Sealy Mattress Reviews 2020 – Checking Out Sealy Posturepedic Technology

Choosing the right mattress for your bed can be a very personal thing. Most of what makes a ‘good’ mattress depends on your sleep preferences and the choices are definitely going to vary from one person to another. What comes across as a highly comforting sleeping experience to some can be a pain in the back to others.

While choosing the right mattress for your bed from the best mattress brands available in the market might be what many has done and are still intending to do in the future, it is always a good idea to list down your comfort priorities and preferences before you begin exploring the available choices. Factors such as comfort, ergonomics, support, construction and size are factors that you should focus on in order to narrow down your choices more effectively.

There is a wide variety of mattresses you can pick from such as foldable mattresses, memory foam mattresses, queen size mattresses or even king size mattresses

Choosing a good brand helps to ensure quality, durability and helpful warranty coverage. I will now go ahead to explore one of America’s leading mattress brands with information on Sealy’s top mattresses to guide you in choosing the right mattress for your bed.

Where it all started

Founded by Daniel Haynes in 1881, Sealy has an extensive history, starting with Haynes patenting an invention to compress cotton into the shape of a mattress in 1889. Haynes then sold the patent to other manufacturers in the mattress industry to produce beds. Any bed built with Haynes’ machine was referred to as a “Mattress from Sealy”.

In 1906, Haynes passed the torch to advertising guru Earl Edwards in hopes that he would expand the Sealy brand to the national market. Sealy had 28 licensed patents and had established itself as the first mattress company to expand through a licensing program, rather than manufacturing.

The Great Depression came and went in the 30s, and though Sealy survived the tough times, they still took a major hit, which resulted in them being sold to a larger mattress company a few years down the road – Ohio Mattress. In the 90s, Ohio Mattress changed their name to Sealy Inc and moved their headquarters to High Point, North Carolina. Then in 2012, Tempur-Pedic International purchased Sealy for $1.3 billion.

Today, Sealy is still owned and operated by Tempur-Pedic International, which as you can guess, owns the Tempur-Pedic mattress brand too. Now, Sealy operates under 3 subsidiary brands: Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Bassett. Today, we will be focusing solely on the Sealy Brand.

What makes Sealy stand out ?

Sealy mattresses all feature orthopedically correct design, therefore this ensures maximum comfort, repair and relaxation to the body. All Sealy beds are backed with a 10 year guarantee and are handcrafted in 1 of 5 Australian manufacturing facilities

With a reputation of being Australia’s most trusted bedding for over many years, this trusted brand is made with quality and durability in mind, and is designed to last you for many years. Decades of research and development at Sealy’s NATA accredited Research and Development Centre have ensured that Sealy maintains at the top of its game. Every Sealy mattress at its heart features sealy’s unique patented technology developed over years of research and this always ensures perfection to every user.

With each component of the mattress being subjected to simulated fatigue, time and wear testing, these mattresses come with optimal performance. Every unit of the mattress from the foam to the castors in the base are checked for functionality and durability which adheres to stringent quality standards. Sealy’s innovation and quality has led them to be proud recipients of the 2017 Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” award for mattress brands.

Canstar Blue reviewing mattress brands based on factors like comfort, durability, support, quality of sleep, value for money and overall customer satisfaction, Sealy emerged as a 5 star rated top performer with an award for “Best in Overall Customer Satisfaction”. Also, their Posturepedic product line has won the title of “The Most Trusted Brand” under Trusted Brands Australia 2017 awards in the mattresses category.

Posturepedic technology

Sealy’s flagship brand sealy Posturepedic is and has been the number 1 selling premium bedding brand in Australia for several years until today. With environmental sustainability always on its priority, the brand always strive to achieve a balance between sustainability, quality, durability and performance. With over 90% of the materials in a Sealy Posturepedic bed being recyclable, this brand contributes immensely to sustainability and environment.

Posturepedic technology is targeted support right where you need it. This technology was developed with the help of orthopedic specialists to provide reinforced support where a sleeper needs it most. Out of the realization that 50% of a person’s body rests in the middle while sleeping, Posturepedic Technology was engineered to reinforce the center to support the back and core of the body.
Posturepedic technology focuses on the heaviest part of your body to deliver reinforced support so that your body stays level while you sleep. The reinforced center evenly keeps you supported for a better night’s sleep.

