Organic Wool Duvets Buying Guide


People use all kinds of material to make duvets but wool stands out because it is such a versatile fiber. Wool is warm. But it also possesses internal ventilation systems that will enable a wool duvet to keep you cool on hot nights.

The breathability of the material is augmented by its moisture-wicking abilities which are
designed to keep you perfectly dry throughout the night. Most duvets are only concerned
with keeping you warm.

Wool duvets aim to deliver comfort in all situations.

How to Choose Organic Wool Duvets?

Wool is the perfect material for duvets. But wool duvets are not all the same. If you want
to receive all the benefits that a wool duvet has to offer, you need to select the right duvet
for your needs.

If you don’t know where to start, try keeping these factors in mind:

1). Organic Wool

All wool duvets are expected to have wool filling. However, if you want to ensure that
the duvet you purchase stands the test of time, try to prioritize products with organic

The wool you find in duvets is not always organic. Some duvets are filled with a blend of
organic wool and synthetic substances. Visit to get best organic wool
duvets. You will also find wool duvets whose wool is wholly synthetic.

Organic wool is the only way to go. Not only is it warmer and more hypoallergenic but it
is environmentally friendly. Wool duvets whose filling constitutes synthetic substances
will expose you to health risks because their structures include chemical components.

Do not let a ‘wool’ tag fool you. Take a moment to determine whether or not the duvet
you want has organic wool.

2). Washing

So many manufacturers wash their organic wool once. Industry standards do not compel
them to do more than that. However, wool is quite dirty when it is first harvested. And
washing it once doesn’t always remove all the vegetable matter.

Some small quantities will remain and while they can’t harm your health, you can trust
them to produce the sort of faint but irritating odor that people typically associate with

For this reason, you are encouraged to question your retailer about the manufacturer of
the duvet you wish to buy and whether they washed the wool in the duvet more than

Wool that has been washed twice is truly clean. It has no real scent and that is what you
want from a new duvet.

3). Cover

Think about the cover of your duvet. It is just as important as the wool filling because
your face has to touch it. It has to be soft and comfortable. Look out for duvets whose
exterior cover was made from natural fibers.

Natural fibers will satisfactorily transmit the positive aspects of the wool to your body.
They will wick moisture away and also help in the regulating of temperature.

Look for covers with a high thread count and robust stitching. You should also keep the
interliners in mind. The interlinersseparate the cover on the outside from the filling on the
inside. Synthetic interliners are a bad idea.

They are cheap but they will debilitate the properties of the wool filling. They can keep
the duvet from absorbing your moisture which will make it less breathable. Again, you
need to stick with natural components. They are safer and they tend to collaborate in their
efforts to keep you comfortable.

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