Best Storage Beds In 2021 – Comprehensive Review Our Top 10 Picks

Storage beds have become increasingly popular over the last decade due to the scarcity of large homes. Most urbanites now live in smaller houses such as apartment studios, condominiums, and home offices.

With such limited space, the multifunctional storage bed makes a wonderful addition. But, what makes a great storage bed? Ultimately, what everybody wants is a convenient multifunctional storage solution that is high in value.

Buying Considerations for the Best Storage Beds


Evaluate how much storage space do you really need. If it’s for storing smaller items like towels, bedsheets, and shoes, you can do well with shallow drawers. If you need a place that is large enough to fit suitcases, it’s best for you to ensure the storage space is tall enough to fit larger boxes under your bed.


Check if you have enough area in your bedroom and around the bed to open its storage space. For hydraulic beds, you need to make sure that the top of the bed will not hit any fan or ceiling lights when opened; For drawer type storage beds, make sure you have enough space around the bed to pull them out.


Check to see how the storage space is partitioned. Does it have enough space to store your bags, boxes, and pillows? Can it fit a safe in case you want to stash some cash or jewelry? Or would you prefer a single large storage area where you have the flexibility to keep everything the way you want it?


It is important to note how the base of these storage beds rests on the floor. Are they standing on wooden feet? Or is the entire bed resting on the floor? This will ultimately affect the total weight your bed can take without giving way. It may also affect your carpeting as well.

Important Factors of Storage Beds

With so many options available in the market now, it is difficult to identify which storage beds are the better ones. The best storage beds not only need to be beautiful, but it also needs to be sturdy enough. Below are a few criteria that we adopted when picking out the best storage beds.

Design and Finish

The storage space needs to be properly integrated into the bed. Does it really save space, or will it just cause more problems for the extra cost? Drawer beds are generally easier to access, which is why most of them are on our list.

For such a major piece of furniture, you really need to make sure that it is not an eyesore to look at. The architecture of the bed frame should include smooth edges and curves that are either varnished or fabric draped.


We checked how well the bed can hold up the weight of sleepers and storage items. It needs to not only be able to support everything, but it should also be durable enough to last long. Nothing is worse than your bed breaking under you in the middle of the night.

Our Top 10 Storage Beds

Here’s a list of our top pick on some of the best storage beds available in the market today.

1. Graham Queen Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress

Best Storage Beds; Graham Queen Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress

Design and Finish

Combine comfort and sophistication with this versatile bed. The Graham Storage Bed is crafted from solid wood that resembles a storage cabinet when folded up. It is the greatest camouflage – cabinet during the day, full-sized bed by night. This storage bed makes it perfect for apartment studios and home offices.

The product is shipped in three boxes which include the top panel, left and right-side panels, door, back panels, middle rails, drawers, and a folding mattress. They even included a hardware kit to help with assembly plus some extra screws and bolts just in case.

The package is very heavy with a total of 365lbs of weight. If you live on the upper floors, I would strongly recommend paying the extra bucks to have the delivery guys help you bring it up to your bedroom. It is best to let the professionals handle it, especially for items this heavy.

All that was really needed to be put together is the chest that holds the bed. The manufacturer provided very clear instructions with pictures that are easy to follow. The entire storage bed is very well made with all the holes lining up and fitting perfectly.

Once assembled, I could see that the frame features carved wood panel details that are intricately beautiful. When it is closed, the piece resembles a storage cabinet, the two doors open up to reveal a hidden mattress. This is the perfect space-saving piece that offers a place to rest for overnight guests.

The Murphy bed has two bottom drawers that are wide and spacious. It makes for convenient storage space for your bedding and pillows. All it takes is to just open up the cabinet and you’ll have a full bed ready for you to snooze on.


The foldable memory foam mattress that came with it has a firm comfort level. This helps to relieve pressure points and provide sleepers with a well-supported sleep. Honestly, I did have my concern about feeling uncomfortable on the foldable mattress. But to my surprise, it felt really cozy, I would not feel the folded parts at all.

A little issue for me was that I could hear the front panel creaking when I laid down to sleep. I checked and found no cracks whatsoever, everything was still intact and well. However, I still wouldn’t recommend standing on the mattress.

Additional Information

What I adored about the bed is that it even features a charging station. It was 2 built-in 110 power outlets and 2 5V, 2.1-amp USB charging port to ensure that all your electronics are charged up. These storage beds even come with a 9-foot power cord in case your bed is not placed next to a power outlet. Very thoughtful design by the manufacturers.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Murphy storage bed. It folds up really well and takes up minimal space. I am simply delighted with the foldable mattress that arrived with it. If you’re short on space, the Graham Queen Storage Murphy Bed is worth the investment.