Sealy’s standards in durability and comfort

All of Sealy mattresses are built in the USA and their focus is on durability besides comfort. The mattresses are rigorously tested for quality, comfort, and support. Sealy’s quality comfort materials determine the feel of the mattress and how long it will retain its showroom comfort, but the quality and durability found in Sealy mattresses goes deeper than just the comfort materials.

The foundations in Sealy sleep sets contain steel modules and a solid steel spine for increased support and durability. Its modules are silent, working to absorb the weight and motion without squeaking or rattling. Together, Sealy mattresses and foundations are geared to provide years of restful sleep.

3 Sealy Lines

Sealy’s three lines of mattresses are designed to give you targeted support you need with the feel you prefer, it doesn’t matter which position you sleep. Every line is available with their exclusive Posturepedic Technology.
The three lines of mattresses by Sealy are the Sealy Response Line (Sealy innerspring line), Sealy Conform Line (Sealy memory foam line) and the Sealy Hybrid Line (half spring half memory foam).
Before you start exploring the different options available, it is always good to do some research beforehand. Measure your current mattress, take down your room’s dimensions and get yourself familiarized with the different types of mattresses available – innerspring, memory foam and hybrid.

The Response Line (Innerspring mattress)

Sealy’s Response line features the traditional, but evergreen innerspring mattresses. These beds, like other Sealy mattresses provide great support with on the top cushion comfort. The Sealy Response mattresses hold, support and facilitate easy movement in and out of bed and were designed for people who prefer a more familiar mattress feel. With the exclusive Response Coil system, these mattresses provide the perfect balance of comfort and deep down support.

In the Response line, many models offer individually wrapped and cased coils, with each coil moving independently for targeted support and reduced motion transfer. Sealy cushion foam is used on the top layers of the mattress in a range of fills from firm to ultra-soft. Also, a reinforced edge and a more usable sleep surface ensures good comfort and ergonomics. The exclusive posturepedic technology targets the heaviest parts of your body with reinforced support. It also reinforces the middle region of the mattress for enhanced support and durability.

The Response Line is available in three quality levels, namely Essential, Performance, and Premium. The Essential level uses standard support while the Performance and Premium levels use Posturepedic Technology and they cost more.
Sealy innerspring mattress has precisely-engineered coils to provide as good of a sleep as possible. Advanced, precisely-engineered coil systems are used to promote proper alignment while providing a “sleep-on-top” feeling. The Posturepedic technology provides stable, all-around support, with reinforced support under the heaviest part of the body.

With the Sealy Response line offering innerspring mattresses over a wide price range, finding the right one for your budget should be rather easy.

Comparing the 3 innerspring collections

Although there are many common features among the Essentials, Performance, and Premium lines collections, their differences are significant enough to have a major impact on their respective performance and durability which justifies the difference in price.


The Sealy innerspring mattresses all employ the same mechanism for providing support, starting with a base of coils with foam layers on top. None of the mattresses in the Response Line provide extensive contouring like provided in memory foam mattresses.

The essentials have the most basic foam and coils and is least likely to be responsive to a customer’s weight and sleeping position. The Performance and Premium Lines offer more response and support because of the additional foam and with pocketed coils.


The durability of the Sealy innerspring models is a mixed bag. The Essentials, again has the basic quality materials, basic-average durability. The Performance line does not stand out for durability either, but the premium mattress has an above average rating in terms of durability.


The Essentials and Performance lines are available in three firmness options:Plush, which measures 3-4 on the firmness scale, Cushion Firm measures 5, and Firm measures 6-7 on the firmness scale. The Premium line is available in Plush 3-4, Cushion Firm 5, and Ultra Firm which measures 7-8 on the firmness scale.

Motion transfer

Motion Transfer is the most noticeable on the Essentials collection line because they do not have individually-encased coils. None of the innerspring mattress collection has the type of contouring properties that most dramatically isolate motion unlike the higher end Comfort Line and Hybrid line.

Sleeping heat

Sealy innerspring mattresses do not have serious issues with sleeping heat, but it is important to note before purchasing a plush Sealy Mattress that the risk of sleeping hot may be higher on more plush mattress models that permit greater levels of sinking into the top layer.

