Best Trundle Beds 2020 – Taking An In-Depth Look

I fondly remember my childhood days when I had to do sleepovers on these lovely trundle beds because my house was the headquarter for such memorable activity.

Growing up, I have always wondered if they make trundle bed for adults because of the practicality and functionality. I bet it is the same for you, for how you cannot disagree with this is one of the most probable solutions to resolve the tiny space woes faced by many in this era. 

However, it must be difficult for you to get started on buying the right trundle bed as hundreds and hundreds of search results will be shown before you, so you might feel overwhelmed and clueless about which to pick. Worry not, I am here to share my inputs on picking the most suitable trundle bed for you.

How to pick the best trundle bed?

There are a few notable factors which I think are crucial when it comes to picking the best trundle bed and you should watch out for them while you are doing your shopping.

Functions and capability

Most trundle beds are meant to expand your sleeping space without taking up extra floor space. You will be able to optimize your limited space when you do not need to sacrifice additional space for storage. 

However, the trundle beds are typically positioned close to the ground as it needs to be kept under the bed. Thus, it is often meant for people with higher flexibility like kids and young adults. You need to bear in mind that is not advisable for the elderly to rest on the lower level of the bed as they might find it hard to get up.

I think that the function of the trundle bed is dependable on what you intend it to be. It can be your guest bed, your cozy lounge or simply, the bed you sleep on a nightly basis.

A trundle bed is usually capable of taking up to 250lbs bodyweight and some of the sturdier builds can take up to 400lbs. It is crucial to check the total weight capacity prior to your purchase because some trundle beds are not meant to be treated as a regular bed. 

Design and Material

The trundle bed set comes with various designs to fit into your home. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the configurations of the pop-up, rollout or pullout mechanism. 

Pop-up trundle will be raised to the same level as the daybed while rollout trundle has caster wheels at to the bottom of the frame while the pullout trundle will remain attached to the daybed. A lot of manufacturers have combined the last two as the rolling-out mechanism and pulling out-mechanism is uncannily similar.

In my honest opinion, I will go for the rollout or the pullout option because, while the idea of elevating the spare bed to the same height with the main bed is great, I will remain overly concerned about the wear and tear.

The bed frame construction will also affect its strength to withstand a certain range of body weight. The commonly used materials for the frame are steel and wood as they are the sturdier options, although the latter comes with a heftier price tag but the elegance and longevity which is hard to replicate. 

These days, you will find a lot more upholstered frame as many have preferred the elegance of the upholstered frame to improve the space. Wrought-iron frame has also gained its popularity as everyone is out searching for durable products.

A lot of the options come in bed frame only as they would love to provide the flexibility for you to reuse your existing mattresses though you can always get a fitting mattress on their product page.


I would say that the warranty is fairly important for such a movable item because of the parts like the bed base and the casters are likely to experience high depletion over time. So, beware that some of the manufacturers offer limited warranty while some of them offer none.

Top 10 Trundle Bed You Can Find

I have put together a list of trundle beds for you to lessen the burden of searching the best. They are arranged in the order of their best overall performance and practicality.

#1 Zinus Suzanne Daybed with Trundle Frame Set

Functions and Capability

Our readers had been talking about on this sturdy set. They mentioned that the product is more than decent for the price they had paid and I am happy to verify the truthfulness behind the statement. 

It has premium steel posts as a supportive base and it holds up to 300lbs without any issue. The construction of the frame is surprisingly sturdy and I am impressed with both the quality and craftsmanship.

Aside from that, the strong metal slats would also stabilize the bed so that your guest can sleep through the night without any creaking noise.

If you intend to further strengthen the base, I would recommend placing an extra mattress base as you get to distribute the weight although I think that would be unnecessary. 

The durable steel frame made it a great choice for a guest bed or even, your regular bed as it is meant to last you for years. 

Design and Material

This multi-functional set is a standard Twin on Twin rollout trundle and it is made out of premium steel and quality wood. It looks extremely stylish and the rustic look of the Suzanne bed frame set will add a touch of industrial décor to your home. 

