Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas in 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Your in-laws are visiting from out of town. Your best friend just got unexpectedly snowed in with you. Your kid is home from college for Thanksgiving, and they brought a classmate who’d otherwise be spending the holiday in an empty dorm room.

There are countless situations in which the most comfortable sleeper sofas will save the day — or the night, more specifically. But what exactly constitutes a sleeper sofa, and what should you know before you pull the trigger on a purchase?

Also known as a pull-out couch, a sleeper sofa has a real mattress stored inside of it, so once you remove the cushions and pull the handle, it transforms into an actual bed. (Note that even though they’re sometimes marketed as the same thing, sleeper sofas shouldn’t be confused with sofa beds, which simply fold flat like a futon.)

If you don’t have a guest bedroom — or if your house guests come in hordes — these couch/bed hybrids can be absolute life-savers when it comes to accommodating your visitors. If you want to have a good idea of what is a good pull out sofa bed, I would highly encourage you to check out the Best Pull Out Sofa Bed review. It’s definitely something to look into. 

That being said, they’re often the most expensive category of couch — so should you buy a sleeper sofa, or will an air mattress suffice? It all comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If you get more than a few overnight guests a year, then it’s probably worth the splurge to ensure that they feel at home. Space is also worth considering.

Queen-sized sleepers are the most common, as most standard sofas are six to eight feet in length — but if you don’t have that kind of space in your living room, there are smaller options; they’re just a little harder to find.

Finally, it’s really not worth buying a sleeper unless you know it’s comfortable. (If it feels like a wad of rolled-up newspapers, you might as well just put a set of sheets over the couch cushions.)

These sleeper sofas are some of the best available because real reviewers have fallen in love with them — both for their style and for their extremely comfortable mattresses and cushions.

What are the factors that contribute to enjoying a comfortable sleeper sofa?


The size of the sleeper sofa you choose should be taken into consideration not just for its placement in a given room, but also for the comfort it offers to you and your guest.

It is perfectly fine to go for a smaller-sized sleeper sofa if there is limited space available and if you plan on using it to accommodate one guest at a time.

However, it may be a good idea to look for a full-sized (or bigger) sleeper sofa if you want to enjoy it as a seating area with your loved ones, and if you expect more than one guest to be accommodated in your home at the same time.

A more generously sized sleeper sofa will give you a comfortable surface to relax on and gives your guest more space to stretch out for a few hours while resting.

The standard sofa length is 6 to 8 feet, so you will see various options for queen-sized sleeper sofas which can accommodate one or two of your house guests.

However, you can still find smaller options if your home does not have space for a full-sized sleeper sofa, and you want one which would perfectly fit only one person at a time.


The mattress or cushions included in the sleeper sofa will go a long way in determining its comfort level. The material should be soft enough to cradle the body gently for a restful night of sleep, at the same time should be firm enough to provide ample support for you or the guest sleeping on it.

Naturally, a mattress that feels too firm or stiff will not give you the comfort you are looking for – whether you use the sleeper sofa as a seating surface or as a sleeping area.

The thickness of the cushions and mattress will also dictate how comfortable a sleeper sofa will be. Thicker surfaces will not only give you support, but they will also ensure that the user will not be able to feel the frame underneath.

If a sleeper sofa only has a thin mattress to offer, the support frame underneath will easily be felt and poke your body when lying down on this surface to sleep.

This is even truer for persons of a heftier frame, who will most likely suffer great discomfort when made to lie down on a thin mattress.


One of the first things you will feel when using a sleeper sofa is the upholstery’s texture. If you are aiming for the most comfortable sleeper sofa option, it is best to choose one that is upholstered in a material that is not abrasive and will not cause discomfort for you or your guest.

Linen and cotton materials feel soft and smooth to the touch and are cool enough to be used even in warmer weather.

Genuine leather and faux leather materials look sleek and are smooth to the touch; however, they might not be ideal for use when the temperature starts to soar since the material make you sweat.

Velvet upholstery offers luxurious softness, but it can be hard to clean and maintain in the long run.

Types of Mattresses on Sleeper Sofas

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most common ones used in sleeper sofas. They provide a welcome bounce which adds to the comfort level when you lounge or sleep on the flat surface. Sleeper sofas with innerspring mattresses also offer a more inexpensive option compared to memory foam mattresses.

However, they tend to be less comfortable especially when they just have the bare minimum number of coils to relieve pressure points. An innerspring mattress can also be noisy especially when the sleeper sofa has been in use for a long time – not ideal for those who toss and turn in their sleep.

