Ghostbed Mattress Review 2020 – Finding a Good Fit

The Ghostbed mattress is a unique mattress and comes with many perks to it. It is a hybrid mattress that is made from latex and memory foam with a goal to create a mattress that has good bounce while having pressure relief.

The Ghostbed mattress is designed to achieve this goals and it uses quality materials in its mattress making it durable and comfortable.

The Ghostbed comes in two types of mattress. There is the normal Ghostbed mattress and the Ghostbed Luxe mattress. The two mattresses vary from material up to its properties and what each bed offers to the consumers.

Depending on your needs and preference, different Ghostbed mattress would be suitable for you. In this article, more information on both the Ghostbed and Ghostbed luxe mattress will be discussed in great detail as well. The advantages, disadvantages as well as all the special components and features that both mattresses has to offer.

Key takeaways:

  • Great for pressure relief
  • Great for hot sleepers
  • Supportive mattress



The Ghostbed mattress comes in 4 layers. The first layer is the cover that is made out of a combination of viscose and polyester. The material is extremely comfortable as it is smooth and soft to offer the best comfort to the user.

The cover is also breathable and allows for air circulation making it cooling and reduce the risk of temperature buildup in the mattress. The material is also stretchy and durable allowing consumers to use it for a longer period.

Next, is the second layer that is the comfort layer which is the latex foam layer. This layer is  a 1 ½ inch latex foam layer. The latex foam consists of tiny holes on it that is able to pull heat from the body to enable the user to sleep cooler and prevent and heat buildup as well.

This makes it able to regulate temperature which is suitable for hot sleepers. This material used has quick response to pressure hence making it have the bounce feeling instead of the stuck in the mattress feeling.

The third layer to the Ghostbed mattress is the 2 inch gel memory foam layer. This memory foam is made with the Ghostbed company’s proprietary foam formula that is made with larger cell than your typical memory foam. Again, this part of the mattress is also able to regulate temperature as it keeps heat away from the mattress making it comfortable for the user.

This is due to the gel infused into the memory foam hence allowing the user to sleep cool throughout the night, which is an added plus as most memory foams are claimed to be hot when sleeping. Using memory foam in the mattress also gives more comfort to the user especially for side sleepers as side sleepers tend to go deeper into the mattress. With the memory foam, the mattress is able to contour and support the body.

Lastly, base layer also known as the support layer of the whole mattress. This layer is made out of high density poly foam and is 7.5 inches in height. This is the foundation to the mattress and it gives support, shape and maintains the firmness of the mattress to allow it to support the user when sleeping.

Ghostbed Luxe

The Ghostbed Luxe is an updated version of the Ghostbed and is known as a cooling mattress. All the materials used are to target cooling hence making it suitable for those who tend to sleep hot.

The Ghostbed Luxe has 7 layers to it and is 13 inches in height. The top layer which is the cooling topper is half an inch in height and is woven into the top layer. It is called the Triple-tech Ghost hug Cooling topper. This layer is designed with advanced technology in it that has been engineered to tackle hot sleeping issues. The mattress will be able to keep the user sweat free when sleeping as well.

Next, is the memory foam layer also the comfort layer of the mattress. This layer is made with a 1 inch gel memory foam using their proprietary gel memory foam formula. The gel infused into the memory foam is able to transfer and pull heat away from the body making it comfortable and cool for the user at night. This layer is also similar to the gel memory foam in the Ghostbed mattress.

The Ghost Ice Fabric layer covers the first two layers above. This layer is cool to the touch and makes the bed cooling when users lie down on it making it perfect for hot sleepers.

Next is the Ghost Ice Layer. This layer of the mattress is made with great technology in it that is able to capture heat and creates cool temperature when sleeping. 

The fifth layer is the comfort layer that is made out of Gel memory foam. Normal memory foam mattresses are known to trap heat and cause heat to build up making the user sweat when sleeping. But with the gel infused into the memory foam, it absorbs heat and allows for air to circulate to remove the heat as well.

The next layer is the transition layer of the mattress called the Ghost bounce layer. This layer is similar to a latex mattress as it has great response. It has contouring properties like memory foam mattresses and gives the user a floating like feel when sleeping on it.