You will find that this lovely, reasonably priced bed has possessed a quality that is beyond your expectation. It is bound to leave your visitors in awe of how much you actually paid for this good looking bed with a great comfort level.

The assembling process is quick and simple as you will be given a step by step manual. I think it is fair to say that Zinus had succeeded in ensuring the whole process requires no extra tools as advertized and you will need minimal time to put it up. 


Zinus has known to be generous with their warranty period for a lot of their products and they courteously provided a worry-free 5-year limited warranty for this Suzanne frame.

Additional Information

The item is around 64lbs and the fully built item will be in the dimension of 78” x 39” x 25.8”. It accommodates 2 twin-size mattresses and the recommended thickness was 6”. 

This bed frame set does not include mattress, but Zinus does sell mattresses that fit perfectly on this frame so you might want to check it out.

In hindsight, one of the readers had given a slight modification to the trundle by using sliders instead of the casters included. 

This smart modification allows her to fit in 8” mattress to the lower level with 1” clearance and I thought that you might want to give this a shot albeit it will void the warranty.


  • Premium steel finish
  • Rustic looking
  • Sturdy build
  • Casters included
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • It sits rather low on the ground


#2 DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

This is another well-celebrated set that I would like to recommend. You will be expecting a gorgeous, classic looking bed frame as many readers have praised its space-saving design.

Just like the first set, it comes with metal slats as the base and the spacers will effectively help to give better support. Besides, you will have a comfortable sleep because air circulation is greatly enhanced with this model.

The frame itself is made from steel and it comes with 4 casters – two with wheel lock and two without the lock. This aims to further stabilize the trundle.

The total weight limit for daybed is 400lbs while the trundle withstands up to 225lbs. One of the readers reflected that the kids really enjoy the bed as they get to sleep on the bed comfortably and the bed is still holding strong.

This Manila Metal Frame will work well as your comfy lounge or an unexceptional guest bed. 

Design and Material

The metal bed frame is painted white with round finials. Its elegance will remind you of the Victorian times and I am sure this will fit right through your house by creating the harmonious balance between timeless yet voguish environment.

You are going to appreciate the rough finish as it opposed to some shiny finishings which is a fingerprint magnet. However, you might want to take note that the color is not pure white as some readers have commented it is leaning towards off-white.

This Twin on Twin model comes with a rollout trundle that is great for a sleepover or an unexpected guest. Besides, you can also easily set up the bed frame within minutes and put it to good use after. 


I’m delighted that this bed frame set comes with a 1-year limited warranty which covers all the manufacturing malfunction.

Additional Information

The assembled Manila Metal Frame is measured at 77.5” x 41.5” x 41.5” and it weighs 61.5lbs. DHP has suggested a maximum of 8” mattress on top while the bottom mattress should not be any thicker than 6”. They also sell the fitting mattress separately from the frame.

It is one of the most affordable range as there is no complicated design and it really takes very little time to assemble the bed frame. DHP was helpful and they have provided both online and offline edition of installation manual so everyone has access to those.

They have 4 different sizes for this model: Twin. Queen, King, and Full. However, do note that you will only get a twin-size trundle bed regardless of the size of the daybed you purchase. If you are looking for bigger trundle bed, this might not be for you.


  • Classy looking
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy casters
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • It receives complaints on the missing parts

#3 DHP Bombay Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

Like its Manila sister, this sturdy bed frame deserves some praise for the simplicity of the build. The bed frame consists of stabilizing metal slats for the supportive base of the frame. The spacers will help the slats to ensure the posts remain and durable. 

This Twin on Twin roll out trundle features locking casters and these casters prevent the trundle bed from skidding off in the middle of sleep. This promise you that your bed will be securely positioned while you are fast asleep.

The bodyweight limit for the trundle is 225lbs while the daybed can handle over 400lbs. This is a good item to be placed in your guest room as it works wonderfully as a tasteful guest bed.

