Best Cheap Mattresses In 2021 – 10 Affordable Options

Best Cheap Mattresses

Great affordable mattresses are few and far between, everyday someone new is trying to sell us the "next big thing" or a "revolutionary" mattress that guarantees us a nap in heaven. However, those usually are accompanied with sky-high prices that are simply way beyond our means.

But fret not! Just because you are tight on budget does not mean you cannot achieve quality sleep. There are plenty of options available online that offer amazing comfort at reasonable prices and we are here to help you understand which solutions best meet your needs.

Factors in Picking out the Best Mattress

What makes for a quality mattress? Most expensive products out there are purely marketing gimmicks to trick you into thinking you’ve purchased the best but in reality, the mattress is only of average standard at best.

Depending on your own needs, different mattresses carry out different functions. While there’s no one perfect mattress that fits all, there is ultimately one that will suit you best!

If you like it bouncy

Innerspring mattresses introduce a bouncy support that is familiar and comfy. Modern mattresses have extra-durable interconnected coils that are individually pocketed to reduce ripple effect when someone on the other side of the bed moves.

If you like it firm

Memory foam and latex mattresses do not have springs in them, thus offering you with a solid and firm support. To determine quality, check out the density and thickness of the foam. The newer, online mattresses generally come with several different layers of foam. Usually, the bottom layer is made with solid and firm foam to provide sturdy support and to help the mattress maintain its shape, while the lighter and softer top foam is for added comfort.

If you like a plush top

Innerspring mattresses are generally fiber filled or have a foam outer layer that is covered in quilted cover. However, even if you do fancy the uber-plush, don’t be swayed by the thick-looking pillowtop as it compresses easily over time. It is often better to choose a firmer, well-quilted mattress and cover it with a replaceable mattress topper.

If you like flexibility

Air mattresses provide you with a lot of degree of freedom to change it up as you like. Most modern air mattresses have remote controls to adjust how much air you want inside the mattress. Some even have side-by-side chambers that allow you and your partner to customize the mattress’ firmness separately.

For something more solid and durable, there are also foam mattresses that feature soft and firm sides, so you can flip it over as and when you like. Modular designs also let you move the springs inside to let you achieve optimum comfort every night.

If your partner moves around too much

Innerspring mattress with pocketed coils, memory foam, or dual-chamber air-filled mattresses have lower energy transfer to curb this issue. The motion isolation feature will help you achieve more peaceful sleeps at night.

If you have sensitive skin

Foam and latex are antimicrobial and dust-resistant. They effectively keep out dust mites and mold to keep you and your kids safe. You can also purchase allergen-resistant cover to keep irritants at bay for innerspring or air topped mattresses.

If you can’t decide

Hybrid-style mattresses are the new savvy innovations in the market now that combine the buoyancy of an innerspring core with the motion isolation of memory foam. It combines the best of both worlds into one solution that satisfies many different sleeping styles and preferences.

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Mattresses

The market is so saturated with affordable mattress these days that it can make anyone’s head spin. In this post, we review and explain the best affordable mattresses you can buy online without compromising on your comfort. So, here’s a list of our top 10 budget friendly mattresses.

#1 Wayfair Sleep 10″ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wayfair Sleep 10" Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wayfair has joined the game to produce bed-in-box mattresses that are ultra-affordable and comfy. Set a fresh foundation for your restful retreat in your all-new Wayfair Sleep 10″ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Unboxing the Mattress

This on-the-go mattress is rolled, compressed, and shipped right to your door step. All you need to do is simply unbox the mattress and watch it decompress right before your eyes. The mattress expanded to a full 10-inch size in about 20 minutes, but you may want to give it 48 hours for it to fully return to its original shape.

The very first thing I noticed is that the mattress did not exude any chemical odor at all! This is a nice surprise as most memory foam mattresses are notorious for off-gassing. This way, instead of spending a few days to air out the mattress, you get to immediately snooze on it right after unboxing!


The 10-inch mattress has a total of 3 layers of foam to grant you many nights of indulgent sleep. The bottom 5-inch firm base foam acts as a supportive layer that maintains the mattress’s shape. This thick layer provides the mattress  with good edge support, so you won’t roll off the mattress during the night.

The top has a 3.5-inch gel-infused memory foam that is soft and comfortable. The combination of the supportive layer and the soft memory foam allows the bed to feel firm yet still slowly conforms to your shape without being swallowed in.

