Lull Mattress Review in 2020 – Unbiased Review: To Buy or Not To Buy

If you’ve been on the search for a new foam mattress, the chances are that you’ve come across a plentiful reviews of the Lull mattress. Today, we will be going through an in-depth review of this all-foam mattress.

I will cover all the unique features and details of this product that you should know before making your purchase on the mattress. When you have obtained a full understanding on all its worth, I feel that you will definitely be drawn to it.

The Overview of Lull Company

Lull Mattress Review; overview

This exclusive Lull mattress strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. The innovative foam layers from Lull are specifically created to achieve a long-lasting comfort that keeps you refreshed after an undisturbed sleep and feeling rejuvenated the next morning.

The Lull company firmly believes that getting quality sleeps at night is a basic human necessity, and we should not have to worry about how to pay for it. This is why you will quickly realize that the price of a Lull mattress is a fraction of what their competitors charge for a similar all-foam mattresses.

Lull wants to ensure that their foam mattresses are accessible for everyone by keeping their prices fair and reasonable because getting restful sleep should be attainable for everyone.

Moreover, this customer-centric company has created a unique shopping experience with the customers in mind. Lull has decided to cut out insistent, pushy sales associates and making their user-friendly website extremely easy to navigate.

Customers are encouraged to make purchasing decisions on their Lull mattress, at their own pace without someone breathing down their necks.

How It All Started?

Lull Matress Review; company

The CEO and founder of Lull, Sven Klein, recalls the day he and his wife decided to replace their overused mattress with inadequate support that they had bought many years ago.

They’ve had a terrible shopping experience, from unfriendly salesman to the inconvenience of travelling everywhere just to test out all the foam mattresses.

After going through all that hassle, in the end, the couple still went home to sleep on a less-than-satisfactory bed. That was when Sven made it his mission to start a company that offers premium sleeping solutions made available to everyone at a fraction of the cost.

Lull mattresses incorporate advanced sleep technology into their memory foam to counter common disadvantages found in typical foam mattresses. The visco-elastic property in the foam allows the Lull mattress to gently conform to every curve of your body while you sleep, offering customers with ultimate comfort for a good night’s rest.

Construction of the Lull Mattress

Lull Mattress Review; construction

The soft white cover that wraps around the Lull mattress has a neutral dotted pattern and gray side panels that make it work well in just about any decor settings.

This polyester, rayon, and polypropylene blend elastic cover quickly snap back into place without creating any uncomfortable bunches when you move or tug at it.

While it is essential to understand how the cover feels against your skin, what you want to know is the foam layers below it. The Lull mattress comes in three crucial layers to provide sleepers with an enhanced sleeping experience.

The top comfort layer is made up of 1.5 inches of memory foam that evenly distributes your weight and gently contours to your body’s curves. This makes the Lull mattress especially suitable for the sleepers who suffering from body aches that develop from unsupportive beds.

Next, you’ll find a 1.5 inches middle layer consisting of a proprietary blend of premium foam. This layer of foam offers sleepers a smooth transition from the soft, comfort layer into the denser base foam.

The transition foam layer ensures that you won’t immediately feel the bottom firm layer as you sink into the mattress, but instead, slowly eases the sleepers into a well-supported and comfy rest.

Finally, the Lull mattress is supported by a 7-inch high-density polyurethane core foam layer. This dense foam works to effectively align your body with excellent support while you are sleeping. A healthy spinal position will allow your muscles to rest well for a night of fully restorative sleep.

Lull Mattress Review; element

Firmness and Feel

Lull mattress has a medium firmness that most people will find comfortable as it offers sufficient pressure relief and support. If you’re unsure about which firmness is suitable, medium firmness is usually a safe investment as it caters to a variety of sleeping positions.

On a firmness scale of 0 to 10, we rate the Lull mattress a solid six at medium level with a slight touch on the softer side. When pressing into the bed, you can feel the cover’s exquisite softness and the responsive memory foam with adequate support given.

Due to a relatively thinner layer of memory foam, you won’t need to worry about sinking into the bed as much when lying down. The Lull mattress cradles heavier body points and provides excellent lumbar support to keep the spine properly aligned when you sleep.

The Lull mattress also works well for side sleepers as you won’t feel too much strain on your shoulders and hip area when you roll onto your side. The soft memory foam gently eases your body into a comfortable position without feeling too much pressure.

However, due to the bed’s softer nature, stomach sleepers may find the Lull mattress less satisfactory. Your shoulders will start to sink out of alignment with your hips, and you may face some breathing difficulty in this position.

Stomach sleepers may need and prefer a firmer mattress for better sleep and this can easily be resolved with a mattress topper.

It is important to note that people with different weight may experience a different firmness level. Heavier people may find the mattress to be softer while lighter sleepers may feel it is firmer.

Generally, the following chart is a good rule of thumb to decide on your optimal firmness level:

BMI less than 19 – SOFT

BMI between 19 and 25 – MEDIUM

BMI above 26 – FIRM

Fortunately, Lull offers customers with a 100-day trial period to test the mattress out. You may take advantage of this to check if you are comfortable with the firmness level offered by Lull mattress and if there is sufficient pressure relief when you sleep.


An average weighted person can expect to sink between 1.5 to 3 inches into the Lull mattress when lying down. Due to the overall weight distribution, sleepers who lie on their backs should experience less sinking, while those on their sides would sink deeper into the mattress.