Product Overall Dimensions:
Bed mode: 41” x 63.75” x 81.5”
Cabinet mode: 41” x 63.63” x 24.38”

Product Weight: 348lbs.

The Good:

– Made of durable solid hardwood
– Fold up into a storage cabinet to minimize footprint
– Easily opens up to turn into a Queen-sized bed
– Foldable memory foam mattress is very comfortable

The Bad:

– Long assembly time required
– Front panel creaks when lying on the bed

2. Ruthann Upholstered Storage Bed

Best Storage Beds; Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Design and Finish

Designed with large space in mind, the Ruthann storage bed features an extended platform around the mattress that offers wide storage space. It not only looks and feels luxurious, but it is also extremely functional.

The bed came in three extra-large boxes. You need to pay attention to the measurements especially if you live in apartments. Check to see if the boxes can fit through the elevator if not you may just need to carry three heavy boxes up via the stairs.

Assembly was not too difficult, but I would suggest you get someone to help you out. There were a lot of small parts to attach to the frame. It took me and my friend about 2 hours to set everything up. Overall, it is doable if you don’t want to spend extra for assembly.

The storage platform bed looks very expensive, the velvet fabric gives an extra luxurious touch to it. The bed is really massive, you need to make sure to take the measuring tape out to check if the bed can fit in your bedroom.


The Ruthann Upholstered Storage Platform bed is really solid, and the queen size bed can hold up to a whopping 750 lbs. I was really concerned about how well it would hold two adult sleepers due to the slatted bed construction, but it did really well. It is very well built, it certainly did not feel like the bed was about to give way any time soon.

Styled in rich velvet and elegant tufted accents, this luxe look will make you feel like royalty. The velvet fabric is very smooth and gives a distinctive soft feel. This beautiful piece of furniture will surely strike a conversation with your guests on where you bought it.

The sides and front platform do not only act as a convenient bench to sit on, but it can also be opened up to reveal massive storage space. It is so spacious you could even fit inside for a game of hide and seek. This deluxe storage bed helps you keep all your stuff hidden away out of sight and out of mind in the most lavish way.

Additional Information

The gorgeous Ruthann Upholstery Storage Platform bed has certainly exceeded all expectations. It is no wonder why buyers only have amazing reviews for this storage platform bed. This is definitely the bed to go for if you want something modern, stylish and practical but without the hefty price tag.

Product’s overall dimensions and weights:

King: 96″ x 60.5″; 243 lbs 

Queen: 98″ x 86″; 231 lbs

Full: Overall Length – Head to Toe: 93.5″

The Good

– Beautifully tufted velvet upholstery gives it a luxurious look
– Velvet fabric is soft and smooth to touch
– Solid slated bed construction can support up to 750lbs.
– Surrounding platform can be opened up to reveal huge storage space

The Bad

– Large size may not fit smaller homes
– Requires long assembly time

3. Morphis Upholstered Bed

Best Storage Beds; Morphis Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Design and Finish

Running out of space? Get the Morphis Storage Platform bed to help you keep your space neat and tidy. Featuring tufted details that add a modern touch to your décor. Not just a stylish anchor for your bedroom, but it also acts as a functional storage option that fits into rooms of any size.

The platform bed arrived in two very heavy boxes. All the parts were properly labeled, and the instructions are quite fool-proofed. They even included the wrench and Allen key required for the setup. I was able to finish assembling the bed in about 3 hours with some help.

The taupe gray-colored bed frame blends naturally with any color-making it so easy to harmonize with all kinds of bedroom décor. The solid wood frame gives it very sturdy support such that the bed does not move around making a lot of creaking noises.

The fabric of the upholstered piece is the most visible sign of quality and style. The Morphis Storage Platform bed is made of a durable polyester blend that is strong and durable. The wrinkle-free characteristic of the material means your bed will look good and new for many years to come.

It is important to have a good bed base if you want to sleep with extra comfort and pleasure. That is why the platform bed features spring slatted bed base with 24 curved pieces of beech wood.

This slatted base offers a degree of flexibility that helps to release pressure from your bed mattress. By doing so, it helps to give your mattress better longevity. Although they are slightly more difficult to set up, they ensure better and more comfortable sleeping conditions.


