Rollaway Beds in 2021: How to Make it Comfortable

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People often think that rollaway or foldable beds are uncomfortable. It does not have to be although it does look like it’s uncomfortable to sleep on.

You can turn uncomfortable rollaway beds into a myth if you know how to utilize it to your advantage. One uncomfortable rollaway bed you have slept on does not mean every last one of them are uncomfortable.

We have some suggestions to how you can turn an uncomfortable rollaway bed into one that is comfortable. After all, it’s not like a rollaway beds stay uncomfortable all the time.

How to Make Rollaway Beds Comfortable

Find out more from the ideas below!

The Material Matters

As trivial as it sounds, the material of the rollaway bed frame matters. We’d say usually wooden framed ones are usually more comfortable as it absorbs pressure better. Traditionally, wooden foldaway beds are usually “built-in beds”. Meaning to say, they come with the house, attached to the bedrooms or wherever.

Contrary to what most people think about wooden furniture and how it rots faster and attract termites, it does not. It will not rot or attract termites if you take care of your wooden furniture well, and that includes a wooden bedframe. What more, wooden furniture does give your home a classical and rustic look too.

The only down-side to a wooden roll-away bedframe is that it is harder to repair once you bent it out of shape. As a matter of fact, you will most likely not “bend it out of shape”, but rather completely broke it. Since wood isn’t as sustainable as metal ones.

Our other recommendation is having rollaway bed frames made out of metal. For obvious reasons, metal can (and will) last longer than its wooden counterparts. At the same time, it is easier to clean it too.

Recommending the metal rollaway bedframe basically means that it is easier to keep. It’s easier to keep in a sense that all you need to do is to give the foldable bedframe a quick rub-down with a damp cloth.

We should say that the metal rollaway bedframe is one of the most common bedframe material you can find. It was stereotypically meant to be more durable (which is right most of the time) and lasts longer.

The Mattress Choices

The other way to make your foldable beds comfortable is choosing the right mattress for it. A thinner mattress will most likely make you feel the springs on the foldable frame. To counter this problem, get a mattress that is thicker.

You may think a thicker mattress may collapse or break the foldable bed. It will not if your foldable bed is made with sturdy material.

If that does not convince you, maybe put several layers of thinner mattresses together on top of each other. Then place it on your foldable bed. That is another way of not putting more pressure on your foldable bed.

There are other ways a foldable bed can break, but that is for another topic for another time.

The Use of Box Springs

This may not be a popular suggestion but it works. Your other alternative to make your foldable bed more comfortable is to put a box spring on top of your foldable bed.

There are box springs that can be folded. Some even come together with your foldable bed as a set!

The extra layer of box spring can make all the differences in your sleeping habits. Having a box spring alleviates the height of your bed. It helps with making your sleep more comfortable, even less stuffy than you can imagine.

Get a box spring. Sometimes it’s all that you need for a good sleeping experience.

Your Sleeping Positions

We’d say your sleeping position does contribute to how comfortable your sleep is. Even if it’s on a foldable bed. Couple that with the right mattress, we can guarantee that your sleeping experience will improve significantly.

Although it’s true that a foldable bed is just what it is – a foldable bed. Some people may say “not all beds are not made equally”. Though that may be true, that does not mean you can’t use it to your advantage.

Sleeping positions is one of them. Remember that there are mattresses made for all kinds of sleepers. Mattresses made for side sleepers, back sleepers, belly/stomach sleepers, etc. Get yourself the right kind of mattress that fits your sleeping position, and have that complement your foldable bed.

As the popular saying goes: modern problems require modern solutions. See yourself out with the best mattress-foldable bed combination.


Just because someone said foldable beds are uncomfortable does not mean it is to be avoided at all cost. It’s the way you utilize your foldable bed and turn it into one that is very comfortable.

Not all beds are made equal, but it does not mean it should be left to rot. Take one out of your creativity and make it work.

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