Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece 2019 – How You Can Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common sleep induced disturbance that affects many people around the world. This noisy breathing issue is usually caused by a blocked airway that occurs predominately during sleep and can cause restless and interrupted sleep. There are many anti-snoring devices available in the current market to help consumers curb their snoring problem, one of them is the anti-snoring mouthpiece.

What Is A Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece is a device that is placed in the mouth to hold the tongue in place or to push the jaw forward which would help eliminate snoring. A mouthpiece falls in two classifications, one of them is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MADs) and another is the Tongue Retaining Device (TRDs). The functionality of both is to reduce or completely stop the user from snoring.


A Mandibular Advancement Device is a mouthpiece that is designed to physically move the mandible forward to so the tongue can be held in place to prevent the passageway for the air to be blocked. This device does cause a certain amount of discomfort as it is designed to move your lower jaw. MADs are usually custom moulded to an individual’s mouth making it a more personalized but costly mouthpiece.


A Tongue Retaining Device is a mouthpiece that holds the tongue in place to avoid airway blockage but does not physically move the lower jaw in any way. This anti-snoring device causes less discomfort than a Mandibular Advancement Device since it does not affect the mandible but it is usually sold in a one-size-fits-all size which may not be applicable to all consumers.

Top 10 Picks Of Mouthpieces

Here’s a list of our top ten picks of the best mouthpieces available in the market:

 1. Zyppah®

Zyppah® is a MADs type mouthpiece that is specially designed with the company’s patented tongue elastic technology, the Z-Factor™. This mouthpiece features a specially manufactured tongue strap that helps to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway.

The tongue elastic or Z-Factor™ is an elastic band across the mouthpiece that supports the tongue and opens up your airways so breathing will be easier to reduce snoring. The Z-Factor™ acts like a seatbelt for your tongue which also helps you from biting it while asleep.

The Zyppah® is also fully customized and adjustable for your personalized comfort so you won’t have to worry if the Zyppah® would fit prior to purchasing or testing it. This mouthpiece comes with a feature called “boil-and-bite” which means you would have to place the Zyppah® mouthpiece is hot water to soften it and proceed to place it in your mouth so it can mould to your teeth and mouth. It is usually recommended to press the mould with your fingers around the teeth to get a better fit.

Another feature of the Zyppah® is its ability to push forward the mandible or the lower jaw during sleep. This physically mode of support towards the lower jaw is supposed to improve the airflow during sleep and ultimately eliminate your snoring. As with many mouthpieces that affect the lower jaw, there will be some discomfort when the mouthpiece is worn for the first few weeks.

It is recommended to take your time to get used to using the Zyppah®, the best way to get accustomed to it is to start wearing it for an hour on your first night then gradually prolonging the hours of use. The longer to start to wear the mouthpiece, the faster your body will get used to it. One of the side effects of wearing the Zyppah® is that you might experience excessive drooling, the mouthpiece will confuse your brain thinking that you have food in your mouth and you might produce extra saliva. This will stop after an hour or so after the brain realizes that there is no food to be had.

The Zyppah® is priced at $99.95, it is a premium high-end mouthpiece that helps to support your lower jaw, improve your overall breathing and is made with high-quality materials that promises durability. This mouthpiece also comes with a 90-day purchase protection in case you are unhappy with the product and require a return. Overall, if you are looking for a tried and true mouthpiece that works, the Zyppah® seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

If you would like to read an in-depth review of the Zyppah® mouthpiece, click here.

 2. AVEOtsd®

The AVEOtsd® is a TRD device that helps to stabilize the tongue during sleep to reduce snoring. The AVEOtsd® is manufactured using high-quality premium medical grade silicone, making it very durable and comfortable for long term use. This mouthpiece does not attach itself to the teeth so you would not require it to be custom fitted to your mouth.

Due to its unique design, the AVEOtsd® is made to secure the tongue and holds it in place at the roof of the mouth to improve airflow. As with any evasive product, you will need to clean the mouthpiece with hot water before use, for sanitary purposes.

