending on a real luxurious down comforter, you can also be in for a surprise of a really fine outer covering for the comforter. You can also add a featherbed to your bedding in the winter, for extra warm and cosy feel.

Well, now that you are aware of the average yet concise buying guide for a great down comforter, you can stay cosy and comfy in your bad for as long as want, only after you have made a choice. In order to ease your journey of finding the best king sized down comforters, we have listed some of the best down comforters in our opinion that are available on the online market.

Top 7 Best King Size Down Comforters

1. Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter King Size


  • Texcote Nano-Treated, water repellent
  • 100% Cotton
  • 106 x 90 inches
  • 60OZ fill weight
  • 700 fill power

If you’re looking for a down comforter that will be your go-to blanket for the years to come, the Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter is one Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter Of the most popular choices. It is light in weight like a cloud but keeps you warm in the cold weather. If you want something with a luxurious look and feel that provides you with a night of cosy night sleep, this should be your obvious choice.


The Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter is a product made for a natural and healthy lifestyle. It provides you with a good sleep to prepare you for even more challenges and hardships the next day. It is soft, lustrous and cosy with its 100% satin-weave cotton with 400 thread count. What keeps the comforter even more desirable is its 3D Baffle Box Design which keeps the filling at the maximum loft for even distribution and warmth.

For the sake of your health and comfort, this comforter is a product of Germany imported equipment. It is designed after 3 Times Dedusting and 2 Times Metal Removing. It has been made under 120 °C High Temperature with High-Pressure Sterilization; a great hygienic product overall.

If you are concerned about the down material procurement for this product, the comforter is DOWNPASS audited, claims to adhere to non-living- plucking, non-cage-rearing and force-feeding. All the down and feathers are sourced from the food industry.

The Comforter features piping and four corner tabs to easily attach duvet covers. It is Moisture Repellent and durable to Washes. It features bacteria Growth Inhibition and offers freedom from natural unpleasant Odor. It is a quick-dry product. It is light, warm and comfortable and also enhances Thermal performance.

You will like this product if

You have a smaller budget, the Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter is definitely an option worth considering, it is one of the few quality comforters that doesn’t come with a wallet breaking price. At under $300, you will be getting a German-made equipment that comes in a carrying bag.

You aren’t into handwashing your comforters, you won’t have to worry about sore forearms from washing this comforter. This comforter can be machine washed, making it very convenient for you to care and maintain, and you won’t have headaches just from the thought of washing the comforter.

If your drying space isn’t exposed to a lot of sunlight or you don’t have a dryer, you won’t have to worry about drying this comforter. This comforter isn’t just light, warm and comfortable, it is also easy to dry as it features quick dry.

You might not like this product if

You do not appreciate the initial odour that comes with the comforter and don’t want the hassle to spread it out as some reviews have mentioned the initial odour from the down comforters. Furthermore, this comforter requires gentle fluffing after unpacking it so that the loft can be recovered.

2. Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Duvet Insert Goose Down Comforter



  • 106 x 90 inches
  • 1200 thread count
  • 50 Oz Fill Weight
  • 100% Goose Down
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Filling with 750+ Fill power

After a long day of hard work, peaceful sleep at night is craved by all. If you are lacking a proper sleep for one reason or another, then consider single outing of the Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter. Not only does it look luxurious, but helps you in experiencing an uninterrupted cozy sleep.


Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter is hypoallergenic; which precisely means that if you are allergic, you can relax while using this product without experiencing any sensitivities. The superior quality of this down comforter is proven in its Fill power that stands at 750+ and Fill weight at 50 Oz.

Furthermore, the baffle box pattern consolidates the down inappropriate places that allows settling down of feather to deliver maximum comfort and eliminating cold spots. It does not even require a mention but this feature is ideal to keep you warm and cosy on a chilly night. You can thus experience a relaxing sleep to recharge your tired body and mind.

The loop structure has been designed to support the duvet sheath thereby preventing the comforter from creating disturbing shifts. If you are tired of leakage from the present comforter that you are using, then lay your hand on luxurious 1200 Down Comforter. The manufacturers of this high-standard comforter have eradicated any scope of leakage by implementing a double stitch technique.

You will like this product if

You like sleeping warm, this product will do a great job at keeping you warm and comfy throughout your sleep on a cold night. Besides that, it also has impressive fill power which makes the comforter supper fluffy, adding to the warming and comfy effect from the comforter.

You are looking for a luxury comforter, this product would be a great fit for you. Seeing that is features a 1200 thread count and is made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, you know that this comforter will never go wrong with such features. Along with incredible ingredients, it also comes with an exquisite design that makes the comforter look very luxurious.