Lastly is the base layer, which is the foundation and support of the entire mattress. This mattress is able to support and is also durable and lasts long.

One thing to note about the material in the Ghostbed Luxe mattress is that is has a layer of Phase change material in its mattress. This material is able to absorb heat that is trapped in our mattress.

When sleeping throughout the night, out body releases heat and this heat can be trapped in the bed. Hence, some people complain about sweating at night and sleeping hot. With this material, it is able to dissipate large amounts of the heat trapped in the mattress from our body without affecting the temperature of the other foam layers in the mattress. This makes the mattress even more comfortable to sleep on and improves the overall sleep quality of users.


When it comes to the firmness level of the mattress, different weight and people will react differently and have a different firmness feel of the mattress. Generally, the Ghostbed mattress is a mattress that is firmer than average.

If pressure is placed on the mattress, there is a quick response to pressure. This means that when you press on the mattress, it rises back up into shape quickly. When lying down on it, the user will be able to feel the memory foam layer below and begin to interact with it which allows the mattress to conform to the shape of the body and offer support and comfort to the right places.

On a firmness scale, the Ghostbed mattress would be a 6 to 7 out of 10 making it a medium firm mattress.

Due to the materials used in both Ghostbed mattresses like the dense foam used, the mattress is durable and is of high quality, able to support those on the heavier scale as well. The dense foam is able to support most sleeping positions for heavier people. This will be further elaborated in the section below.

For the Ghostbed Luxe mattress, it is softer  as compared to the Ghostbed. When lying down on the mattress, the user will be able to feel a great contouring support from the mattress and be able to feel comfortable.


Ghostbed Luxe

Sleeping Position & Pressure Points


As mentioned earlier, the Ghostbed is a firmer mattress hence making it a suitable for back and stomach sleepers. When lying on the back, the user will be able to feel supported as the body weight is distributed evenly throughout, allowing the body to relax and have pressure relief when lying down.

This is possible due to the latex in the comfort layer of the mattress that fills the gaps between the lower back and the mattress hence offering support to back sleepers.

Although the body is able to feel the contouring feeling of the memory foam, most of the customers say that there is no stuck in the mattress feeling that typical memory foam mattresses have. This is perfect for combination sleepers as combination sleepers tend to move more in their sleeps to change positions. With easy mobility there is no need for the user to exert extra energy just to move around in bed.

For stomach sleepers, the Ghostbed is also suitable as the firmness will be able to support the body. There is not much sinkage in the lower back area hence making it comfortable for the user.

However if you are heavier at the mid area of your body there might be more sinkage that might cause it to be uncomfortable for you but this is quite normal for those having heavier legs or mid area. While sleeping on the stomach, users will be able to breathe well as there is no added pressure placed on the chest area either.

When sleeping on the side, the Ghostbed is supportive to a certain extend. As side sleepers have more pressure placed on the bed, when sleeping on the side there is more weight placed on a smaller surface area.

This allows the user to interact well with the memory foam as it hugs and conforms to the body as well as relieves pressure. However, if you are heavier, the mattress might feel even firmer than what others feel making it a firmer mattress. Hence when sleeping on the side, the mattress might be too firm for the user and the user might feel that the mattress is uncomfortable.

Ghostbed Luxe

 The Ghostbed Luxe is a softer mattress as compared to the Ghostbed. If you prefer softer mattresses this mattress would be suitable for you. The Ghostbed Luxe is said to support all sleeping positions as it is able to relieve the pressure points in all sleeping positions as well.

For back sleepers, when lying down, the body weight will be distributed evenly throughout the mattress and allows your body contour and conform to the mattress and sink into the mattress. The mattress has slower response to pressure than the normal version. Hence if you like the memory foam sinking in feeling this Luxe version is for you.

The slow response makes it a little harder for combination sleepers as more effort will be needed to move around when sleeping. But if you are a combination that sleeps dominantly on the side and and moves to the back as well, the Luxe version will be able to provide great comfort and support when sleeping.