The plush memory foam is super soft that molds to your body for customized comfort and support. This mattress is especially great for side-sleepers, as you will get better cushioning for both shoulders and hips. The soft mattress works better to align your spine as well for that magically swift and restful night.

The top memory foam features gel infusions that enhances air circulation allowing body heat to escape rather than being trapped inside the mattress. This temperature regulating mattress ensures you enjoy cooler sleep at night even during the hot summer season.

Additionally, the mattress has a special ventilated design to increase airflow for greater breathability. You can now trade your long, stuffy tortures at night to a heavenly sleep with Wayfair’s breathable memory foam bed.

Wayfair has included a 1.5-inch medium-firm foam that allows for a smoother transition between the supportive layer and the soft foam topper. The mattress is also wrapped in plush quilted cover that is very soft and stretchable. Sleeping on this plush mattress makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a very supportive cloud.

Made up of memory foam, this mattress has very low motion transfer. This is suitable for those with restless sleeping partners as you will not feel them moving around. The feature guarantees you an undisrupted and restful snooze throughout the night.

Construction & Warranty

The memory foam is NFPA, SCS, CPSC, and CertiPUS-US certified, which means it has passed all stringent standards for emission, content, performance, and durability. You can stay rest assured that the mattress meets a certain level of safety and environmental consciousness.

All Wayfair Sleep mattresses are universally compatible which means the mattress can be used on any platform bed base, box spring, or adjustable bed base. You won’t need to worry about replacing an entire bed just to use this 10″ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Wayfair has designed the gel memory foam mattress with value in mind. Cut the fuss and confusion, Wayfair produces only quality-driven solutions for your space. With 10 years warranty, you are promised a better sleep with Wayfair Sleep mattresses.

The pros:

  • 10″ memory foam layer with supportive base, transitional foam, and soft top for comfort and support
  • Gel infusion captures dissipated heat for cooler nights
  • Ventilated design for greater breathability
  • Sturdy foam base creates reliable and supportive foundation
  • Universally compatible mattress
  • No off-gassing

The cons:

  • May be too firm for some

#2 Modway Aveline 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Modway Aveline 10" Gel Infused Memory Foam Queen Mattress With CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

The Modway Aveline mattress is one of the top choices for you if you’re looking to enjoy perfect sleeps at night. This highly-rated mattress is a high-quality product that offers support and comfort, and it is also sold at a very reasonable price.

Unboxing the Mattress

The Aveline is vacuum-packed and fits into a small box, making it both convenient and cheaper in the shipping process. The mattress started expanding not long after I unrolled and removed the packaging. It is good to give it about 3-4 hours to fully breathe into its original size.

What I noticed when I opened the box was a strong chemical smell. I had to air it out for a few days in different rooms for it to completely dissipate. After that, the odor was barely noticeable, no biggie.


The 10-inch Aveline memory foam mattress features two layers. The first layer is the 3-inch plush memory foam that provides pressure relief for stiff muscles and joints. The soft layer slowly molds to your body as you lay down which makes it very cozy.

The top layer memory foam even has gel-infusions technology that will maintain your body temperature at optimum levels for maximum relaxation throughout the night. The gel-infused foam works to diffuse body pressure and heat build-up to provide you with snug sleeps.

The bottom 7 inches are made of high-density poly foam that acts as the foundation of the mattress. This firm layer helps to foster better body alignment and reduce pressure on your hips, lower back, and shoulders for complete relaxation.

The sturdy foundation layer helps to keep the mattress in shape with good edge support. The edge support ensures the bed does not sag easily and makes it easier for you to get on and out of bed.

The medium-firm mattress is covered in a diamond patterned breathable knit fabric that feels soft and relatively cool to touch. The 4-way stretch characteristic means it will not bunch up annoyingly as you move around the bed.

Whether you are a back sleeper, side-sleeper or stomach sleeper, the Aveline has you covered. The mattress supports sleepers with its deep hugging memory foam. As you lay down, the foam slowly conforms and cradles your curves to wash your stress away.

If you are a light sleeper and frequently get jostled awake each time your sleeping partner moves, the Modway Aveline may be a suitable option for you. The memory foam ensures zero motion transfer, so you can sleep soundlessly through even the fussiest partner.