You will experience discomfort during the first few tries of using the AVEOtsd®, the manufacturer clearly states that 1-2 weeks of discomfort is to be expected. If you are able to handle the discomfort, the AVEOtsd® will gradually become easier to use and you sleeping pattern should improve due to less snoring and better breathability.

Excessive salivating is also to be expected with using this mouthpiece as the brain would receive signals from the mouth when the mouthpiece is being used. This is perfectly normal and you should stop producing the extra saliva after an hour or so when the brain gets used to the mouthpiece.

If you have any difficulty breathing or swallowing when the AVEOtsd® mouthpiece is in use, try to adjust its positioning on your tongue. If the problem persists stop using the device for three days and try again after the rest period. The AVEOtsd® needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, you can easily do this by rinsing it in hot water.

Avoid washing the device with mouthwash as any cleaning agent that contains alcohol will permanently damage the medical grade silicone used in AVEOtsd®. However, you can use a denture cleaning solution once a week to clean the mouthpiece which would maintain its cleanliness and durability.

The AVEOtsd® mouthpiece is priced at $99 and comes with a six-month limited warranty. You will get a mouthpiece that is made of good premium quality materials and if you don’t want a mouthpiece that affects your lower jaw, this is a good choice of TRD for consideration.

 3. SnoreRX®

The SnoreRX® is a MADs mouthpiece that is uniquely designed with customizable features for your comfort. This mouthpiece is made from two medical grade plastic trays and insert pads that features thermal matrix materials that easily allows you to custom fit the mouthpiece to the shape of your mouth.

This mouthpiece is designed to give you full breathing access through your mouth as its front part opens up to allow airflow, you won’t feel suffocated since a small amount of air is allow to flow unlike other mouthpieces where the mouth is fully shut to prevent snoring.

Another interesting feature the SnoreRX® has is the advance adjustment it has for the mandible support. The calibration provided are one-millimetre increments that you can manually choose to adjust so the advancement of the lower jaw is completely controlled you. This advance adjustment feature does not disrupt your breathing, it helps to reduce your snoring while providing adequate support and comfort.

Since the jaw and mouth shape might change due to long use of the mouthpiece, if you require the SnoreRX®’s adjustments to be changed it can be easily reset by the user without any complications or tools. This added feature is called the Posi Lock, it’s a user-friendly addition to the mouthpiece that makes it adaptable to the physical changes of your body and saving you some money at the same time since you will not have to keep buying new mouthpieces every time you need an adjustment.

Standard mouthpieces generally have constant pressure on the same surface area but the SnoreRX® is designed in a way to avoid torsion hence reducing pain or discomfort you might experience with its long-term usage. This mouthpiece gently reliefs pressure and applies it where necessary since it is customized to fit the needs of your mouth. The SnoreRX® also comes with a boil-and-bite feature where you dip the mouthpiece in hot water then proceed to bite it so it can hold its shape according to your teeth placements.

The SnoreRX® is priced at $99 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This MADs type mouthpiece seems to be an all-rounder anti-snoring device that keeps the consumer’s needs in mind first and delivers what it promises. This is a worthy consideration if you are looking for a premium grade mouthpiece made with quality materials and designed with unique features.

 4. ZQuiet®

The ZQuiet® comes in a starter pack of two that includes two mouthpieces with different sizes with storage cases. The MADs type mouthpiece is made of thermoplastic elastomer which is approved for safe usage within the body and it is also completely latex and BPA free. This mouthpiece is a designated Class II medical device with approval from the FDA, so ZQuiet® has met regulatory requirements to confirm that the materials used to manufacture it is safe for humans.

ZQuiet®’s strategy to tackle the issue of snoring varies from the usual anti-snoring devices available in the market. It is designed to prevent snoring that starts from the back of the throat: it gently pushes the lower jaw so there is airspace created in the back of the throat to reduce the vibrations of the surrounding soft tissue while you sleep.

One of the special features of ZQuiet® is its patented Living Hinge technology. The mouthpiece is designed to not constrict your mouth during sleep and still help to curb snoring. This special hinge design allows the jaw to move freely, you can even move your jaw from side to side while wearing the ZQuiet® mouthpiece which something most standard mouthpieces will not be able to do.