You are looking for different sizes, you won’t have to worry about size limitations when looking at this comforter as it comes with many different sizes to match varying needs of people.

You might not like this product if

You don’t like your comforter to make any noises, this comforter has a wrinkling sound to it due to the materials that it’s made out of and its construction.

You don’t like any odor coming from your comforters. There have been a few reviews that mentioned about an unpleasant odor from the comforters after washing it, perhaps due to the high thread count, it takes longer to dry. If you have a dryer or drying space that is exposed to a lot of sunlight, this should not be an issue for you.

3. Siberian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert


  • 106″ x 90″
  • 50 oz fill weight
  • Premium white 100% Goose Down
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Hypo-allergenic Allergy free
  • 1200 thread count

While the market is getting flooded with cheap polyester made down comforter, you have to be smart enough to pick out the quality product for yourself. This brings us to the Egyptian Bedding all season goose down comforter that is built with sheer perfection for letting you derive cent percent satisfaction when using it.


This comforter boasts of goose down of authentic quality and its superior standard is proven in fill power of 750+ and weight of 50oz. Since the greatest functional dimension of this comforter lies in its 1200 thread Egyptian cotton sheath, it will make you feel warm and relaxed when sleeping.

You can experience the maximum comfort in its King size which measures “106×90”. It does not end here. The hypoallergenic quality of the down comforter lends protection from allergies, molds and dust mites thereby creating no physical discomfort whatsoever for the user.

Egyptian bedding goose comforter is neither too bulky nor too light on your body, which means that its usage is appropriate for every season. As far as the outlay of this comforter is concerned, its square box pattern prevents clumping of downs and holds it in a designated place.

Storage and preservation of this comforter is hassle-free since it is available in zipper packaging. Therefore, if you wish to fold the comforter and put it away for some time, then this packaging will come to your help and prevent unnecessary stains.

The intertwining weaving of loops with golden rope secures the duvet wrap. Moreover, the executed double-stitch technique averts the mishap of down leakage. By the virtue of these design and functional features, this down comforter is perfect if you are seeking for a quality sleep at night.

You will like this product if

You are looking for different sizes, you won’t have to worry about the limited sizes that are available like most other comforters out there. This comforter comes with various sizes, catering for all types of buyers with different bed sizes for different uses.

You are looking for a quality product that doesn’t break the bank. For a comforter that’s under $130, there are only a handful of comforters (king sized) out there that comes with 100% Egyptian cotton and a whopping thread count of 1200 that ensures you have a soft and plush comforter to keep you warm during a cold night.

You love fluffy comforters. If being made of 100% Egyptian cotton isn’t amazing enough for you, the thread count that it comes with will definitely do the job. This comforter comes with a whopping 1200 thread count, which definitely ensures a soft and plush sleeping experience that you can’t find in most comforters out there.

You don’t have a dryer. Unlike most comforters, this comforter dries up quickly after a machine wash. So if you don’t have a dryer or your drying space isn’t exposed to much sunlight, you won’t have to worry about drying this comforter in time before it produces a bad odor from damp comforters.

You might not like this product if

You don’t want any noise from your comforter. There have been some reviews that mentioned about the wrinkling sound from the comforter as you move around on your bed. To a few people, this noise might be a little disturbing.

You want your comforter to maintain its pure white color. This comforter has received some criticisms in terms of how easily stained it is after a long use, to some of you, this might be a turn off. But don’t worry too much, this issue of staining only occurs if you don’t wash your comforters and use them often enough. If you intend to use it often and not keep it in the wardrobe, this shouldn’t be a problem to you.

4. ROSECOSE Luxurious Goose Down Comforter


  • 100% Cotton Shell
  • 1200 Thread Count
  • 106 x 90 inches
  • 50 Oz Fill Weight
  • 100% Fill with Goose Down
  • Hypo-allergenic

A down comforter made of natural goose feathers is all you need for experiencing a sound sleep at night. If you have been sleep-deprived for quite ROSECOSE Luxurious Goose Down Comforter King Size Duvet Insertsome time, then opt for ROSECOSE Luxurious Goose Down Comforter without hesitation. Its lavish design and usability will make you experience cloud like soft comfort in bed.


This comforter has been manufactured with genuine cotton while entailing 1200 count of threads. One can never doubt the quality of this product as it is infused with goose down of high quality. On top of that, you can get this comforter in two variable sizes which are: the king size (106×90) and the Queen (90×90). Its zipper packaging is useful for lofty storage of the comforter.