Construction and Warranty

The memory foam used in Aveline is backed with CertiPUS-US certificate which shows that the mattress complies with American standards intended for high quality matrasses. You can be assured that you and your loved ones are safe from any harmful chemicals from this mattress.

The Aveline seems to be very well-constructed with no visible signs of pulled fabric and loose seams. The zipper is pleasantly tight, and the close-knit cover ensures no creepy crawlies can get in.

Modway Aveline mattresses come with a 10-year warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects, so you can stay care-free knowing you are purchasing a good quality mattress at an exceptional price.

The pros:

  • Top memory foam layer provides good pressure relief
  • Bottom firm supportive foam offers good spine alignment
  • Soft, 4-way stretch cover that is removable
  • Gel-infused memory foam assists in better air circulation
  • 10 years warranty

The cons:

  • May be too soft for some
  • Initial chemical odor

#3 Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress

Stop all your worries about sleeping and chime in on Ashley Furniture’s Chime Express Memory Fam Mattress. The Chime Express mattress opens up endless possibilities for a restful sleep by introducing a heavenly balance of comfort and support.

Unboxing the Mattress

The Chime mattress came shrink-wrapped with clear bags and covered in a durable milky-colored plastic to for extra protection. The bed-in-a-box mattress takes only a few seconds to shake out of its packaging. Simply unroll the mattress on your bed frame and wait a few seconds as it immediately starts to regain shape.

I did not experience the slightest odor with the mattress when I first opened it. So, you can immediately sleep on it once the mattress has fully expanded, no need to allow a few buffer days to air out any off-gassing.


The 12-inch mattress is a perfect fit for almost everyone. The top layer of memory foam is 2 inches thick that offers optimum comfort as well as good contouring to relieve your body pressure points – you can expect to have a luxurious sleeping experience with this plush top.

The base layer of the memory foam mattress is made up of high-density foam. This firm layer ensures that your mattress does not bottom out even if your kids jump on it. The 8 inches thick mattress provides you with enough cushion for you to even practice your gymnastic moves on it.

The Chime mattress has an additional intermediary layer between the plush top and sturdy base. The 2 inches transition foam perfectly absorbs additional pressure from the top layer and prevents your body from coming in direct contact with the uncomfortably firm base layer as you lay down.

The luxurious memory foam is wrapped in a stretch knit cover for extra breathability. This supportive mattress is very plush and soft that it feels like sleeping on a marshmallow. It feels very comfortable without any noticeable sagging or compression evn after a few month’s usage.

The Ashley Chime’s top layer of memory foam and transition foam offers excellent motion isolation. No matter how much your partner tosses and turns on the mattress, you will still be able to sleep soundly through as the disturbance is not felt beyond 2 inches of the impact’s epicenter.

Despite the soft cover that supposedly helps to dissipate heat, this thick memory foam mattress does tend to get a little warm after a while. During warmer nights, some may need to switch on the air conditioning for a more comfortable rest.

Construction and Warranty

The memory foam mattress features hypoallergenic material that is also very low maintenance. The thick material effectively keeps dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander out and away from the mattress – perfect for kids and adults who suffer from allergies.

Ashley Furniture industries are a trusted platform for stylish furniture, they offer mattresses that fit every taste and budget. They offer a 10-year warranty on the Chime Express mattress, so you can purchase with confidence.

The Ashley Chime Express Memory Foam mattress is one of the few brands in budget mattresses segment that offer exceptional comfort and durability. This is certainly the brand that you can rely on in terms of performance and longevity.

The pros:

  • 12 inches thick mattress offers plush comfort that does not sag
  • 2 inches intermediary layer offers smooth transition
  • Hypoallergenic material makes it suitable for kids and adults with allergies
  • No chemical odor at all
  • Mattress is universally compatible to all bed frames
  • 10 years warranty

The cons:

  • Some may find it too soft
  • Gets a little warm

#4 Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Are you in need of comfort but working on a budget? Do check out Linenspa! This sleeping product manufacturer has been shaking up the market with their ultra-affordable bed-in-box mattresses.

If you can’t decide to go for memory foam or innerspring coils, Linenspa offers the perfect solution as they combine the best of both worlds into one hybrid mattress. This memory foam and innerspring mattress features a no-fuss construction that helps keep the price low.

Unboxing the Mattress

Regardless of which bed you choose, Linenspa will ship straight to your doorstep for free even if you’re not an Amazon Prime member. The mattress is compressed and safely rolled up in plastic inside a cardboard box.

