Ergo21 Liquicell Cushion Review (2020) – An Overview

If you are familiar with muscle fatigue caused by prolonged periods of sitting, I am sure you have also considered multiple alternatives you can find to relieve yourself from such a bothering torment. 

I understand your pain and frustration because it is difficult to find one product that meets your expectations. Fret not, I have one long term solution to improve your current situation and let me introduce you to a helpful sear cushion brand that actually works, Ergo21 LiquiCell Seat Cushion.

Ergo21 Liquicell Sports Cushion Review

Range of Ergo21 Seat Cushion

Ergo 21 has came out with an extensive range of seat cushion which cater to different purposes, which include wheelchair, original, sports, coccyx, lumbar, travel, bicycle and meditation.

They even offered a few bundles sets that give the best value to their customers. Ergo21 The sets are a combination between:

  • Original / Sports / Lumbar 
  • Original / Coccyx / Lumbar
  • Original / Lumbar
  • Sports / Lumbar
  • Coccyx / Lumbar
  • Original / Sports
  • Travel / Original
  • Travel / Lumbar
  • Travel / Original / Lumbar

The Reasons Behind Choosing Ergo21

One might have noticed this brand is priced above the average amount, but I have listed down several reasons why it is going to be worthy of your money and it is definitely going to be the best seat cushion for you.

The Uniqueness of LiquiCell Technology

In contrast to its competitors that use material such as gel, foam or air, Ergo21 chooses a medical technology called LiquiCell which encourages better blood circulation and reduces numbness through equalization of pressure while you are sitting. 

The combination of these ultra-thin membranes in the high density polyurethane foam results in a lightweight product. The liquid flotation in the membranes will be in constant motion to adjust the pressure on your legs and tailbone. 

This technology will enable your body to receive proper support in every curvature and you will get the much needed pain relief after a long day while it differs from the experience you get from a cheaper alternative which only contour certain curvature.

This flexible cushion aims to provide you resilient comfort through a better sitting posture and it can possibly eliminate your discomfort and fidgeting and so that you can enjoy sitting for a long period without any issue.

Significant Improvement on Blood Circulation

Ergo21 is bold enough to be the first to claim that this technology can enhance the user’s blood flow by 150% and it acts as an aid for a plentiful of medical conditions involving sitting like sciatica, degenerated discs, hip pain, buttock pain and leg pain. 

This American crafted combination of layers will maintain the blood circulation under your tailbone so you will not suffer any vertical pressure on your sitting bones, which is uncommon for many seat cushions out there.

Besides, it also comes with a non-slip bottom that allows you to sit on it at ease, simply because they understand the awful experience of skidding cushions that you might get from a cheaper alternative.

Versatile – Various Sizes to Fit Different Needs

Not many seat cushions in the market are considered multipurpose, fortunately you can use the versatile Ergo21 LiquiCell cushion for many occasions such as concerts and sports events. You may even include this as a functional addition to your office or use it to refine your driving experience. 

Additionally, it would be great for folks who require better support and reduced tail burn, especially the wheelchair users. It is safe to say that I am pleased by the functionality of this cushion brand.

LiquiCell cushion comes in various sizes which is rather out of the ordinary. You can choose the size based on your body type, body weight and desired thickness which is viable for the seating area. Therefore, I highly recommend you to check the measurement prior to your purchase. 

Increased Focus and Remain Energetic

Moreover, you will benefit from the improved focus because you get to remain energetic throughout the day with the better posture and circulation brought by this cushion. 

It is unbelievably simple to keep yourself concentrated with all the tasks on hand at or keep yourself alerted during the long distance driving. 

No More Hotspots – Enjoy Your Time Sitting  

Unlike the norm which relies heavily on cooling medium or ventilation to minimize hotspot, Ergo21 designed this to effectively dissipate the pressure to prevent the formation of new pressure sores that lead to hotspot. 

Nonetheless, this cushion brand also helps with skin shear and allows a faster recovery for soreness. This is one of the most crucial factors for folks who use wheelchairs due to recurring sores and skin irritation.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I find that the range of Ergo21 LiquiCell Seat Cushion have been a tremendous help to my bodyache as I sit through my days for all these writing. I genuinely do feel the reduction of soreness as my movements are no longer restricted.

I stand by my words that this one cushion brand that you should have a look at because it works wonders, and I hope that eventually it would be the same for you. Let me know what your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

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