Best Down Comforters In 2019 – The Top 10 Review and Buying Guide

A highest grade of down comforter is made from the down obtained from the underbelly of either goose or duck, with goose down topping that of duck down. There are a lot of benefits using a good quality down comforter. To name a few, it helps to trap your body heat within its fillings to keep you warm throughout your sleep. The filling allows for breathability as moisture and sweat can pass through. Most down comforters are also lightweight which make it easy to setup a bed.

Thinking of getting a down comforter but have no clue of where to start? This article will provide you a list of key points to look out for when getting the best comforter that suits your need as well as the top ten products.


Down tends to be more expensive than other comforter fillings such as cotton, silk, wool, down alternative (polyester, primaloft, gel-fiber) due to its demand and the complex process of harvesting, cleaning and preparing the down. However, as you would have known, all good quality products come with a price tag. Undeniably, down comforter provides great comfort and warmth if price is not an issue to you.

Fill material

A down comforter can be filled with either goose or duck down, with the Hungarian goose down cluster being prized as the top quality products. Goose down tends to warmer than duck down and are usually more expensive. This is because geese are larger and thus have fluffier down which offers better loft.

However this is not always true. In case whereby similar sized goose and duck downs are obtained both could offer similar strength of warm and loft. Besides, a comforter that is filled with more duck down cluster will offer more warmth and loft compared to a goose down filled with less down clusters.

Goose down usually comes in a combination of grey and white colours. Although the colour of the down does not make any difference to the quality of the down, many would prefer the white over the grey just because it looks cleaner, nicer and does not show through the cover.

Generally, a comforter is classified as down comforter as long as it contains at least 75% of down filling. So the remaining 25% are sometimes filled with feather (usually those without the quills), cotton, synthetic materials (like polyester, gel-fiber or primaloft) or silk. These type of comforters are less likely to insulate you as good as 100% goose or duck down. Sometimes, those that contains feather may also emit an odour.


Next, you have to take into account the versatility of the down comforter. Are you using it mainly during the winter? Summer? Or throughout all seasons?

Thread count

Thread count measures the density of the yarns inside a square inch of the comforter’s shell. The higher the thread count, the more tightly woven the shell is, and thus, less breathable and trap more heat. The fill materials are less likely to fall out too. Sometimes, thread counts are counted based on double counting the 2-ply yarns. Thread counts higher than 600 are likely a representation of double counting. So if you are after a high thread count comforter, a 600 might be better than a 1200. This is because the 1200 one could just be made of 2-ply yarns to cover up for poor quality fabric and inferior yarn construction although this is not always the case.  Hence, you need to find a balance between the thread count and the quality of the yarn.

Fill power

Fill power determines the space or volume that is taken up by 1 oz of downs so it basically represents the quality of a down comforter. The higher the fill power, the loftier, fluffier, warmer and lighter a down comforter is. It directly impacts on the insulation generated by a comforter. A down comforter is usually categorised into 4 different types:

Up to 400 – Comforters up to 400 fill power are lightweight and soft. They are not very good at trapping heat so they are perfect to be used as for summer season.

400 to 599 – Comforters in this range provide warmth all year round but not substantial for cold winter.

600 to 799 – These comforters provide more warmth to people without the hefty price tag. They are suitable for mild wintry use or for places that are not as cold.

Above 800 – Comforters above the 800 fill power provide the best insulation perfect for winter season.


Down comforters come in various weights and most manufacturers have categorised them into 3 levels: light, medium and heavy. Here is a table to help you find your ideal comforter weight based on the room temperature versus the type of sleeper you are.


They are usually found in different sizes: twin, queen and king. You should always pick a comforter that is slightly larger than the size of your bed. This is because as you sleep, you tend to move and this will generate a gap between the bed and the comforter, allowing cold air to seep through and thus reducing the heat insulation provided by your comforter.

