Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Reviews (2021): Aurora and Spartan

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Brooklyn Bedding is one of the leading bedding manufacturers for high-quality mattresses in the market so far. This bedding company is one of the few online bed in a box brands who really owns and operates their own facilities.

Brookly Bedding: Quick Overview

Since that Brooklyn Bedding owns their own manufacturing facilities, they have the power to make any number of different mattress models they wish to. However, since that they have quite a list of mattress manufactured under their name, we will only focus on the Aurora and Spartan mattresses.

Aurora is maybe one of the coolest bed mattresses you can currently find in this present day. It is said that the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress gives you a luxurious feel and has several cooling elements.

The Brooklyn Spartan Mattress, on the other hand, is one that is made for athletes and active people in mind. So that means if you are a sportsperson, then this may be a great mattress for you to consider.

What About The Mattress Price?

People who have bought this mattress before said that the price is pretty much priced down the middle of the fairway for the bed in a box industry. Its price is similar and quite close to other similar box in a bed brands.

But given the high quality construction of the bed, and how that it is a hybrid, we can definitely tell you that this Brooklyn bedding mattress has a good overall quality.

Their prices range anywhere from US$600 and up, depending on what size mattress you choose to buy. However, you can expect it to be fairly aggressive with promotions (according to some of the feedback we have received from our users) especially during certain holiday seasons.

Choosing the Right Mattress: Criteria Explained

Like buying any new products, you may want to consider some of the criteria before buying any of the mattresses. We have compiled a short list for you to consider before settling for it.

Sleeper Weight Matters

Your body type and how much you weigh may affect your mattress and how you sleep. It can affect the feel, firmness, temperature regulation, and support – some of the factors that can be affected by your weight.

Let’s say you are a heavier person (weighs more than 250 lbs). Then you will generally feel like most mattresses are a bit softer than the average-sized person. This is mostly because as a heavyset sleeper, you are most likely to exert more stress and pressure on a mattress and sink into the bed a bit more than usual.

On top of that, heavier people tend to sink in more and may find that the top layers of a lot of mattresses kind of hug them and as a result, they will warm up more than a medium-sized person.

The downside is that petite sleepers who weigh less than 150 lbs will feel like a lot of mattresses are on the firmer side of the spectrum. It’s true in a sense that because unlike heavy sleepers, petite sleepers place very little stress on a bed and sleep more on top of the mattress.

Sleeping Styles

 This includes side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. A lot of modern-day mattresses made claims that they are made for all kinds of sleepers in mind. However, not every claim is true.

Your sleep styles matter because it can “make or break” your sleep. If you are a combo sleeper, we will recommend that you go with a medium feel mattress. The model provides the best balance between pressure relief and support as you change between your side, back and stomach.

Once again, your weight matters. Overly heavy combo sleepers may want to consider the firm option while more petite combo sleepers may want to stay away from the soft options.

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress: What It Offers

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

Now that we are done with the criteria, let’s have a look at what the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress has to offer.

At a quick glance, we can see that this Brooklyn Aurora Mattress works best for:

  • Sleepers who are easily disturbed by any kind of movement, rough or light.
  • Sleepers who are bothered by sleeping hot.
  • Sleepers who are looking for pain relief.
  • Sleepers who love firmer options.

However, with all the good things it can offer its sleepers, there are bound to be reasons why sleepers may not like this mattress. The good thing about this Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is that it has fewer cons than its advantage. This mattress is not good for:

  • Sleepers who do not like having a lot of bounce in their beds.

Mattress Construction

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is made up of 5 layers, 3 foam layers above an innerspring layer, and 1 foam layer below. The top layer is a 1.5 inch layer of Copper Gel Energex foam that makes the mattress feels bouncier than most polyurethane memory foam.

It is further infused with copper to make it feel cool to the touch and also encourage an antibacterial environment. It is paired with TitanCool, a water-based solution that is infused into the mattress surface to draw away excess heat.

The 2nd layer is a kind of foam that Brooklyn Bedding engineers for its mattresses. The 2 inch layer is called TitanFlex. Its flexibility means it is responsive to your body and adjusts to your body every time you move.

The 3rd layer is 1 inch of a sturdier memory foam that transitions the mattress from the contouring elements to the support structure. The 4th and 5th layers, an innerspring layer and a high density foam layer, makes up the support system of the mattress, If anything you should know is that innerspring construction allows air to flow through. This is to make sure that the sleeper feels cool while sleeping on the mattress.

Individually wrapped coils make up for the 8 inch 4th layer, which contours to your body while also supporting it. There are 1283 individually wrapped pocket coils that keeps you sleeping calm and pretty. All that even while your partner tosses and turns next to you.

