Best Anti Snoring Chin Strap in 2019 – Top 10 Anti-Snore Device

Snoring can be described as a disturbing, noisy and audible breathing that occurs while a person is sleeping. If you are experiencing troubled sleep due to your snoring or if your sleeping partner has snoring issues, there are solutions available to curb snoring so you can get the restful sleep you need.

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Chin Straps

An anti-snoring chin strap is a flexible material that is used under the chin and over the head to help your jaw close to prevent snoring. The material used for chin straps are usually neoprene or Lycra that is firm enough to hold your jaw closed while you are sleeping.

How To Use

The chin strap helps to support your chin while you are resting and by keeping your mouth closed it prevents air from travelling through your throat and tongue to avoid the loud breathing noises during sleep. However, if you snore through your nose a chin strap will not be appropriate anti-snoring device for you.


The basic function of a chin strap is mainly keeping the mouth closed and supporting the jaw so in terms of the design of the strap majority of the products available on the market would typically have a similar look. Although there are variations in terms of colour, material used and size.   

Pros And Cons

A chin strap is a non-evasive anti-snoring device which stays outside your body unlike mouthpieces and nasal inserts. There is almost no maintenance required for the chin strap and it is very durable and long lasting.

However, the chin strap might not work for everyone, if you have problems breathing through your nose or prone to having nasal passage blocks this device would not be recommended to help you stop snoring. There also might be some discomfort using the chin strap if you are sensitive to extra support around the jaw area.

Top 10 Picks

Here’s a list of our top ten picks of the best anti-snoring chin straps available in the market:

1. SnoreTek Anti Snoring Chin Strap

SnoreTex’s anti-snoring chin strap is a one-size-fits-all strap that is made out of highly flexible neoprene. The cut outs for the ear are big enough to accommodate different sizes too. This is great for consumers as you do not have to decide which size is your right size when you are purchasing the strap. It also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to help you personalize the amount of support you want for your jaw.

The basic function of the SnoreTek chin strap is to support your lower jaw while you sleep. By preventing the lower jaw from opening, it helps to minimise the airflow from the mouth and stops the snoring. Also, when in sleep the muscles of the tongue relaxes and falls backwards in the throat which results in a blocked airway. SnoreTex helps to keep the jaw firmly shut to prevent this and in turn also eliminates the snoring.

The application of the strap is simple, just place the strap under the chin, the cut outs over the ears and adjust the Velcro strap to the top of head with the amount of support you think that is comfortable for your jaw. The SnoreTex chin strap is also machine washable, it is very easy to maintain and clean for your convenience. The chin strap can also be worn if you use dentures, its designed to not cause any discomfort for consumers who use dental aids.

A slight disadvantage to the SnoreTex is its off-gassing period, as consumers have given feedback stating the strap has a strong chemical odour. You will have to wash the strap regularly for the first few weeks of use to get rid of the chemical smell and if you are odour sensitive it would better to thoroughly wash the strap a few times before using it.

The SnoreTex is priced at $38.90, you get the chin strap and a mesh bag that helps to store the strap for travelling. It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. It is not the cheapest anti-snoring chin strap on the market but it does the job with ease and gives you the comfort, support and durability you need from chin strap.

2. SnoreQuiet™

SnoreQuiet™ is specially manufactured with medical grade polymeric materials for excellent flexibility and comfort for the user. The material has good breathability and is not abrasive or harsh to the skin so it will be comfortable to wear throughout the night during sleep.

This anti-snoring chin strap is designed to support the lower jaw and hold it position so the airway in the throat does not constrict or get blocked. It is based on the same principle of CPR and is designed to hold your airway open while being comfortable enough to wear through the night.

The SnoreQuiet™ comes in only one size and should be flexible enough to fit most users. It also comes equipped with a Velcro strap for secure placement and would not dislodge easily if you toss and turn. The chin strap does not come with any additional storage bag but it is easy to fold and keep at your bedside.

Many users of SnoreQuiet™ have complimented the design of the chin strap stating they only needed a single night’s use to get improved sleep minus the snoring. The SnoreQuiet™ chin strap reportedly also helps with blood circulation and improves the overall intake of oxygen into your body while you sleep.

SnoreQuiet™ is priced at $29.95 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The manufacturer does recommend the consumer to use the chin strap for at least seven days straight before deciding if the product does not work as in some cases it takes the body awhile to get accustomed to wearing a chin strap while sleeping.

3. Halo Chin Strap

The Halo anti-snoring chin strap is an adjustable chin strap made of polyurethane, nylon, Spandex and elastic. It also comes with an added unique design to support the base of the chin. This chin strap is manufactured to follow the contours of your face shape, making it uniquely comfortable to wear while being functional at the same time. If you are sensitive to latex, the Halo chin strap is latex free and safe to use for consumers with allergies to latex.