You can increase the comfort level of using an innerspring mattress by using an air mattress or foam topper. If you want to have a look at innerspring mattresses by itself, you can check out our article on the best innerspring mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress may be the more expensive option, but it also offers a higher level of comfort which Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas in 2019may not be available with an innerspring mattress.

The memory foam surface efficiently follows the body’s contours for that cradled sensation and works to relieve pressure points to prevent discomfort especially when you are in one position for hours at a time.

The softness and pressure-relieving features of this mattress will result in a comfortable night’s sleep, even for people who sleep on their sides. A high-density foam mattress also works to keep the user feeling comfortably cool through a complete night’s sleep. Since memory foam is a popular choice for mattresses, you can have a better look on it by reading this guide on the best memory foam mattresses

Air Coil Mattress

An air coil option combines the best of both worlds in terms of the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattresses. It literally combines the technology used for making an innerspring mattress and an air mattress.

The supportive core features coil springs that work to relieve pressure points and provide bounce to achieve the sensation of lying on a cloud mattress. Meanwhile, the air mattress covers this supportive core to offer enhanced comfort so you or your guest can sleep more soundly on the comfortable sleeper sofa.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

These are the most common types of sleeper sofas you will encounter in the market.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa

This type of sleeper sofa has several pieces (or sections) that you can adjust accordingly to get the configuration you want. They commonly come in 3-5 pieces that offer generous space where you can comfortably lounge on when it is used as a couch and will be able to accommodate more than one guest when it is transformed into a roomy bed.

The spacious design is ideal if you want ample space for more users but may not be the best choice if you have limited space availability.

Pull-out Sleeper Sofa

The pull-out sleeper sofa gets its name by the manner with which you convert it into a sofa or a bed. The inner mattress is pulled out to come up with a flat surface for sleeping, coming from a couch position.

Pull-out sleeper sofas generally come in full or queen sizes which offer a generous space you can sit or sleep comfortably on and can even accommodate more than one guest staying overnight in your home. Go for one with thicker mattresses for enhanced comfort, so you or your guest will not feel the supportive frame underneath.

Futon Sleeper Sofa

This type of sleeper sofa is very convenient to use since you can transform it into a sleeping area by just pushing the backrest downwards. They also have a low-profile which is ideal for small spaces. However, the ones featuring low-density foam and cotton batting may not be the most comfortable choices since they lack adequate support and can turn hard in time.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas

1. Nia Sleeper Sofa


  • 81.5”L x 34”W x 34”H
  • 109 lbs item weight
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Simple assembly required
  • Foam and polyester seat
  • Plywood frame

Nothing says class, smooth comfort and sophistication like the Nia Pin Tufted Sleeper Sofa. Featuring a stunning design that takes you back to the luxurious days of the 1950s, you will love sleeping and lounging on the Nia Sleeper Sofa.


The Nia Sleeper Sofa comes with stunning design as it combines its thick cushions with tufted velvet, tapered wooden legs, sleek arms, and vintage visuals that will bring you back to the 1950s.

This sleeper sofa is mainly constructed by premium-quality plywood that will provide you with the sturdiness and vintage visuals many users adore. With a plethora of colors that you can choose from to match your decor, you can expect the sleeper sofa to fit nicely with an exclusive look.


If you are new to DIY furniture and have no experience in putting furniture together, you won’t have to worry about going through too much hassle with the Nia Sleeper Sofa as only a simple assembly is required.

You can definitely put this piece together easily within an hour or so with or without experience as the manufacturer has done a great job in simplifying the assembly process. If you require further assistance, simply call a friend over to help install the bolts for you.


The Nia Sleeper Sofa’s cushioning is firm, but not too firm. This feature makes it extremely comfortable to sleep on, your overnight guests would definitely appreciate your sleeper sofa after experiencing just how comfortable the Nia Sleeper Sofa is.

This sleeper sofa has also received tons of compliments with regard to its fabric. Many loved how smooth and soft to the touch it is, some even described the feeling as a hybrid between microfiber and suede.

Featuring split-back design seats that can be independently lowered to a sleeping or lounging position, the Nia Sleeper Sofa will elevate your Netflix experience to a whole new level.

You will like this product if

You live in a studio/small apartment. This Pin Tufted Convertible Sofa is an excellent multi-functional sleeper sofa that is ideal for small living spaces. This sofa does a great job of utilizing what little space you have without sacrificing great looks.

You are shopping on a tight budget. The Nia Sleeper Sofa is priced reasonably under $408.99 so now everyone can enjoy this luxurious sleeper sofa. Don’t let the lower price tag trick you into thinking it’s an average product, it definitely has a premium look and feels that makes you question its price tag sometimes.

