Master Bedroom Ideas (2020) – The Beautiful Transformation You’d Want

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Are you a newly-wed couple looking for master bedroom ideas? Or are you a couple looking for new ideas to revamp your boring master bedroom? Or are you simply 2 friends living together and rented a master bedroom, while looking to give it a new identity? Or probably someone who is looking to remodel the master bedroom for a newer look?

Regardless of where you are headed from, we have some ideas for your master bedroom. It’s the biggest bedroom in the house (presumably). You are looking to spice it up, give it a more unique touch to it.

Whatever you are looking for, let us touch some points and bases for you to choose from. Even if it isn’t exactly something you are looking for, it will give you some ideas for a better idea nonetheless.

Read on to find out what may and may not pique your interest.


Before you continue, we would like to talk about the criteria when looking into revamping your master bedroom. We can think of 3 main points where it can aid you in designing or re-decorating your bedroom.

The Colors

Color points is one of the easiest color points to help jumpstart your bedroom revamp. Are you looking for a darker shade to fit you (and your partner’s) inky personalities? Or are you looking for something bright so your room doesn’t look so depressing?

Color matters because it is one of the many basic points in setting your room for re-decoration.


Are you someone who is big on themes? If you are, themes are a great way to alleviate your bedroom re-decoration and bring it to the next level. Your master bedroom doesn’t have to be boring even after when you are married.

There are so many themes to choose from in all honesty. You may be into culture, you may be in to pop culture. Who knows? So many possibilities out there!


Elements simply means the smaller aspects of your room decoration. Here we will talk about how small things like mirrors, windows, and other decorations can make all that difference in your room.

It may be small elements and things like mirrors and windows. However, we can assure you that such small elements can make a huge difference in your bedroom.

It’s All About The Colors

Colors is one of the easiest way for you to start off your master bedroom refurbishments. The choice of colors you have decided to choose can determine your room’s atmosphere. That and the fact that how you place your furniture will also affect its feel.

Simplistic Yet Sophisticated in White

White is, in fact, one of the easiest colors to work with. It’s the kind of color that represents a lot of things – cleanliness, purity, and minimalism. White goes with and complements a lot of other secondary colors, that’s why it is a very easy color to work with.

You can choose to decorate your entire master bedroom in white if you wish. However, that does not mean you should have your bedroom painted and covered in white entirely.

Although white comes across as a clean and easy color to work with, it can hurt your eyes as there is too much white. Hence, with that being said, we would advise throwing a few other colors to breakeven the sight. That way you won’t have to walk in to a room with so much white that it blinds your sight.  

White and Wooden Furniture

The most common whites we have seen is how people pair it up with wooden furniture. When paired with wooden furniture, it gives your master bedroom a whole different feel. Usually it gives people the impression that it looks like a mid-western bedroom.

What more can we say how the wooden furniture and white mixture radiates rustic looks and feel. At the same time, it absorbs heat – since white reflects heat, and wood absorbs heat. A friendly combination that isn’t just pleasing to the eye, but also being eco-friendly.

White and Leather

Mixing leather and whites may not be the most popular combination you can find, but we can assure you that it works. Leather has always come stereotypically in darker shades. Mix that with whites is actually a pretty good choice, and a rather excellent move at that.

White and Minimalism

All right, we really have to put it out there and say the obvious. That white has always been a go-to choice color minimalism. Call it the favorite choice color for hipsters if you wish, but white is the main color for minimalism and that is a fact.

There will be no minimalism without the color white. With that being said, it’s very easy to set up a minimalist bedroom with the color.

We can see a few combinations here with white as being the main base color. Have a black metal bedframe, and throw on white covers and blankets. Or have that alternated with soft-colored wood.

Complement your room with white furniture and soft-colored wall paints and you will have a minimalist bedroom in no time.

Having said all that, white is indeed a very easy color to help work with giving your bedroom a great makeover. There are so many possibilities you can do with the color white for your master bedroom.

Perhaps we can all agree that it is the easiest color to choose to help even out any darker patches and areas in your room. What more it ebbs purity and cleanliness, a start to something new even!

Stay Bold in Black and Gold

Black and gold are a very bold choice, but it’s a good color combination. The contrasting colors go well with each other. Do you know what the color combinations remind anyone of?

It’s reminiscent of the 1920s era. The color combination ebbs power and class, dabbed with a bit of fun and cheekiness.