The mattress will take about 24 – 48 hours to fully expand and air out into its intended size. There are a few complains about bed bugs, but I’ve inspected the vacuum-packed mattress and did not see any insects at all. There are specs of dust and dirt which could have been easily mistaken as bugs. So, this should be of no concern at all.


The Linenspa Hybrid mattress is constructed with both foam and springs. The 6-inch tempered steel springs base has a traditional construction that is fantastic in maintaining a floating feeling. It provides the mattress with a perfect and controlled bounce that lets you sleep without experiencing any unnecessary movements.

The innerspring coils allow for some air pockets underneath the mattress that improves air circulation. The mattress’s breathability property will ensure that sleepers can enjoy a more comfortable sleep without feeling hot and stuffy.

The innerspring is topped with 2 inches of memory foam to offer additional plush comfort. This top layer hugs your body as you lay on it to relieve any pressure points. You will feel instantly stress-free as you sleep on it.

The hybrid mattress has a soft quilted material with blue piping along the edges, so it stays in place nicely. However, you don’t have the option to throw the covers into the washer as it is non-removable. You will need to spot treat the area with warm water and mild detergent. Still a fairly simple cleanup process, nothing too tedious.

As this is an innerspring mattress, you will need to rotate your mattress every 3-6 months to prevent any uneven sagging or wear. You won’t like it when one side of the mattress is higher than the other. Remember to rotate and not flip as the plush memory foam are meant to be on top. You might run the risk of ruining the mattress if you flip it.

This medium firm mattress is very responsive and bouncy. You will absolutely not get the stuck-in-the-mud feeling. This mattress works as a good option for back and stomach sleepers that need to keep their spine straight.

The hybrid mattress is made of innerspring which results in quite a bit of motion transfer across the surface of the bed. This means that you may feel your sleeping partner’s every toss and turn. But you can easily solve this by getting a mattress topper.

Construction and Warranty

The innerspring coils offer very good edge support so you can maximize the entire surface area of the mattress. Lying near the side, I felt the same support I could get from the center. You no longer need to compete with your partner for the middle spot anymore.

On top of free delivery directly by Linenspa, the mattress is backed with a 10-year warranty to safeguard against any manufacturing defects. You cn expect a worry-free shopping experience with the Linenspa Hybrid mattress.

The pros:

  • 6 inches innerspring coil offers bouncy support
  • Topped with a comfortable 2-inch plush memory foam
  • Innerspring offers good air circulation
  • No chemical odor at all
  • Mattress is universally compatible to all bed frames
  • Free delivery by Linenspa
  • 10-years warranty

The cons:

  • Some may find it too firm

#5 Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Experience the refreshing comfort with Zinus’s green-tea infused memory foam mattress. The brand’s unique formula and commitment to quality beds provide consistent body conforming and pressure relief for a comfy sleep.

Unboxing the Mattress

The Zinus mattress comes with free shipping and it is shipped compressed inside a box. When the package arrives, all you really need to do is to just drag the mattress out and tear off all the plastic wrapping.

The unboxing process will only take a maximum of 15 minutes, but you will want to give the bed 48 – 72 hours to fully inflate into its intended size. When I unboxed the mattress, I detected some off-gassing, but the odor will dissipate after airing for 2-3 days.


The mattress is made up of two layers of foam. Although the makeup of this bed is very simple, it comes packed with many interesting qualities that makes it one of the top affordable mattresses in the market.

The base layer is made with 5 inches of very dense foam. This foam not only acts to hold the mattress up and maintain its shape, it is engineered to let air flow through to remove any trapped body heat. You will not wake up sweaty and uncomfortable anymore with this memory foam bed.

The 1-inch top layer is so plush that it makes the whole mattress feel so soft and comfy to sleep on. The plush top is infused with green tea to preserve the material and keep it fresher. The innovative infusion makes for a very soothing rest as you lay down on it.

The mattress is a little bit on the firmer side, which provides sleepers with very good support and spinal alignment. The top layer gently molds to your body and helps to alleviate any pressure points. This mattress works well regardless whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

The Zinus mattress has excellent zero motion transfer property. The two layers of memory foam absorbs all the energy, so you won’t feel a thing. This makes it a great option for couples as you remain peacefully asleep when your partner gets out of bed or moves around during their sleep.