Design and Material

This quaint Bombay frame comes with beautiful detailings and its elegant curves make it a stunning interior décor.  It comes in two colors: off white for a simple look and brushed bronze for a more polished look. I favor the latter as the color adds a stronger character to your space.

It shares similarity in terms of with its vintage-inspired sister, but funnily, it is unique to its own. It works great as temporary accommodation for your overnight visitors while it is a stylish addition to your living room.


DHP has offered a 1-year limited warranty on this Bombay Metal Frame.

Additional Information

Its dimension is 77.5″ x 41.5″ x 43” which is highly similar to the Manila sister, but it is a couple of inches taller. It is slightly heavier, weighing about 67lbs and we believe the extra height has amounted to the extra pounds. 

Unfortunately, the set does not come with mattresses, but DHP sells the fitting mattresses separately in case you do not have any mattress that fits the bill.

On a side note, this brushed bronze edition does cost slightly more than the plain off-white version, but I believe the extra touch will increase its durability and elevate your visual pleasure.


  • Polished look with two color options
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comes with locking casters 


  • More suitable for temporary accommodation only

#4 Zinus Eden Daybed and Trundle Set

Functions and Capability

The Eden frame structure is considerably strong and durable. The simplistic frame can take up to 250lbs and one of our readers who weighs over 240lbs had slept easy on the frame without any squeaky noise.

The sturdy frame is formed high-quality steel with metal slats as a good foundation for you. It comes with 2 locking casters and 2 non-locking casters to affix the trundle at your desired location.

This Eden bed frame will be a decent guest bed, or it can be nicely incorporated into your living room as the effortless style is easy to work with.

Design and Material

This is yet another sleek looking Twin on Twin rollout trundle set. The design is rather minimalistic and it will fit right into any corner of your house. I feel that the matte black coating gives the bed frame an expensive look.

It comes with 4 casters and that facilitate your trundle bed into a maneuverable item. The easy gliding wheels have significantly improved its mobility. Besides, the premium steel slats of Zinus ensure the hardiness and durability of the bed and you will be happy that you did not pay a crazy amount for such quality.


This Zinus product comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.

Additional Information

The fully constructed bed frame is measured at 77” x 39” x 38 inches and it is around 71lbs. You will find yourself with detailed instructions with illustrations for assembling the bed frame. This is very helpful when it comes to putting it together. 

This is one of the few models that accommodate mattresses that is thicker than 8”. You will be left with a couple of inches of clearance if you have decided to put a 9.5” mattress on the trundle.

The whole process will be made easy by following the instructions given to you and you will be surprised by how each part is neatly labeled with a letter or a number without fail. 

One of the readers mentioned the sturdiness has managed to survive kids flopping on top of it though I would never recommend any form of bouncing movement as it shortens the durability. 


  • Affordable
  • Accommodate thick mattresses
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • There will be a big gap if you put a thin mattress at the bottom

#5 DHP Tokyo Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

This simple yet practical trundle bed is capable to ensure your guests have a restful night by providing adequate sleeping space. Your courteous gesture will be well received when they have to do a sleepover at your place and this will make them feel at home as they sleep soundly on the bed.

The daybed is advertized to hold up to 450lbs while you should not place any weight more than 250lbs on the trundle.

It is equipped with 4 casters to promote easy mobility and 2 casters have a wheel lock while the other 2 have none. You can move your trundle from one end to the other with the help of these casters.

It serves very well as a guest bed or, a cozy lounge that you will enjoy. The construction is formed by sturdy metal frames, accompanied by strong metal slats as the supportive base which helps to prolong its durability.  

Design and Material

This Tokyo set is another classic minimalist design from DHP that meet all your needs for beautiful piece for your cozy living spaces. The soft curves and ravelling lines of the headboard and footboard just appear in a timeless fashion that never go out of style. 

This statement piece will fit well in any interiors while I am glad to see that this model comes with rounded finial that is similar to its Manila sister, which added a touch of elegance to it. 