If you are craving for some quality sleep, then ROSECOSE Luxurious Goose Down Comforter is the answer to your desire. This comforter is ideal for year round use as it does not let you feel too hot in summer nor too cold in the winter. Furthermore, its hypo-allergic nature makes sure that you experience no allergic reactions to using this comforter.

It has been crafted in such a fashion that the comforter produces no disturbing noise at all. The tab like outlay which has been woven with sheer stitching perfection keeps the down inside intact thereby preventing spill even after rigorous daily use. The decent color of this comforter will sync well with your bedroom décor and creates perfect mood for relaxation.

One does not have to wash this product every alternate day. Instead, you can dry clean it as and when you find it necessary. The perfectly sewn design ensures that down feathers do not get eliminated even after it has been washed thoroughly.

You will like this product if

You are looking for a comforter that will suit all seasons. No more switching between comforters throughout the year! With this comforter, this will be ideal for you if you don’t like the hassle of switching comforters for different seasons. Due to its construction, this comforter will never be too hot for you during the summer and will never be too cold for you during winter.

You want your comforter to be fluffy and lofty while being kept in the wardrobe. Upon purchasing this comforter, a zipper package comes along with the comforter. If you feel like making a change in comforters temporarily not use this comforter, you will never have to worry about it feeling less fluffy after storing it and not using it for awhile. As long as you keep your comforter in the zipper package, the comforter will remain fluffy and lofty throughout a long long time.

You are allergic. This comforter has a hypoallergenic feature where it keeps all the allergies that are annoying you throughout the night at bay. With this comforter, you will almost never wake up in the middle of the night from sneezing because you have a sensitive nose or you’re very allergic to dust. That way, you can fully experience your cozy good night’s sleep with this comforter.

You might not like this product if  

You don’t want any noises from your comforters. This comforter produces a wrinkly noise when being moved around especially during your sleep. If you are a very light sleeper, this comforter might not be the ideal comforter for you because of this.

You want very durable comforters. There have been reviews that mentioned about the feathers being loose after daily usage. Feathers will be feathers, they become loose over time because they aren’t artificial. If wear and tear of natural feathers is an issue for you, you might not have an enjoyable experience with this comforter.

5. Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store’s Luxurious All-Season Goose Down Comforter


  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • 1200 Thread Count
  • 106 x 90 inches
  • 65 oz fill weight
  • 750+ fill power
  • Premium White 100% Goose Down

If you have been in a relentless search for the all season comforters, then this comforter might be the one for you. Its cozy design and supreme comfort factor let you enjoy an uninterrupted sleep after a day of hectic working schedule. Its luxurious design is pleasant to eyes and you experience its cloud like textures when wrapping the comforter while sleeping.


The quality proof of this product lies in the fact that it has been manufactured with hundred percent authentic Egyptian cotton sheath. This product is completely free of chemical filled polyester and boasts of genuine goose down feathers. As it is available in both king and queen sizes, you can choose any of the sizes which you find perfect for your requirement. Fill power of 750+ and fill weight of 65oz create the unmatched loftiness that ushers in sleep in your eyes.

The All-Season Goose Down Comforter has been designed with soft, durable and hypo-allergenic cotton fabric. It is never too heavy on your body and hence lends perfect breathability when wrapped. What is striking is that the premium boxed design secures the placement of infused down in appropriate place. It at the same time prevents any material displacement inside or any down leakage outside.

Moreover, the pinch pleating technique applied in the manufacturing of the comforter creates superior fluffiness and the desired warmth that you seek when sleeping. It also improves the overall look of this product by lending an elegant charm and classic looks to the comforter. Its design is further boosted by loops and corner tabs which keep the duvet covering in correct order and shape. One cannot stress enough on the benefit of the Egyptian cotton as it causes no suffocation whatsoever. Rather its lightweight structure makes the comforter ideal for use throughout the year.

You will like this product if

You are allergic. This comforter has a hypoallergenic feature where it keeps all the allergies that are annoying you throughout the night at bay. With this comforter, you will almost never wake up in the middle of the night from sneezing because you have a sensitive nose or you’re very allergic to dust. That way, you can fully experience your cozy good night’s sleep with this comforter.

You are looking for a luxury comforter. The fact that it has a fill weight of 65 oz is already a proof of its supreme quality, adding as a notable attribute of a luxury comforter. The luxury feel is perhaps contributed by the adequate loftiness and its weight. This comforter is praised for being at the sweet spot in terms of its weight, it is heavy, but not extremely heavy and thereby delivering the ideal level of comfort that most people are looking for.