The Conform Line (Memory Foam Mattress)

The Sealy line of memory foam mattresses, like the Sealy Response Line, the Sealy Conform Line is also available in three levels. The Conform Line Memory Foam Mattress is a body-hugging line of mattresses, uses all types of foams, as well as the option of Sealy’s Posturepedic technology to provide support and comfort tailored to your body.

Due to the use of all foams in mattresses of the Conform Line, these mattresses offer custom full body support and conforming comfort for enhanced rest and relaxation. Memory foam mattresses hug your body and provide you personalized conforming comfort.

The Conform Line mattresses by Sealy use a combination of Sealy’s highly engineered advanced foam, memory foam and gel foam. Sealy comfort sense and Sealy cool gel memory foam is used in the top layers of the mattress. Other important features of the Memory foam mattresses include climate control and the exclusive posturepedic technology which provides your body enhanced support where it is needed the most.

Climate control helps promote a more consistent sleep temperature and helps to improve your overall experience when sleeping on a Sealy mattress. Every Sealy Comform mattress delivers the personalized support of layers of foam for enveloping comfort for a relaxing good night sleep.

The Sealy line of memory foam mattresses, like the Sealy Response Line is also available in three variens, the Essential, Performance and Premium lines.

Differences in Conform Collections

The Sealy Premium Collection

is at the top with a soft-to-the-touch cover, advanced chilling gel memory foam, and a reinforced edge support system.

The Conform Performance Collection

ranks in the middle is similar but without the soft or cool to touch cover and reinforced edge.

The Conform Essential Collection

is the entry level, has a more basic stretchable cover and doesn’t have Sealy Chill Memory Foam like the other two collections. All the Sealy Conform mattresses have Sealy ComfortSense memory foam among the top layer and Sealy Support Gel Foam in the base layer.

Basically, the Sealy Conform Essential Collection is a gel memory foam mattress,the Performance Collection adds an extra cooling Chill Memory Foam, and the Premium Collection adds a Cool-to-the-touch cover and a reinforced edge.The range of Sealy Conform mattresses offers a trade-off of features for the cost. All the beds include gel memory foam so even the Sealy Conform Essential Collection is a decent mattress.

Sealy’s Conform Line Layers

Chill Cooling Technology

It is used in the quilted covers of the Premium collection, as well as on the Gel Memory Foam in the Premium and Performance collection line of Sealy Conform mattresses. It is a phase change material; therefore, it regulates temperature by how it changes its physical state to absorb or release heat.

Moisture Protect

Moisture Protect regulates moisture by wicking it and transporting it to where it can evaporate. This also contributes to temperature control because warmth stimulates perspiration, and evaporation cools.

Comfort sense gel foam

Is the latest innovation in gel memory foam, designed to respond to your body’s unique shape for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Sealy support gel based foam

This is a high-density foam core with gel, It provides conforming back support and lasting durability.

Ultra stretch comfort loft cover with chill

This is top-of-line-cover available on the Premium line models. The cover is super-stretchable, mid-loft knit fabric designed to give the mattress top layer that better conforms to the body. It’s also soft to the touch and promotes cooler, more comfortable sleep.

The Hybrid Line(Hybrid Mattress)

The Sealy Hybrid line combines the best balance of spring and foam to give your body the ultimate rest and comfort it craves for. These mattresses use coils underneath with the personalised comfort of Sealy’s highly engineered memory foam on top. The hybrid line was designed for people preferring a more stable, supportive feel with a touch of conforming cushion comfort.

Extra features like ultra stretch covers to help conform to your unique body shape are also part of the Hybrid line. Every Sealy hybrid model delivers the stable support of coils with the conforming comfort of foam for balanced comfort.

Posturepedic Technology is exclusive to this mattress delivering reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body with 20% more coils and also provides the “sleep-on-top” feeling and comfort you expect from innerspring.

Sealy Hybrid mattresses also come in three line of collections: Sealy Hybrid Essential, Sealy Hybrid Performance, and Sealy Hybrid Premium collections.

Hybrid Essential Line

has a typical hybrid construction without the zoned coil support, memory foam or cooling cover found in the Performance and Premium collections.