Construction and Warranty

This CertiPUS-US certified mattress is infused with charcoal which works to remove any unwanted smells and moisture. The Zinus mattress even uses safe plant oils to replace many harmful chemicals used in manufacturing the bed, making this bed very safe for children and sensitive sleepers.

Zinus offers a 10-year warranty on their mattresses which gives you plenty of time to make sure you’re not stuck with a mattress that has flaws or manufacturing defects. Zinus offers their customers with a care-free experience when purchasing their products.

The pros:

  • Green-tea and safe plant oils infusion to replace harmful chemicals
  • 2-layer memory foam provides the mattress with comfort
  • Zero motion transfer for a peaceful sleep

The cons:

  • Slight off-gassing
  • Some find the mattress gets a little warm
  • Might be too firm for some

#6 TUFT & NEEDLE Memory Foam Mattress

 TUFT & NEEDLE Twin Mattress

If you’re looking for an all-foam bed that fits both your body and budget, the Tuft & Needle mattress could be calling out your name. This comfortable mattress kicks the extra frills, fancy foams, or unfair prices to the curb. T&N mattress is designed to provide optimal cooling comfort and pressure relief for all types of sleepers.

Unboxing the Mattress

Like many mattresses, the T&N mattress comes with free shipping regardless of whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not. The mattress will arrive at your doorstep tightly rolled with a plastic cover in a box.

Simply move the bed into you room, cut the plastic and unroll the mattress onto your bed frame. Then let the mattress air out and slowly expand. Very straightforward and easy process.

Tuft & Needle offers a risk-free 100 nights test out that lets you sleep on the bed for more than three months before deciding whether you want to keep it or not. If you’re unsatisfied, all you need to do is contact Amazon’s Special Handling Team to initiate a return and get your money back.


The T&N mattress consists of two layers of foam. The bottom layer is a standard 7 inches of high-density support foam that acts as a strong foundation for the mattress. Sleepers of any size or weight will find this mattress a good match as it offera firm support to fit anyone.

The comfort layer on the mattress is made of 3 inches of Tuft & Needle’s proprietary poly foam that is quick to respond to pressure. This mattress provides good mobility and a bouncy feel, so you won’t feel stuck. All in all, these two layers give the bed a soft, comfortable foam fill.

This mattress keeps your spine safely aligned and hips well supported that makes it ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The foam evenly distributes your weight, so you won’t feel any pressure on your neck and back.

Some sleepers struggle with overheating during the night which can really disrupt your nightly rest. The T&N mattress is relatively firm, which allows for greater airflow. The top layer foam uses graphite and cooling gel to quickly wick away any body heat to keep you tool.

The mattress cover is made of micro polyamide and polyester that has a quick dry property. The special bed cover paired with proprietary adaptive foam ensures that you are at optimum temperatures for a full restorative sleep.

The mattress has very fast responsiveness which allows the bed to quickly adjust cushioning based on your weight. This helps to limit motion transfer, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted snooze even when your partner moves around on the bed.

Construction and Warranty

Tuft & Needle goes the extra mile to get their mattresses Greenguard Gold and Certi-PUS US certified. This means that T&N beds are held to the highest standards to be free from any harmful chemical or materials.

This versatile mattress is compatible with most bed frames, foundations, and box springs. You won’t need to spend extra to get a special frame to use this mattress. On top of the 100-night trial, the mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. Shoppers will have a totally no-risk purchase with this T&N mattress!

The pros:

  • T&N Adaptive foam has high responsiveness for pressure relieving
  • Bottom support layer keeps your body aligned
  • Graphite and cooling gel quickly pull away heat from body to keep you cool
  • 100 nights risk-free trial
  • Greenguard and CertiPUS-US certified materials
  • 10 years limited warranty

The cons:

  • Have some odor when unboxed
  • May be too firm for some

#7 Olee Sleep 10-inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

For those on the lookout for a new mattress that possesses the luxury of a gel memory foam but without the cut-throat prices, then the Olee Sleep Gel Infused Top Memory Foam mattress is a bed worth considering.

The value for money mattress is well loved for its quality and features, all at half the price! For its quality and features, the Olee mattress is most definitely one of the best steal you could easily get your hands on.

Unboxing the Mattress

Shipping is free all over the US, this mattress arrives tightly packed in a box that is convenient for you to move into your room. Once you unwrap the plastic cover, you’ll need to wait for at least 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand.


