SnoreRx Review 2021 | An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for Peaceful Nights


Do you know that more than a quarter of the population in the world snore regularly? Severe snoring can ruin your sleep for months and leaving you wake up feeling tired the next day.

Not only it can hurt your sleep quality, but it will also destroy the relationship you have with the one sleeping next to you.  Imagine you keep waking your partner up in the middle of the night.

When a person lacks sleep, he/she will be cranky, unproductive and exhausted during the day. Lucky for us, there are many different kinds of mouthpieces in the market used to relieve your snoring problem.

They all work in the same sort of way, but all with the same primary function (reduce your snoring). They will either prevent your tongue from sliding to the back of the throat, or they will hold the lower jaw to clear your airway during sleep and prevent airway obstruction.

In this review today, I’ll be talking about the SnoreRx mouthpiece, which is a mandibular advancement device, also known as MAD. This is a highly raved stop snoring device on the internet – online message boards and reviews. 

It also claims to get you the sleep you need by reducing snoring if you follow the directions and use it properly. This particular device offers a unique feature that other devices do not have, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

What Is SnoreRx?

Basically, the SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device  (MAD) that is designed to fit any mouth because it is fully adjustable. This device is a stop snoring product that you insert in your mouth before sleep.

Like any MADs, SnoreRx can eliminate your snoring by lifting the lower jaw in a slightly forward position to prevent tissue from collapsing the airway so that the oxygen can move freely.

To understand what the algorithm behind the SnoreRx mouthpiece is, you must first find out what causes your snoring during your sleep.

The awful snoring noise that you or your partner produces during the night is usually created by the tension of the mouth, jaw, and tongue during sleep. The tongue tends to slip back when you sleep and somewhat obstructs the airway, and therefore causes soft tissues to vibrate when air passes by.

That vibration can either come out as a soft whistle or a loud snore that can disturb your partner’s sleep. And sometimes, you might even get scared by your own snoring and frequently woke up by your snore during the night.

Thus, SnoreRx anti-snoring device is designed to tighten and create more space in your upper airway and retrieve normal breathe while you sleep.

In-Depth Review about SnoreRx

I have included the four outstanding features of SnoreRx that outshine many other anti-snoring mouthpieces in this review. At the end of this review, you will be surprised at the great features that SnoreRx offers to its snoring consumers.

1. Professional Design made in USA

First and foremost, all SnoreRx devices are designed and manufactured in California, USA. According to the SnoreRx product website, the design of the product is made from two premium, medical-grade plastic for both the trays and insert pads that are located at the top and bottom. The insert pads are the place where you make your custom teeth impressions.

By using high-quality co-polymer materials, the SnoreRx can generally last up to 11-15 months, which means it has a longer lifespan as compared to other stop snoring devices.

When you have good materials, it naturally feels a whole lot better in your mouth while you sleep. For me, the quality and material are the most important factors since it is a device that I could be spending over eight hours in my mouth every night for months!

2. Safe for Everyone to Use

When you buy a SnoreRx from its official website, you know you are getting a premium product that lasts you for months.  By using quality, professional, and medical-grade materials, you can be assured that the authentic SnoreRx is safe for everyone to use at every night. This device does not contain any metal parts (metal screws, rubber bands) that could be abrasive and poses a risk to your health.

Additionally, it is composed of large pieces of material, so there are no chances for you to swallow small parts while you sleep. Remarkably, SnoreRx is latex-free and BPA-free as well. Bisphenol-A is an organic compound that poses environmental and health hazard that can affect your overall health in many ways.

This American-made product is also endorsed by the FDA and compliant with Medicare standards. All the components used in the making are hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for people who may have allergic reactions or sensitive skin.

3. Custom Impression

Everyone has different mouth sizes, thus, it’s difficult to find one-size-fits-all anti-snoring mouthpieces. If a mouthpiece doesn’t fit you, you would probably stop using them after a few days. Therefore, it only makes sense if they are fitting enough to help you with snoring.

But with SnoreRx, you might just be able to find your custom fit mouthpiece!