Types of construction

There are many different types of construction or stitching designs for a comforter. While style is important, the type of construction will affect how the filling of the down settles or moves. The following are some of the stitching designs available:

Baffle box – The top and bottom of the layers of the comforter are held together by vertical strips of fabric knowns as baffles, thereby creating compartments for the fill material. The baffles increase the loftiness of a comforter and thus can retain more heat. However, you need to shake/ fluff the comforter frequently to redistribute the fill to all compartments after use. Baffle box construction is labour intensive and is thus regarded as better quality design.

Sewn through – The top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together so this restrict the fill material movement across the comforter.

Gusseted – Gusset comforters can be constructed using baffle box or sewn through techniques. The top and bottom layers of the comforter are stitched together around the outer edge to provide a more loft and fluffiness. 

Diamond-quilted – The top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together in the shape of a diamond so this get rid of potential fill shifting.

Duvet cover material

The cover material of a comforter is something you should not missed as it helps to protect your comforter for better sleep. It is made from various materials including cotton, silk, wool and cotton blends with synthetic materials. Cotton is the most common cover material as it is soft and affordable. However, it lacks breathability and tends to trap moisture (sweat). Hence, you will need to wash the comforter more frequently. Silk is known for its smoothness and allow better heat dissipation. However, it is more expensive. Wool tends to be heavier and is a very good heat insulator. It repels moisture so the fill materials can remain dry and fluffy. Some cover materials also contain a blends of cotton and synthetics like polyester to increase the breathability and reduce the moisture retention.

Type of sleepers

Are you a cold, normal or hot sleepers? If you are a cold sleeper, you may want to opt for a heavier and higher fill power comforter as compared to a hot sleeper, whereby a thin, light, low fill power comforter will be sufficient.

Allergy problem

Do you have any allergies? Although many down comforters available in the market are made to be hypoallergenic, some people still have issues with the dust particles within the down material. So if this is the case, you may want to opt for a down alternative instead of a down comforter.

Ease of cleaning

Many down comforters are mainly machine washable although some are only allowed for dry cleaning. Reading the instruction labels of the manufacturer is important to make sure your comforter is durable and fluffy for a longer period of time.  

Warranty period

Most comforters do come with a 30, 60 or 90 days refund policy. Although this may varies from one manufacturer to another. Warranty is generally given based on the price of a comforter. The more expensive down comforters usually comes with a better warranty period than a cheap comforter.

Cruelty-free supply chain/ ethical/ responsible certification

Finally, it is a plus point to support ethical down manufacturers. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification tells you whether a down comforter is made using humanely sourced down and verified that no ducks or geese are live-plucked.

For the ease of easy comparisons, ten different medium warmth, queen sized down comforters were chosen for this article.

1. Luxurious All-Season Goose Down Comforter Queen Size Duvet Insert, Exquisite Pinch Pleat Design, Premium Baffle Box, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 750+ Fill Power, 55 oz Fill Weight, White


This luxurious, affordable 100% goose down comforter provides great comfort and warmth to you all year round, especially during the winter months. The 100% Egyptian cotton outer shell exudes an elegant, soft texture that you normally get in a world class hotel. It will be irresistible to everyone who is using it.

Its premium double stitch, baffle box construction allows for maximum loft and fluffiness for this comforter while retaining heat and warmth for you. The double stitching design prevents any down leakage which will reduce the chance of allergy. This hypoallergenic feature of this comforter is another attractive point that will guarantee an exceptional good night sleep.

The elegant pinch pleat detailing also brings timeless style and look to your bedroom. Loops and corner tabs also help to secure the duvet cover in place so you will not be fiddling with the cover while asleep.

It has a thread count of 1200 and fill power of 750 indicating that this comforter is ideal for a person who wants extra warmth compared to other comforters that has less fill power without the hefty price tag. For which, this comforter is priced at $129.95 for a queen size.  A high thread count also specifies less breathability but higher durability for this comforter. Hence, if you want more insulation, this is the right choice for you.

It is considerably heavy and lofty, weighing in at 8 pounds with 55 oz of fill weight. This will be the perfect comforter for freezing cold winter nights where you can keep yourself piping warm throughout all night sleep. However, if you do not like feeling being trapped under a sea of downs for the entire night, this is not the comforter for you. It is also not suitable for kids for fear of suffocation.