The combination of solid wood bed frame and slatted base helps to bed to withstand up to 500 lbs. of weight. With this, it is recommended for you to go for mattresses that are 8 inches thick. Do make sure that the mattress does not exceed 88 lbs. or you may find it difficult to lift up the platform.

The Morphis platform bed has an easy-lift mechanism to reveal a large storage space under the bed instead of drawers. You can fit clothes, bedding, pillows, and even large duvets in there. The storage space below is not compartmentalized so you are not restricted to only storing smaller items.

Additional Information

The streamlined silhouette of the Morphis Upholstered Platform Storage bed offers contemporary influence that blends effortlessly into both casual or formal spaces. With such a wide interior storage base, this low-key bed is a must-have in your home.

The Good:

– Polyester blend upholstery material ensures longevity
– Tufted and streamlined design blends into any décor
– Sprung slat bed base offers better comfort
– 1-year warranty

The Bad:

– 88 lbs. weight limit for the lift-up mechanism to work

4. Houchins Upholstered Storage Bed

Best Storage Beds; Houchins

Design and Finish

Winston Porter Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is high quality, stylish and affordable. This multifunctional bed features four drawers of extra storage space for all your loose items. This piece of furniture would make a stunning addition to any bedroom.

Overall assembly was pretty straight-forward with clear instructions. It took me about 3 hours to fix it all up myself. Not too difficult I must say, certainly easier and less time-consuming than other platform beds available in the market.

The button tufting head and footboard design give a contemporary and traditional feel to your room. This bed combines fashion and function with a touch of mid-century style in its modern look. The Houchins platform bed will certainly make a lasting impression in any bedroom.

The platform bed’s frame is made up of metal and solid wood that can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. It has extra legs in the center that offers additional support to ensure your bed does not bend and break in the middle of the night.


The Houchins Platform bed is made up of smooth and soft linen-blend upholstery. The linen blend fabric is extremely durable, and it stands the test of time. On top of that, the fabric helps to keep the bed feeling cool on hot summer days for a more comfortable sleep.

The bed is designed with a bentwood slat support system that helps reduce uneven and lumpy surfaces. It also allows for some breathability to keep the mattress fresh longer. The slatted system is perfect for restless sleepers who are sensitive to uneven pokes and prods of the spring type.

The queen size bed comes with four very wide storage drawers. However, the drawers are made of plastic, so it is best not to keep heavy stuffs inside. Lighter items like clothes, bedding, and pillows will do well in the drawers hidden away from sight.

Additional Information

The Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is a beautiful centerpiece that delivers style and functionality to fit your trendy style. The handy storage drawers make it a convenient spot to keeps things out of sight and out of mind.

Product’s Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Twin – 38” x 43.5” x 80.5”, 93.5 lbs.
Full – 38” x 58.5” x 80.5”, 119 lbs.
Queen – 38” x 64.5” x 86”, 125.5 lbs.
King – 38” x 78.5” 84.5”, 131 lbs.

The Good:

– Easy and fast assembly
– Button tufting head and footboard design offers a contemporary feel
– Up to 500 pounds weight capacity
– Bentwood slat support system keeps mattress even and breathable
– Features drawers for convenient hidden storage space

The Bad:

– Drawers cannot hold heavy items

5. Kerens Upholstered Bed

Best Storage Beds; Kerens Upholstered Storage Standard Bed

Design and Finish

If you’ve ever dreamt of clearing clutter from your bedroom, that is now easy to do with the space-saving Kerens Upholstered Storage Standard bed from Greyleigh. More than versatile and functional, the button-tufted details and winged sides showcase a classic design with an elegant shimmer.

The standard bed arrived in five boxes. I found that the assembly instructions to be quite vague and the drawings are not as clearly labeled. If you’re into challenging DIY projects, this will really kick up your engines.

It took me a total of four to five hours to complete the assembly alone. It is really important to clearly understand each and every part before you begin the installation. In hindsight, I realized that it is much faster to only install the drawers at the end instead of the beginning. This will help you cut down a significant amount of assembly time.

The bed features a solid and engineered wood frame with 100% linen upholstery for Gray and Beige versions. For a more premium upgrade, it does also come in a walnut color that is made of faux leather.


This sturdy bed can hold two adults comfortably on top of the mattress and all the items stored beneath. The total weight this Kerens Upholstered Storage bed can hold up is a considerable amount of 500 pounds.

100% linen upholstery are well-known for their air permeability and heat conductivity properties. It allows the bed to feel warm in the winter and keep cool during the summer heat. This ensures you get a temperature stable and comfortable sleep all year.

