How A Quick Coffee Nap Can Supercharge Your Body

Taking a coffee nap is much better option than consuming coffee or taking a nap alone. If you want an energy boost to wipe out your sleepiness, a coffee nap is a sure way.

Coffee nap is just drinking a coffee and then taking a short nap for about 15 to 20 minutes. It not only vanishes your laziness but makes you feel fresh and energetic too.

Take a cup of coffee and fell into the nap immediately. The key is to keep the nap as short as under 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the sleep cycles start, and you enter into a deep sleep. A nap of more than the recommended time will make you feel exhausted rather energetic.

Why Coffee Naps?

The coffee contains caffeine that helps you to feel awake and hinder the sleep. It takes caffeine about 20 minutes to demonstrate its result as it has to take a distance starting from the small intestine and then to finally reach the brain passing through the blood stream. So, drinking coffee alone is not just sufficient.

So, it's better to take a little nap for those 20 minutes and becoming unconscious, until caffeine shows off its results. This unique combo helps to make you feel productive and pretty high throughout the day.

How Coffee Nap Works?

The reason behind feeling stupefied is due to the molecule present in the brain called Adenosine. The adenosine molecules fit into the receptors inside the brain cells and make you feel sleepy and tired. Adenosine is a byproduct of the brain that builds up throughout the day slowing down the neurons, so your performance.

Now, the caffeine present in the coffee blocks the adenosine from plugging in into the receptors thus keeps you away and immune to slowing down. Caffeine chemically looks a lot like adenosine. Caffeine just acts as a wood block under the break paddle of a car so to keep moving without any hindrance.

And taking a short sleep after drinking coffee removes adenosine naturally, and caffeine doesn’t have to compete much with the adenosine to fit into the receptors to block them.

Evidences In Favor Of Coffee Nap

Many studies and experiments (watch the video at the top) have shown that coffee nap has proven to be great at avoiding sleepiness. A test with the drivers, driving for long hours, submits reports of their alertness with and without a coffee nap. The driver responded in favor of coffee nap and felt less sleepy while driving. It was not the case with the drivers who had just coffee or a nap.

How To Take A Coffee Nap

Taking a coffee nap is just to time it right. Gulp coffee just by having espresso shots or iced one. Then set the alarm for a short nap of 20 minutes. Remember, if you sleep more than the time said you will enter in a deep sleep. So, avoid this mistake.

Further, if you doesn’t feel sleepy then drinking coffee and taking a half-awake rest on the bed will be as effective as it would be in a profound short nap.