With this innovation Living Hinge design, you can still use your mouth to talk or drink liquids while wearing the mouthpiece, highly convenient since it can be very tiresome to remove a mouthpiece each time you wish to use your mouth.

Another special element of the ZQuiet® mouthpiece that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. There are no extra steps to make sure you get the mouthpiece to fit you and its ergonomic design is less bulky than a standard mouthpiece: you won’t feel like your mouth is stuffed with hard plastic with ZQuiet®.

The starter kit for the ZQuiet® comes with two mouthpieces, one of the sizes are +2mm of jaw adjustment and the other has +6mm of jaw adjustment. The manufacturer recommends the user to give both the pieces a try and work towards finding which sizes fits their needs the best.

The ZQuiet® is priced at $79.95 for two mouthpieces with storages cases which is great for your bedside and travelling. This mouthpiece also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, in summary this is good deal for two mouthpieces that are specially designed with the added feature of the Living Hinge. The ZQuiet® seems to promise to eliminate snoring, help with your night breathing and gives you the full use of you mouth while wearing it.

 5. PureSleep®

PureSleep® is a MADs category anti-snoring device that is made of two sorts of resin, the outer part of the mouthpiece is made slightly harder than the inner section for the comfort of fitting your teeth in. This mouthpiece is also latex and BPA free which makes it safe to be in your mouth.

PureSleep® comes with a boil-and-bite option for a customized fit but this also means that it is not adjustable after you have set the device to your adjustments. However, there is a unique feature that sets PureSleep® apart from standard mouthpieces: it caters for four types of bites which are typical, mild underbite, severe underbite and overbite.

A typical bite is defined when the upper teeth slightly overlap the lower front teeth, you would need to set the mouthpiece to your bite using the two holes closest to the front of the mouthpiece if you have a typical sort of bite. If you have a mild underbite, it means your upper front teeth meet evenly or they are slightly behind the lower front teeth, you can set PureSleep® by using the two centre holes for a good fit.

For the severe underbite, it generally means the upper front teeth are further behind the lower front teeth and you should be able to get a good fit with the mouthpiece by using the two holes closest to the back of the mouthpiece. Lastly if you have an overbite sort of bite, it means the upper front teeth are substantially forward from the lower teeth. You should be able to use the two centre holes in the mouthpiece but the mouthpiece would need to be turned upside down for a good fit for this sort of bite.

You might be wondering why is it important to identify what sort of bite you have to use this anti-snoring device; it is because you need to align your teeth as perfectly as possible with the device so it can give the correct support to your lower jaw while in use. The wrong form of support towards your jaw would cause you major discomfort and pain while sleeping and would cause more problems on top of your snoring issues.

Aside from helping snoring, the PureSleep® mouthpiece will also help you with teeth grinding issues but if you have severe teeth grinding this might affect the durability of the mouthpiece as it might wear out faster than usual. You might also experience some swelling around your gums but this will subside after a few weeks.

The PureSleep® mouthpiece can be cleaned using toothpaste and a toothbrush and requires very light upkeep. For it’s special bite fitting feature, total support function and materials used, the PureSleep® is priced at $79.95, the mouthpiece also comes with a secure storage case and a 60-day return policy.

 6. VitalSleep®

VitalSleep® is a MADs type device that helps to gently lift the lower jaw to open the airway during sleep so it can eliminate snoring. This mouthpiece is made with medical grade materials that are free from BPA and it is also FDA approved.

VitalSleep® comes with the boil-and-bite option which allows you to place the mouthpiece in hot water and get a custom fit that is special for your mouth. You will not be able to change the fitting after you do the boil-and-bite process so the mouthpiece will have one measurement; you will need to purchase another if your needs change.

The manufacturer recommends that the device be used as-is for the first week so your mouth and jaw can get used to VitalSleep® before the boil-and-bite adjustment. This would help your body to get used to the mouthpiece before you permanently start wearing it every night. You will be able to manually adjust the lower part of the mouthpiece using the hex key, you can bring the mouthpiece forward or backward depending on your jaw’s condition.

