Full vs Queen (2020) – Which is the Better Bed for You?

If you’ve gone shopping for a mattress, you probably already know how overwhelming the various options offered today can get. If you’re looking into the differences between a queen and a full-size bed, most likely it’s because you’re hoping to downsize your bedding footprint or you won’t need that extra space to share with a partner.

Also known as the “double bed”, the full bed is bigger than the standard twin bed yet smaller than a queen. The full-sized bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long while the queen stands at 60 inches wide and 8- inches long.

Below is a summary table of comparison of the Queen vs Full mattress

  Queen Full
Width 54 inches 60 inches
Length 75 inches 80 inches
Personal Width 27 inches 30 inches
Cost Bed frames and accessories are cheaper than the Queen Bed frames and accessories are more expensive than full beds
Pros Relatively low cost

East to find accessories

Not too heavy

Good for couples

Easy to find accessories

More leg room

Cons Not suitable for couples Most expensive

Can be heavy

Full Mattress

A full mattress is the smallest mattress after the twin and the jump between the two can even be pretty large with a difference of 16 inches in terms of width. While it used to be one of the most popular mattress sizes, it has recently lost traction in recent years to the now-favorite queen bed.


One of the best parts of the full bed is that it provides a decent amount of sleeping room without taking up too much space. Though it is not as compact as a twin, it does still fit comfortably in many smaller-sized bedrooms without compromising on your comfort. You still get a fair amount of space to stretch out in a full-size mattress.


Those who get the full beds are mostly single sleepers as it could get a little too cozy when sharing with a partner with only 26 inches of space each. Though I’m not saying it won’t work, it’s definitely not the most ideal solution for a long time sleeping arrangement.

On the other hand, the full bed does provide plenty of space for one person to stretch out. But you’ll need to take note that it is a good five inches shorter than the queen so if you have a taller profile, it might be worthwhile to upgrade.


Full-sized mattresses are incredibly common on the market, which means the sets and accessories for it are easily found as well. You can easily get a nice set of duvets online or in the stores at only $20.

Recommended Room Sizes

For a full-sized bed, you’ll need a room that is about 10 ft by 12 ft. If you happen to have a smaller room, a twin might be a better choice. In any case, it fully depends on the furniture you plan on having and how much walking space you feel comfortable with.

Queen Bed

The queen now takes the trophy as the most popular bed in America. The mattress offers plenty of legroom and wider space to comfortably fit you and your partner without taking up too much space in your room. The queen is six inches wider than the full and five inches longer.


Since the queen is not a whole lot bigger than the full, the queen is still a decent fit for most rooms. The wider profile means you can share your bed with a partner without having things getting too cramped up. The longer foot space also means taller people get to sleep without having their feet dangling off the bed.


For a single sleeper, a queen is probably an overkill, but more room is never a bad thing. It gives you plenty of space to move around and stretch. For two people, the queen works pretty well by allowing 30 inches of space for each sleeper, which is a fair amount of room to get comfy.


Since this is the most common size in the American household, finding items to fit it is a breeze. You can practically find them anywhere without having to dig too deep into your pockets. While they are a bit more expensive than the full bed, queen-sized sheets start at about $20.

Recommended Room Sizes

This is an important factor that you would also need to account for. The minimum room dimension to fit a queen-sized bed is 9 ft x 12 ft to allow enough room for maneuvering around the sides without feeling too crowded. This also depends on the furniture you plan on getting and walking space you need around the bed.

What are the Key Factors when Choosing Between a Full and Queen Bed?

On the surface, settling for the right mattress size might seem straightforward, but the decision is actually influenced by many different factors and personal preferences. Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking the right bed.

Bedroom Space

The very first thing to look at is how much space is available in your room for your bed. You need to make sure which bed sizes will actually fit into your bedroom.

If only the Full would fit in your room, then the decision is straight cut.

However, if both the Full and Queen would fit, then you’ll need to start thinking more practically by considering the following:

  • Which bed size would fit in a specific part of the bedroom that you want to place the bed in?
  • Would a larger bed block your ability to open the door to the bedroom, bathroom, or access to the closet?
  • Would a Queen make the room feel overcrowded and cramped?
  • Would you be able to walk around the room and bed easily with the Queen or would it occupy the entire usable space in your room?

You’ll need to be more realistic in the amount of space available in the room with each mattress size. If the larger mattress makes it harder for you to move within your room, the inconvenience will start to grow by the day, and you should probably go for the smaller option.

Other than that, you should also remember that you need other furniture in your room beyond just the mattress. You need dressers, floor lamps, desks, and cabinets to make your room more stylish and livable. If going for the Queen means you need to sacrifice other furniture in your room, it may be better to cut the extra sleeping space and get the Full bed for better comfort and satisfaction.


You will need to think about your available budget and flexibility how much you’re ready to fork up for a new bed. If you have a considerable budget or some room to wiggle out more, then the price difference may not bear too much weight on the selection of mattress size.

However, if you have a firm and tight budget, you will need to decide whether the size of the mattress is more important than other factors like its construction and features. In general, it is a wise choice to purchase a Full if you have a limited budget. But a Queen is worth an upgrade if your budget is flexible.

Bed Occupants

For most people who are not sharing a bed, a Full mattress will provide plenty of space for single sleepers. Even taller people can sleep diagonally to better accommodate their height on a Full bed.

But this, by all means, does not mean sharing on a Full-sized bed is not workable, but a Queen would be a comfortable upgrade in available space. The need for extra space also depends on other factors such as body shape, preferred sleeping position, and requirements for personal space.

Bed Frame and Bedding

The main factor that affects this consideration is mainly the cost difference. Though it is not huge, you’ll likely be needing to spend more on products to fit the Queen than the Full. So, if you’re contemplating a change in mattress size, you need to remember that you’ll have to replace the bed frame and other bedding as well along with the switch.

The Verdict

Considering the two, it does make for a hard decision. While the compact full-sized bed fits decently in smaller rooms, the extra legroom space in the queen is simply irresistible. The wider profile also makes sleeping with a partner much more comfortable on the queen compared to the full. The extra legroom also is a nice touch which makes it ideal for taller people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two adults sleep in a full-sized bed?

Full-sized beds are also known as double beds which are actually meant to fit two in the 1960s. However, they’re only 15 inches wider than a single bed, which leaves only 27 inches of sleeping space per sleeper. So, while it does fit two adults, it may feel a little cramped.

Can you fit a full bed in a queen frame?

Yes, you can fit the full-sized bed in a queen frame. However, the queen frame is larger, so you’ll be expecting a big gap between the edge of the frame and the mattress.

Can you fit a queen mattress on a full bed frame?

No, the queen bed is both wider and longer than a full-sized bed. While you can place the mattress on top of the frame, you will have a considerable area of the bed that is out of the bed frame which could affect balance and comfort. It is advisable to purchase a bed frame that fits your mattress for a better sleep experience.


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