It really depends on how you (and your partners) are like in person. If you are the sort who have very bold personalities then this is a good option. Or a consideration, if we may put it that way.

Think of the possibilities you can twist your room into with such color combination. It isn’t just the 1920s vibes you can get out of. It does have a mafia and godfather essence to it.

Having said that, you may be someone who lives for drama and theatrics. You may be someone who isn’t a huge fan of bright colors, or white. Because all that bright and basic colors just simply make you feel uneasy.

A side note though: the unorthodox color combination may be a bit extreme. Having mentioned that, the downside to having such bold colors is that it may take time in mixing the right gold color to match.

We should mention how if you plan to have black and gold wall paints, there may be a bit of issue there. Although in present day it’s a lot easier to find black paint in the market, it may not be the right “shade”. Once painted on your wall, it may look like cheap black.

The same thing can be said about gold paints because some looks a bit more yellow. Some others may look more brown or light green. The paints itself is already a bit of a headache to start with.

Find Happiness in Brighter Colors

If you are someone with bright and cheerful personality, you can consider incorporating brighter colors into your master bedroom.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is stereotypically a girl’s color. We can easily say that it’s more commonly found in your daughter’s room, if not her closet. It’s not usually found in the master bedroom unless you are 2 sisters living in the same room. Or maybe your husband or partner agreed to have so much of such feminine color in your bedroom.

Although it is largely an effeminate color, it does not mean you can’t incorporate into your bedroom. Most times people will go for soft pink, which usually is easy on the eyes. Oftentimes, your wife will most likely have her corner in pink. Her wardrobe, her dressing table, etc. Probably her dressing table is in pink too, who knows.

Bold Colors

Perhaps you are someone who has a very bold personality. You live as a non-conformist and don’t submit to the status quo. Bold lives with bold personalities require bold colors to complement their bedrooms.

Find passion in red, maybe throw in a bit of envious green. Mellow and soften out some of those colors with softer colors such as yellow and white.

Bedrooms with bold and bright colors are often unusual, but not unheard of. Your guests may find it peculiar to the eye – if they ever do a tour of your home. Perhaps unwitting guests may find it uneasy to look at, hence may be in disfavor of having bold colors in your room.

To be quite honest, having all the bold colors reserved for your master bedroom has its own personality too. Your room will exude your exuberant nature, perhaps draw some attention to your own personal life.

It’s All About Being Thematic

To bring your master bedroom design ideas further, you can incorporate themes into it. There are plenty of themes you can look into for your master bedroom. Some themes may be a bit too much, some others are underwhelming.

It all depends on what you are really looking for. We can think of a few themes you can use for your master bedroom.

Cultural Themes

Perhaps this is one of the most common themes you can find in a lot of master bedrooms. It’s considered one of the more “adult choices” if we may add. This is mostly because cultural themes usually come across as not looking childish but keeping it classy.

Another reason why people incorporate cultural themes is because they were from these cultures. Decorating their rooms in such a manner reflects their cultural heritage and appreciate it in their own ways.

European Theme

The most common bedroom theme found across just about anywhere on the planet. It is possibly one of the themes that exudes class and elegance not just for your master bedroom, but also for your home in general.

When it comes to European themed bedrooms there are many areas and points of interests when you want to decorate your room. We can think of at least several ways how you can decorate your master bedroom European style.

Think time periods. Take a look at European history and you will find how the continent have gone through several eras and time periods. Feeling Baroque? Renaissances? Enlightenment period? Gothic? Edwardian perhaps?

Each era has a distinctive theme that makes it the way it is. Usually you can incorporate these in your furniture and wallpaper. With an added time period specific items your master bedroom will be all the more interesting and eye-catching.

Asian Cultural Theme

Asian cultures is the next most common theme you can incorporate into your master bedroom design. Usually people will fall between choosing East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) or South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi) design. Those are the most common Asian cultural designs you can possibly find in most master bedrooms.

Stereotypically, it’s usually our parents and grandparents who will incorporate those into their own rooms. At the same time, probably non-Asian hipsters who have travelled to Asian countries will incorporate some of those elements into their master bedrooms too.

Nothing wrong with hipsters incorporating other cultures that are not their own into their own bedrooms. Perhaps a bit of diversity and color makes their life a bit merrier.

Asian cultures often incorporate a lot of Asianized flowers, shrines and idols. The shrines may be a bit much. However, there were some people who don’t mind being pompous enough to incorporate a pagoda into their rooms. If they have the space in their master bedroom to do so.