The Kerens platform storage bed does require a box spring that is not included. However, you can easily purchase one from a nearby depot. I got the low-profile box spring as I found the normal one to be slightly too high. Alternatively, you could skip out on the box spring by getting a flat plank and attach it to the frame. Both works just as fine.

The bed comes with a footboard that is complete with storage drawers. A total of four drawers are provided with this bed: two drawers at the front and one drawer on each side. Each drawer was surprisingly spacious as I could fit quite a lot of heavy and thick bedding in them.

Additional Information

This modern Kerens Upholstered Storage Standard bed looks expensive and you will be really impressed with the materials overall. The four under-bed drawers are a game changed and it provides a lot of storage space. This standard bed is well worth it and will do wonders in your bedroom despite the challenging assembly.

Product’s Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Full – 55.51” x 61.81” x 80.71”, 223 lbs.
Queen – 56” x 68” x 85”, 214 lbs.
King – 56” x 84” 85”, 248 lbs.

The Good:

– Expensive looking and beautiful bed
– 100% linen upholstery keeps you comfortably well-rested
– Weight capacity of up to 500 pounds
– Four under-bed drawers for maximum storage space

The Bad:

– Difficult assembly with unclear instructions

6. Devitt Storage Platform Bed

Best Storage Beds; Devitt Storage Platform Bed

Design and Finish

Devitt Storage Platform bed is thoughtfully crafted in rich ivory polyester, the headboard silhouette will have everyone in awe of its beauty. Featuring four large drawers at the base of the bed, this bed is the perfect solution for all your bedroom storage needs.

Assembly was a breeze, I only took about an hour and a half to completely install everything up myself. The boxes were heavy though, so it would be great if you could have someone else to help you carry them up to your bedroom.

The bed frame is so well-built and sturdy, no wobbling or moving around. Most storage beds are constructed with wooden frames that tend to break down over the years. The Devitt storage platform bed is constructed out of lightweight steel that will last for a very long time.


The steel-core storage beds have key welded joints for additional support bars. They come in easy snap-in assembly, so you don’t need expert technical skills to set it up. The steel-core base allows the platform bed to hold up to a whopping 6,400 lbs. of static weight! This bed is easily the strongest base available on the market.

The stunning button tufted headboard gives off a classy yet mysterious vibe at first glance. It even features an adjustable height (54”, 57”, or 60”) to adapt to any design. Make it taller for a grandeur style, or lower for a sweeter décor.

The upholstery is made up of foam wrapped in 100% polyester fabric. The synthetic fabric has strong fibers that do not wear down as quickly in addition to being wrinkle and shrink-resistant. The strong fabric will keep your bed looking great for years to come.

The Devitt Platform bed does not require a box spring and it includes 16 wooden slats for support. Unlike box springs, the slats offer good air circulation beneath the mattress. You will feel less stuffy and it helps your mattress to last longer.

The platform storage bed has an option for two or four under-bed drawers. I opted for four drawers as I preferred to have more storage space to hide all my junk. The drawers are constructed from sanded, lightly lacquered, and snag-free maple wood making them very durable.

The full-extension steel ball-bearing side mount drawer slides allow full accessibility to all the drawers. The drawer units come fully assembled and attached within the steel cage, which eases you of any stress and frustration of assembling the drawers.

The heavy-duty drawers are wide and can fit many items. You can easily hide your pillows, bedding, winter clothing, shoes, photo albums, etc. in the under-bed storage. I especially loved the soft-closing of the drawers feature, something that is not offered in many storage beds in the market.

Additional Information

Devitt Storage Platform be is one of the premium products that can withstand an impressive weight capacity on top of the beautiful tufted design. The durable storage drawers will help keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. This platform bed has both brains and brawns of a perfect multifunctional furniture.

Product’s Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Queen – 54” x 62.25” x 83”, 250 lbs.
King – 54” x 76.25” x 84”, 270 lbs.
California King – 54” x 74.25” x 86”

The Good:

– Easy assembly
– Lightweight steel core provides strong support
– Can withstand up to 6,400 lbs. static weight
– Comes with 16 wooden slats for better air circulation
– Full-extension steel ball-bearing side mount drawer slides allow full accessibility

 The Bad:

– Drawers are not as sturdy

7. Elizabeth Storage Bed

Best Storage Beds; Elizabeth Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Finish and Design

CosmoLiving Elizabeth Upholstered Bed with Storage is designed with a flawless profile that features square tufted stitching and four rollout drawers that allow you to store items. The sturdy wooden frame includes secured bentwood slats, so you can say help to many nights of solid sleep.

