MyPillow Mattress Topper Review 2019 – Is It Worth The Investment?

If you haven’t hopped on the band wagon already, mattress toppers are becoming quite the fad nowadays, being more prominent in the market. This brings us to the question, what is a mattress topper, and is it a bedroom essential?

What Is A Mattress Topper?

Basically, a mattress topper is pillow-like layer that has about two to three-inch thickness that goes on top of your normal mattress to give you more support and extra cushioning as you sleep. It can be used to up the comfort level of your normal or firm mattress and also to remedy an older saggy mattress. A topper can be made with several different types of materials that are popular in the market i.e. memory foam, which is polyfoam, cotton and polyester blends, latex, wool and feathers. 


These different materials cater to different preferences of the consumer as they all have separate attributes. It helps to know what you are looking for in a mattress topper before shopping for one. Whether its temperature regulation, back support or just easy to clean, it’s good to go shopping with an idea of what will better suit your needs.

For example, wool toppers are the most expensive mattress toppers in the market as the material is harder to source and has a wider range of benefits like being hypoallergenic and is able to regulate your body temperature depending on the climate just to name a few. The latex toppers are also up there with the wool ones as they have the same properties but its more accessible in the market compared to the wool ones.

The cotton and polyester blends are the most common type of mattress topper you’ll find in the market which is why it’s the cheapest of the variety of toppers out there. The blended topper tends to imitate the feel of the higher range toppers like the wool and latex. They wear out fairly fast with not a lot of support when you sleep.

So, if you are looking for something that lasts, its best to avoid the cotton and polyester blend. The feather topper is not so far off from the cotton and polyester blend too, with the tendency be clumpy over long use and you can expect feather loss over time as well.

The most popular version of mattress toppers bought by consumers are the memory foam ones and quite understandably so. Memory foam or polyfoam, is a synthetic open cell foam that retains its shape. Commonly used in mattresses and pillows for the past few decades, memory foam has quickly become a favourite for consumers.

The foam is sensitive to pressure and temperature which makes it ideal to be in mattresses and pillows because it supports your weight and regulates the temperature as you sleep as well. With the rise in popularity for the mattress toppers, the memory foam toppers have made their way into the market as well. Naturally, with the wide acceptance from consumers of the years, memory foam mattress toppers have become the most sought-after kind.

With the rise in popularity of mattress toppers, many brands have hopped on the chance to market their own versions of the product to the masses. This is when MyPillow® decided to create their own version of the coveted mattress topper.


MyPillow® is a company founded in Minnesota, U.S, by Mike J Lindell. Lindell is the creator of the famous MyPillow® pillows that are engineered to cater to almost anyone regardless of their preferred sleeping positions. What sets the MyPillow® pillows apart from the rest were the four patented fill level options that Lindell created. In fact, we did a complete my pillow review about it.

You can choose from the four categories and find what fill suits you best for a good night’s sleep. If you are not so sure what would suit you, the MyPillow® website has a fitting guide that matches your gender and shirt size to the recommended fill level. With the positive feedback from consumers since 2005 and over 40 million pillows sold, MyPillow® has expanded its product range from pillows to mattresses, pillowcases and now, the mattress topper.

MyPillow was involved in a lawsuit, which resulted in them paying $1 million just to settle the lawsuit. You can check out the lawsuit to understand further background information on MyPillow before deciding whether to purchase it. 

The Topper

The MyPillow® mattress topper is proudly made in the U.S.A. It has a 3” thickness that consists of three unique layers. Each layer is engineered to cater to the specific requirements of a mattress topper which are supporting your weight, regulating temperature and adding more comfort to your night’s sleep.

The extra cushioning you get with the MyPillow® mattress topper further supports you as the pressure is evenly distributed across the entire topper. You can feel that your back is fully supported no matter what the sleeping position.

MyPillow® mattress topper’s layers work cohesively to provide a supportive and comfortable base over your mattress. Each layer is crafted with different materials that carry out different tasks to make sure you have everything you need for a good night’s sleep:

  • Layer 1 – This layer is a solid piece of MyPillow® patented foam that provides superior support and durability that lasts over time. It is medium-firm so there is no immediate degrading.
  • Layer 2 – The next layer is a transitional foam that provides optimal comfort, helps evenly distributes body weight in an almost cradling effect and helps relieve any pressure points from causing any discomfort.
  • Layer 3 – The outer layer that is the cover is made from Phase Change Material designed to regulate body temperature throughout the night as you sleep which means no heat is retained in the surface of the cover.

Other than that, the MyPillow® mattress topper cover is easily removable with the zipper attachment. This makes cleaning a breeze. The cover is machine washable and dryable as well. There are no special washing instructions other than to machine wash and tumble dry on high heat.