This comforter comes in 3 sizes: twin, queen and king so there are plenty of options to fit a single, queen or king sized bed. In addition, this comforter comes in a beautifully zipped package which will allow you to store the comforter away when not in use.

Warranty is only provided when you purchase this comforter directly from Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store brand Reseller.


You will need to shake and fluff this comforter frequently to redistribute the down fillings. There is a distinctive odour to this comforter when first unboxing. It will require a few days of airing to get rid of the smell. It comes quite crinkly which tend to stay even after prolong use. It is also noisy when use so if you are a quiet sleeper, this may not be the comforter of your choice. 

2. Luxurious Full/Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, Duvet Insert, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 750+ Fill Power, 60 oz Fill Weight, 1200TC, White Solid


This luxurious Siberian goose down comforter is priced at an affordable $139.95 for its high quality made using hypoallergenic 100% white goose down. It is used in many hotels around the world, suggesting the good quality of sleep it provides and that it is allergy free.

The outer shell is constructed using 100% Egyptian cotton so it will feel soft and comfortable on your skin. Although cotton is less breathable in terms of material, you can easily throw the comforter into the washer for easy clean to get rid of sweat and body odour.   

Besides, the premium baffle box design ensures maximum loft and retains more warmth ideal for cold seasons. The double needle stitching also reduces down leakage. There are loops on each corner designed to hold the duvet cover in place and prevent any shifting while using the comforter.

This 1200 thread count down comforter comes with a fill power of 750 which means that it is perfect for an extra layer of warmth, especially if you feel cold easily. The high thread count also indicates better durability for this particular comforter.

Another advantage of this comforter is that it weighs only 5 pounds in total and contains 60 oz of fill weight. It is considered very lightweight so you will not feel trapped under the comforter and yet the high fill weight will ensure better insulation for your comfort all year round.

It measures 90 x 90 inches for a queen sized down comforter and comes in a beautifully zipped factory package which makes it easier for storage purpose. It is also available in king size with a slightly higher fill weight due to its bigger size.


This comforter leans slightly towards the stiff side. Although the duvet cover is made using 100% Egyptian cotton with 1200 thread count, it feels scratchy suggesting that the 1200 thread count could just be made of 2-ply yarns to cover up for poor quality fabric and inferior yarn construction.

There is also minimal down leakage so if you are sensitive to dust particles, this is not for you as you might get allergy reaction. It also requires a bit of a room cleaning due to the leakage after prolong use.

3. Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 800 Thread Count Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert – Full/Queen Size, 750 Fill Power, 50 oz Fill Weight, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover


This luxurious Egyptian Hungarian goose down comforter is also priced affordably at $129.95 for year-round comfort. Hungarian goose down is known to be the top notch goose down in the world due to the large sized Hungarian geese and their fluffier underbelly down clusters. Since this comforter is made with 100% goose down, you can be rest assured that this product is of top quality.

Its premium baffle box design helps to reduce cold spots and offers maximum warmth, loft and comfort although it will require a good shake frequently to redistribute the down filling evenly into each box. In addition, the loops on each corner are designed to anchor duvet cover and protect the comforter from shifting during sleep. Its double needle stitching also prevents down leakage. Hence, making it allergy and mess free.

This comforter has a thread count of 800 and fill power of 750 indicating that it provides more warmth that lower fill power comforter. It is suitable for person who would prefer an extra layer of warmth. Since it has 800 per square inch of woven thread instead of 1200 like the previous 2 comforters, it is much more breathable. Thus, this will be ideal for summer season or someone who is a normal to hot sleeper.

The outer shell is made with 100% Egyptian cotton therefore although the down filling provides some extend of breathability, the cotton cover tends to counter this feature. Hence, dry cleaning this comforter at least 2 or 3 times a year will help to retain its durability and breathability while maintaining its loft and fluffiness.

Weighing in at 7.4 pounds, this comforter is considerably medium weight. It has 50 oz of fill weight making it quite fluffy and lofty and at the same time, provides enough insulation for a warm night sleep.