Go further in-land into Asia, you may find a lot more tribalism designs and elements. Asian cultures are a whole lot of culture to explore and you’d be left with wanting more sometimes.

Just that many times when people say “Asian cultures” they will think of South Asian and East Asian. For the reason that those are the largest groups of people who holds such cultural beliefs.

Latin American Theme

Latin American cultural themes can be seen in 2 ways. One being before colonialism (think Incas and other Latin American tribes) and post-colonialism era (with a mix of Spanish and Portuguese cultures with the local cultures).

When we hear Latin American culture, we will think of a lot of feathers and colors. A vibrant mix of colors and a lot of cultural themes makes your master bedroom feel very exotic. Throw in a bit of post-colonial era designs, it makes your master bedroom look very classy.

Like Asian cultures, Latin American cultures are a wide cultural experience. There are plenty of elements from Latin American cultures that you can easily incorporate into your master bedrooms.

If you are adventurous enough, maybe you can include the well-known Easter Island idols into your bedroom. Get a few replicas and incorporate them into your master bedroom. Your room will transform into a comfortable cultural bedroom in no time.

African Cultural Theme

At cursory glance, when people say they incorporated (or will love to incorporate) African cultural themes into their bedrooms, we’d say it is a very fun move. It’s a fun move because a quick internet search shows us that Africans are very serious on their patterns. You can see a lot of pretty and stimulating patterns incorporated into their furniture and their fabrics.

Not forgetting to mention that they are serious about their colors also. Although most will incorporate green, black, white, and yellow as main colors into their rooms, we can say it gets pretty intense. The vibrant colors itself will give your master bedroom a vivacious feel.

Mix that with the lively patterns, and you will get a bedroom pulsating with effervescent African culture. Throw in a few wild animal statues here and there, and you get an exotic feel.

You know what else that is really interesting about African cultures? Their cultural rugs. All right, a lot of other cultures have culture-specific rugs. African cultures are no exception to that.

To be quite honest you do not have to use rugs as rugs for your floor sometimes. If the size is all right, you can even hang it on the wall as a wall décor. If it’s a smaller rug, you can always throw it over a clothing cabinet or a side table.

Middle East and Mediterranean Cultures

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures are another most common cultural themes people incorporate into their bedrooms. Middle Eastern culture is often intertwined with that of religiosity, if we can put it that way. More specifically Islam. So yes, it’s common to see such themes present among Muslim families.

Nothing wrong with that, as it exudes as much class and elegance as its peers. Think a lot of brass and religious quotes from the Quran. In Arabic. In Middle Eastern cultures you will also see a lot of knives and traditional weapons, used as decors.

It does give your master bedroom a good edge over a classic time period. With the Middle Eastern culture incorporated into your home, you will also see a lot of green (considered as Muslim’s favorite color if we can put it that way), red, and gold. Lots and lots of gold color included.

Gold against red or green actually looks pretty good. People will often incorporate those colors into their wall decors, mats and rugs, curtains, and clothes. Include those in your room, you will have a typical Middle Eastern feel, one that looks like it’s out of Arabian Nights extravaganza.

Pop Culture

Pop culture is more popular among younger people. It’s very easy to see young couples or young friends decorating their rooms with pop culture themes. Think superheroes, geek culture, robotic, wizards and witches, and what have you.

Although that may seem childish to boomer generation, it does not mean it won’t work. You can see how people may go to the extent of filling their master bedroom with sculptures of their favorite superheroes and characters. You can see movie posters, or posters of their favorite bands and singers plastered across their walls.

All we can say is that it works. After all, different people have different tastes.

It’s All About the Elements

Another way to decorate your master bedroom is to consider the elements. Some elements can change the feel to your master bedroom in a snap of a finger. Do you need more lighting? How can you have more lighting into your room without compromising your electric bill?

Thought of having better air circulation? Maybe you are tight for space? Or do you simply want to keep your room a bit dimmer?

There are several ways we can think of to give your room a better makeover. Use these elements to get the feel you want for your master bedroom.


Which bedroom does not have windows? Unless you are living the life of Harry Potter’s day before becoming a wizard…then the sympathy is ours to give. Windows are a great way to adjust the lighting in your room.

Ceiling length windows are great in a sense that it gives plenty of space for light to flood into your room. Even during the evening you can find moonlight spilling into your room if you keep the curtains parted.