SnoreRx design features a thermal matrix material which produces a better custom teeth impression than other boil-and-bite mouthpieces. You can personalize your SnoreRx device by molding the padding to the exact shape of your teeth so it can fit in perfectly for the rest of your night.

By having a great fit, your device might just give you a comforting sleep and maximum result. Also, this simple step-by-step process for personalizing your custom impression can be done conveniently in the comfort of your home.

Unlike some other boil-and-bite stop snoring devices in the market, they only have one take in choosing your setting. Otherwise, the mouthpiece will be irreversible if you did it wrongly.

But with SnoreRx, you’ll have three more attempts to fix it if you get it wrong the first time. You can continuously repeat the first step three times until you have the right fit.

Also, all SnoreRx devices feature an open front that promotes full airflow of oxygen through the V-Flow design.  The open front in SnoreRx has a reassuringly large gap between the upper and lower pieces, which will allow you to breathe through your mouth throughout the night comfortably when you are deep in sleep.                       

4. Highly Adjustable

Everybody might need some time to become familiar with mandibular advancement, and the best way to do it is by sticking it and eases in gently. SnoreRx makes this process easier by allowing precise adjustment of the lower tray.

It comes with an indicator that provides a precise measure of the amount of jaw advancement at the side of the mouthpiece. 

Once you squeeze the edges of the top tray, you can slide the trays backward and calibrate one-millimeter increment. The 1-millimeter increment allows yourself even more jaw advancement if you need it.

These increments are visibly marked and easy to read, hence you can keep track of your progress without any estimation. You also need to ensure the readings of the calibration are the same on both sides when you adjust it.

The best thing about it is that you can alter this as often as you like. You can be at ease because it comes with a locking mechanism that holds your selected position in your mouth. The degree of advancement can be done very quickly.

This Posi Lock feature is what makes SnoreRx my favorite mouthpiece because you get to unlock and reset new adjustment for your device at any time and anywhere you want without using any tools.

How Does SnoreRx Work

The comfort and effectiveness of any MAD are usually depended on how you customized it. Fortunately, SnoreRx offers the best possible level of customizations for the most comfortable fit, which are both boil and bite technique and micro-adjustment (fine) ways of customization.

Trust me when I say in this review that it’s pretty easy to customize SnoreRx. Not to mention, you can re-fit the setting of the device up to three times over its useful life.

Stage 1- Boil & Bite Process

Things you’ll need to prepare:-

  • Boiling water (enough to fully cover the mouthpiece)
  • A bowl filled with cool tap water
  • A heat-resistant container
  • A timer
  • Spoon/ Tongs to remove the device
  • Your SnoreRx mouthpiece

How to fit your SnoreRx mouthpiece:-

  1. Set SnoreRx to the 3mm as a standard-setting beforehand. Squeeze the top tray and slide the bottom tray until the arrow points to “3” on both sides.
  2. Pour the boiling water in your heat-proof container, better to have too much than too little water.
  3. Drop the mouthpiece into the boiling water and leave it for exactly 90 seconds. (must be fully submerged)
  4. Slowly remove the SnoreRx out of the hot water with a spoon or tongs.
  5. Place the device into the bowl of cooling water for three seconds.
  6. Bite the mouthpiece and hold the position for 30 seconds. Try not to move your jaw.
  7. Carefully take the mouthpiece out and place it back into the cooling water for at least a minute. Wait until the material has become firm and sets, then it’s ready!

If you can’t see a clear bite mark impression on your mouthpiece, you may repeat these steps up to three times to ensure a correct fit.

You should be aware that with each repetition, you will slightly compromise the quality of the materials. The life span of your mouthpiece will be reduced if there are too many times of readjustments.

Step 2: Micro-Adjustment

The next step in SnoreRx customization is to adjust the mouthpiece and allows a proper setting to accommodate your jaw. The mouthpiece increments can adjust up to 6 millimeters maximum, but you will get a little uncomfortable. Conversely, it might have no effect if you don’t advance it enough.

Thus, it would help if you find the right balance that is suitable for you. Most people do well at 3 millimeters, and then you can consider starting from here. 3 millimeter is also known as the standard factory setting.