The 5th layer is a sturdy 1 inch layer of high density foam adding more support to the whole structure.

Attractive Features

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress us a luxury hybrid mattress that has a flat top commonly seen in all-foam mattresses but an innerspring system of pocket coils under it. Brooklyn Bedding has the idea of making their mattresses that “sleeps cool” in mind when they design and make it.

Between the phase change materials, gel pad, and airflow, it is definitely one of the cooler mattresses you can find on the market currently.

Cooling Effects

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress invests its reputation on being the mattress that keeps you cool while you are sleeping. Even when you touch it when you took it out of the box, it feels cool.

If it’s for anything, the Brooklyn Aurora is great at thermal conductivity. It means that it quickly moves heat away from you. A lot of sleepers love this feature as “sleeping hot” has become more of a problem since memory foam mattresses have been introduced into the market.

Although the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress uses memory foam in a lot of its mattresses, it counteracts that by infusing cooling gels into the foam and using innerspring coils for support. The coils encourage air flow.

Firmness Levels

This Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is available in 3 firmness levels – soft, medium, and firm. The firmness levels accommodate all sleepers regardless of their sleeping positions. The firmness changes based on how firm the TitanFlex layer is.

If you are a side sleeper who likes the feeling of being hugged by your mattress or a thinner person, Brooklyn Bedding recommends choosing the softer option of its mattress. However, if you are a sleeper who changes positions often, then choose its medium option if you like. And if you are a stomach or a back sleeper who do not like to sink deeper into your mattress or a sleeper who is on the heavier side, then choose the firm mattress option.

The medium mattress option is going to be the best choice for a lot of sleepers and it was the one a lot of sleepers like.

Motion Transfer

Perhaps you are someone who does not like it when your mattress moves while you are sleeping on it. How much you can feel your partner moving around in the bed each night can mean a whole lot of difference between insomnia and a night of energizing sleep.

Since that the Brookln Aurora Mattress features both memory foam and a coil system, you will not be able to avoid all movement when your partner shifts around next to you or gets back out of bed. However, having a slightly more movement means just as it is – slightly more. This mattress does a pretty good job at minimizing motion transfer as it can.

Brooklyn Spartan Mattress


As mentioned previously, the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress is made for the athlete in mind. It is a hybrid model that claims to deliver “extreme recovery for the extreme athlete in all of us”.

Whether if you are a mega-fan of exercising or not, it matters less than what the mattress has to offer – sleep on a Spartan mattress, and you will reset and rejuvenate throughout the night.

The Background

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

This Brooklyn Spartan Mattress is one of the 6 mattresses made and designed by the popular bed in a box brand Brooklyn Bedding. According to its founder John Merwin, the company received its start in 1995 when he and his brother began de-constructing mattresses and visiting factories to figure out how to build better mattresses.

In present day, the company has made a series of hybrid and mixed-foam mattresses to fulfill its number 1 goal of making luxury sleep at a more affordable price.

Mattress Construction

The Spartan Mattress is a 13.5” hybrid mattress made from 6 different layers of foam and coils. This is its medium comfort layer option. The Spartan Mattress is also offered in firm option and plush option.


The cover that comes with it is woven with performance fabric and Nanobionic technology that claims to transform your body’s heat into waves of energy and promote deeper sleep. For that very same reason is why Brooklyn Bedding says that the Spartan Mattress is made with athletes in mind.

Comfort Layer

Its plush layer features 1.5 inch of patented CopperGel EnerGex foam. That is basically an alternative to latex foam. The Energex foam has a rapid response towards pressure, so you won’t feel like you are stuck in the mattress when you are sleeping on it. The copper infusion can also keep you cool, since that it is known to help draw extra heat from the body.

Transition Layer

Below its Energex foam is 2 inch of another type of foam that is unique to Brooklyn Bedding – TitanFlex. The material is another kind of latex alternative that has similar qualities to the foam like the CopperGel EnerGex foam.

Meaning to say, it has quick response to pressure, has good bounce, and have ample mobility. All of that simply means that you should be able to change position freely thorough your sleeping experience.

Contour Layer

This is another layer of foam. Under all that proprietary foam is an inch of memory foam, which when compared to the Energex and TitanFlex foams, will have a slower response to pressure and hug your body.

But since that this layer is quite far down in the mattress, you won’t feel too stuck unless you are a heavier side sleeper where your shoulders and hips sink deep into the mattress.

One benefit of having memory foam this far down in a mattress is that it can decrease some of the motion transfer from coils beneath it. Furthermore, the placement underneath 2 latex-like layers can combat some memory foam’s natural over-heating properties.