It comes in full, queen and king size, with the queen sized at 90 x 90 inches for the comparison of this article. The warranty is only available when you purchased this comforter from an authorised Egyptian Bedding Reseller.


On the downside, this comforter has down leakage issue as the outer shell is not as tightly woven (at 800 thread count) as the previous 2 comforters. It also creates noise when use. So if you are a light sleeper, you may want to consider other comforters as there will be noise when you toss and turn.

4. Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert, Queen Size, 1200TC – 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover, 750+ Fill Power, 50 oz Fill Weight, White Color


This hypoallergenic down comforter is constructed with a 100% Egyptian cotton outer shell and 100% goose down ideal for all seasons, suitable for people of all ages. It is priced at $134.95, which is medium range.

Woven at 1200 threads per square inch and has a fill power of 750, this comforter is perfect for a soft comfortable sleep while maximising the heat insulation for a cold winter night.

Its superior baffle box design with double needle stitch allows for heat retention, maximum loft and minimal down leakage. Loops are available at all corners designed to anchor the duvet cover and prevent the comforter from shifting.

It weighs 7.5 pounds with 50 oz of fill weight. So it is considered as a medium weight comforter which does not put too much weight on you while you sleep. The amount of fills is also sufficient to keep you warm throughout a good night sleep.

It comes in 4 sizes: twin, queen, king and California king which is great for someone who needs a large comforter.  For the purpose of comparison in this article, the queen’s dimensions are measured at 90 x 90 inches which is similar to most other comforters reviewed in this article.

Another highlight of this comforter is that it is machine washable. It also comes in a brand new factory sealed zipped bag which is good for storage purpose. Warranty is provided only When this comforter is purchased from an authorized Egyptian Bedding Reseller.


This comforter is slightly noisy when use and has slight down leak after wash. If this is not an issue to you, this will be a good affordable comforter for you.

5. Puredown Premium Goose Down Comforter for All Seasons, 600 Fill Power, 100% Cotton Cover, 500 TC, Baffled Box, White


The Puredown comforter is made of 75% white goose down and 25% white goose feather. Considering it only contained 75% of down, this is quite expensive at $149.

Woven at 500 threads per square inch with a fill power of 600, this comforter is perfect for summer use but not substantial for cold winter use. So if you are looking for an all season comforter, this is not the most ideal comforter as you might still feel cold in the winter.

The outer shell is made of 100% cotton which is less breathable and thus trap more heat and moisture. There are also loops on all 4 corners to tap down the duvet cover while you sleep so that the comforter does not move much while you are using it.

In addition, its premium baffle box style with double needle stitching minimises the shifting of the down filling while maintaining maximum loft and warmth. The gold satin piping around the comforter also provides an elegant classic look.

It weighs 6.4 pounds and has 37 oz fill weight which is quite lightweight indicating that you will less likely to feel the pressure of the comforter on you and that the heat retention is good enough for a hot sleeper or for kids.

It comes in 3 sizes: twin, full/queen and king, with the queen measuring at 90 x 90 inches. This comforter can only be dry cleaned so it may not be ideal for homes with younger kids as spillage and accidents tend to occur.

Although this comforter is not certified as hypoallergenic, the down filling and feathers are sterilised via high temperature disinfection rather than using chemical to ensure minimal chemical residues and reduce the likelihood of allergy. Hence, it is also odourless.

Both the down and feathers of this comforter have been Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified. Hence, you can be rest assured that the materials are humanely harvested from the geese without imposing any cruelty.

Comforter is vacuum packed for delivery, thus you will need to shake and perhaps give it a dry run to fluff it up to its original loft.


Like some other comforters, this Puredown goose down also has the down leakage problem. It is also not made with 100% goose down.  

Although this comforter is designed using the top quality baffle box, double needle stitch construction, the downs still tend to clump at the rear end and takes a long time to fluff back up after shaking. So if you are using this comforter on a daily basis, you may want to think twice before purchasing it.

6. Snowman White Goose Down Comforter Full/Queen Size 100% Cotton Shell Down Proof-Solid White Hypo-allergenic


Snowman down comforter is filled with white goose down and mixed goose feather priced at $159.95. The quality goose down are harvested from the coldest area of northeast china and processed at Snowman’s in house fabric mills for the last two decades. This helps to maintain the quality of the product.

