Casper Mattress Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

Casper has been among the most popular bed-in-a-box companies on the market. Casper has made themself among the leading brands in the mattress industry. Their products ranges from their mattresses, pillows and bed frames. As for their mattresses, Casper offers two memory foam mattresses and one mixed foam and latex mattress

Their mattress comes in three different ranges, the Casper Original, the Casper Essential and the Casper Wave. The Casper Essential is the more budget mattress, the Casper Original is their main mattress and the Casper Wave is their higher end mattress.

The Casper Original  has a comfort layer consists of three sections which are the top polyfoam, bottom polyfoam and a memory foam layer in between in. The support core is also made out of polyfoam. The paneled cover is made out of a mixture of fabrics, particularly polyester and rayon.

The Casper Essential is built from a top layer of polyfoam, bottom layer of memory foam in the comfort system and in the support core, it is constructed of high density polyfoam.

The Casper Wave’s comfort layer comprises of four parts, the top layer is a Flo Foam pillow top polyfoam, the second layer is made from blended synthetic and natural latex, the third is made of memory foam and the final layer comes from high-resilience polyfoam. As for the support core, it is constructed from high density polyfoam while the cover is cotton blend.

Casper integrates innovative techniques and technology in building their mattresses.

Key takeaways:

  • Lifetime warranty and quality mattress
  • Classic memory foam feel
  • Affordable


Casper Original

The Casper original mattress has 4 layers to it and is 10 inches in height. There has been some improvement to this mattress as there is two different layers of foam, a softer foam that is for the shoulder area and a firmer foam for the hip area. This design is to improve the comfort to the sensitive areas of the body.

Firstly is the cover of the mattress. The cover is made of soft polyester blend and has quick response to pressure. This means that when you press against the mattress, the mattress will get back to shape quickly hence making it easy for movement on the mattress. The cover is also removable which allows for easy maintenance of the mattress.

Next, is the comfort layer of the mattress. This layer is made out of a latex like foam material that gives it the bounce hence making it respond to pressure quickly as well. The latex like foam allows the sleeper to have the sink in feel that gives the user good pressure relief. Not only that but the layer also added in cooling properties to the mattress which is perfect for hot sleepers.

The second layer is the contour layer. This layer is made with memory foam which offers the typical memory foam feel. The mattress is able to contour and conform to the shape of the body while giving great pressure relief to the body.

Next is the transition layer. The transition layer is placed between the comfort layers and the foundation layer. This enables the layers to transition to one another. This layer is made with two types of poly foam that is very durable. The placement is very interesting as there is one poly foam that is softer and placed at the ends of the bed and another poly foam that is firmer placed in the center. This is to help with pressure relief and support to the user.

Lastly is the foundation layer of the mattress. The foundation is the base and the support of the entire mattress. It is made with heavy duty poly foam, which gives it is shape and structure.


The Casper Essential

The Casper Essential in another version of the Casper mattress. It is an all foam mattress as well and is made out of three layers and is 8.5 inches in height. Comparing with the other 2 mattresses the Essential is the shortest in height. This model of the mattress is to make it more efficient.

Firstly, the cover of the mattress. The Essential is made with a knit cover that is made with 100% polyester. It is very durable and also thin enough that it does not affect the feel of the foam layers below it.

The first layer of the mattress is the comfort layer that is made with a soft layer of foam and is 2 inches in height. This foam layer allows the body to sink into the mattress and have pressure relief when lying down. Although it has the sink in feel, it is still quick to react to pressure and bounces back to shape. The material used also allows the mattress to be breathable as well as help regulate the temperature of the mattress.

Next layer is the memory foam layer. It is 1 inch in height and allows the user to sink in further for better pressure relief.

Lastly is the base layer, which is the support of the mattress. This layer is made of high density poly foam and is able to support and provide deep compression to the user. It gives the mattress its shape and structure.


