Sectional Sofas: Understanding The Cost Behind The Convenience

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Sectional sofas come in several price points. It can be charged differently depending on several criteria. Different criteria can contribute to different price points of the sectional sofa.

Here are some of the criteria you should take into consideration


Find out all about what contributes to the different price points here.

The material it is made of

The sectional sofa’s material is a dead giveaway to how expensive it can be.

Obviously the more rare the material is, the more expensive the sectional sofa will be. You will pay more for items made from limited or hard to obtained resources. It’s meant to exotify your home if we can put it that way.

The number of pieces the sectional sofa have

You’d be surprised how the number of pieces the sectional sofa has can affect the price point. We will make it very plain and obvious here. The more pieces there are in a sectional sofa, the more expensive it will get.

The less pieces the sectional sofa has, of course it will cost less. It really depends on whether if you really need that many pieces in a sectional sofa. That, and the fact that whether if your home has room for that many sofas.

The number of sectional sofa sets that are being produced

This can mean whether if the sectional sofa is a limited edition sofa or not. For obvious reasons, the less sectional sofa sets that are made the more expensive it will get. The more common it is, the price tag will be comparatively less.

The Pricing

Before we get started, we have to let you know that this is not an authoritative guide. This piece is meant to let you know approximately how much sectional sofas cost, and what to expect from each price points.

It all boils down to whether you really need that many sofa pieces in your home. And whether if your home can house that many sofas at once.

The High

Pricing: $10,000 and above

Sofas that cost more than $10,000 are usually limited edition sofas. Even when they are sectional sofas.

Sectional sofas that cost this much are usually the kinds that are made out of high grade material – leather, high grade polyester and nylon, exotic wood, high grade metals, and so on.

Besides the material it is made out of, the other reason that warrants such price point is the craftsmanship. Usually sectional sofas that are made solely by hands are the more expensive ones, as it takes a lot of effort and time for the craftsman to build it.

The only other reason why we can think of for such expensive price tag is the fact that the sectional sofa has some kind of significant value. It can be because it once belonged to someone famous (a political leader, a celebrity, etc.). Or it can be due to the fact that it is the last of its kind available – and you will never be able to find 2nd piece exactly like that.

The Middle

Pricing: $2500 to $9999

The middle price point is anywhere from $2500 to $9999. This far and wide reaching price point is the way it is because most of the sectional sofas are produced in semi-bulk. You can see most of these kinds of sectional sofas in upscale home furniture stores.

At the same time, we should also mention that the sofas that often fetch this kind of price is because they may be custom-made. Custom-made sofas (or custom-made any other items) takes slightly more time and effort to produce. You will be paying for the extra time, effort, and material put into the extra customization.

Not forgetting to mention, a lot of times those kinds of sectional sofas are found is middle class families. Consider it some kind of “family heirloom” if you may. What more if it has some kind of special features it will definitely cost more.

And yes, the material it is made of counts too. As mentioned previously, the quality of the material contributes to the hefty price tag. Usually leather and other exotic material will make the sectional sofa cost more.

The Regular

Pricing: less than $2500

Anything that cost less than $2500 are usually considered regular priced. Most people can afford this range of sectional sofa as manufacturers produce them in bulk. At the same time we should mention how this price range is usually the go-to price range of new families or new couples who do not have that much to spend.

Sectional sofas in this price range are usually made of readily-available material – polyester and nylon mix, pleather, wool, cotton, etc. Or material that are “not of pure material”. Like a leather sofa may not necessarily be real leather. It can be a mix of leather and plastic (pleather).


Then again, we should reiterate that it all comes down to your budget and if you really need that many pieces in a sectional sofa. At the same time, if you feel paying 5 digits for a sectional sofa is totally worth the glam, I guess that works for your pretty home too.

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