It has a thread count of 600 and fill power of 700 which is suitable for someone who needs an extra layer of warmth while the fabric maintains its durability and breathability.  

The comforter is constructed using the baffle box design which helps to hold the down in place (boxes) for maximum loft and warmth.  There are also 8 loops which helps to connect the duvet cover to the shell so it does not move while you are sleeping.

The outer shell is made with 100% cotton down proof fabric so it is soft and breathable.

This comforter is allergy free and has anti-mite feature whereby the sterilisation, disinfection and washing of the down materials are carried out in house by the manufacturer to ensure that it abides to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, OEKO-TEX standard 100 and IDFL.

It weighs an average 7.05 pounds with 55 oz white down fill weight. You can rest assure that the amount of fill will help to trap heat for maximum warmth for a comfortable good night sleep.  

It comes in 3 sizes: twin, queen and king with 4 colours to choose from (blue, khaki, coffee and white). So if you decide to opt out from using a duvet cover, the colour of the comforter will definitely stand out as your bedroom décor.

This comforter will require occasional airing and shaking under the hot sun for 4 to 5 hours to get rid of potential odour from storage and unboxing. It comes in a brand new, factory sealed packaging which will require some time for it to return to its original loft and fluffiness.


The disadvantages of this comforter are that it is not made with 100% white goose down and the exact percentage of goose down and feathers used are not specified. Despite the voluptuous fill weight, it is considerably thin and does not retain heat as good as other comforters.

7. Rosecose Luxurious All Seasons Goose Down Comforter Queen Size Duvet Insert Gray Stripe 1200 Thread Count 750+ Fill Power 100% Cotton Shell Hypo-allergenic Down Proof with Tabs (Queen,Gray Stripe)


The Rosecose hypoallergenic 100% goose down comforter is suitable for all seasons especially for summer use. It is priced at an affordable $124.99 which is perfect for everyone.

Woven at 1200 yarns per square inch and a fill power of 750, it provides enough warmth and comfort to last you through the winter without feeling cold.

The sewn through design keeps the down filling evenly distributed as this design restricts the movement of the filling across the comforter. It also comes with 8 corner taps to tie down the comforter from moving around while you sleep.

The outer shell is made with 100% cotton which makes it soft and warm throughout your sleep.

It weighs 6.02 pounds with 42 oz fill weight suggests that it is ideal for hot sleeper as less amount of fillings allow for better air circulation and reduced heat retention. It also put less pressure on you when you sleep due to its lightweight.

It is made in twin, queen and king sizes, with the queen measuring at 90 x 90 inches. It also has 2 colours to choose from: white or gray stripes depending on what you fancy.

In addition, this comforter can only be dry cleaned so it will not suit a family with young kids for fear of spillage accidents on the comforter.

This comforter comes in a beautifully zippered package which allows for easy storage. You will need to air and fluff it to remove any residual odour and allow it to return to its original loft for at least a few hours upon receiving this product as it comes vacuumed sealed.


The only disadvantage of this comforter is the down leakage issue. This could be due to the inferior yarn construction despite being 1200 thread count.

8. Cocoon Premium Organic Siberian Goose Feathers Queen Size Down Comforter 100% Egyptian Cotton 1200 TC 750+ Fill Power – Luxurious White Quilted All-Season Down-Filled Hypo-Allergenic Bed Duvet Insert


Owned and operated by family generations, this luxurious Cocoon down comforter is made from 75% organic Siberian goose down and 25% synthetic materials ideal for year round usage. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer accounted by its maximum breathability. It comes at a budget price of $114.99 which is very affordable for every home.

With a thread count of 1200 and fill power of 750, this comforter has tightly woven fabric and featured an extra layer of warmth with its high grade fill power minus the hefty price tag. Thus, it will keep you warm and toasty throughout a good comfortable night sleep.   

Its baffle box construction allows for maximum loft and eliminate the chances of getting cold spots. It has loops and corner tabs designed to hold the duvet cover in place and prevent the comforter from shifting while you are sleeping.