This chin strap is quite lightweight and flexible, making it easy and comfortable to wear for the user. It’s one-of-a-kind design helps to distribute the firm support of the strap evenly throughout the face: this helps with more than just snoring as the even pressure distribution can help to relieve migraines, headaches and jaw discomfort.

The manufacturer of the Halo chin strap, Breathewear has made the product to be slim and seamless, using minimal fabric for optimal support. Your face would not feel constricted at night due to its minimalistic design and it functions well to support the lower jaw to curb snoring.

It is recommended to wash the chin strap once a week as the material of the strap will absorb the oils from the surface of the skin and might wear out the strap if not cleaned regularly. You can use a mild detergent or soap to wash the strap but avoid bleach and anti-bacterial soap as these cleaning agents might damage the strap permanently. The Halo chin strap should be air dried as ironing or using a dryer will shrink the material.

The Halo anti-snoring chin strap is priced at $23.95, a reasonable price for its special design and materials used. This chin strap does not come with a money back guarantee but it generally has good consumer reviews for functionally and durability.

4. Hecmoks Chin Strap

The anti-snoring chin strap by Hecmoks comes with an adjustable strap and is made of material that is soft and breathable while still retaining some flexibility. If you are suffering from more than just snoring, this chin strap can also be helpful if you are experiencing breathing issues due to a deviated septum.

The Hecmoks anti-snoring chin strap also helps to keep your mouth securely closed so you can avoid drying out your throat while sleeping. A dry mouth while sleeping can wake you up while you are in mid-sleep because you will experience a dry, choking sensation that would sometimes be suffocating.

The adjustable strap comes with Velcro and it is easy to use while being secure. Try using the chin strap for eight to ten days to let your body fully adapt to the support structure given by the Hecmoks chin strap, its also recommended for you to slowly increase the hours of wearing the strap as you will need time for your jaw to feel used to wearing this anti-snoring aid.

This chin strap is priced at $19.90, an affordable price if you are considering to try out a chin strap for your snoring issue. A slight disadvantage is there is no warranty or money back guarantee provided for this chin strap so there is a slight risk of purchase you would have to consider with the Hecmoks anti-snoring chin strap.

5. Philips Respironics Premium Chin Strap

The Philips Respironics anti-snoring chin strap is manufactured using Lycra, polyester foam and vel stretch. These materials are highly flexible, durable and comfortable to wear, which is important as the chin strap will be worn during sleep and needs to be as non-obtrusive as possible.

The primary function of the Philips Respironics chin strap is to prevent air from flowing in and out of the throat so the snores from the mouth can be eliminated. This chin strap comes with a vertical support design for optimum airflow reduction through the mouth. The strap is comfortable to wear with an adjustable Velcro strip that allows you to manage the amount of pressure you want to place on your jaw.

The manufacturer recommends the chin strap to be used for individuals who weigh 66 pounds or more, this chin strap might prove to be hazardous and dangerous to anyone who is lighter than the recommended weight as it might constrict breathing.

It is recommended to wash this chin strap on a weekly basis to clean the natural oils and dirt that can be absorbed from the skin. It is machine washable, use cold water with a light soap solution while avoiding heavy cleaners like bleach, conditioners and alcohol.

This anti snoring chin strap is priced at $18.99, a very reasonable price considering the brand and the product’s ergonomic features.

6. CPAP Chin Strap by BRISON

This anti-snoring chin strap by BRISON is made of high-quality, hardwearing and soft medical silicone. This chin strap is highly durable with flexibility to fit the face without constricting blood flow. The medical grade silicone is also great for users who have sensitive skin since there is no latex in this product.


This anti-snoring chin strap is great for stopping the airflow from the mouth and to eliminate snoring from the mouth. It optimises the airflow through the nasal passage and would also reduce shortness of breath, encourage the user to breathe through the nose while sleeping.

The BRISON chin strap also works great to relieve joint pain, its recommended for users who have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) that usually affects the hinges of the jaw. This chin strap has ergonomic features that can help elevate jaw ache. This chin strap can hold a cold or heat pack if you need to soothe your jaw area while it hurts, it can help to relief pain in more than one way.

This anti-snoring chin strap comes in two sizes, large and universal, the universal size should generally fit most users. As with most chin straps, you would feel some discomfort during the first week but with prolonged usage your body will soon get used to the strap.

The BRISON anti-snoring chin strap is reasonably priced at $17.95, it is quite perfect if you are looking for a mid-range product that can help with more than just snoring issues.

7. Quiet Panda Chin Strap

This anti-snoring chin strap by Quiet Panda is manufactured with non-irritable neoprene which is high flexible and durable for long term use. This chin strap is said to help with breathing through the nasal passage and would allow an increase of oxygen flow to the lungs. The better breathability your body has during sleep, the more restful sleep you can achieve. This strap is said to help eliminate snoring and reduce teeth grinding by supporting the jaw enough so you can be comfortable.