You might not like this product if

You want a ‘cloud-like’ experience. The Nia Sleeper Sofa comes with a nice firm cushioning that many users adore as it provides great support to the body. However, if you are looking for a cloud-like experience, the cushions aren’t soft enough for that.

You rely heavily on the instruction manuals. Unfortunately, the Nia Sleeper Sofa doesn’t come with great instruction manuals and some users weren’t too happy with that. However, the assembly process is fairly easy so you might not need to rely on the manuals.

2. Minter Sofa Bed


  • 36.5” H x 89” W x 37” D
  • 118.8 lbs item weight
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Leg Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
  • Simple assembly required
  • 100% polyester upholstery
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Stain-resistant
  • 1-year warranty


With a single touch, the Minter Sofa Bed can transform from a full-sized sleeper sofa into a bed so you can make room for any unexpected overnight guests or you can even create a modern bedroom with this updated convertible futon.

This sleeper sofa is extremely versatile as it features a 3 position click style hinge that will allow you to sit, recline, or sleep comfortably. Now, your sofa will never be not good enough for your Netflix sessions, naps, or overnight guests.

In terms of product care, you only have to vacuum it occasionally or lightly brush the surface to remove any dust and grimes. You can also opt to spot clean this sleeper sofa with a mild water-free solvent or a dry cleaning product.


Thanks to Andover Mills innovative manufacturing and easy to understand instructions, you can expect to put the whole piece together alone within 30 minutes. If you often worry about not having the essential tools required for assembly, all the tools you need will be included in the package.

With such ease of assembly, even if you are an amateur in putting DIY furniture together, your assembling process is going to be a breeze with the Minter Sofa Bed,


This sleeper sofa comes with extremely plush pillow top arms to provide you with additional support and comfort as you sit, recline, and sleep on it. Featuring a cushion constructed of polyester fiber, foam, and innerspring, you can expect to have a wonderful experience with the Andover Mills sleeper sofa.

Most sleeper sofas will have an annoying bar in the back to provide extra support. With this Sleeper sofa, there aren’t any annoying bars in the back so you can fully enjoy the premium quality cushions.

You will like this product if

You want easy assembly. Thanks to Andover Mills’s efforts in simplifying the assembly process, you can easily assemble this piece alone within 30 minutes. If you don’t have the necessary tools, it comes included as too so you won’t have to worry about that.

You want a medium-firm cushion. This sleeper sofa hits the sweet spot in terms of firmness. Many users found the firmness level to be perfect being not too firm nor too soft. The 2 extra plush pillows that came along are definitely worth noting,

You might not like this product if

You plan to use it as your bed. Unfortunately, some users have questioned its durability when they used the sleeper sofa as a bed and slept on it every day. Some noticed some minor sagging.

You want to accommodate a few guests. The sofa can easily accommodate 3-4 people comfortably. However, the sleeper might not be large and sturdy enough to accommodate 3-4 people at once.

3. Swiger Sleeper


  • #36.5” H x 87” W x 37” D
  • 118.8 lbs item weight
  • 100% polyester upholstery
  • Solid steel frame material
  • 900 lbs weight capacity
  • Simple assembly required
  • Medium-firm cushions


The Swiger Sleeper is constructed by a solid steel frame that can support a stunning 900 lbs weight capacity at a sofa position and up to 600 lbs in the bed position. The manufacturer firmly believes that furniture should have great durability besides functionality.

That is why this sleeper sofa comes with a solid steel seat and a back frame that is reinforced with metal-to-metal connections. With such a construction, you can expect the Swiger Sleeper to last you for years through sitting, reclining, and sleeping.

In terms of product care, it is easy to clean and maintain as well. You can opt to spot clean the sleeper sofa with a mild solvent/upholstery shampoo/foam from a mild detergent that doesn’t saturate with liquid.


If there’s one thing that stops you from buying a piece of furniture online, it’s probably going through the hassle of assembling it. Though the Swiger Sleeper Sofa doesn’t come assembled, the manufacturer did a great job in making sure it won’t be too much of a hassle.

You won’t have to shop for additional tools to put this sleeper sofa together as all the tools you require will come together in the package. Do take note that full assembly is needed, but with the help of their instruction manuals and tools, it will be a breeze.


This sleeper sofa doesn’t just easily convert from a sofa to a full-sized bed to accommodate your overnight guests, it can also be adjusted into a recliner. If you haven’t owned anything like this before, the Swiger Sleeper Sofa will definitely be the most versatile furniture you ever own.