Unlike other all-foam mattresses, the Lull mattress ensures that you don’t sink too deep into the mattress to warrant a stuck-in-the-mud feeling.

The sturdy poly base foam keeps you up and out of bed, making it easier for you to move around and adjust, which is great for combo sleepers to switch in different type of positions during the night.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for two main reasons:

  1. Better edge support means the mattress has less sagging, and you won’t risk falling off the edge.
  2. Provides a stable support to sit on the side of the bed, which is especially essential for those with hip or joint pain who have a hard time getting off from the bed.

As with most all-foam products, we find that the Lull mattress is a bit lacking in edge support. However, it was not to the point where you would find yourself sliding off the bed in your sleep. There was quite a bit of sink when I sat on the side of the Lull mattress, and I could easily compress the bed with my hands.

But surprisingly, I felt pretty well supported as I laid down on the side. Overall, it shouldn’t be a big issue unless edge support is vital to you. In this case, I’d recommend looking for an innerspring mattress.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to how effectively a mattress can absorb a person’s movement. A bed with good motion isolation is ideal for couples as it minimizes any motion transfer, so the other person stays undisturbed in sleep.

The energy-absorbing properties of Lull’s top layer of memory foam allow the mattress to provide excellent motion isolation. Whether you’re jumping on the bed or dropping heavy weighted objects, you can expect minimal motion transfer across the mattress.

Temperature Regulation

Trying to get a good night’s rest in a bed that gets too hot or too cold can be rather tricky. Sleeping too cold at night can aggravate arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms while sleeping uncomfortably hot can result in a disrupted sleep from all that tossing and turning. Either way, no one likes the idea of an interrupted sleep.

Lull mattress helps you regain control of your sleeping environment and body temperature with their gel-infused memory foam layer. The foam quickly dissipates any heat build-up to keep the sleeping surface stay cool and comfortable.

Although it only has one cooling feature, I did not experience trouble sleeping hot in the Lull mattress. However, if sleeping warm is a big concern for you, you may want to explore other types of mattresses.


Some mattresses produce an irritating sound that you’ll hear every once in a while. How noisy a bed can get really boils down to its design. Innerspring mattresses that rely on the support of metal coils tend to make a lot of creaky noises, especially when you lay down or get off the bed.

Obviously, the vast majority of people prefer their mattresses to be as silent as possible. Fortunately, since the Lull mattress is entirely made up of foam, it does not make a single peep – the product is practically silent. Customers get to enjoy a soundless sleep throughout the night blissfully.

Environmentally Friendly

This bed-in-a-box mattress uses smart and efficient packaging. Manufacturers were able to reduce the package volume by a whopping 70 percent into the size of a mini-fridge box, making the Lull mattress very easy to move around.

As a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, Lull takes immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, non-recyclable content, and sourcing any materials from unsustainable sources. You can be rest assured that you’re purchasing a mattress that is safe for you and the environment.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Lull wants to make sure that you’re 100% happy with their product by giving you a 100-night sleep trial. Customers get to test out the Lull mattress in the comforts of their own home before making the final decision whether to keep or to return.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with the mattress during the trial period, you can contact Lull’s customer service to arrange for a return and to get back your money. However, if you do decide to keep your Lull mattress, Lull does provide you with a 10-year warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects.

Overall Reviews on Lull Mattress

The manufacturer has indeed achieved its goal with the well-rounded Lull mattress. However, the above information is based on my own opinion. I’ve taken the liberty to scout around the net to check out what other reviews have said about the mattress.

Lull Matress Review; overview


  • Great quality mattress
  • Sufficient support and pressure relief
  • Budget-friendly
  • Limited off-gassing issues
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Compact box packaging


  • May be too firm for some
  • Weaker edge support

Bottom Line: Is the Lull Mattress Suitable for You?

Lull Matress Review; is it for you

You Will Love the Lull if You:-

Have a sleeping partner – With the minimal motion transfer offered by Lull, you get to enjoy a peaceful sleep throughout the night without experiencing disturbances from your partner’s tossing and turning on the same mattress.

Tend to sleep hot at night – Unlike typical memory foam mattresses that retain heat, the top layer of Lull mattress has a special gel infusion to quickly whip away any body heat to maintain a cool sleeping surface.

Like qualities in both standard and memory foam – The Lull mattress combines the best qualities of both into one creating a comfortable and responsive bed that does not require the support from hard metal springs.

You Will Not Love the Lull If You:-

Prefer to sink slowly – The Lull’s memory foam has quick response characteristics.

Are a stomach sleeper – The soft memory foam of Lull mattress does not work well to keep your shoulders and hips aligned in a comfortable position when you’re sleeping facing down.

Prefer a bouncy mattress – Although the dense polyfoam offers some bounce, the top foam layer works effectively to isolate motion. The foam on top also dampens a lot of the bouncy feeling that you can get from a spring bed.

Final Thoughts

Lull Mattress review; final thoughts

While everyone has their own version of the perfect bed as you can see from plenty reviews, Lull mattress offers some great features and construction to meet any expectations. I’d like to recommend the Lull mattress for several reasons.

With its ability for pressure relief and proper spinal alignment, the manufacturers have perfectly combined comfort and support in their Lull mattress which is lacking in many foam mattresses out there.

Packaged in a compact box, the Lull mattress gets delivered to your house and can be easily maneuvered into your room. On top of that, the 100-night trial and free return make it hard to find a reason not to purchase the Lull mattress. 

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