The strong metal bed frame is made to last as I have been informed by one of our readers that her set is still standing strong after 3 years of regular usage.

In the meantime, the rollout trundle is meant to be a great accommodation option for your guests. It is also designed to be compatible with any space requirements of the room.

You will enjoy the space-saving design of this Twin on Twin rollout trundle bed as it only takes up the similar amount floor space that a sofa would.


DHP gives a 1-year limited warranty for this product.

Additional Information

The dimension of the product is 77.5” x 41.5”x 42.5” and it weighs around 63lbs. Although DHP has always talked about the simplicity behind its assembling with no extra tools needed, I find this model could use some extra help from additional tools. 

The bed frame comes with two color options: brushed bronze and white. I find the brushed bronze color gives a charming character to the bed frame and it instantly improves the ambiance of the room. 

The clearance between the daybed and the trundle is about 14” so you can easily fit a 6” mattress on the trundle.


  • Well made, durable steel frame
  • Affordable
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Not the easiest to assemble

#6 Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

You will find this memorable captain’s bed has evolved to be more compact and space-saving as compared to the precedents in our childhood. What is even more amazing about this model is that the bed is made to last you for a very long time, just like the old ones. 

This might appear to be a pullout trundle bed but you will be surprised by how the trundle bed is equipped with wheels!

The bed also features 3 functional drawers to maximize your storage space. Somehow, I wish there were some rail to guide the trundle back into the underside of the bed.

However, you need to take note that the recommended total body weight for both the mattresses should not exceed 250lbs.  

Design and Material

Broyhill pride itself to prove you a complete bedroom solution and I think you can trust them on providing a stylish and practical bed frame. It will be an excellent choice as your personal bed or it may be the answer to provide restful nights for your visitors.

Additionally, this captain’s bed is made out of solid hardwood with composite material and I believe It is a versatile design of Twin on Twin pullout trundle with 3 spacious drawers. 

The finishing of the bed frame is formed by many layers of harmless coating. It is safe for you and your children to sleep on as you need not worry about the possibility of inhaling toxic gases. 


Broyhill has been one of the most reputable furniture brands in the States as they have been established since the early 1900s. They have extended a 1-year limited warranty on this product.

Additional Information

The dimension of the captain’s bed is 81.1” x 43.9” x 35.5” and it is only 43.5lbs. You will be impressed by how lightweight yet well made is the bed frame as this is no longer as heavy as the ones we remember.

It comes in 4 colors: espresso, gray, black and white to accommodate your preference and you will find the completely assembled bed frame to be astonishingly beautiful.

The downside is that the assembling time is slightly more lengthy the rest of the options in this list as it involves more parts to be put together.


  • Made from solid wood and composites 
  • Nontoxic coatings
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Take up more floor space
  • Take more time to assemble

#7 Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed and Trundle

Functions and Capability

The Bushwick comes with a daybed and trundle bed frame that accommodate standard twin-size mattresses. The recommended thickness of the mattress is capped at 8” and Novogratz insisted there no box spring will be needed for this.

The daybed will be able to withstand up to 400lbs of total weight while it is suggested to not drop a weight that is beyond 250lbs on the trundle or else you are basically pushing the total weight capacity.

It comes with 2 locking and 2 non-locking smooth-gliding casters which will assure a good night’s sleep to your visitors for the slumber party.

Design and Material

This Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed and Trundle feature a contemporary industrial design that will likely make your guests are envious about this underrated centerpiece. 

On the other hand, the rollout trundle is designed to conveniently provide you an extra sleeping space in the case when you have unexpected guests.

There are many color options are offered to complement your preference. Novogratz takes good care to provide what you need as it is important for it to bring the right energy to your home.

The backrest and arms will include the rounded finials which turn this simple daybed into an aesthetic centerpiece.


It has a 1-year limited warranty.

Additional Information

You will find this handsome Bushwick to be measured at 77” x 41” x 40” for the daybed and 71” x 40. 5” x 3.5” for the trundle. The weight is roughly 59lbs but I find the frame to be pretty sturdy.