If you think this sleeper sofa is just like any other sleeper sofa, you’re wrong. The Swiger Sleeper Sofa doesn’t come with cushions, they are actually 2 spring mattresses that go into a cushion looking cover. This means that you and your guests are going to love and enjoy laying and sleeping on the Swiger Sleeper Sofa.

You will like this product if

You plan to use it as your bed. Unlike other sleeper sofas that come with cushions, this sleeper sofa comes with actual spring mattresses. This means that you can treat it like an actual bed and sleep on it every night without worrying about its durability.

You are heavy. This sleeper sofa is reinforced with a solid steel seat and a back frame that is reinforced with metal-to-metal connections. It has a stunning weight capacity of 900 lbs in the seating position and 600 lbs in a sleeping position.

You might not like this product if

You want to wash the covers. Unfortunately, like many other sleeper sofas, the cushion covers should not be removed and laundered. You can only spot clean it with upholstery shampoo or vacuum clean it.

You want a local product. Like most products now, they are manufactured in China. This by no means implies that the sleeper sofa is a cheaply manufactured product. This sleeper sofa is one of the best sellers on and has more than 5000 4-5 star reviews.

4. FDW Sectional Sofa Bed


  • 109.6 pounds
  • 107 x 75 x 34.6 inches
  • Simple Assembly, only Assembles 4 Legs and 2 Hooks
  • Pocket Coil Seating
  • Wooden Frame, Metal Mechanism
  • 6 Month Warranty

The FDW Sectional Sofa Bed is a sectional sleeper sofa and couch that provides a generous space both as a seating area and sleeping space for your guests. You can even customize the appearance of this sleeper sofa as the included seats can be mixed and matched into the shape you prefer!


The FDW Sectional Sofa Bed is constructed with solid pinewood to ensure supreme strength to support the seating area and the sleeping surface. Besides that, it also features a thick cushion on the back so you can comfortably lean and rest on the sleeper sofa while on couch mode.

The Sleeper Sofa also comes with firm padding that consists of highly resilient sponge. That firm padding prevents the sofa bed from having a sinking effect while you are sleeping on it.

If you don’t have any tools for assembly or this is you don’t have any DIY furniture experience, fret not as the tools required for assembly will be included in the product packaging. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting new tools just for assembling this sleeper sofa.

The sleeper sofa is designed for easy assembly, that way you wouldn’t find yourself in too much of a hassle when assembling this sofa bed. It should only take 10-15 minutes before you can fully enjoy the experience of sleeping on one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas on the market.


This Sleeper Sofa comes with a longer chaise portion which is around 72.5 inches long. The extra length will ensure that you will have a more generous sleeping surface to lie on without any space restrictions through the night.

Besides that, this sleeper sofa also comes with an adjustable headrest. This significantly contributes to your comfort experience while luing on this sleeper sofa for long periods without straining your neck (especially when you’re watching Netflix or reading your favourite novel).

From lounge to sleep within 3 seconds, that’s how convenient it is to switch between positions. All you have to do is to just pull our the additional comfortable mattress structure that’s underneath the sectional sofa. You will then be able to enjoy your nap or good night’s sleep with this sleeper sofa.

You will like this product if

You want to save time on cleaning. It is equipped with a PU leather upholstery that resists water and stains, making this comfortable sleeper sofa very easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe will remove dirt and dust on its surface.

You are looking for a customizable Sleeper Sofa. This sleeper sofa comes with a customizable feature, it allows the seats to be mixed and matched so you can create the shape you want to cater to your needs or you just want to be creative.

You are looking to use this sleeper sofa for a long time. Who doesn’t like a comfy and durable product? This sleeper sofa features a highly resilient sponge padding that offers superior comfort and durability than most sleeper sofas out there.

You might not like this product if

You don’t want a bulky sleeper sofa. This sofa is slightly heavier and bulkier than most sleeper sofas, therefore it is not surprising that past customers have found the sleeper sofa to be damaged during the delivery process.

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Sleeper Sofa


  • 38 x 82 x 38 inches
  • 189 pounds
  • Queen Sized
  • Memory Foam
  • Microfiber Upholstery

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Sleeper Sofa is a comfortable sleeper sofa which comes with a queen-sized memory foam mattress that folds into 2 portions. The queen-sized mattress enables you to offer a comfortable sleeping space for 1 guest and can also be used to accommodate 2 guests staying overnight (or a few nights) in your home.