The Casper Wave

The casper wave has 5 layers to it and is 11.5 inches in height. The cover is quite thick and is made out of a blend of polyester and rayon. The material used allows the mattress to have a comfortable soft feeling for the user.

The first layers is made out of the Casper’s proprietary Flo foam. The material is soft and helps relieve pressure from the body. It is also designed to absorb body heat from the user and allows the user to sleep cool making it suitable for hot sleepers.

Next is the latex foam layer and is 1.5 inches in height. This layer also provides pressure relief to the user and gives some bounce to the mattress. Soft mattresses usually have the stuck feeling like memory foam mattresses which might cause difficulty in movement but with the latex layer it gives the mattress bounce and allows users to move with ease.

The third layer of the mattress is the memory foam. This layer has slow response to pressure but offers great pressure relief to the body. The memory foam is able to contour and conform to the shape of the body. Due to the placement of this memory foam layer, there will not be heat trap but it still provides the memory foam properties.

Next is the fourth layer which is a transition layer that is 1.5 inch in height and made of high resilient foam. This foam is able to support the user and transitions between the comfort layer and the base layer of the mattress. It also helps support the body and prevents the hip area from sinking in too much hence keeping your body always aligned and positioned well.

Lastly is the base layer, this layer is the support and foundation of the entire mattress. It is made with high density poly foam and is 5.5 inches in height. It has polymer support and contouring properties that gives the Wave mattress a zoned design. This allows heavier parts of the body to be supported while giving pressure relief to problematic areas.




Do take note that the firmness of the mattress is felt differently by everyone. Hence if you are heavier mattresses might feel different than when you are lighter.

 The Casper

The Casper mattress has a rating of 6.5 to 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. It has great bounce when some pressure is placed on it but when pressing in further the user will be able to feel the contouring and conforming part from the memory foam layer.

With the casper mattress, there is no sinking in feel however you will feel like you are sleeping on top of the mattress and there is no stuck feeling as well.

 The Casper Essential

On a firmness scale, the Essential is at a 6 out of 10. It is in the medium firmness range. The mattress has quick response to pressure while still being able to sink in. Same as the Original casper, when more pressure is placed, the contouring of the memory foam can be felt.

The Casper Wave

The Wave is at about a 5 to 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This makes the wave the softest mattress among all the casper mattress. The Wave mattress is plush and soft but it still offers support to the user. It has a more luxurious feel as compared to the others.

While lying on it there is some sinking in feel but there is no stuck feeling that you would get out of typical memory foam mattress.


All the Casper Mattresses does a good job in sleeping cool as it has an open cell foam layer at the top of the mattress contributes to its breathability keeping it temperature neutral.

The temperature is even at all parts due to temperature regulation throughout the mattress and the user will not experience cold nor hot areas when sleeping throughout the night. Also, the type of foam used makes the mattress perform well regardless of the season and condition it is put in giving the user comfort and improved sleep quality as well.

Edge Support

Edge Support tends to be an issue that most foam mattresses face, thus it is expected that this feature is not something to rave about even for the Casper mattresses. Having different thickness, layers and firmness, definitely the edge support will differ among the three mattresses. Edge support is also important when sleeping with a partner or your kids on the mattress as having good edge support enables you to utilize the mattress as much as possible.

The Casper Original Mattress is a 10 inch mattress and is not the thickest of mattress. The edge support for this mattress is just good enough to avoid the feeling of being thrown off the bed while sleeping or sitting at the edge of the bed. It still might give you that anxious feeling being at the edge due to some sinkage, more so if you are on the heavier side.You can expect a sinkage of 2.5 inches when sitting at the edge of the mattress.

The Casper Essential Mattress is the thinnest among the three, hence you should expect that this mattress will stand out least in this aspect. The weakness in edge support makes it not the most highly recommended mattress for adults but it is great for kids as this matter will not affect them due to their light weights. As an adult, if you were to lay, even more sit by the edges, the sinkage will be noticeable and uncomfortable.