You will be eased through the assembling process as it is very manageable.


  • Sturdy supportive metal slats
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Slightly pricey

Only good as temporary accommodation

#8 DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

You may make your own comfy lounge area with this DHP Sophia set. This backless Chesterfield comes with multiple wooden slats that provide sufficient support to banish your thought for a box spring. In fact, it supports a weight limit of up to 450lbs while the trundle can withstand at most 225lbs.

You will also be pleased with the versatility behind the backless design, as it can be used as a divider in your room or you can simply place it against the wall as this is such a piece of art on its own. 

Its uniqueness makes it a cozy lounge space by day and turns into your guest sleeping spot by night!

You will find that the bentwood slat system will give you a great level of relaxation while the casters ensure a smooth movability.  

Design and Material

This Twin on Twin rollout trundle comes in the form of a Victorian turfed upholstery backless bed. You can witness the quality of its design by the detailings on the product itself, such as the tan linen with the infamous sleigh arms and wooden scroll legs.

All these resemble a modernized yet ageless Victorian look that DHP targets to achieve and you will find yourself falling in love with the chic daybed.


DHP offers a 1-year limited warranty for this set of upholstered bed with trundle.

Additional Information

The dimension of the daybed is 74″ x 37.5″ – 38.5″ while the trundle’s dimension is 80. 5” x 55. 5” x 11. 5”. This item weighs around 105.5lbs and I was genuinely surprised by the look and quality of construction.

You might be impressed by the simple assembling process as one of our readers who is heavily pregnant had claimed that the whole process was rather enjoyable because she managed to complete the entire process quite effortlessly.


  • Well made, elegant upholstered daybed with trundle 
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • More pricey than many
  • Hefty item

#9 Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

Functions and Capability

This multifunctional bed features a rollout trundle with casters and it contains wheel locks that are helpful to make sure the bed stays in place.

Besides, you can be assured that the premium linen upholstered bed is as sturdy as the wooden bed frame is made from high-quality wood. The sturdy build allows the frame to have higher weight capacity as the manufacturer claimed that the daybed holds up to 400lbs while the trundles can handle up to 250lb.

This beautiful set will be a great looking addition to any part of your home, especially in your living room.

Design and Material

The design of this upholstered daybed is strongly influenced by the vintage furniture found in the mid-century as you can tell from the backrest which is filled with diamond-tufted patterns. 

Aside from that, you will notice the wing back arm with the narrow brown legs which are also the mid-century favorite style.

It is yet another deceiving rollout trundle bed as the structure of the upholstered daybed makes you believe that it is a pullout trundle bed instead. 


This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Additional Information

The daybed is measured at 75.5” x 43.5” x 33.5” while trundle has a different dimension of 75” x 40” x 11.5”. The item weighs at 96lbs and it is one of the heaviest sets we have on this list.

The bottom trundle comes with 4 wheels to allow you to maneuver the trundle to your preferred location.  

As the mattresses are not included in the set, you can opt to utilize two existing standard twin size mattresses that you have or buy it from the manufacturer. The recommended thickness for the trundle is 6”

You might be shocked at how easy it is to put these together as the manual and detailed instructions had been included in the package.


  • Casters are attached to the trundle frame
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Considerably costly
  • Heavy

#10 Bellamy Black Metal Trundle Bed Frame 

Functions and Capability

It is formed by strong tubular metal slats and it gives the necessary strength to the frame to support the advertized total body weight, which is up to 500lbs. However, I would like to advise you to not load heavy weight onto any bed as this will shorten the lifespan of the bed frame.

If you want nothing more than an extra bed under your existing bed, I would say this is one of the few options which come unattached with a daybed frame. You can definitely purchase this frame for the convenience of its mobility. 

Design and Material

This black Bellamy trundle bed is structured using strong metal and the 7 metal slats are designed to help with stabilizing the bed so your guest can sleep at ease. If you intend to further stabilize the frame, you may get a thin cardboard to distribute your body weight.