This anti-snoring chin strap come with an adjustable Velcro strap that can help you personalize the amount of support you need close your lower jaw and still feel comfortable. Many users have commented that the support given by this chin strap is optimum with a non-slip feel which is important as you would not want the chin strap to be loose and not provide the support needed.

This chin strap would work well if you snore through your mouth but it is highly recommended for you to check if your nasal passages are fully unblocked. This chin strap would completely force your breathing to be through your nasal passages hence if you have sinus issues or a deviated septum it is not recommended for you to use this strap.

The chin strap by Quiet Panda comes in one universal size, making it easy to buy as you do not have to measure your head’s circumference to get the right size. Priced at $17.95, it’s a moderate price for a mid-range anti-snoring chin strap that does well to stop snoring, dry mouth and improve your breathing at night.

8. HJSNORE Anti Snoring Devices Chin Strap

The anti-snoring chin strap by HJSNORE is made of neoprene, silk, Spandex and Lycra for maximum comfort, breathability and support. The strap can be stretched for a long period of time and it will still retain its shape and durability due to the materials used. It is also latex free which is great news for users who are allergic to latex products.

Most standard anti-snoring chin straps are usually made too loose or too tight with no give in between. The HJSNORE chin strap is designed to be slightly large with an adjustable Velcro strap so it can nicely fit medium and large users with no compromise towards its comfortability and support. The Velcro strap is also designed in a way where it will not trap hair which is great since getting hair trapped or caught in Velcro can be very painful.

This chin strap provides optimum support towards the lower jaw by gently pulling it backwards and performs well to eliminate snoring through the mouth. The fit is comfortable and non-evasive around the ear and neck area and this is crucial since some chin straps don’t provide enough space around the face area when its worn.

It supports the chin well enough to move the airflow towards the nasal passage to reduce snoring. If you also suffer from having dry mouth during sleep this can be resolved with the HJSNORE chin strap as it effectively stops the airflow from the mouth and throat, preventing dehydration.

This chin strap is priced at $15.99 and the great about this product that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Most anti-snoring chin straps are usually sold with a money back guarantee which is limited by a certain amount of days. Overall, this is a good product made with high-quality materials and it functions well.

9. ResMed Sullivan Chin Strap

The ResMed Sullivan anti-snoring chin strap is a comfortable and flexible chin strap that fastens itself on the top of the head and it also comes with a cup for the chin rest. The chin strap is made of neoprene and Breathoprene, a material that is often used in mask headgears. The chin cup is made of non-elasticized brushed nylon and cotton knit which is durable, soft and comfortable for periods of long wear.

This anti-snoring device should be worn with the stitched “V” at the bottom lip area with the Velcro straps going up towards the cheeks and whole chin strap will be secured with the Velcro strap at the top of the head. The chin cup would fully support the lower part of the jaw and will keep the mouth securely closed thus preventing snores through the mouth.

A small disadvantage with the ResMed Sullivan anti-snoring chin strap is that a number of users have complained that the Velcro strap comes loose at times and this compromises the total support the chin strap provides towards the lower jaw. You might need to consider this factor if you are a restless sleeper and move around a lot while resting as this might dislodge the Velcro fastening.

The ResMed Sullivan chin strap is priced at $14.95, a very reasonable price tag considering the good materials used for its make and the unique chin cup design.

10. Ruby Style Adjustable Chin Strap

The Ruby Style chin strap by Lifesource Inc comes with the chin strap and two extension straps for a fully adjustable feature that maximizes comfort. It features two Velcro fastenings, one placed at the back of the head and another at the top of the head for full firm support during use.

This chin strap is made from 100% ester polyurethane and is completely free from latex and neoprene. This material used also does not contain any solvent based chemicals which might be harmful, if you have sensitive skin this strap would not an irritant. It is recommended to wash the Ruby Style chin strap with mild detergent, it is machine washable and must be air dried to retain its stretchiness.

The wide strap that is featured provides good firm support to stabilize the chin and lower jaw which stops the user from snoring. However, the chin strap might prove to be too firm for certain users and might push back the jaw: this might cause breathing and comfort issues.

The Ruby Style anti-snoring chin strap by Lifesource Inc is priced at $14.25, a very reasonable price for a chin strap that is comfortable, adjustable and durable.

Should You Use An Anti-Snoring Chin Strap?

Overall, an anti-snoring chin strap is great if you snore through your mouth and have no breathing issues with your nasal passage. This is an excellent non-evasive tool that will gradually help with snoring provided you have the patience to wear it for a prolonged period of time.

Choosing a chin strap that is made from the right materials, its sizing and its overall functionality is very important as a chin strap does more than just eliminate snoring. Jaw support, pressure relief and overall comfort while sleeping are all essential factors to get you the uninterrupted good night’s rest your body needs.

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