A minimalist design sleeper sofa with its sleek box cushions and linear track arms makes it a great addition to any room as it will blend in beautifully with the existing décor.


This comfortable sleeper sofa comes with a steel frame which is known to be sturdy. That ensures that you or your guests will have a stable and restful sleep or a relaxing experience while lounging on this beauty.

Constructed to be portable, this sleeper sofa will not have difficulties when moving it between doorways which are 32 inches and wider. This sleeper sofa also comes with detailed instructions to ensure that you will not have a difficult time in converting this from a couch to a regular bed.


Unlike many other sleeper sofas, this product comes with easy to follow instruction manuals. Therefore, you won’t have to call your engineering friend over to do the assembly for you, you can do it alone within a short while.

Besides that, the sleeper sofa fits through doorways that are 32 inches or wider, that ensures that you won’t have difficulty moving it around your house. With the delivery coming directly from the manufacturer, you can expect extra efforts in packaging and delivery. That prevents the sleeper sofa to be damaged during the delivery process, which is a common thing in the industry.


Equipped with a memory foam mattress, that makes it better in relation to enhancing comfort and airflow. Want to have a cosy good night’s sleep if your wife kicks you out of the room? This sleeper sofa will do good to you if that happens.

The cushions on this sleeper sofa is very resilient, that ensures you will have a proper support structure while sitting or lying on the sleeper sofa for long hours. Besides that, the sleeper sofa is also upholstered with soft microfiber, that offers a soft and supple feel while sleeping on the sleeper sofa.

‘Sleeping on this beauty will not remind you that you’re sleeping on a sleeper sofa, as the couch was extremely comfortable, it sometimes felt better than my current mattress!’ – A happy customer on Amazon

You will like this product if

You love memory foam mattresses. This mattress doesn’t only feature memory foam construction, it also has better airflow than most memory foam mattresses, that ensures you have a cool and comfortable experience of sleeping with this one.

You are heavy. Most heavy people will worry a lot when it comes to buying mattresses, not to mention sofa sleepers. However, there is no need to worry about your sofa sleeper collapsing if you choose this model. Constructed with steel frames, this sofa sleeper has superior strength and stability to the entire sleeper sofa’s structure.

You might not like this product if

You want a premium looking sofa sleeper. This sleeper sofa has a minimalist design, so if your house has a very grand and elegant decor, this might not be an ideal pick.

You want extra-durable stitchings. There have been some reviews about this sofa sleeper that complained about the stitching on the backrest cushion being easily damaged or detached.

6. Better Homes And Gardens Wood Arm Futon


  • 600 lbs Weight Limit
  • 8” Futon Mattress
  • Sleeping Dimensions: 75″L x 45″W x 21″H
  • Sofa Dimensions: 82″L x 39″W x 39″H
  • Box Dimensions: 77.17″L x 29.92″W x 9.84″H
  • 191 lbs shipping weight

Looking for something modern and contemporary but not too big and bulky? If so, you should certainly try out the Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon which is a sofa by day and a super sleeper at night.

However, unlike your usual sofa beds, this piece is extremely comfortable and perhaps even the most comfortable piece in the market and very easy to assemble as well. Moreover, it features wooden arms which displays the image of a sophisticated piece of furniture that goes well with almost any background.


This item comes with one of the most durable and sturdy frames in the market. Having a solid metal frame is very important especially as the futon converts into a bed when needed and must be able to hold up your weight easily without any shaky and squeaky noises.

Also, this futon comes with solid wooden arms which help give it an elegant and contemporary finishing which explains why it would compliment any background you choose to pair this futon with.


Like most of the products on this list, you will not find any trouble in putting this sofa sleeper together after delivery. When it comes to the tools and hardware needed to assemble this product, you won’t have to worry or go through the hassle of shopping for tools just for this assembly.

All the tools required for the assembly will be provided in the package. Top that up with simple instruction manuals, you should expect the assembly to be done within an hour.


While this piece looks very pretty with most decors, it also features a very comfortable mattress. The 8-inch mattress comes with independently encased coils that reduce friction in order for you to rest easily throughout the night.

The individually encased coils help to ensure that the right amount of pressure is being put on in the right places when you’re sleeping on it. Therefore you won’t experience any back soreness from sleeping long hours on this futon.

If you also happen to be sharing the futon with another person, these coils will do a great job in isolating motion and reduce vibrations so that the person next to you can sleep soundly and easily.

You will like this product if

You want a comfortable futon with a simple folding mechanism. One of the most exciting features of a futon is that you get to reap the benefits of both a sofa and a bed. With this futon, it goes the extra mile, it only has a simple folding mechanism. That allows you to transfer the futon from sofa mode to bed mode within a mere minute.