For side sleepers, the Ghostbed Luxe is very much suitable and is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. It is less firm than the original Ghostbed hence allowing the user to get better support with the Luxe.

When sleeping on the side, more pressure is being placed on a lower surface of the mattress, with the softer mattress the body is able to sink in more for pressure relieve and feel the support that it needs.  With the Ghostbed original version, heavier sleepers might not feel comfortable when on the side. However, with the Luxe version, it is able to offer support even to those on the heavier scale.

Finally, stomach sleepers will be able to feel that the body weight is evenly distributed as well and that there is pressure relief when lying down on the stomach. However, if you are heavier, you might feel the hip area of your body sinking in much more since this is a softer mattress. This might cause pressure to be placed on the lower back area causing discomfort when sleeping. Hence if you are a stomach sleeper, you might prefer a mattress that is firmer to ensure that the hips and back are aligned when sleeping on the stomach.

Edge Support

Edge support is also one of the important factors for couples or those sleeping with more than one person to consider when purchasing a mattress. Edge support is the support that is provided by the mattress when at the edge of the mattress. A good mattress with good edge support will be able to support you when lying down on the edge without the falling or rolling of feeling.

In this case, both the Ghostbed original and the Ghostbed Luxe have great edge support. This allows the users to use the mattress to its fullest and to utilize as much space as possible on the mattress.

The Ghostbed mattress is a firmer mattress as compared to its competitors. It has great edge support as you will be able to sleep on the side and still be supported. Although there is compression seen on both mattresses you still will feel great amount of support.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation in the mattress is very important for those sleeping with a partner or even with kids on the bed. Motion transfer is measured by how much motion is able to be isolated and how much it is transferred to the other person on the mattress. This is important as you would not want to be disturbed in the middle of the night if your partner gets up to go to the toilet or even if they turn around or move in their sleep.

Motion isolation in the Ghostbed Luxe is much better than in the Ghostbed original version. In the Ghostbed original, some amount of motion can be felt when the other person is moving. This would be due to the latex layer in the mattress then does not isolate motion much.

However, for the Ghostbed Luxe, it is a softer mattress and has more similarities to a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known to be good at motion isolation hence the Ghostbed Luxe is quite similar although some motion can still be felt but it is much better than the original Ghostbed.


The Ghostbed mattress is suitable for couples especially for bedroom activities. Due to the latex material used in the mattress, it has great bounce to it allowing for easy and comfortable movement on the mattress for you and your partner. If you are looking for a mattress with comfort for sleeping and sex, the Ghostbed is suitable for you.

The Ghostbed Luxe on the other hand is a softer mattress and does have slower response to pressure creating less bounce than the original Ghostbed. However, the Luxe version has great cooling properties that might be preferable by some users as well.

Warranty & Trial Period

Both mattresses come with a 101 night trial period. This gives the users the opportunity to test the mattresses in the comfort of their own home and ensure that the firmness is right and that the bed is able to support and bring comfort when sleeping. If you do not like the mattress, you can return it and get a refund for it.

For the warranty period, both mattresses differ. The Ghostbed has a warranty period of 20 years while the Luxe version has a period of 25 years. The warranty period is considered to be a long one as most mattresses only come with a 10 to 15 warranty period.

Do take note that the warranty comes with a few conditions that you would need to take note of. Firstly, the cover of the mattress has a 1 year warranty if there is any faults in the workmanship or the material of the cover.

The warranty also covers any indentation to the mattress that is more than 1 inch. Also, if there is any split or crack in the mattress that is caused by by normal use of the mattress.

If forced abused, damage such as cuts, tears and stains is caused to the mattress the warranty does not cover it.


The Nectar is a great mattress and it is worth the investment if it meets all your requirements. If you are worried about not being able to pay for the mattress in full, there’s no need to worry.

The Nectar provides financing options for you that allows you to buy and receive the mattress now and pay for it in a period of 3 to 24 months.

There might need to be a certain amount of down payment needed, but it still gives you a great option to pay it over time if a whole lump sum is too much for you.