In addition, its outer shell is made from 100% imported Egyptian cotton which helps to create a soft and fluffy comforter.

Its hypoallergenic down filling is also processed through an anti-dust technology which helps to protect against dust mites, mildew and odours. Thus, you are less likely to develop any allergy reaction while using this comforter.

This is a heavyweight comforter, weighing 9.15 pounds, the heaviest of all 10 comforters mentioned in this article. So a light sleeper will probably benefit from having this comforter as it will put a fair bit of pressure on you while you sleep.

It comes in 3 different sizes: twin, queen and California king with the queen measuring 90 x 90 inches.

Designed in Australia, this comforter also offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


On the other hand, this comforter emits a strong chemical smell even after airing so if you are sensitive to smell, do not get this. This could be due to the presence of synthetic materials within the down filling. It also tends to have downs coming through the outer shell indicating that the seam and fabric of the shell is not tight proof.

9. Alberta™ Euro Down Comforter


This premium Alberta Euro down comforter is made using 75% European duck down and 25% duck feather. It is the only duck down comforter that makes it to our top ten list. It comes with a hefty price tag at $399.  

Having a thread count of 300 and fill power between 600-650, it is ideal for hot sleeper due to its breathability and less heat retention despite still exhibiting its softness and fluffiness.

It is constructed with 12 inches of baffled box design which allows for maximum loft and warmth. The edge is finished with a double needle top stitch to increase its insulation power and prevent any tearing. This comforter also has corner loops to help to anchor the duvet cover so that it does not move when you are using it.

The outer shell of this comforter is made in China with cotton sateen that is both down-proof and machine washable. Therefore, it provides a delicate, soft and silky touch ideal for a temperature controlled sleep, particularly for hot sleeper.

In addition, it is incredibly lightweight at 6.6 pounds with only 33 oz of fill weight. Thus, this will be ideal for hot sleeper or use during the summer season.

It comes in 5 different colours (alabaster, cloud blue, ivory, platinum and white) and 4 different sizes (twin, full, queen and king) so you will definitely be able to get a colour and size that suit you. For comparison purposes in this article, the queen sized comforter measured 90 x 96 inches which is longer by 6 inches compared to all other comforters. Thus, you are much less likely to get cold feet during the cold winter months if you are a tall person.

A rigorous 6-step quality and purification process is ensued to make sure that this down filling is hypoallergenic.

Another highlight is that it has a 90-day return policy and after that, a lifetime guarantee against any defects which means that if you are dissatisfied with this product, you can always return it to the manufacturer for an exchange, credit back or gift card.

The down filling of this comforter is also responsibly sourced whereby it has been certified under the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification.


The disadvantages of this comforter is that it is quite noisy when use so if you are a light sleeper, you may not want to use this comforter. Having said this, manufacturer claims that the noise will be reduce with wear or by washing it. Besides, the outer shell being cotton sateen makes it less breathable and trap heat and moisture. So it tends to smell after a while and you will need to air it very frequently to prevent any moisture or odour build up. Thus making it generally quite high maintenance.

10. Topsleepy Goose Down Filling Queen Bedding Comforter, White


The Topsleepy Goose down comforter is the cheapest of all 10 reviewed comforters, priced at $75.99.

It is filled with 50% goose down and 50% goose feather suitable for all year round. As it is not 100% down, it will not provide the same amount of insulation but enough for a cool summer night use.

With a thread count of 600 and fill power of 500+, it will not be as lofty and fluffly as other comforters with higher fill power. However, being constructed as a baffled box design allows the even distribution of downs and feathers throughout the comforter. This will ensure an evenly warm comforter.

It is incredibly lightweight at 5.1 pounds with 33 oz of fill weight. So it will be most ideal for hot sleeper for providing a thin layer of warmth for a good night sleep.

It comes in 3 sizes: twin, queen and king, with the queen sizing at 90 x 90 inches.

Its 100% cotton outer shell makes it machine washable though you can still do spot cleaning and dry cleaning in the colder months when the amount of sunshine is limited.