You are heavy/sharing this futon with someone

Unlike most futons and sleeper sofas which are pretty fragile in terms of the weight they can hold, this futon can hold up to 600lbs. That sheer weight limit is enough for 3 average men to share the futon.

You want an elegant looking futon to match your decor. Futons are generally famous for their portability. This futon doesn’t just come with easy portability, it also comes with an incredibly elegant finishing. That makes it a great addition to any interior decor, it can be kept anywhere from the living room to even a foyer.

You might not like this product if

You are looking for something light. This futon weighs around 190 lbs, this means that it’s unlikely that you will be able to move this futon around alone. In terms of assembly, though its instructions are easy, the sheer weight alone might be an issue during assembly if you are doing it alone.

You a very durable product. Though buttons add on to the elegant finishing of the futon, their downside is the lack of durability. You might find the wear and tear of the buttons to be more obvious.

7. Poundex Bobkona Nathan Sectional with Pull-Out Bed


  • 212 pounds
  • 64 x 99 x 37 inches
  • Flip-Up Compartment for Storage
  • Loose Back Pillow

The Poundex Bobkona Nathan Sectional with Pull-Out Bed invites you to rest and relax in the most comfortable manner with its plush design. With tufted seats and backs, you will enjoy a truly relaxing experience with this sofa sleeper that comes with an eye-catching design.


This sleeper sofa is constructed with a strong metal frame that is designed to provide superior support for you while lying or sitting on it. Besides that, the manufacturers have paid particular attention to the mechanism of this sleeper sofa to ensure that you can easily convert the sofa into an additional sleeping surface. That way, you will always be ready for overnight guests or for a late-night Netflix session.

With faux leather as your upholstery, this sleeper sofa will be easy to clean and manage. Now, you don’t have to worry about accidental spills that might damage or stain the surface of your sofa.


Assembling it will not be too much of an issue. This sleeper sofa is slightly big and heavier than most sleeper sofas, therefore you might need to call a few of your friends over to speed up the assembly process.

Besides that, everything is pretty simple and convenient. It comes with simple and clear instruction manuals and a set of tools that you need for the assembling process. You don’t have to shop for additional equipment just to assemble this sleeper sofa, everything will be included.

There were compliments about the delivery process from other customers too, they really appreciated that the deliverymen delivered it all the way inside the living room. That way, it reduces your workload in assembling this product.


The comforting silhouette is really ideal for relaxing for long hours in a sitting position especially when you have friends over, they will immediately notice the comfort on this sleeper sofa.

The sofa comes with a pull-out mechanism, the sleeping surface will be revealed with a quick pullout motion, allowing the mattress to pop up. Immediately after that, the mattress is ready to serve your cosy good night’s sleep.

Featuring a faux leather upholstery, this will give your sleeper sofa deluxe aesthetics and a relaxing and cool experience while sleeping on it. Besides that, the back pillows can easily be detached from the rest of the sofa’s structure. Now, you will have the freedom to position them wherever you like or even use them in other places apart from the sleeper sofa.

You will like this product if

You want storage space. Though this sleeper sofa takes up quite some space, it sure does a good job in ensuring less space is wasted. The sleeper sofa is equipped with a flip-up compartment to offer additional storage space, now you can store things in your sofa!

You want to sleep from lounging within seconds. This sleeper sofa features a simple and efficient pullout mechanism. It easily converts into a sleeping position with a pullout motion that pops the mattress out.

You don’t want fixed back pillows. The back pillows for this sleeper sofa can be detached to allow you to use them wherever and whenever you want them to.

You might not like this product if

You don’t have any DIY furniture experience. Some customers actually complained that the instructions weren’t dummy-free. For those who don’t have any relevant experiences, this might be an issue.

8. DHP Westbury Linen Pillowtop Futon


  • 34.5 x 70 x 31 inches
  • 73 pounds
  • Mid-century style wooden legs
  • Split-Back Design
  • Ultra-Soft Pillowtop

From a lavish-looking sofa to a super soft bed, this futon is more than your common looking futon. This product features a sturdy wooden frame that provides great support for the mid-century style wooden legs. Also, the plush cushioning with the tufted detailing on a soft linen material provides great feel when laying on the futon.


Featuring a split-back design, this allows you to use the futon as a sofa during the day and easily convert it into a sleeper within minutes without any help during the night. With only 2 clicks, this futon will be converted to a sleeper from a sofa with ease.