VitalSleep® is very comfortable to use and it is also flexible without constricting the mouth. This mouthpiece comes in two sizes, regular and small so users with a bigger requirement might find it slightly difficult to find a good fit with VitalSleep®. Also, this mouthpiece features advanced hinge technology so you will be able to open your mouth slightly for better breathing, talking and taking sips of water.

The VitalSleep® anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the MADs on the market that offers different sizes for men and women which is quite rare compared to other brands. Since statistics show that most snorers are men, women snorers are often overlooked by manufacturers of anti-snoring devices. There is a substantial difference when it comes to the difference in sizes of mouths and jaws between the two sexes and its great that VitalSleep® caters for both.

The VitalSleep® can be cleaned regularly with cold water, toothpaste and a toothbrush. You may soak the mouthpiece in a solution of denture cleaner for a deep clean, it is relatively easy to maintain and does not require much maintenance.  

The standard lifespan of the VitalSleep® is two years according to the manufacturer which is quite good for a mouthpiece if it is used regularly. The company pledges to change the mouthpiece for free if the mouthpiece needs to be changed within a year of its purchase which is great customer service.

This MADs anti-snoring mouthpiece costs $69.95 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which makes it an overall good device to consider for your snoring problems. This device comes with good functionality, customized comfort and durability, making it a good mid-range choice.

 7. GoodMorning®

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is a TRD type of anti-snoring device that supports the tongue instead of the jaw to reduce and eliminate snoring. This mouthpiece is made with resin that is BPA and BHA free, it comes in two sizes which caters for adults and children.

Since this is a TRD sort of product there is no custom fit required, it’s ready for use immediately so you get to try out this anti-snoring device for instant relief the moment you receive it. This mouthpiece functions by pulling the tongue forward and helps the base of the tongue muscle to relax and not block the airway, giving you good breathability during sleep.

The GoodMorning® Snore Solution can be used if you wear dentures or if you have any dental work present. This device also offers comfort while it stops the snoring since it has no effect on the lower jaw. A slight disadvantage from this device is that it cannot be used if your nasal passage is even slightly blocked. You will need to fully be able to breathe from your nose else this device will be harmful as it restricts breathing through the mouth.

Other side effects from using this mouthpiece includes dry mouth, excessive saliva production for a limited time and tongue tenderness. You might have to experience these slight discomforting side effects for the first few weeks till your body gets used to the mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece also helps to prevent teeth grinding, although if you grind your teeth severely the durability might be compromised and you might need a replacement sooner than its normal given lifespan. This mouthpiece is easy to clean, the recommended method is to soak it completely in an effervescent dental tablet solution once every 7-10 days for optimum cleansing.

Like with most TRDs you will not be able to use your mouth while the device is in place, unlike some MADs type options. After placing the GoodMorning® Snore Solution mouthpiece you will not be able to talk or drink any liquids, you will have to remove it to get back the full function of your mouth.

The lifespan of this anti-snoring mouthpiece is estimated to be from 12-24 months, depending on each individual’s usage. This is an acceptable time frame for the durability of a regularly used mouthpiece. The GoodMorning® Snore Solution is priced at $69.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

 8. AirSnore®

AirSnore® has been in the anti-snoring market since 2015 and this mouthpiece is quite a popular choice to help reduce habitual snoring. This mouthpiece is made from food-grade EVA thermoplastic which is quite rare for an anti-snoring mouthpiece that comes with the boil-and-bite option as the material allows you to reconfigure the adjustment multiple times till you get it right. So, if you are new to the boil-and-bite process, the AirSnore® gives you many tries to get your fitting adjustment right.

The AirSnore® is a MADs type anti-snoring mouthpiece hence it will move your jaw to accommodate a proper air passage for better breathability. This mouthpiece also holds your tongue in place to reduce the chances of vibrations at the back of the throat that causes snoring.