Sealy Hybrid Performance 

and the Hybrid Premium marked a serious commitment to make a competitive Hybrid mattress, and they’ve been popular since their arrival.The Hybrid Performance and Premium collections have Posturepedic zoned coil technology for better support for the heavier parts of the body.These two also feature cooling memory foam and the premium collection adds a cooling fabric layer, a layer you can feel is actually cool to the touch.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium Line

is a 14.5’’ profile of two layers: one of which is the memory foam and the other is the pocketed coil. The materials in this mattress are more advanced than in the Hybrid Essentials with extra cooling in the memory foam and added Posturepedic Technology in the support coils.
While Essential Hybrid is only available in Firm, the Premium Hybrid is available in Plush, Ultra Plush and Firm.

Hybrid line cover

The cover is made up of the brand’s ChillTech UltraStretch material. It is soft and cool to the touch. The fabric has a knit quality to it, which makes for a cozy feel for some immediate comfort.

Hybrid line comfort cover

Next to the cover is the Comfort Layer; has a thick layer of advanced memory foam. This offers deep body contouring and pressure relief.

The foam is denser and allows you to sink into the material for a snug feel. This intense sinkage would normally lead to overheating, but Sealy mitigated this with a gel infusion that helps to keep things cool throughout the night.

Hybrid line support layer

Directly below the Comfort Layer is the Support Layer of pocketed coil system which adds a bouncy support to the structure. The Support Layer is also outfitted with a special section of zoned support at the lumbar region that also includes Posturepedic Technology, therefore providing optimal pressure relief along the spine when sleeping.

Firmness ?

When you apply a light hand pressure to the mattress you find you immediately interact with the gentle memory foam comfort layer. You sink into this section with ease and the material is contoured pleasantly around for a person’s body. Pushing in further you encounter the pocketed coils which lift you up and out of the structure which puts this mattress “medium firm”.

Pressure map

Lying on the back, your weight is evenly distributed across the surface of the mattress. You can feel yourself sinking into the memory foam comfort layer, with the material doing an excellent job of filling in space at your lumbar region.

When you move as close to the side of the bed, you feel secured because the extra edge support coils maximize the usable surface area of the mattress, so you can sleep comfortably all the way to the side
Now that you have an idea about the different types of mattresses by Sealy that’s available, let’s look at the top 5 rated Sealy Mattresses to help narrow down your search for a good night’s sleep.

Top 5 Sealy Mattresses

1. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premium Silver Chill 14 Inch Plush Cooling Mattress, King


2-inch Immersion Advanced Cooling Memory Foam with Chill, 1.5-inch ComfortSense Foam, 1-inch SealySupport Extra Soft Foam pillow top and Response Pro HD Zoned Coil System.

This Sealy Hybrid Premium mattress features a 14-inch profile of two layers, one of which is the memory foam and the other is the layer of pocketed coils. As you can see the materials are more advanced with extra cooling in the memory foam and added Posturepedic Technology in the support of the coils. By applying light hand pressure to the mattress you find you are immediately interacting with the gentle memory foam comfort layer.

Support and Comfort

With extra gel memory foam at the top of Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premium Silver Plush mattress, it creates a very soft and comfortable sleeping surface that contours your body and provides you with the support that you deserve. Moreover, the Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Plush mattress has 5-inch of comfort material at the top of the mattress to provide greater comfort.

Out of the 14-inch mattress height, you will feel it when you lay down on your side, the mattress seems to hug your body and welcome you into your new sleeping position, which makes the 14-inch Silver Plush is an all-round comfortable mattress. Since there is gel memory foam in the top layer of the mattress, you can feel it come up to meet your lower back and gradually conform to your body so it provides all the comfort and support you need.

Sealy Plush Silver Premium is called a Hybrid because of top of the line body contouring support and comfort without any of the drawbacks that typical mattresses have. Gel memory foam provides a very good body contouring comfort, while underneath the individually encased coils provide incredible body contouring support that caters to any person’s unique shape.

By applying light hand pressure to the mattress, you will find yourself immediately interacting with the gentle memory foam comfort layer. You will sink in with ease and the material contours pleasantly around your hand. As you push in further, you will encounter pocketed coils, which lift you up and out of the structure. The pocketed coils do a great job of supporting the sleeper even as he/she sinks through the comfort layer.