Support Layer

Below all the foam is an 8 inch support system of pocketed coils. This layer supports the mattress and should give you some bounce. Since that the coils are individually wrapped, the springs will also isolate motion a lot better than traditional innerspring mattresses.

Base Layer

The bottom layer of this bed is made of 1 inch HD Poly Foam, which acts as a foundation for the overall mattress while giving the coils something to press on.

Firmness Level 

A lot of sleepers who have bought this mattress said that it is a medium-firm mattress. If you are someone who does not like the feel of a firmer mattress, then this one is definitely not the one for you.

When you lay down on your side, you will feel that you have sunk a bit, making you feel ample pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. If you roll on to your back, the foams do a nice job of filling in space at your lumbar region, which keeps your spine well-aligned.

Although the 4.5 inches of foam (including its memory foam) may lead to some people contouring, it may not be for some other sleepers. To put it simply, this bed mattress still has good mobility and a bit of a bounce. You can move and flip positions on this bed easily.

Unlike certain mattresses on the market, sleepers said that they don’t feel too hugged when they sleep on this mattress. Overall speaking, a lot of sleepers recommend this bed for back and side combo sleepers who are looking for some pressure relief and support. At the same time, it is also a great mattress for people who wants to freely change their sleeping positions.

Did we mention how this Brooklyn Spartan Mattress also features a quantum edge system? Which is a kind of pocketed coil system that has smaller coils near the sides to promote edge support.

It does do a great job of supporting almost anyone’s weight near the side of the bed. Generally, a healthy dose of edge support is a big plus for couples. This helps make the bed feel bigger and you are able to utilize the entire surface area of the mattress without feeling like you are falling off.

Motion Transfer

The motion transfer test is important in a sense that it can indicate the amount of disturbances you will feel from 1 side of the bed to the other. This is especially important for people who share your bed with a partner who likes to toss and turn during the night.

Let’s say when you jump on to the bed, you can feel a small spike in motion transfer. However, that initial spike in motion transfer is quickly dulled. That may most likely due to the layer of memory foam and individual wrapped coil system.

That means when someone jumps on to the bed while you are sleeping on it, the motion transfer disturbance will fade fast. You will not feel much of the motion transfer either. Given the amount of mobility that you will likely experience on this mattress, then we have to say we are overall impressed with how quickly it isolates motion.

Why Choose the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress?

Although there are plenty of reasons to not choose the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress if you are not an athlete, there are some reasons why you should (even if you are not a sportsperson). You should totally get the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress if:

  • You want a good mattress bounce. This Brooklyn Spartan mattress strikes a nice balance of providing plush pressure relief while being bouncy at the same time. If you want to feel some sinkage, but do not wish to feel stuck in the mattress, then this Brooklyn Spartan Mattress does that trick.
  • You are a side or a combo sleeper. Due to this mattress’ mobility, Spartan can be an especially wise choice for combo sleepers who needs to move around freely through the night. Side and back sleepers will do better on this bed since the plush support provides pressure relief for the lower back, shoulders, and hips.
  • You are sharing the bed with someone else. Whether if you are sharing your bed with your significant other, your friend, your sibling, your pets, sharing your bed means you will often need to utilize the entire surface area. The Brooklyn Spartan Mattress has great edge support so you will most likely not feel like you are rolling off the mattress.

The  Complaints

With all that good things being said about the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress, it does have its downside too. Here are what some sleepers have to say about the downside to the mattress.

Stomach sleepers may not get enough support. It’s true that this mattress is definitely a touch softer than your traditional medium firm mattresses. But you most probably will not get the support your hips need if you sleep on your stomach.

However, you are lucky if you can choose the firm version of the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress to hopefully get the strong structure you may be looking for.

It sleeps a bit too warm. Although it is made of all that great sleeper technology, it still sleeps a bit too hot for some sleepers. Memory foam is known for trapping heat and unfortunately, that’s exactly what it did to this mattress. If you are looking for a cooling mattress, then this one may not be the best.

Our Verdict

If you are wondering if any of the mentioned mattresses above is right for you, then you may have to make that decision for yourself. It does have some pretty awesome qualities if you are looking for specific mattresses in mind.

Just keep in mind that although it is made for a general group of sleepers does not mean that it will fit everyone. There will be some sleepers who may be disappointed by this mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) sleepers may have about the Brooklyn Mattresses.

Q: Does the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress come with a sleep trial?

It claims that its mattresses will come with a 120 nights sleep trial. It allows its customers almost 4 full months to try it out.

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