This anti-snoring device comes recommended more to women due to its sizing, it is quite small and made for a petite to medium person hence men might find this mouthpiece slightly unfitting to their measurements. You should expect slight soreness around the jaw area for the first few nights of using the AirSnore® coupled with excessive drooling for the first hour of insertion. You can opt to slowly break in the device by gradually increasing the hours of usage and letting your body accommodate the changes AirSnore® will be making to your lower jaw.

This AirSnore® mouthpiece is great for mouth breathers but you should always ensure your nasal passage is functioning well before using any anti-snoring device to avoid suffocation. Generally MADs type anti-snoring mouthpieces are not able to be used by users who have dentures but AirSnore®’s design is able to accommodate denture users easily.

The mouthpiece can be cleaned easily after each use, you would need to use cold water, non-whitening toothpaste and a toothbrush. It is also recommended to soak the mouthpiece in an effervescent denture solution once a week for a better cleansing experience. The lifespan for the AirSnore® is estimated to be from 4-12 months, depending on each individual’s usage.

The AirSnore® is priced at $49.95 and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This mouthpiece is recommended to women or men with smaller jaws as it is medium to small sized. If you are looking for a small MADs that is durable, comfortable, provides good support, reduces snoring and easy to use then the AirSnore® is a great choice.

 9. Tranquillity Pro 2

The Tranquillity Pro 2 is made of resin plastic and self-molding flex gel in the inner section, for better customization for your teeth. This mouthpiece is a MADs type mouthpiece and it comes with an adjustable lower section to firmly hold the mandible for snoring reduction.

This newer design of the Tranquillity Pro comes with an improved locking mechanism for the lower jaw and it is also slimmer and thinner so you mouth would not have the “overstuffed” feeling when the mouthpiece is in use. The new locking mechanism also works well to prevent teeth grinding or bruxism as the locking feature does not easily slide out of place.

The lower section of the mouthpiece comes with precision 1mm increments so you will be able to get custom fitted support for your lower jaw. This is very important to reduce snoring as inadequate support to keep the jaw closed will make your snoring worse and cause pain.

This product is relatively on the lower range of mouthpieces, priced at $39.88 and unfortunately is does not come with any warranty or return policy hence there is a purchase risk with this product. If you are looking for a mouthpiece that is short-term because you want to experience the ins and outs of using the anti-snoring mouthpiece before committing to a pricier version then this might be a viable option for you.

 10. Intelliguard Pro

The Intelliguard Pro is a basic MADs type mouthpiece that will cater to your basic anti-snoring needs. If you just discovering the anti-snoring devices available in the market and want to try a basic, no frills mouthpiece then this is a good option.

The Intelliguard Pro is made from resin plastic, come with an adjustable section to mold your precise support needs. It also features a boil-and-bite feature where you will need to place the mouthpiece in hot water then proceed to bite down on it to mold it to your teeth. This gives you a perfect fit and would increase the support function of the mouthpiece.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is recommended to users who have small jaws or mouths (2 to 5 inches in measurement), if you prefer a larger sized device then the Intelliguard Pro might not be suitable for your anti-snoring needs.

Additionally, the Intelliguard Pro provides excellent bruxism or teeth grinding prevention, although this might affect the durability of the mouthpiece.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is priced at $38.09 and there is no warranty or return policy provided by the manufacturer. This is a reasonable low range model of mouthpiece that covers the basics of anti-snoring with no specially added features.

Should You Use A Mouthpiece?

Habitual snoring is a long-term issue that will affect your sleep (and your partner’s sleep) if its not treated. If you snore from your mouth and have no nasal breathability issues then a mouthpiece is a great anti-snoring device to use to curb your snoring.

It is important to also take note of the risks that come with using a mouthpiece, you will need to get through discomforts like jaw ache, gum swelling and excessive production of saliva when you start using the device.

Once you have braved through these barriers then using a good anti-snoring mouthpiece would do wonders for your sleep and once you start getting restful sleep you feel better physically and mentally. Picking a mouthpiece that works for you is crucial so there is no harm is getting some research and trials done before you finally settle on one device that meets your needs.

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