You don’t have to worry about changing your laundry routine. It is recommended that you wash your MyPillow® product every four months, two months if you have allergies. There are straps attached to each corner to ensure your topper is held in place properly during use. No wires, electronic components or moving parts are part of the mattress topper as well.


The MyPillow® mattress topper comes in an array of different sizes so you can get one that fits your mattress perfectly. Here are the sizes available:

Twin (37.5″ x 74.5″ X 3″)
Twin XL (37.5″ x 79.5″ X 3″)
Full (53.5″ X 74.5″ X 3″)
Queen (59.5″ X 79.5″ X 3″)
RV Queen (59.5″ X 73.5″ X 3″)
King (75.5″ X 79.5″ X 3″)
California King (71.5″ X 83.5″ X 3″)

The sizes available are conveniently listed in the MyPillow® website for you to choose from when you make your purchase.


The MyPillow® mattress topper has attributes that may set it apart from its competitor in terms of the ingenuity of the product. A fair amount of engineering took place to create this product to cater to common problems faced by consumers such as heating and poor back support. The MyPillow® mattress topper seems to cater to both issues and a balanced way.

The temperature regulating effects makes this mattress topper be more considerable to purchase. The idea of lesser tossing and turning at night is a desirable one as well. The phase changing material used to make the cover of the mattress topper does not retain a lot of heat underneath your body as you sleep, and the natural cooling effect from the topper increases the comfort level for a good night’s sleep.

Besides that, there is a decent amount of support you get from the MyPillow® topper. The patented foam used in the layering of the mattress topper is the same polyfoam used in the famous MyPillow® pillows. Known for its ability to be shaped and folded without sagging and clumping, the topper barely produces opposing results. The polyfoam is supportive and cradles your spine so your body is relaxed as you sleep. The risk of being sore the next morning is highly unlikely.


Despite the generally positive results, there are certain issues that one might face with the MyPillow® mattress topper. Unlike the MyPillow® pillows, the mattress topper is not as customisable. You don’t get to choose the fill levels of the topper as it only comes in as medium firm.

The patented polyfoam inside the topper is also not shredded foam like the pillows have but a large single piece of polyfoam, like the ones you might find in regular memory foam pillows. This can promote sagging at a faster rate, and you might not get the proper back support all the way. Some may also find the topper to be too firm as different sleep positions and body type do play a part in the comfort level achievable in the product.

The MyPillow® mattress topper is not a solution to an old mattress. The topper works as extra cushioning on a firmer mattress to make it softer and comfier, but it is only a quick fix on a sagging mattress because in the long run, the topper cannot sustain it. If your mattress is 10 years old, this might be a good time to consider buying a new mattress altogether and not just the topper. It’s also good to consider a mattress with a longer lifespan as well.

There has also been customers feedback stating that there are minor inconsistencies to the product from what is advertised. Some claim that topper they purchased wad sagging too fast and some received toppers that were too firm. This is probably due to quality control issues experienced by the MyPillow® team. If you are a more discerning customer, this might be a turn off.

Cost And Warranty

The MyPillow® mattress topper is heftily priced at a range of $250 to $425 depending on the size of topper you are purchasing. There is good chance to nab the topper at a discounted price as the MyPillow® website runs promotions regularly. You might say that the pricing is too high but when you think about it, you would probably be using this product for maybe 10 years or more.

That’s an investment to your well-being as you get to sleep better every night. A mattress topper can maybe increase the lifespan of your mattress by a few more years too as the topper acts as an extra cushioning.

Should you receive a defective MyPillow® mattress topper, the same 10-year warranty and 60-day Money Back Guarantee is applicable, just like the MyPillow® pillows. You can return the product and receive a replacement of the same or higher value. If you found the product to be unsatisfactory, you can return the topper within 60 days and receive a refund. MyPillow® also provides financing if your purchase is over $200.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, the MyPillow® mattress topper is definitely a must-try product. Be it part of the mattress topper fad that’s going around now but there seems to be genuine qualities in this topper that can benefit you in many ways than one. If you are a hot sleeper, you have to consider testing this topper out.

The temperature regulating ability itself is intriguing and can probably solve a very common problem amongst the masses which is having to toss and turn to avoid the hot spots at night. What’s more, the topper emits a cooling effect, so you don’t wake up in a hot sweat in the night.

Besides regulating your temperature as you sleep, you can bank on the fact that the MyPillow® patented polyfoam will give you the optimal support and comfort you need every night to cradle your back no matter the sleep position based off the success of the MyPillow® pillows that carry the same filling.

Your pressure would be evenly distributed across the mattress topper so there is relief to your spine. That means you can maintain the best posture for you as you sleep. You can also rest easy knowing that if you don’t like the product, MyPillow®’s 60-Day Money Back Guarantee is there to protect your investment.

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