Separate a Sectional Sofa – Some Helpful Tips (2020)

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In contrary to what most people think, sectional sofas are great for small home or homes that are tight for space. You do not need to put the same set of sectional sofa together in the same room.

Flash news: you can actually separate them into different rooms. There is no need to be so uptight about having the same set of sofa together in the same room. To be fair, sometimes your guests won’t even noticed the “missing pieces”.

There are several ways where you can separate your sectional sofas – especially when you are living in a small house or apartment.

Separating the Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas come in different kinds and you can get the ones where you can just slide the sofas apart, which makes your job easy. Meanwhile, some other sofas come with pieces attach with screws or bolts.

Sectional sofa pieces that come with screws and bolts can make dismantling a bit more complicated and you will need to use a screwdriver or a wrench do dis-assemble the sections of the sofa.

When you are separating the sofa pieces by pieces, remember to slide under the sofa’s feet to prevent your floor from scratching. Alternatively, you can put an extra layer of boards underneath the sofa legs when sliding or dismantling them.

If it is a very heavy cupboard, get a friend or a relative to help you with dismantling and moving it.

Different Sections of a Sectional Sofa

Obviously a sectional sofa has several pieces and they usually come in 2 components: main sections and chaise.

Main Sections

These pieces are obviously the biggest piece in the entire set. It’s hard to miss it.

Leave large sections of the sectional sofa facing the focal point of the room. Focal points of the room are usually the television or a picture window. If you live in a colder country or region, the main focal point is sometimes the fireplace.

If your sofa has 2 long and straight sections, maybe consider facing them towards each other. Have both the joined straight sections perpendicular to the focal point, with a coffee table, or ottoman in between.

Chaise or Corner Sections

Once you are settled with the main sections, you will most likely be left with a corner section or a chaise lounge. Corner sections can be tricky at times. Sometimes it’s easy to deal with it, sometimes not.

If you have enough space in your living room, maybe have the corner section joined to the main sections. Or you can have it standalone in a corner. Some people sometimes use the corner sections to put their daily-use bags.

Alternatively, it can be used as a separate section as a “coffee time sofa”. It can be at a corner of a room, depending on how much furniture you have in the same room.

Other Ways to Utilize a Sectional Sofa

There are other ways to utilize your sectional sofa. It doesn’t necessarily need to be put in the living room.

Tea/Coffee Room Area

Assuming your place has a tea or coffee room, this will be one of the great places to put the extra pieces of your sectional sofa.

It does not matter if the extra side pieces can be used as one surrounding the coffee/tea table. If it doesn’t quite match the tea table and chair sets, it can always be utilized as a stand-in for your guests to put their bags.

Guest Rooms

Assuming you have a guest room in your house, having one piece of your sectional sofa in your guest room works, too.

To be fair, you can always put together 2 smaller pieces of your sectional sofas and turn it into a make-shift bed.

You’ll need that extra bed if you have extra guests coming over, but haven’t had enough beds for every guest.

Don’t need the extra bed? Separate the smaller pieces and turn them into standalone sofas. Put together with a coffee table and some flowers as decors, trust me, your guest room will look slightly brighter than usual.

Mix and Match

Perhaps this isn’t exactly a popular idea, but it works nevertheless. Do you perhaps have an old chaise or corner sofa lying around? And have a spare room?

If you have both available, why not dedicate that room as an extra guest lounge? And put all your extra chaise and corner sofas in there for any gatherings.

On top of that, another way for you to utilize your chaise or corner pieces is to use it as a “center piece”. Meaning to say, instead of having a tea table in between your sofas and table (or fireplace), use a corner sofa piece in place.

That way you don’t have to spend too much money on a new coffee/tea table. Save costs, and perhaps make your living room or social area a bit more interesting for your guests.


It really depends on how you utilize your sectional sofa sets. Your sectional sofa sets can be used in many ways as long as you have interesting ideas for it. It does not have to be boring, so to speak.

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