  1. In order to unlock it, you need to squeeze the two triangles at the top tray of your mouthpiece. It should allow you to remove the upper tray effortlessly.
  2. Pull-on the lower jaw piece to advance the adjustment forward. You should be able to hear a click for each 1mm adjustment (pay extra close attention at this stage).
  3. You need to ensure the same adjustment numbers on both sides, and the mouthpiece is enhanced evenly.
  4. Activate the locking mechanism. The SnoreRx is ready to get you a peaceful night of rest!

Most snoring adjustment is set between 3-5mm. Therefore, you can start at the lower measurement and work your way up as time goes by. Starting in a setting that is too high for your mouth can cause unnecessary problems such as teeth pain and jaw fatigue.

You can prevent all of of these from happening by using the correct setting. If you experience an unusual feeling that the mouthpiece is pulling your jaw forward and causes discomfort in your mouth in the night, you can always alter SnoreRx back to a lower setting. 

Besides, you should allow at least 3-5 nights of sleep for your jaw to adjust each time you change the settings. You should probably stop using it if your jaw or mouth muscle hurts regularly.

In order to achieve the best results, you should wear them constantly. You cannot wear your SnoreRx for a few hours, then remove it from your mouth with the expectation of no more snoring in your sleep altogether.

One of the reasons why some users experience jaw pain is that they accidentally forgot to adjust one side of their devices, and causing the adjustments to be uneven at both sides. That is a hazardous action because your jaw could be pulled in the wrong direction during your sleep.

SnoreRx Review

Who Makes SnoreRx?

SnoreRx is a brand under Apnea Sciences Corporation (FDA medical device company) which was founded in the year 2009.

Since Apnea Sciences is a registered medical device company, it means that the company has met rigorous standards by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure its products are harmless and effective for the general public.

The company headquarter is located in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. The creator of SnoreRx mouthpiece is Jim Fallon, which works as an American neuroscientist.

He is the founder of the Apnea Science Corporation and built up a firm that employs engineers from his neighborhood just to help him to design this stop snoring product.

SnoreRx, which is one of its flagship products, was released in the year 2012. This comfortable mouthpiece has become so popular that now it is available in 39 different countries.


SnoreRX is one of the expensive anti-snoring mouthpieces available on the market today and priced higher than most of its competitors.

But in this case, you’re paying for the quality. Here’s the good news, they are now offering a deal where you can buy two to get a significantly lower price of the second device.

On its official product website, instead of buying one of their mouthpieces for $99, you can now get two of these devices for the price of $154. The shipping fee amounts to roughly $10. But usually, the shipping cost varies with shipping method: United States Postal Service, FedEx, International FedEx, and Canada mail.    

If you’re planning to get your hand on this comfortable mouthpiece, I’d recommend you to purchase two. You could place one at home and the other one for traveling.  

Better yet, you can purchase a few SnoreRx devices and send them as a gift to your friends or family who is in need of peaceful sleep. This is actually a pretty good deal. Though, it costs more than most of the mouthpieces in my search.

Best of all, SnoreRx are committed to your satisfaction by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, you may simply return their mouthpiece if you are not happy at any point within a month in exchange for a full product refund.

However, it is vital to note that the shipping and handling costs are not refundable, so you’ll only receive the money you spent on the mouthpiece.  Moreover, the returned package must be postmarked on or before the 30 days from date of delivery, as they do not tolerate with returns postmarked after the 30-day return window.

Cleaning and Storing

The manufacturer of SnoreRx recommends daily cleaning. The easy cleaning process can be done with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and they recommend to use a denture cleaner once every one or two weeks. You should allow the device to air dry completely before storing it back to the case.

SnoreRx Side Effects

The company was very transparent about the side effects of their product because you can easily find in the reviews on their website. But the company claims that these side effects tend to be short-term and will disappear once you get used to your SnoreRx:-

  • Gingival or dental soreness.
  • Develop pain or soreness in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
  • Cause excessive saliva.
  • Obstruction of mouth breathing.
  • Teeth Movement or a change in dental blockage.

Who Can Use This Device?

The SnoreRx is only designed for adults over the age of 18 years. This is because children under 18 are still developing their teeth and jaws.