You might not like this product if

You don’t like to sleep warm. Especially during the summers, this comforter might not be your best pick. As mentioned above, many users have praised the weight that this comforter comes with. With such a weight, it comes with slightly more heat than other comforters.

You don’t like your comforters to make any noise. If you are a very sensitive and light sleeper, this comforter might not be the ideal one for you. There have been a few reviews that mentioned about the wrinkling noise that this comforter produced when moving around on the bed while asleep and as a result, might affect your cozy good night’s sleep by waking you up from the noise.

6. ROYALAY Luxurious All-Seasons White Goose Down Comforter


  • 100% Cotton
  • 106 inch x 90 inch
  • Filled with 37 oz White Goose Down
  • 600 Fill Power
  • 600 Thread Count
  • No Leaking Feathers

Quality sleep is essential to keep your body and mind in a healthy functioning state. Its deprivation can cause unpleasant lethargy and various other discomforts. Therefore, choosing the correct comforter that guarantees the ultimate relaxation is extremely crucial. ROYALAY Luxurious All-Seasons White Goose Down Comforter is the answer to your sleeping issues. Its premium features let you enjoy a night of sleep on cloud nine.


This comforter is available in both king and queen sizes thereby providing customers with the flexibility to choose the size that satisfies their respective demands. With the 100% cotton sheath, the comforter lets you enjoy the warmth that you have been looking for all these times. Its fill power of 600 and 37 fill weights reflect the high quality of goose down used in the product. Moreover, the 600 thread woven for the duvet cover ensures no down escapes in any form.

The hundred percent cotton cover forges an instant aesthetic gratification thereby enticing you to experience the warmth that it promises to offer. Since the feathers inserted are of premium quality, it restricts odor generation. It is therefore hygienic and safe for use. The manufacturing company procures the goose feather from Siberia which is a testimony of their high quality.

Furthermore, the loop and double stitching techniques employed in its manufacturing ensure loftiness retention by keeping the down and duvet in their respective designated places. The cover is so soft that it causes no irritation when you wrap it around your body. Its hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties are of immense value as these create the perfect blend of comfort with hygiene.

This comforter functions on thermal balancing mechanism which makes it an ideal choice for both winters and summers. You can machine wash it without much hassle, thereby restricting bacterial growth despite multiple uses throughout the year.

You will like this product if

You don’t like hand washing your comforters. Unlike most comforters out there on the market, this comforter will not experience as much wear and tear when being machine washed. Most comforters in the market are pretty fragile and sensitive when it comes to washing, but not this comforter. With this comforter, you won’t have to worry about it wearing down from machine washing.

You have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you would probably find yourself being irritated by most comforters and bed sheets. However with this comforter, there is no need to worry about that. This comforter features a loop and double stitching techniques to ensure loftiness retention that makes the cover soft. With that, you will not suffer from any skin irritation when you wrap the comforter around your body to enjoy your cozy good night’s sleep.

You want a comforter that you can rely on with every season. With this comforter, there is no need for the hassle to switch between comforters when a different season is coming. Most comforters will be either too hot for summer, or too cold for the winter. Worry no more with this comforter as it features a thermal balancing mechanism that will allow you to enjoy your sleep throughout every season.

You might not like this comforter if

You are looking for a very fluffy comforter. Though fluffy, there have been some reviews that mentioned about the lack of adequate filling which made other users slightly disappointed with the fluffiness of the comforter. There are also reviews that mentioned about the reduction of fluffiness over time.

You don’t want to sleep hot. Though you will not have any issues with using this comforter throughout summer, there are still some people that mentioned in the reviews complaining about the weight of this comforter. This comforter is slightly heavier than most comforters, so it might not be an ideal choice if you live in a very hot area.

7. Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter


  • 106″ x 92″
  • 300 gsm fill weight
  • 3-year warranty
  • Microfiber
  • Reversible color design

If your sleeping disorders are hindering you from feeling refreshed in a new morning, then picking out the correct comforter is absolutely crucial. One can easily opt for Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter to get the necessary sound sleep at night. It helps you in getting quality Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comfortersleep and thus lets you feel reinvigorated to carry out the next day’s work with vigor.


This comforter is available in a variety of sizes such as king, queen, oversized king and oversized king. You can opt for any of the one sizes that cater to your preference. Since this alternative comforter is filled with microfiber weighing up to 300 gsm, it lets you experience the down like comfort despite its absence. Apart from the monotonous colors, these comforters come in other neutral color choices that suit both classic and contemporary home décor.