This Premium Westbury futon captures all the style and practicality of the mid-century with a look that’s perfect for any of today’s homes. The DHP Premium Westbury Linen Pillowtop Futon features a sturdy wooden frame that comes with mid-century style wooden legs.

The wooden frame has gone through rigorous climate control processes which protects the wood and makes it durable. The traditional style wooden legs have an effect of a very classical furniture piece while the frames have a robust construction and split back design that gives a contemporary effect. Both go well hand in hand.

DHP has taken the traditional futon design and layered it with an ultra-soft pillow top for comfort that’s incomparable. The soft, tufted fabric is available in your choice of blue, brown or grey linen or faux leather in black or white. Plus the slim wooden legs add to the 1950’s feel and complete the stunning look.


With such lightweight construction, the assembly can be easily done alone even if you have no prior DIY furniture experience. There will be no tightening of screws required as the product is well checked before shipping it out. Besides that, the box will come apart very easily too. You will find out that the assembly will mostly consist of assembling the 6 legs, as the rest will already come assembled.


Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this futon is its tufted detailing with a pillow top layer that is put in place to enhance comfort and help provide a stylish feel. The tufted detailing has a soft fabric which gives off a very regal look and enhances the overall display of the futon.

Upon sleeping or sitting on the futon, you will notice just how wonderful the quality of the material is. The padding perhaps contributes significantly to a fantastic experience when you lie on this futon, the cushions really hit the sweet spot in terms of firmness and support.

This modern-looking piece of furniture can be placed easily in a variety of different settings ranging from a common lounge to a foyer. With a few throw pillows to compliment the tufted detailing, this futon is as good as any fancy sofa but a lot more affordable.

You will like this product if

You want a medium-soft futon. This futon has a tufted detailing which enhances the plushness of the pillowtop layer that makes it irresistably soft and comfortable when leaning on it.

You want a simple folding mechanism. This futon can easily convert from a sofa to a bed and vice versa with ease in seconds. Besides that, this product is also praised for its extreme stability, thanks to the classical mid-century style wooden feet. Something that is rare in futons.

You might not like this product if

You want to rest your arms while sitting. This futon does not feature any arms, so if you’re into arms, this might not be an ideal pick for you.

You do not want any initial odour. Some users have actually mentioned that there is a strong smell upon unpacking the shipped package. However, this isn’t a big issue you should worry about because the odour will go away eventually.

9. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon


  • Futon Dimensions: 83”L x 33.5”W x 32.5”H
  • Sleeping Dimensions: 73”L x 44”W x 17.5”H
  • 600lb Weight Limit
  • Multi-functional design
  • Sturdy Wooden Frame
  • Memory Foam Mattress

This futon will definitely fit well in most rooms while showcasing the unique shape that gives it a commanding presence anywhere. With an eye-catching silhouette, it adds on to the sophisticated vibe to any room or space you put it in.


The Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon is constructed with a heavy-duty wooden frame which greatly enhances its stability and durability. With this futon, you can expect to use it for many years to come.

This futon is equipped with exposed legs with a light wooden colour which lends an interesting contrast to the dark-hued upholstery. The legs provide strong support which is vital for the sleeper sofa’s structure.

The backrest comes with a split back that can be reclined independently, giving you the freedom to make the adjustments yourself to fit your preferred position.


This futon might look sophisticated, but don’t let that trick you to think that its assembly will be a painful experience. On the opposite, this futon has actually received many 5 star ratings, especially on the simple assembly process. With 2 people, don’t be surprised if you can finish the assembly of a sturdy and comfy futon within a mere 30 minutes.


The Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon comes with a highly responsive and high-density memory foam mattress. This works to ensure your body is cradled, in order to prevent painful pressure points after a long nap. With such comfort, you can expect to sleep or lounge around on the surface in the most comfortable way possible

This futon is upholstered in soft velvet which leads to a subtle decadence into any room and also greatly enhances your comforting experience. The soft and luxurious texture of this futon will make sure you lounge and sleep like never before.

You will like this product if

You want a futon with a simple converting mechanism. This futon is equipped with an adjustable backrest, that allows the futon to convert from a sofa to a bed in just a few seconds. Now, you won’t have to hassle about changing positions in your futon.

You are looking for a worthwhile long term investment. The futon features a soft velvet upholstery that adds a luxurious ambience to any room. Besides that, it offers superior comfort with the supple texture of the high-density memory foam mattress. Though slightly pricy, it definitely goes the extra mile in terms of making sure you have a comfortable experience when sleeping or sitting on this futon.