The Casper Wave’s edge support should and does perform the best among the other Casper Mattresses being a 12 inch mattresses. The Casper Wave does not have much sinkage at the edges. In fact, it does well by supporting its sleeper’s body evenly from the centre to its sides. You should feel more secure rolling around the Casper Wave compared to the other two Casper mattresses. This also makes it a better choice for couples.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is one thing that many people, or more precisely, many couples are very particular about. Having much motion transfer is a recipe meant for disaster for couples as movement can bother their partner’s sleep. Hence, it is important to have good motion isolation in mattresses.

The Casper Mattresses whether the Essential, Wave or Original does quite a decent a job in isolating motion. The use of memory foam in the mattresses definitely does help in this aspect. When sleeping on it, you will not feel your partner on the other side moving much. This improves sleep quality of both you and your partner. 


Among the three Casper Mattresses, most interested purchases  are most worried about how lasting the Casper Essential is being the least pricey among the three and reasonably priced among other competitors as well.

What they would want to know is whether the mattress is reasonable or is it plain cheap. Moreover, being such a new product on the market, there are limited data or proof to back anything up. However, by breaking down the materials used in the making of the mattress, such as the high dense polyfoam, it does provide some favour to the Casper Essential Mattress.

Similarly, for the Casper Original and Casper Wave, being more expensive than the former, you should be confident in the materials used. Overall, they do use similar materials, except for the fact that the Casper Original has some addition to the Casper Essential and the Casper Wave has some addition to the Casper Original.


These are some added advantages of the Nectar Mattress and further information on it


Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers workmanship and structural damage. However, misuse of the mattress will render the warranty void. Do note that the warranty is only applied for the original purchaser and it will not extend if the mattress was resold.

Trial Period

Customers will enjoy 100 nights of risk-free usage. So, they will be able to see how the mattress performs at the comfort of their own home. If you are not happy with it, the mattress can be returned with no questions and charges asked.

Also take note that the returned mattress will not be resold by Casper as Casper only sells unused products to their customers. Hence, instead of putting them to waste, Casper will donate the mattress to charitable organizations. So do not worry that you are receiving used mattress.


The materials used in the Casper have all been certified and also safe for the environment as well as the health of the users.

The latex foam used in the mattress has been OEKO TEX Class 1 certified. This certification is the highest form of certification. So rest assured that the mattress is safe for use even for babies and children.

The foams used in the Casper mattress is also Certi-PUR US certified meaning that it is free from harmful chemicals and is safe to the health of users as well as the environment.


If you are a couple looking for a mattress that is great for sex, the casper might be a great choice to consider. The casper is a soft mattress making it comfortable but it also has good bounce. You will not be sinking into the mattress hence making movement on the mattress easy. This gives you and your partner great support and bounce.

Secondly, the mattress is also made to be cooling. Hence, post-coital you would not be lying down in heat as there will be minimum heat. The latex used in the Casper is a high performance latex that is designed to keep the body cool and comfortable. 



The Casper mattress comes with a slight scent once you open it. The scent is quite mild so there is nothing to be worried about. Air out the mattress and allow the smell to disappear. The smell of the mattress should be gone within a couple of hours.


The casper mattress does not feel like a traditional spring mattress. Hence, if you are changing from a traditional spring mattress it might take you some time before getting used to the feel of the Casper mattress.

The mattress has a more hugging and comfort feel and has a similar feel to a memory foam mattress. So, do take note that your body might need some time to adjust before you love the mattress.

What Makes the Casper Different?

The Casper mattress has a unique design and was designed to ensure that all the layers in the mattress work well together and provide comfort and support to the user. The casper mattress moves from soft to firm meaning that the top layer is the softest and the lowest is the firmest.

When lying down on the Casper, your body weight is balanced and distributed throughout the mattress. The body weight puts pressure on the mattress and pushes air out of the cells of the mattress. This gives support to the user.