There are three foam layers in this mattress, each 1-inch wide. The first inch is ILD soft memory foam that supports and hugs the body of the sleeper. The second inch is a 25 ILD HD foam that prevents any damage or defection against the memory foam.

The third inch is made of a unique I Gel foam that is injected with gel to completely reshape the foam structure. This layer services as a cooling/heating system to make the mattress more adaptable to all kinds of temperature. You will never sleep hot or freeze anymore with this temperature-stable bed.

The Olee Sleep memory foam mattress is slightly firmer than a medium-firm bed. However, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on granite. In fact, the top foam is so comfortable that it will make you eagerly crawl into bed every night.

The memory foam mattress has a solid edge support, so you won’t slide off a sloppy mattress. This also means that you can maximize the entire mattress surface to sprawl on. This noiseless and minimal motion transfer mattress offers sleepers with a peaceful and cozy snooze.

Construction and Warranty

The Olee Sleep mattress features convoluted high-density foam that improves durability, breathability, and resilience. The mattress did produce a chemical smell when unboxed, but the odor was gone after a few hours. If you’re still concerned, you may consider airing the mattress out for a few days.

The mattress manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty. So, you can place your order knowing that you’re protected against any issue or trouble with the mattress.

The pros:

  • 3 different foam layers that provide a plush comfort
  • Gel infusion ensures mattress is temperature-stable for hot or cold nights
  • Solid edge support so you won’t roll off the mattress
  • High-density foam improves durability, breathability, and resilience
  • 10 years limited warranty

The cons:

  • Produces a chemical odor
  • May be a little firm for some

#8 LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Lucid mattress is one of the top inexpensive mattresses available and can be easily found in numerous households. If you’re looking for a new mattress replacement, Lucid may just be the perfect one for you.

Unboxing the Mattress

As like many other mattress, Lucid beds are compressed, rolled up, and wrapped tightly in plastic and then shipped inside a four-foot cardboard box straight to your door step. The quick and easy unboxing makes for convenient setup.


The Lucid model is built with 10 inches of foam that allows for a deep pressure-relieving sleep. The foundation layer is made of high-density poly foam to keep the mattress stable and in shape.

The comfort layer is comprised of three inches of gel-infused memory foam. The soft layer gently responds to pressure and molds to your body for sleepers to slowly sink in with instant pressure relief.

The memory foam gently cradles your body and aligns your spine to wash your stress away. On top of that, the even weight distribution ensures that you get a considerably enhanced sleeping experience with the Lucid Memory Foam mattress.

While memory foams have a long-standing reputation for overheating, the Lucid mattress comes with special gel infusion coupled with perforations along the surface to facilitate air circulation to keep the mattress cool throughout the night. Sleepers will get a very comfortable rest without getting all hot and bothered.

Apart from good temperature regulation, the mattress is ultra-breathable as well. Made of Tencel Fabric that is highly efficient in absorbing any excess moisture created during your sleep. The ventilation and moisture wicking ability is so superior that you can finally say goodbye to sweaty summer nights!

Construction and Warranty

The raw materials used in manufacturing the Lucid mattress are backed by CertiPUS-US certification which proves that they are free of harmful chemicals and safe to use. On top of that, the mattress is even backed by the manufacturer’s 25-year warranty. This is one of the longest warranty periods available in the market! If this does not scream confidence, I don’t know what will.

The pros:

  • Features latest gel-memory foam technology for a cozy and cooling comfort
  • Superior ventilation mechanism prevents body from heating up

The cons:

  • Has some motion transfer
  • May be too plush for some

#9 Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress

Need something to cool you off as you sleep but tight on the budget? Check out Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam mattress! The bed features double cooling effect that creates a constant cooler sleeping surface.

Unboxing the Mattress

Arrives right at your doorstep in a standard bed-in-box style that makes for cheaper and convenient shipping. Unpack the mattress and let the magic begin as it slowly expands into a full 10-inch size.


The Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress utilizes an all foam design that combines layers of memory foam and poly foam. The bottom foundational and supportive base is made of 6.5 inches of polyurethane foam. This works to help maintain the shape of the mattress while providing sleepers with support and deep compression.

The second 2-inch polyurethane foam is designed to act as a transitional support layer to create a smoother transition between the top and the bottom layer. With this additional layer, you will not likely feel any excessive sinkage into the mattress.