Sleeping cool

Hybrids generally sleep cool,plus this bed uses the Sealy cooling technology to provide a cooler sleep. Sealy Chill Technology is included in both the cover and on the sleep surface of advanced memory foam that’s cool to the touch. This is called DuoChill Cooling System for two times the cool-to-the-touch comfort.

This mattress has side panels that use a breathable border fabric that allows more airflow to help keep you more comfortable during the night. Cooling Gel Memory foam is infused with cooling material that keeps you comfortable throughout the night, no more sweaty backs in the morning with this one !

2. Sealy Conform Performance 11.5 Inch Cushion Firm Mattress, Queen


The top is Stretch Knit Cover followed by a layer of Sealy Chill Gel Memory foam and a bottom layer of 1.5-inch ComfortSense memory foam. The support core is made from 8-inch SealySupport Gel polyfoam.
The ComfortSense foam is a conforming gel memory foam with Sealy’s advanced cool-to-the-touch Chill Cooling Technology added to the surface. The SealySupport foam provides a durable base for the mattress to prevent sagging. The Stretch Knit cover provides added comfort.

Support and Comfort

Sealy Conform Performance 11.5-Inch Cushion Firm Mattress provides a good balance of sink in feel and support, this memory foam mattress is boosted by the contouring effect of memory foam to provide greater support. By responding in proportion to the weight and pressure that is applied, memory foam helps to offer support where it is needed, this contributes significantly to help the spine in alignment, aligning it properly reducing the risk of back pain.

Many other mattresses with thin or basic memory foam comfort layers are not able to provide this kind of support. Mainly because such a foam is not strong enough to adequately conform the pressure, therefore it is not ideal for people who weigh more than 230 pounds or who have very pronounced pressure points.

This memory foam mattress provides conforming support for every part of your body attributed to its use of a combination of foam, memory foam, and advanced gel foam to provide body-hugging comfort feel and the cushioning support needed.
As you can see Sealy Conform Performance Cushion Firm mattress uses several variations of foam. The zoned support creates a reinforced cent that supports the heaviest part of the body while the Sealy ComfortSense Foam layer is positioned in the middle. Furthermore, ComfortSense is the latest innovative gel memory foam designed to respond to your body’s unique size and shape.

Just to add, a reinforced edge creates durable support if you are sitting on the side of the bed and also extends the sleeping surface. The result of all these layers is quality and comfort you are accustomed to finding from Sealy.

Sleeping cool

Sealy Conform Performance 11.5-Inch Cushion Firm mattress has cooling gel to both the memory foam comfort layer of the mattress and the base support layer. This gives the mattress a good cooling feature. The contouring effect of memory foam can cause a person to sink deeply into the mattress, which can limit airflow around the body causing the mattress itself to retain heat, infusing the foam with gel is one way of trying to prevent heat retention.

The Ultra-Stretch Comfort Cover with MoistureProtect is designed to draw moisture away from the body during the night, which helps to keep you comfortable when sleeping with the Sealy Conform Performance 11.5 Inch Cushion Firm mattress.
The cover mid-loft fabric is integrated with Chill Cooling Technology to help keep you cooler throughout the night. Also, the Sealy Chill Gel memory foam is placed right underneath the fabric cover which employs advanced cool-to-the-touch technology.

3. Sealy Response Performance 14 Inch Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop Mattress, Queen


The top features a Stretch Knit Cover, followed by 1-inch of SealyCushion extra foam and 1-inch of SealySupport foam pillow top coupled with the Response Pro Encased Coil System. Sealy Response Pro Encased Coil System employs barrel-shaped coils to give you the right support where it matters the most.

The coils are encased, allowing each of them to move independently for more accurate support and reduced transfer of motion so you are not disturbed in sleep.

Support and Comfort

This Sealy Response Performance Cushion Firm mattress has a nice comfort feel that strikes a delicate balance between firm support and soft comfort. Even though this mattress is termed as a cushion firm, it really feels like it’s medium as far as firmness perhaps due to its pillow top. Another nice feature worth mentioning is that Sealy also includes memory foam in the lumbar area to provide more support where it’s needed.

