Twin vs Full (2021) – Understanding the Differences

Having a mattress that is the right size is for you is crucial in getting a good night’s rest. With so many options available out there, you’ll need to take a look at your room size, your sleeping position, and whether you’re sleeping alone or with a partner. Today we will be discussing two of the smaller bed sizes: Twin vs. Full.

Twin and Full beds have a lot in common: both are narrower and more affordable than a Queen bed and they’re often used in children’s rooms or college dormitories. However, they’re both also unique with their own set of pros and cons.

Below is a summary table of comparison of the Queen vs Full mattress

  Twin Full
Width 39 inches 54 inches
Length 74 inches 74 inches
Pros Low cost

Light and portable

Cheap bed sheets

More foot room

Suitable for tall people

Cons Not suitable for couples Heavy

Bed sets are more expensive

Less sleeping room width size

Twin Bed

The Twin mattress is the smallest available mattress size on the market at 39 inches wide and 74 inches long. This size is perfect for just one child or one adult. For those who are slightly taller, the Twin does come in an XL size which is six inches longer.


You’ll often find twin beds in the children’s room or dormitory thanks to its small profile. These petite beds take up very little space in your room to leave plenty of space for other activities, perfect for smaller bedrooms.


If you’re sleeping alone, a twin bed will do a good job of keeping you comfortable. If you prefer to stretch out while sleeping, it’ll be better to get an upgraded full for more space. However, if your only option is the twin due to budget or space limitation, it will certainly do just well if you’re sleeping alone.


A twin-sized bed is very common in the market, so finding anything you need for the bed is a breeze. Bedsheets and comforter sets are readily available online or stores at very affordable prices.

You Might Choose the Twin if:

  1. You’re a petite adult or a child. The twin-sized beds are a step up from a crib mattress. At 39 inches x 74 inches, it does get a little tight to fit an average adult and is quite impossible to squeeze a couple.
  2. You’re trying to save money. If you have the room to fit the Full bed but getting the slightly costlier bed frame and accessories are just slightly out of budget, you can go with the more affordable Twin bed.
  3. You need a bed for a smaller room. A twin bed would definitely look too small for a Master Bedroom. The twin bed will most likely fit well as a replacement crib for children in a smaller room or a nursery.

Recommended Room Sizes

If your room is approximately 7 ft by 10 ft, the twin bed will be a great choice as it does not take up too much space. The room size also depends on how many additional furniture and walking space you want in the room.

Full Bed

This double bed is commonly called as the full bed. It runs 54 inches wide and 74 inches long to comfortably fit smaller coupes. However, the larger-sized full mattress is an upgrade to a twin when used for a single sleeper.


Frankly, the full-size bed is ideal for someone sleeping alone who is short on budget and space. While the length of the bed might be a little short at only six feet long, the width is 15 inches wider than a standard twin to offer more sleeping space to stretch out. The full bed does have a larger footprint which you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re considering the upgrade.


For a single person, a full-sized bed offers plenty of room for sleepers to stretch out and move around. Though it is a little on the short side, it really is only six inches shorter than the Queen.

If you do share a bed with a partner, the Full bed works great to fit two as well. At 54 inches wide, you will have more than two feet of space for each person. While it is not the most ideal situation, it does work to help you save some money. Sharing on a Full bed is definitely better than trying to squeeze on a Twin.


Similarly, the accessories for the Full are very easy to find. You can easily walk into any store that sells bedding to find perfectly fitted sheets for this common bed size. The bed sheet sets for the Full bed are also relatively inexpensive when compared to what you’ll need to fork out for a Queen and King size bed.

You Might Choose Full If:

  1. You’re a couple and tight on space. If you share your bed with a partner but your room has limited space left for a bed, you can opt for the Full bed instead of the Queen. While two people can sleep on it, it would be a bit of a tight fit.
  2. You’ve got a bigger room to fill. With the Full, you get an additional 15 inches of width compared to a Twin, which will better fill up space in a slightly larger room than the smaller Twin.
  3. You’re still growing. The Full bed is suitable for children as it offers plenty of room for them to grow into.

Recommended Room Sizes:

If your room is approximately 10 ft by 12 ft, a Full bed will work well for you. However, you also need to factor in what furniture you plan to put into the room and how much walking space you need before deciding if this is the right bed.

Things to Consider

While there are plenty of reasons to choose either the Twin or Full bed, planning ahead is going to be critical. Here are a few tips and factors to think about before you make the decision.

Take a measuring tape out and measure the space in your room. If you are thinking of upgrading from a crib to a Twin or Full-sized bed, you need to make sure the mattress fits in your bedroom with enough room for movement. It is easy to get impulsive during shopping and you might just end up with a bed that doesn’t fit. The general rule of thumb is to keep a recommended space of 30 inches around your bed for comfortable movement.

Consider who will be actually sleeping in the bed. Will this be a new bed for your growing child or is it just one for the guest room? Will there only be one sleeper or a couple sharing it? These are a few questions that you’ll need to consider when making the purchase. If there’s a chance a couple will use the bed, you should go for a double bed. However, if it’s only for your child, the Twin works just fine, especially for smaller rooms.

Shop seasonally if possible. There are times during the year when mattresses and beds will go on a major sale. If you’re on a budget and want to upgrade to a bigger and comfier mattress, it might be worth your while to wait till the discount seasons are in. For example, Labor Day, memorial day weekend or President’s Day are always a good time for sales.

Final Verdict

If you’re sleeping alone with some space to spare, the full-size bed would be perfect. It offers much more room to move about, so you won’t feel too restricted at night without taking up too much space in a room. Since both twin and full-sized beds are a common size and their relevant accessories can easily be found in stores, the cost should not be a major concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a full or twin bed?

A full bed tends to be better for individuals as it offers plenty of space. In fact, there’s enough space to fit two adults snugly. However, if you have a shortage in space, the Twin will work just fine for children or single adults.

Can a couple sleep on a twin bed?

No, you’re not likely going to be able to comfortably fit two adults on a twin bed. The twin offers sufficient comfort if you’re sleeping by yourself and it makes a good choice for single adult sleepers, as long as you’re not too tall. It is also an ideal solution for those who are looking to save as much bedroom space as possible or those who are on a budget.

How much bigger is a Twin XL compared to a twin?

Both twin and twin XL sizes have the same width, the only difference is the length. The Twin XL is longer by 6 inches and this makes a lot of difference for taller sleepers or those who need more legroom at night.

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