The top layer of 2 inches gel memory foam provides the initial level of comfort for the sleeper. It gently offers support and contours to your body to relieve pressure points. You will instantly feel much more relaxed when you lay on your Classic Brands Cool Gel bed.

When I laid down on the mattress initially, I felt like I was floating. This only lasted a few seconds as the mattress takes shape and allowed me to sink in. The cloud feeling is only a fleeting sensation quickly followed by some degree of sinkage and contour to result in a comfy rest.

The memory foam layer has gel infused into it which helps to create better heat dispersion. The gel quickly dissipates any heat buildup to ensure a constant cool sleeping surface for sleepers to enjoy a luxurious snooze.

Constructed from a blend of Rayon, Spandex, and Polyester, the 4-way stretch knit cover offers a thin design that enhances airflow within the mattress. The improved breathability helps create a softer feel and some degree of elasticity, so you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on the hard floor.

Construction and Warranty

Memory foam is manufactured by adding chemicals into polyurethane, some of which can lead to health issues. Fortunately, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress comes fully certified by CertiPUS-US. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of this mattress, making it safe for all.

Classic Brands offer a 100 nights risk-free trial for you to test out before deciding. If you feel unsatisfied with the mattress within the trial period, you’ll be able to get back a full refund. This is great for those who want to try the bed out but are a little wary of its performance.

The pros:

  • 3 foam layers complement each other to offer pressure relief
  • Foam minimizes motion transfer for a restful night
  • Features double cooling effect to ensure mattress is at optimal temperature
  • 100 nights risk-free trial

The cons:

  • Some might find the mattress to be too firm
  • Not suitable for heavier sleepers as the weight distribution may not be even

#10 Zinus Cloud Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress

Zinus Cloud Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress

Zinus offers a wide range of memory foam mattresses at exceptionally low price-points. The Cloud Memory Foam is a collection of plush, quilted cover and unique combination of foam layers to provide a cloud-like, luxurious feel.

Unboxing the Mattress

The mattress’s patented compression technology allows the mattress to be efficiently compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box conveniently to your door. The technology ensures that the mattress does not get ruined during the process and can be decompressed back to its original size within 48 – 72 hours.


The Zinus mattress is built with four layers of memory foam, poly foam, and high-density poly foam intended to create a gentle structure. The mattress starts off with a standard thin polyester cover that improves the overall breathability of the bed.

Immediately below the cover is a 3-inch layer of memory foam that has a slow response to pressure. The top comfort layer allows for plenty of sinkage and body-contouring, which ensures good pressure relief. This layer is infused with green tea and Activ Charcoal to absorb excess moisture and neutralize any odor.

A 2-inch firm poly foam acts as a transitional layer to prevent sleepers from sinking right into the support base. The layer of poly foam is not as firm as the bottom layer, so it allows for some degree of contouring for comfort.

The bottom most layer is a high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress shape and supports the layers above. The foundational support provides the mattress with a medium-firm feeling so you will get a well-supported snooze.

However, the mattress does feel a little bit softer than the other mattresses, which makes it a good fit for side sleepers. Your body will sink in nicely into the mattress to avoid creating pressure points on the hips and shoulders.

The soft foam layers make for really good motion isolation as the comfort layer absorbs and dulls out a lot of motion. This mattress is definitely a thumbs up for couples out there who are tired of getting jostled awake in the middle of the night.


Zinus uses foam that is specially formulated with infused green tea, natural plant oil, and purified charcoal to keep the mattress fresh. These natural infusions replace a whole lot of harmful chemicals making it safe for everyone.

The pros:

  • Soft overall profile makes the mattress perfect for side sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Comfort layer provides a fluffy, cloud-like sleep

The cons:

  • Not suitable for strict stomach sleepers due to its sinking feeling


With so many different mattresses emerging in the marketplace, this catalyst has helped to drive prices down over the recent years. The quality and durability have also improved in tandem with strong competition.

The Wayfair Sleep 10″ Plush Gel Memory Foam mattress is an all-rounder in quality and durability. This breathable plush mattress comes with just enough support to offer unparalleled comfort. You may just have to set two alarms as the mattress will make you want to stay in bed longer.

This mattress features all the qualities that one would need for the ultimate snooze at an extremely reasonable price. You simply would not go wrong with this affordable bed.

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