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter boasts of microfiber that contains hypo-allergenic properties. Therefore, this comforter provides you complete protection against allergic sensitivities and reactions. Moreover, the high-quality fiber is so lightweight that it can be used all throughout the year and in every season.

If you are interested in microfiber sheets and you want to learn more about them, you can check out our guide on the best microfiber sheets where we covered the top microfiber sheets in the market. 

The manufacturers have implemented box-like stitching structure that keeps the fill intact and in intended place. On top of that, the side and corner loops secure the duvet in correct place, thereby preventing its displacement. Therefore, this smart design reduces your headache to organize time and again the clumping of inside materials and the displaced duvet.

One does not need to worry about taking care of this down alternative comforter as it requires low maintenance. You can easily wash it in the machine washer and get rid of slight stains and dirt. This product is validated by the U.S warranty of three years which certainly underlines the supreme quality and reliability of the comforter.

You will like this comforter if

You love to sleep warm. The difference between ‘warm’ comforters and the rest is that they capture more heat than the other comforters. However, there are always complaints made in the reviews that say most warm comforters are too hot. This shows exactly how difficult it is to find the sweet spot. With this comforter, you will never have to worry about sleeping too hot as it will never capture too much heat to hinder your sleep.

You want a durable comforter. Most comforters that look good comes at a cost, not just a bank breaking cost, but the cost of durability. With this comforter, you won’t have either of those taken away. This comforter features an exceptional stitching method during its manufacturing process that greatly increases the shelf life of the product. You will find yourself using this comforter for way longer than your other comforters. For under $80, this is almost the best deal you can get for a luxury comforter that lasts.

You aren’t just looking for a king sized comforter. This comforter comes with various different sizes that many comforters in the market do not. In this case, you won’t have to worry about size limitations when looking at this comforter as it comes with many different sizes to match varying needs of people.

You might not like this comforter if

You plan on machine washing it. Though mentioned by the manufacturer that it is machine washable, there have been reviews that mentioned about how it wears off with every machine wash. To avoid hampering the quality of the comforter, it is still best for you to avoid washing this comforter with a washing machine.


What are down comforters?

“Down” refers to the layer of insulation found under the feathers of ducks and geese. Down comforters are stuffed with this light, fluffy, and insulating substance. Down alternative comforters are stuffed with synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. They may also include natural materials like cotton.

What does fill power mean in down comforters?

Down fill power is the measure for the amount of space one ounce of down takes up. You can typically find fill power listed on higher end comforters. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating ability and loft (fluffiness) a down comforter will have. Fill power is a good indicator of warmth and quality.

So a comforter advertised as 575 Fill Power means that each ounce of down fills 575 cubic inches of space?

That’s right. And the higher the number of the fill power, the higher the quality of the down. Good comforters normally start out at 575 fill power. Better comforters are 650 fill power and up.
Besides the quality of the down, why else is fill power important?

Fill power is what gives down comforters its loft. Also, higher fill power comforters are warmer. Because the down takes up more space, it is able to trap more warmth.

Can you be allergic to down comforters?

It is a common myth that feather pillows and down comforters cause allergic reactions. It’s actually more likely that you’re allergic to dust mites in the bedding rather than the feathers themselves.

Do dust mites live in down comforters?

Mites can breed anywhere that is warm and provides a suitable temperature for them to breed. It is a common misconception that hypoallergenic down comforters prevent mites from breeding, Hypoallergenic down comforters merely reduce the chance of a reaction to feathers, this is specifically useful for you if you have sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic down comforters can still be a breeding ground for dust mites.

How do I prevent dust mites from breeding on my down comforter?

You might want to consider purchasing a dust mite cover for your comforter. As mentioned above, hypoallergenic down comforters do not prevent dust mites from breeding.

How long do down comforters last?

10 to 15 years easily.

Down comforters offer a tremendous level of comfort, but they are not going to last forever. A down comforter should last 10 to 15 years, but there is no timer set to warn you when it’s time for a change.

What is a baffled comforter?

A baffled comforter is one that has a vertical wall of fabric joining the upper and lower portions of the shell. Baffles allow the down in your comforter to assume its fullest loft. The higher quality comforters (this also usually translates into the more expensive) are made with baffles. You will be able to identify baffled comforters in advertisements by looking for wording such as “baffled boxes” or “baffle construction”. If you do not see wording in a comforter ad that specifically includes the word “baffle” in some form, chances are 99.9% it’s not a baffled comforter.



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