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Know How Technology Ruins Your Sleep

Technology is a constant part of our lives, and it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning. Everybody has a smartphone and a laptop these days. It is easy to understand why technology took over our existence throughout the decades: we only need it. It helped and still helps us do things that […]

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Melatonin For Sleep

Most of us think that sleep is a straightforward process that requires little to no effort, but in reality, there are more complicated things that can help or interrupt our sleep. Some people may find sleeping difficult because of hormonal issues, internal deficiencies or external factors. We believe that the sleep must be restored naturally and […]

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Coffee Napping: Amp Up Your Productivity

Do you ever suffer from drowsiness especially during the afternoons? Have you ever had cause to regret not being at your best during any your daily grind because you were very drowsy? And do you ever wish that you could get rid of this problem? If so, you’re not alone. Truth is, drowsiness (especially in the […]

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The Best and Worst Bedtime Foods

I see many people who  have a strict eating program like no eating before going to bed or eating dinner at least a couple hours before sleeping. The most common fear among them is that it may disturb their sleep and may make them gain weight and stubborn belly fat. But, that’s not true. Eating before going to […]

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Is sleeping on the couch good for your health? You Must Not Be So Sure.

Maybe this scenario sounds familiar to you: You’ve settled onto your couch in front of the telly to spend a quiet Friday evening watching back-to-back reruns of your favorite show. There is salty chips and soda on the coffee table in front of you and a comfy cozy throw to keep your toes warm. As the […]

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Health Benefits of Sleep for Kids, Teens, Adults, and Seniors

The health benefits of sleep are countless. Our sleeping schedule impacts nearly every movement that we make throughout the day. Our bodies need sleep just as much as it needs water, food, and air.  Sleep plays a crucial role in promoting a long-lasting physical health, emotional well-being, and longevity. It makes sense how, after a good […]

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3 Sleeping Habits Fixes To Avoid The Dreaded Morning Back Pain

The spine is one of the most important parts of the complicated, living, machine that is our body. And yet it is one of the most abused parts. We set ourselves up for spinal misalignment, back strain, sprains and so much more with the terrible posture we have thanks to the number of hours we spend […]

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How To Train Your Body For Sleeping On Your Side

We all sleep in various positions – on the back with arms thrown to the sides, on the tummy with arms hugging the pillow, on the side with arms straight along our bodies and so on! Usually, nobody sleeps in one single position through the night – we keep turning over or changing. That’s probably why […]

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How To Sleep During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes an expecting mother, she changes a lot of things in her lifestyle. The kind of food she eats, the activities she does, even the way she sleeps. All of these changes are to ensure the health and well-being of both mommy and baby. In this article, we’re going to look at […]

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How To Stay Cool In Bed While Sleeping. Phew! Hot Summer Nights

Hoo boy! Summer is here, and how! There have been days this year when you probably felt like an egg being scrambled. And though we all spent the winter whining about how we missed the sunny days of summer, now that they’re actually here, we find they make for hot and sultry nights – not ideal […]

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