When the top layer of the mattress is compressed the layer below it will also compress and move on to the transition layer that compresses and finally the base layer reacts and provides structure and support to the entire mattress.

The transition layer in the mattress is able to absorb body movements when you lie down and change positions making it perfect for combination sleepers. It is also easy to move around and no unnecessary energy is needed to change positions.

Which Casper is Suitable for you?

Deciding which casper mattress is suitable for you will need some consideration in your needs and wants. All three mattress are of great quality but all provides different needs to different people.

 The Essential Mattress

The Essential mattress is the most affordable mattress and is the simplest mattress among all. It offers great support and comfort to the user at a reasonable price. The Essential is the most affordable amongst all three hence if you are on a tight or low budget the essential would be one to consider as it has great comfort and support at its price point.

With the lower budget it does have less qualities than the Original and Wave casper mattresses.

The Original Casper

The Original Casper is a perfect balance of support and softness to it. It has targeted relief in the mattress and has a little extra features like the transition layer than the Essential mattress.

Casper original is the firmest mattress and would be recommended for those back and stomach sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses. Especially for stomach sleepers, if the mattress is too soft it will cause pressure points to be formed when the hip area sinks in too much in the mattress.

The Casper is also suitable for combination sleepers. It has Zoned support which is firmer support targeted at the hip area and softer under the arms.

The casper might not be suitable for you if you prefer softer mattresses and if you are a side sleeper. The Casper may not offer the right support and might not be able to relief all pressure points of side sleepers as it is firmer.

If you are looking for a slow sinking in memory foam feel the Casper does not have it as well hence it might not be suitable for you.

The Wave

The Wave mattress has the most luxurious soft and plush feel to it. If you like the luxurious feeling and willing to spend a little more money for the feel of the mattress that the Wave would suit you. For side sleepers, the Wave would definitely be the most suitable choice as it is the softest and offers the most support to side sleepers. However, if you are willing to spend more money, the Wave is the luxurious mattress and offers great comfort to the user but at a higher cost

The wave mattress also comes with hyper targeted support. It has over 33 precise points targeted in the mattress to provide ergonomic alignment and restoration sleep. With the higher price there are added benefits and quality to the mattress as well.

The Wave is the softest mattress and is closest to having that memory foam sinking in feel that you might be looking for. If this is the case, the Wave would be just the right one for you.

The wave might not be suitable to you if you are looking for a firm mattress. The wave mattress is a soft mattress and is soft and plush to give good support.

All casper mattresses comes at different price but it has a wide range that can hopefully be suitable to most users. The mattresses range from $350 to $1000+. All mattresses also sleep cool so fret not if you are a hot sleeper.


The Essential Mattress is valuable and simple while still offering great support and pressure relief to the user. It is affordable at the same time of high quality. If offers the sink in feel without the stuck in the mattress feeling hence allowing for good movement and mobility. It is suitable for all sleeping positions as it’s firmness is in the middle of the Casper and the Wave mattress.

The Casper Mattress is soft and supportive and is an ideal choice for back and stomach sleepers. It is at a medium range price point still affordable for most users. It comes with a zoned support system and is the firmest mattress among all making it suitable for those who prefer firmer mattress.

The Wave Mattress is the highest end product in the casper brand. It is an ideal choice for side sleepers due to its soft and plush feel. It is the softest among all three and has a soft and contouring feel to it. It is a luxurious item which is a great choice for those who are willing to spend more. The wave mattress is also good at relieving pressure in the body as it comes with 33 precise points targeted in the mattress.

Final verdict

All in all, the casper mattresses are all of high quality. All three mattresses are suitable for those who tend to sleep hot as all of it has cooling technology in it to provide comfortable sleep for the users and to improve sleep quality as well.

This is for you if:

  • You want a wide range of options 
  • Concern about materials in mattress – Safe Materials used

Potential downside include:

  • Off gassing
  • If you prefer a traditional innerspring mattress feel, this mattress is not like that. This mattress has a hugging comfort feel. 

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