Did we mention how it is a really good way to air out your room really fast? Yeah, ceiling lengths can air out your rooms in no time, since there are so much space for the stale air to escape.

Having said that, we should also mention how ceiling length windows have its downside too. Since it’s so tall, that makes cleaning a bit more challenging than your usual smaller windows. You may have to use a stool to help you reach the top parts of the window. Or maybe get a roller mop to help you reach the higher points of it.

There are some windows that just locate at the top part of your room. Those are usually found in older houses. It’s outdated and the good thing it ever does is let light come in and help with airing out your room. Assuming you are tall enough to reach it, or if your stools are tall enough to help.


Curtains matter because it helps with air circulation and sets part of your room’s mood. If you live in a colder country, maybe thicker and heavier curtain sets can help act as temperature control during the colder months. Probably incorporate a darker color like grey or deeper shade colors to attract the heat.

Darker colored curtains may look depressing during the colder months. It’s a matter of lighting and the room’s setting sometimes. Include patterns if you like, so your curtains will not look so depressing.

If you live in a tropical country, the most popular curtain color is white. As mentioned previously, white usually exudes purity and cleanliness. It also deflects heat if you live in hotter climate countries.

Cotton curtains are made to absorb heat better, hence often used in hot countries. On the other hand, colder countries will often be seen using velvet and multi-layered curtains to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Wall Decors

There are several things to mention about wall decors and we will mention them here.


Wallpapers are for rooms where paints can no longer do justice to the walls. That and the fact that you want to make your room a bit more interesting, but you don’t want to buy too much paint to paint the designs you want. A wallpaper is here to solve that problem for you.

Choose a wallpaper to set the tone and mood for your master bedroom. Look at the colors and designs of the wallpapers.

As we have mentioned previously, darker colors will not help with illuminating your room. It may retain heat as basic science taught us dark attracts heat, and light reflects heat. Maybe get one that is a mix of dark and light colors. That way it can ease the eye when you enter your bedroom.

The shapes on the wallpaper décor also matter. Sharper and angular shapes may look caustic, giving your room a frosty atmosphere. Rounder shapes and designs make your room look friendlier and welcoming.

With that being said, we can recommend you to “mix and match” friendly colors with friendlier shapes. Whichever piques your interest as different elements can make your room have a completely different feel.


Some people do not like mirrors. We will be honest about it – it’s because some people have beliefs that it does not tell the truth. And how it is a sign of vanity.

Gone are the days of beliefs turned true. We will pit it out there and say mirrors have its uses in the bedroom too. Maybe you are the kind of person who isn’t a huge fan of mirrors, because seeing yourself first thing in the morning alarms you.

However, mirrors is a good element to include in your room because it makes your room look bigger. Usually people incorporate ceiling length mirrors to make that happen. Although it is something frequently found in dance studios and hotels, which does not mean it hasn’t found its way into homes yet. Specifically your master bedroom.

If ceiling length mirrors is a bit of a bother (for its upkeep) usually a waist length mirror would do. It will still make your room bigger nonetheless.

At the same time, mirrors also help with capturing light. Although mirrors deflect light, it can also reflect them into different corners of your room. It can help you with getting lights to corners of the room that you can’t normally reach.


In conclusion, we can say that there are several points for people to consider before settling on a bedroom re-decoration. Methodically choosing and slowly incorporating it into your bedroom will turn it into one that blows your socks off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the best color for a master bedroom?

Colors have psychological and emotional effects on you. It also depends on what you are looking for. Usually the best colors for the master bedroom are blue, yellow, brown, or white. Those are relaxing colors and help you feel at ease when you are sleeping.

Q: What do you put in your master bedroom?

You can put a lot of things in your master bedroom. Usually it includes your bed (obviously), your wardrobe (if you don’t have a closet for clothes), a dressing table, and drawers among other things. There are other things you can put in your master bedroom too, like decorations and shelves among other things.

Q: How can I make my master bedroom look luxurious?

It’s in the elements and the material you have decided to use and incorporate. Real leather will usually help make your room look more luxurious, but it attracts and retain heat pretty easily.

Use better quality cotton so your bed won’t look cheap. Although it may be just one area of your room, we can guarantee you that it makes all that difference.

Q: How can I decorate my master bedroom?

Plenty of ways to decorate your bedroom. Add more colors. Throw in a couple of wall decors and rugs. Maybe add a couple of plants to give your room some life. All that possible creativity you can think of, it can be made to work.

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