You might not like this product if

You don’t regularly maintain your sofas. Though it comes with superior and a luxurious look, it all boils down to care and maintenance. Some customers noted that the fabric upholstery becomes loose over time if you don’t treat it with care.

You don’t have a big budget. If you are looking for a budget option, this might not be the product for you. You can surely get a decent futon for under $200, but this futon is in a different league. In terms of comfort, design and durability, it outclasses most futons.

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Jarreau Sofa Chaise Sleeper


  • 51.5 x 84 x 36.5 inches
  • 157 lbs
  • Pull Out Cushion
  • High Resiliency Foam Cushions
  • Direct from Manufacturer

This low profile silhouette makes it an ideal choice if you do not have much space. It blends well with any existing decor you can possibly have because it doesn’t clash with any furniture or room themes. With such a modern and compact design, this will surely be a great addition to any home.


The Ashley Furniture Signature Design is constructed with a strong steel frame that offers superior durability and stability. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your cosy late-night Netflix sessions with this sleeper sofa for a long long time.

Besides that, the exposed faux wood feet provide an interesting accent to the striking colour of the upholstery. That contributes significantly to the stability and support of this sleeper sofa. This sleeper sofa is also convenient to use when it comes to switching positions, you can easily convert the couch into a regular bed for sleeping by pulling out the attached cushion.


The sleeper sofa was built to have a compact and portable design. Therefore, you won’t have any issues during assembly due to its sheer weight. It only weighs around 150 lbs, an average person should be able to manage it.

What if you have no prior experience in DIY Furniture? No problem, the product packaging comes with all the tools and hardware needed for easy assembly. Besides that, the instruction manuals are also made to be easy to understand so you can set it up conveniently.


This comfortable sleeper sofa comes with oversized pillow backs and soft cushions. The comfort offered by the sleeper sofa will welcome you daily to sleep on it. This sleeper sofa also comes with a textured polyester upholstery which offers a soft and comforting feeling as you lie on the sleeper sofa.

This piece of furniture offers top-class comfort and portability, it can convert easily into a sleeping area with the inclusion of a pull-out cushion which makes it a great choice if you are looking for something to accommodate your overnight guests.

You will like this product if

You want a sleeper sofa with a simple mechanism. This sleeper sofa is easy to handle, the pullout cushion will instantly transform into a regular bed in order for you to accommodate an overnight guest.

You are looking for a minimalist design. Featuring a sleek and low profile design, this sleeper sofa will fit in well in most compact spaces without intruding on the existing decor.

You might not like this product if

You have neck pain. Some customers have actually complained that the arms are too short to be used comfortably as a headrest. If you are suffering from neck pain, it is not advisable for you to lie on the armrest for too long.


Can a Sleeper Sofa be Used Every Day?

Some sleepers are made for daily/nightly use, but not all. Futons are generally not suitable for this. A sleeper with the bar-and-canvas system is ideal for moderate use of about 3 nights per week, as long as it has an updated mechanism.

How much weight can a sleeper sofa hold?

This is a good rule of thumb to follow: A twin sleeper holds one person who weighs up to 250 pounds. Full-size sleepers hold twice that, supporting two people up to 250 pounds each. Queen sleepers support up to 600 pounds, and King sleepers up to 650 lbs.

However, you should still pay attention to the product specifications, some sleeper sofas can really hold a lot of weight, some otherwise.

How much does a sleeper sofa weigh?

Most queen sleeper sofas weigh about 180 lbs. Most of the weight is in the sleeper mechanism, generally made from steel. Smaller sizes weigh less, as do futon sofa sleeper styles. Some premium sleeper sofas.

Can I put a regular mattress on a sofa bed?

Regular Mattresses Do Not Accommodate the Sofa Bed Bar

A traditional mattress can be uncomfortable if used on a sofa bed due to this bar, and the mattress can become damaged.

How thick is a sleeper sofa mattress?

The standard height of a sofa mattress is 4.5″. If your current mattress is between 4″ to 5″ thick, ordering a 4.5″ thick replacement mattress will usually fit without any issues.

What is the average length of a sofa?

Sofas vary in size, from 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40 inches deep for a standard size sofa to 4 to 6 feet long and 28 to 30 inches deep for a loveseat. The actual depth of the seating area is reduced by the depth of the sofa’s arms and back of the sofa.

What can I use to move furniture easily?

Use towels and cardboard: Try slipping something underneath your furniture’s legs. Instead of lifting the piece to do this, rock your piece forward or backwards slightly to slide the material underneath the legs. The furniture will move easily across the room.

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