Sectional Sofas (2020): Learn About The Pros and Cons

Sectional Sofas Pros and Cons

Home furniture are not without its pros and cons, and sectional sofas are no exception to that. While there are great many uses for sectional sofas, there are also downsides to it.

Before settling for that pretty sectional sofa, here are some pros and cons for you to consider.

The Pros

Let’s start with its advantages first.

It Maximizes a Small Living Space

Ever felt like your living room or your guest room is too small to fit anymore furniture? But you still need that sofa to fit somewhere so you can entertain your guests whenever they come to visit?

Sectional sofas will work just right as you can unattached side pieces from main pieces. If you feel the extra side pieces cannot fit the living room anymore, it’s all right. You can put the side piece in a spare room or the guest room. Your guests won’t even notice the difference.

Did we mention how with the use of a sectional sofa, it frees up a lot of space for your other furniture too? Yeah, it does. As you can detach side pieces from main pieces even, that means you can fit other necessary or more important furniture.

It Can Sit a Lot of People

Sectional sofas are made to sit a lot of people. If you have quite a number of guests visiting, the sectional sofa alone can sit quite a handful. You can even sit an entire family of 5 to 7 people on it without much problems either.

It doesn’t just fit into your small living room, it also fits quite a number of people too. That can help you worry a lot less about getting the extra chairs out for your guests.

Great Configuration and Arrangement for Conversations

The way sectional sofas are made, you can sit facing your family or friends and talk with ease. You don’t need to turn your sofa or chairs around in an awkward position just to talk to several people at once.

Sectional Sofas are made to let social groups chat easier without looking or feeling awkward.

Looks Great in Your Home

A lot of modern sectional sofas are made to give your living room a comfortable yet modern look. You will have the benefit of your living room looking like a metropolitan city home, yet feel like you are on a getaway vacation.

Want to get on with the times? Get a sectional sofa, one that is made of leather. Give your home a powerful yet simple makeover with its presence.

The Cons

Although there are many advantages to sectional sofas, it has its own downside too.

Not Fitting for Every Living Space

Although it does save space for people who lives in smaller homes, it does not mean it fits into every last one of them. There are some houses or apartments that are so small a sectional sofa just won’t be able to fit. It just won’t cut it.

At the same time we should mention that when you move houses, sectional sofas can be a bit of a hassle when moving. Consider how you will be moving several sofa pieces at a time. Not just that. If you have a sectional sofa that is attached with bolt and nuts, dismantling it will take a lot more time and energy.

Difficult to Move

Considering how sectional sofas come with several pieces, which means you have a lot of pieces to pack up when you move. That can be very tiring having to be very careful when packing.

Not forgetting to mention, there are several kinds of sectionals where it isn’t foldable. So that means when you want to rotate it around angular spaces, it will be quite difficult. Similarly, when you want to move it through tight spaces, you will find a lot of difficulties in trying to squeeze it through.

Obstructing Entryways

As much as we hate to say it, sectionals can obstruct entryways to your home. Sometimes the sectionals have way too much pieces or is way too big. When you place it in your room, it may block the doors or the windows.

With that being said, we will also like to mention how it does not just obstruct entryways but it’s also not fitting for certain kinds of homes. By that we meant not every space have the appropriate shape for a sectional.

So, if you have a home with a really specialized angle (eg: round shaped living room) then you will have a more difficult time planning out where to place your sectional.


Having mentioned all of that, we can say that having a sectional sofa is only a great idea when your home is tight for space. That and the fact that if you are hosting parties, then a sectional is a good place to seat friends for a social night.

However, the downside is mostly on the logistics part. Sectional sofas are not known to be the friendliest in terms of moving. At the same time, it is not a good option for homes with really intimate spaces.

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