Besides that, this rollout trundle bed features 6 wheels attached at the bottom of the frame which allows the smooth-rolling experience to whichever you want. 


There is no warranty provided by King’s Brand Furniture on the trundle bed frame..

Additional Information

This trundle bed is measured at 73.13″ x 39.5″ x 4.25″ and weighed merely 23lbs. It is designed to fit snugly under any existing bed you have. It is very easy to put these together and you will probably need less than 15 minutes for the assembling process. 


  • 6 wheels for higher portability
  • Fits under almost every bed


  • No warranty provided
  • Limited to temporary accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have computed a few FAQs that many have asked when they are looking for a trundle bed.

1. Are trundle beds comfortable?

Yes, you may be surprised at how trundle beds can be as comfortable as your regular beds. It is likely to cause by the mattress selection you have and choosing a good mattress can significantly contribute to a better comfort level.

Besides, a trundle bed can be the love seats in your living room and many readers have reflected that getting an upholstered daybed with a trundle bed set is one of the wisest moves if the comfortable trundle bed will end up as your couch.

2. How much should I pay for a trundle bed?

When you are looking for a trundle bed frame, you should prepare a budget of $400 so that you have more options to look at. 

I have to agree that some of the quality frames do not cost a fortune, but a quality wooden frame or a sleek looking upholstered daybed frame is not easy to come by when you are looking at the range which is under $200. 

Meanwhile, you might want to consider reading this to find out more about the best mattress to purchase as the mattress plays a big role for your comfort.

3. Can a trundle bed withstand the body weight of adults?

Yes. These beds are no longer meant for kids only as you can find of full-size trundle bed in the market though twin size is most commonly sought after. The trundle bed frame can usually take up to 250lbs without an issue. 

You can always refer to the maximum weight capacity published by the manufacturer. If there are any safety concerns, you may also contact them directly through their contact numbers or via their official website.

4. What is the thickness of the mattresses that can be used?

The recommended thickness of the mattress on the trundle bed might vary from one model to another. It is highly dependant on how much clearance you get from your daybed ie. how high it sits from the ground. 

The mattress for the daybed can be any thickness as the build is meant to cater to greater weight and you will not be concerned with the inability to roll out the bed because it will not face the same situation with trundle bed.

If you get a mattress that is too thick, it will result in little to no room for movement and your trundle bed will remain stuck underneath your day bed.

Therefore, I would like to reemphasize the importance of measuring your mattresses prior to your purchase on a trundle bed frame, or you can simply get a fitting mattress from the manufacturer.

5. Which material makes a sturdier bed frame?

In my honest opinion, I find solid wood works best for a trundle bed as it is the most durable material although it is more pricey. If you are looking for a bed frame that would last you for a long time, do not hesitate to pick one built form by solid wood. 

However, it is undeniable that some of the strongest metal will try to match up with what a solid wooden frame can offer. If you are on a budget and you are not worried about the durability, you may try a quality steel frame instead.

Final Verdict 

A trundle bed will be a good investment for you if you intend to fully utilize the small space available back at home. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something with greater portability, be sure to check out the best rollaway beds.

Besides, there are a lot of reasons why trundle beds remain one of the most popular fixtures for limited spaces like studio apartments and guest rooms, and it does not require you to break the bank to afford additional sleeping space. 

Its uniqueness and versatility will be able to help you on issues like storage and limited space. The elevation of the mood is almost instantaneous when you pick the trundle bed with the right aesthetic.

However, I understand that it is challenging to select an ideal trundle for your home and I highly recommend you to check out the stylish #1 Zinus Suzanne Daybed and Trundle Set. 

This stunning set is the best bang for your buck as the bed frame is properly built with a lavish, exquisite design. You must not forget about the fact that it comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so in the event of malfunction within the warranty period, this would definitely come in handy.

I genuinely think that space management does not have to come with a big price tag and you can achieve this by picking the most suitable trundle bed for yourself. Comment below if you have any more questions or you can also share with me about your experience of having a trundle bed. 

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