With the conforming memory foam, the Sealy Response Performance 14-Inch Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top mattress allows you to sleep comfortably every night for 10 years since it comes with a 10 year warranty. The Edge System is a high-density border surrounding the mattress and gives you more sleeping surface and prevents the mattress from extreme sinking when pressure is applied to the sides.

Posturepedic technology provides reinforced support under the heaviest part of the body, for even more support where it’s needed most, the SealySupport Foam layer helps the mattress achieve a solid underlying feel, and it works along with the Posturepedic Technology SealyCool Gel Memory Foam in the center third to deliver greater support to the lower back.

Sleeping cool and Durability

Like the Sealy Response Essential, this mattress also sleeps cool attributed to its coil system and also uses the cooling gel memory foam to improve on that. ComfortLoft Cover with MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect is a durable knit breathable fabric designed to wick away moisture and help keep you comfortably cool as you rest; provides comfort and soft feel next to the body.

Performance enhancement has been achieved in the cover fabric to draw moisture away from the body during the night, this helps to keep the body more comfortable and protects the mattress from common allergens, such as dust mites.

4. Sealy Response Essentials 11 Inch Cushion Firm Tight Top Mattress, Queen

Sealy Response Essentials focuses on affordable prices, offering value on the quality comfort you would expect from Sealy. It utilizes tried-and-true innerspring systems to deliver comfort and support.


Sealy Response Essentials 11-Inch Cushion Firm Tight mattress delivers beyond the basic, providing quality support and comfort at an affordable price. On the top it features a Stretch Knit Cover, followed by 2-inches of SealySupport Firm Foam for comfort and 2-inches of SealyCushion Air Foam formed with peaks and valleys to allow airflow. Furthermore, it features the Response Coil System for support with SolidEdge HD System foam to offer greater edge support.


Sealy’s response line features the conventional, but evergreen innerspring mattresses offering quality support with on-the-top cushion comfort. This mattress holds, supports and facilitates easy movement in and out of bed and was designed for people who prefer a more familiar mattress feel.

Consisting of three layers, Sealy Response Essentials Cushion Firm mattress provides a good firm support for those that prefer a firm mattress. With that said, it may not be for everyone because it lacks a specialty foam like memory foam or latex which means no contouring. In this case, side sleepers may experience pressure discomfort or sometimes pain.

The Response Line mattress includes individually wrapped and cased coils, with each coil moving independently for targeted support and reduced motion transfer. Sealy cushion foam is used on the top layer of the mattress for softness. The 638 coils for the mattress and the exclusive response coil system provides a good balance of comfort and deep-down support for superior nights rest. Moreover, SealySupport firm foam provides comfort and is a quality firmer foam for a more supportive feel.

Basically, this is a medium firm mattress, focusing more on body contouring and pressure relief. This mattress is a great choice for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers, while some side sleepers might not find this mattress the best for them.

Sleeping cool at this budget ?

This is an innerspring mattress and generally, innerspring mattresses sleep cool. In this case, Sealy also uses 2-inches of SealyCushion Air Foam formed with peaks and valleys to allow air flow which creates coolness. In addition, innerspring mattresses tend to retain less body heat than other mattress types and will sleep cooler as a result, so there is no need to worry about sleeping hot with this one.

5. Sealy Conform Essentials 10.5 Inch Cushion Firm Mattress, King


This 10.5 inch cushion firm mattress features an Ultra-Stretch ComfortLoft Cover of super-stretchable mid-loft knit fabric which allows the top layer of the mattress to better conform to the body. The mattress comes with 2 inch Sealy ComfortSense Gel Memory Foam as well as an 8-inch SealySupport Gel Base Foam to provide extra comfort and cooling to the body.
Along with that, the mattress comes with a special design to work well with adjustable bases.With dimensions of 80 x 72 x 10.5 inches and a weight of 62 pounds, this king size mattress looks great, is lightweight and has a nice tight and firm feel.


With the super stretchable Ultra-Stretch ComfortLoft Cover, the top layer of the mattress with memory foam conforms to your body shape. Moreover, this mattress comes with the unique gel based foam which provides great temperature control. This mattress also features the exclusive Posturepedic technology to help provide the right overall support and reinforced support to heavier parts of your body so that you won’t sink in too much while sleeping on this mattress.
You might find it rather easy to sink in and notice that the material contours pleasantly around your hand. Pushing in further you will encounter the pocketed coils which lifts you up and out of the structure. The pocketed coils do a great job of supporting the sleeper even as he/she sinks through the comfort layer. With such a construction, you can expect to have a very pleasant soft feeling while lying on this beauty.