SnoreRx mouthpiece should not be used by people who:-

  • Have obstructive sleep apnea
  • Are age under 18
  • Wear dentures (holding artificial teeth), braces, retainer, or other orthodontic treatment
  • Have dental implants, crowns, or caps (unless your dentist says its okay)
  • Plan to receive or have braces or a retainer.
  • Have a history of temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • Have loose teeth or jaw joint diseases or issues.
  • Have had or having a respiratory disease like severe asthma or emphysema.

The Pros and Cons of SnoreRx


  • The American Academy of Sleep Medicine certified
  • This device is cleared by the FDA for reducing snoring
  • It’s highly adjustable, and you get a custom fit mouthpiece
  • Much more comfortable than other devices
  • It is backed by an amazing 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use; mold it at your convenience
  • Made in the USA
  • 1mm increments for maximum comfort throughout the night
  • Hypoallergenic which is suitable for allergy sufferers      
  • Posi Lock feature so that it will not move out of place 
  • Longer lifespan than other stop snoring devices as mentioned in the reviews
  • Adequate airflow to facilitate breathing while you sleep
  • Settings can be re-adjusted up to three times
  • Calibrator for manageable amount reading


  • This device is a bit bulky
  • May cause drooling excessively at times
  • Price is more expensive than many comparable products
  • May feel a slight soreness in your mouth for the first few days
  • May provoke dry mouth and throat
  • May cause jaw locking
  • You are not able to close your mouth completely
  • Not recommended for people with dentures or bridges
  • Longer cleaning process
  • Have side effects as suggested by the reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if SnoreRx works for me?

The easiest way to tell is to have your partner letting you know whether your snoring has been reduced while using SnoreRx in your sleep because he/she would know if you snore!

Other than that, you’ll know SnoreRx works if you are starting to get more relaxing sleep and waking up more energized. For some tech-savvy users, another easy way is to use the recording apps to record snoring sounds while you sleep.

What can I do if my SnoreRx falls out of my mouth at night?

During the adjustment period (beginning stages of use), it is normal if you are unable to keep SnoreRx in your mouth. SnoreRx recommends wearing their device while awake for at least 45 minutes at a time for three to five days.

This action will allow your mouth to slowly adjust to using SnoreRx while sleeping. Though, the adjustment times might vary for different user and could use up to two weeks to be fully adapted to this stop snoring device.

Does SnoreRx help with teeth grinding?

Although SnoreRx is FDA cleared for its reduction of snoring, it is not intended for any other concerns such as teeth grinding. Constant teeth grinding while using the device may decrease the lifespan of SnoreRx by a couple of months.

Is it safe to use SnoreRx?

Yes, SnoreRx is safe to use for everyone above age 18. This device is acknowledged by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as a safe and effective device to stop snoring.

Are there any choking hazards when using SnoreRx?

No, you will not face choking hazards in your sleep because SnoreRx is much too large to be swallowed. This device does not have small pieces for all four components that produce the stop snoring device.

My Verdict

Snoring is a serious problem, and SnoreRx might just be your solution to better sleep without snore. I’d recommend SnoreRx as it might be the most well-known, premium-grade, anti-snoring mouthpiece that you can find in the market today.

It successfully provides snoring customers with an alternative to all the one-size-fits-all basis anti-snoring devices to provide enhanced comfort and effectiveness. Not only it has great airflow for mouth breathers, but it is perfect for anyone that has allergies or sensitivities.

Overall, it is an easy custom-moldable fit mouthpiece and made of high-quality medical-grade materials. The ability to make accurate and secure adjustments for numerous times makes it a perfect device for anyone who prefers a highly customized fit. Moreover, SnoreRx is made by a reputable company that has been in the business since 2009.

While the price can get a little high, you are guaranteed to receive an awesome device that lasts for months in return. Come to think about it, the price of SnoreRx is utterly reasonable when you compare it to similar products, mainly when they have been custom-tailored by a dentist.

Although SnoreRx does not come with a warranty, this device offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it if you decide that it’s not right for you. After all, SnoreRx is worth trying because it may end your snoring and allow you and your family to sleep peacefully.


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