Despite being a budget comforter, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee where no questions are asked if you are dissatisfied with this comforter. After that, it has a 15-year guarantee for any defect.


Although it has many attractive features, the smell of this comforter is slightly unbearable even after repeated washing and drying/ airing. It has also been reported for being dusty, full with down particles suggesting that the cleaning processes are not thorough.

Our Verdict

All in all, our top pick goes to the first on our list, which is the luxurious all-season goose down comforter queen size duvet insert with exquisite pinch pleat design for its versatility, durability and elegant design. The runner up goes to the luxurious full/queen size Siberian goose down comforter which is on par with the editor’s choice in terms of comfort, warmth and loftiness. The second runner up goes to the Egyptian bedding luxurious 800 thread count Hungarian goose down comforter for its superior quality goose down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a suitable down comforter?

As mentioned above, you need to take into consideration the price, versatility (all season or by season), fill power, thread count, type of construction, fill materials, weight, size, ease of cleaning and also whether the down comforter is sourced ethically.

What are the different levels of down comforter?

Down comforter generally offers 3 levels of comfort for different types of sleeper: cold, normal and hot sleepers depending on the room temperature.

What is a tog value?

A tog value, in simple terms means thermal insulation.  A low tog value means low level of insulation while high tog value means high level of insulation which will provide greater warmth. Generally, a comforter with a tog value between 3.5 to 7.5 is good for summer, while a tog value between 13.5 to 15 is ideal for winter. Whereas a tog value between 7.5 to 10.5 will be perfect for spring and autumn. 

If my down comforter is partially filled with feathers, would this affect the warmth of my down comforter?

Unfortunately yes. Feathers do not provide the same level of insulation compared to down. So if you are looking to buy a comforter for summer use, then this will not be an issue, however if you are looking to get a winter comforter, a 100% down comforter is generally better at providing greater warmth.

Is down alternative better than down?

It depends on what you are after. If price is the main issue, then down alternative will be cheaper to get. Down alternative comforters are normally filled with synthetic materials like polyester, gel-fiber and primaloft. These materials mimic the warmth of a down but without posing the allergy issue. Of course, the warmth level is nothing close to a down.

How long does a good down comforter last?

Aa a general rule of thumb, a good down comforter can last around 10 to 15 years.

How do you care for your down comforter?

When first unboxing, give your down comforter a good shake to make it loftier as most down comforters come in vacuum sealed bag. It normally takes at least a good 3 days for your down comforter to return to its original loft and fluffiness. For dry cleaning, you can put your down comforter into the dryer for 2 hours.

Many people store their down comforters during off seasons. Make sure your comforter can breathe by storing it in a cloth bag to prevent any moisture or odour build up. In addition, ensure your comforter is not compressed and has room to stay fluffy.

Can you wash your down comforter? If so, how frequent?

It depends on the label that comes with your comforter. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. A machine washable comforter probably requires 2 or 3 times of washing a year. Try to use a front loader machine to lessen the amount of twisting during the washing process. You can also do spot cleaning. If you have a duvet cover, change it frequently.

Is a duvet cover necessary for a down comforter?

Yes, a duvet cover is generally recommended to keep your down comforter clean and for easier maintenance, allowing for less laundering of the comforter.

Why does down comforter turn yellow?

Down has a natural absorbent characteristic and tend to capture scents and oils from its environment. Hence, a down comforter can eventually start to turn yellow and smell.

Does down comforter cause allergy reaction?

Yes, down, be it goose or duck, can cause allergy reaction in some people. It is mainly the dust particles trapped within the down that caused allergy. So always look out for reputable manufacturers when purchasing a hypoallergenic down comforter.

How does a manufacturer create a hypoallergenic down comforter?

Generally, a hypoallergenic down comforter is made by removing the dust particles via pre-washing and hot water washing with soap, followed by rinsing, deodorising, drying and cooling. Lastly, the comforter will undergo another dust removal process to get rid of any residue. Having said this, each manufacturer has slightly different ways of processing a hypoallergenic comforter. So do look out at manufacturer’s website for the exact procedures.

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