Durability and Hygiene

Made in USA, this is a lightweight, well-made and well-packaged mattress that comes with a warranty of 10 years. While this mattress is quite solid, it is also very soft. Embracing you, supporting you, yet solid enough not to pull you in, this mattress is high quality, and extremely comforting. With foams used in the Sealy Conform Essentials Collection CertiPUR-US certified, this mattress conforms to the highest standards of health and hygiene. Being mentioned in the list, you can expect top quality covers and temperature controls from this mattress, no more sweaty backs in the morning with this one. Another excellent feature of this mattress is that it provides you with great comfort and support like no other mattress, so pick this cloud that hugs you in just the right places, and keeps you cool throughout the night !


How to tell if i need a new mattress ?

You bought your current mattress over eight years ago. The average lifespan of a quality mattress is eight to ten years, any mattresses older than that suffer from deteriorating comfort features and diminished support capabilities. If you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep, it is a good indication for you to get a new mattress.
Most consumers wait too long to replace their mattresses. If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—or if you feel any pain or discomfort—you’ve definitely waited too long.
And if your couch feels more comfortable than your bed, don’t wait any longer !

How much should you spend on your new mattress ?

Mattress prices range greatly, from about $299 to over $5000 for a queen set. A good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make, so buy the best mattress you can afford. Keep in mind that most of us spend as much as one-third of our time in bed. Your investment will cost just pennies per night over the next ten years! In fact, a $1000 Sealy Posturepedic® sleep set costs about 27 cents per night (based on a ten-year life).

Can my child use my old mattress ?

Children should have a comfortable, supportive mattress to get the deep restorative sleep their bodies need to grow. If your old sleep set was uncomfortable and lacked support, then it probably won’t help your kids get a good night’s sleep either.

Does a hard mattress mean that it’s good for your back ?

No! Sealy Posturepedic sleep sets offer correct support regardless of comfort level or price. Whether your Sealy Posturepedic is soft or hard, it will give you the same correct back support you need.

What are the dimensions for traditional bedding ?

These are standard finished product sizes. Actual size may vary by model, generally within a range up to 1 inch.

King: 76″ x 79”
Queen: 60″ x 79″
Full: 53″ x 74″
Twin: 38″ x 74″
*Dimensions of each individual mattress may vary.

How and why should you rotate your mattress ?

It is recommended that you rotate your Sealy mattress on a regular basis to refresh its comfort. Mattresses contain many layers of upholstery padding to increase their comfort life and support performance. Body indentations can be a normal occurrence in new mattresses, and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to a person’s individual body contours. To help minimize body impressions, mattresses should be turned occasionally throughout their life.

How do you clean your mattress ?

No ! Sealy Posturepedic sleep sets offer correct support regardless of comfort level or price. Whether your Sealy Posturepedic is soft or hard, it will give you the same correct back support you need.

Can you return your mattress ?

Sealy is always passionate about delivering your best night’s sleep. That’s why they are dedicated to producing quality products—through premium materials, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship. They always stand behind the quality of our products, so you can buy direct from them with confidence.
They believe you’ll fall in love with your mattress and want you to be confident, so they offer a 100-Night trial period. Try it for 30 nights, and if (during the first 100 nights) you don’t love your new mattress, call Sealy and they will work with you to address your concerns. If they can’t find a way to make you happy, they will take the mattress back, and refund your money as mentioned in Sealy’s official website.

100 night trial ?

100 nights to win you over.

Sealy wants to be sure you love your new Sealy mattress so they give you 100 nights to test it out by sleeping on it. During that time, if you decide you’re not in love, they will let you break up with them—and they won’t pressure you. Sealy wants you to love your bed, but if you don’t, they even make the return simple.

How long is the warranty on Sealy’s mattresses ?

The Sealy Conform Essentials 8” mattress has a 5 year full-replacement limited warranty, and the 10” and 12” beds have a 10 year warranty.

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