These are some added advantages of the Nectar Mattress and further information on it

Packaging and Unboxing 

The Ghostbed mattresses comes with easy unboxing and also easy mobility. When you open the mattress, it will expand to its right shape within a few hours. It comes in a box and all you would need to do is take it out and cut the plastic open.

Since it is compressed and vacuum pack it is easy to carry it around and allows you to put it anywhere you want avoiding any heavy lifting.


The mattress is also made to fit your foundation size. It is also suitable with an adjustable mattress. With this, there is no need to purchase a new foundation when purchasing any of the Ghostbed mattress. You will be able to use your own foundation.


GhostBed mattresses are made in the USA and ships from their coast-to-coast warehouses. This means we’ve got some of the fastest shipping times in the West all over.

The Ghostbed mattress ships within 24 hours and customers will be able to receive it within 3 to 5 days from when they place their order. Not only that, it also comes with free shipping and returns with no additional costs.


Sleeping Position

Since the mattress has been said to be firmer than average it makes it not suitable for side sleepers. Some of our readers have said that the mattress is too firm for them hence making it uncomfortable for them when sleeping.

Which Ghostbed Mattress is better for you?

The Ghostbed is more suitable for back and stomach sleepers as compared to side sleepers as the mattress is on the firmer side but still soft and comfortable. If you are looking for firmer mattresses and prefer firmer mattresses the Ghostbed mattress will be suitable for you.

 The Ghostbed mattress is also springy and has great bounce to it making it great for movement on the bed which is perfect for couples. For those who do not like the stuck feeling that memory foam mattresses give you, then this mattress is suitable for you as if does not have the stuck feeling and allows you to move freely and at ease.

Whereas the Ghostbed Luxe is suitable for those who are looking for a cooling mattress. Almost every layer in the Luxe mattress is designed with cooling in mind. If you sleeping cool is a priority the Luxe version is for you. It is a cooling mattress that is actually cool to the touch.

The Luxe is also a softer and less firm mattress as compared to the orginal Ghostbed mattress. If you prefer softer mattresses the Luxe is more suitable for you. If you are a hot sleeper and tend to sweat in your sleep then the Luxe is definately the right one for you.

All in all, both mattress offers great materials and properties. If sleeping cool is important to you, the Luxe would be the one for you and also if you like to softer mattresses and the sink in feeling the Luxe will be something you would like. If firmer mattresses are your preference and you do not like the sink in feeling then the normal Ghostbed mattress will be more suitable for you.

What does the Ghostbed Luxe offer compare to the Ghostbed?

The Ghostbed Luxe mattress is designed with cooling in mind. It is engineered to tackle overheating while sleeping. It also comes with a layer of Phase Change material that is able to absorb heat from your body when you sleep. This is not available in the normal Ghostbed mattress. The usage of Phase Change material in the cover makes it cool to the touch as well. The Luxe version also has gel in parts of the mattress that adds on to the cooling properties of the mattress.

The design of the Luxe mattress is very suitable for side sleepers. The top is a quilted cover and has gel memory foam in the mattress. This enables the user to sink in to the mattress when sleeping which provides pressure relief to the user.

This is very suitable for side sleepers as side sleepers have more pressure points when sleeping. When sleeping on the side, the weight of the body is placed on a smaller surface area of the mattress hence more pressure is placed often on the hip and shoulder area. With the great use of materials, users will be able to sleep comfortably with support.

The Luxe mattress is also softer than the Ghostbed and has a plush feel due to the quilted cover, the memory foam comfort layer and the transition layer in the mattress.The Luxe offers a more sinking in feel to the mattress as compared to the Original version. Also another difference is that the Luxe is a thicker mattress as it has more layers to it. If you like the sinking in feel, the Luxe will be a mattress you would like.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a cooling mattress the Ghostbed Luxe is a great choice for you as it has cooling properties in it. Both Ghostbed mattresses are great choices for couples as it has great bounce and movement on the mattress with no stuck feeling. 

This is for you if:

  • Good support for those on the heavier scale
  • Hot sleeper
  • Prefer the sink in stuck memory foam feeling

Potential downside include:

  • Firmer mattress – might not be suitable for side sleepers


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