Everything arrived in a box with great instructions and everything properly labeled. The easy assembly took me about 2 hours at most to completely set up. The bed was well-built which made setting it all up a breeze.

The flawless square-tufted stitching on the headboard ensures the foam and fabric stays in place. The artistic touch adds an element of diversity and class to your décor in addition to being extremely comfortable.

The upholstery fabric is made of polyester and linen blend that gives an authentic vintage look. It offers the strong durability of polyester and the cool breathability of linen fibers. Your storage bed will have an extended longevity thanks to the blended fabric.


The bed frame is constructed with manufactured wood which is durable and easy to maintain. The solid structure offers a weight capacity of 500 pounds, which is more than sufficient to hold two adults and a mattress with plenty more for storage items.

The Elizabeth Upholstered Storage bed comes with 24 wooden slats and does not require a spring box. The wooden slats offer a springy support that is comfier to rest on. The also provides air circulation that the box spring type does not, bringing you with many nights of cool and comfortable rests.

The storage bed features four huge rollout drawers that are extremely wide. You can throw out your old dresser as the drawers offer large storage space for you to keep your items. The bed hides all your junk out of sight to help you maintain a tidy and clean bedroom.

The rollout and lock in place features of the drawers make for easy opening and closing. However, the drawers are made of plastic, so I would not recommend keeping heavy items in them. Also, you might want to take note that the side drawer reaches all the way to the headboard, so you will not be able to have a side table.

Additional Information

The Elizabeth Upholstered Bed with Storage guarantees stability and durability for all evening activities. The linen upholstery is simply dripping in finesse for that extra oomph! Packed with style and functionality, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these beds.

Product’s Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Full – 42.5” x 57” x 81”, 120 lbs.
Queen – 42.5” x 63” x 85”, 127.5 lbs.
King – 38” x 78.5” x 85”, 130 lbs.

The Good:

– Polyester-linen blend upholstery with square tufting for durability
– Manufactured wood offers a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds
– Comes with 24 wooden slats for better air circulation
– Four wide rollout drawers

The Bad:

– Cannot have side tables with this bed

8. Dakota Storage Bed with Storage Drawers

Best Storage Beds; DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers, Black Faux Leather, Queen

Design and Finish

Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers offers the perfect mix of style and functionality. DHP did not just focus on the storage when designing the bed, they also implemented great features for added comfort when sleeping.

The instructions for assembly are relatively easy, however I should point out that you need to make sure you follow the pictures to the exact detail. I missed a few stuff out which extended my assembling time. I completed the setup in two hours and a half.

I understand that many reviewers complained about the center beam being unstable, some even broke after a few months. To curb that issue, DHP has added a lower crossbeam to keep the center beam from bending. I’m really impressed as this goes to show how seriously DHP takes their product reviews.

I made a few mistakes during assembling and had to order spare parts. I was delighted to know that DHP was willing to ship them out promptly free of charge! Their customer service is amazing, and I just love how DHP takes initiatives to improve their products.

The bed frame is wrapped in faux leather with button-tufted diamond detail that gives it a contemporary and chic look. The plush upholstery creates dense clusters that carry a soft, romantic feel into any bedroom.


The faux leather material offers durability with its fade and stain-resistant characteristic. This low maintenance fabric allows for easy clean up simply by wiping it clean with a damp rag. The faux leather bed offers the luxurious benefits of real leather and even more!

The storage bed frame is made of sturdy wood that includes a wooden slat system that ensures the right amount of support and air circulation for a good night’s rest. It also features metal side rails, center rails and additional metal legs for maximum stability and support. You won’t have to worry about your bed breaking down after a couple of uses.

DHP manufactures its products with your needs in mind, their beds are designed specially to give you the functionality you need with their extra storage options. The Dakota Upholstered Platform bed includes four built-in drawers that work perfectly as additional storage for small-space living.

The four large compartments let you stash various belongings out of sight. With clever extra storage for bedding sets, clothing, books, and more, this platform bed works as a great solution if you want the most possible storage space without sacrificing the organizational benefits of drawers.

The Dakota upholstered bed with drawers ticks off all the boxes that make for a perfect bed – style, comfort, and functionality. Enjoy a wonderful dose of cozy comfort with this understated elegance and well-crafted storage bed.

The Good

– Four built-in drawers
– Button-tufted diamond pattern with faux leather material
– Metal center and side rails for additional support
– Wooden slat system for better air circulation

The Bad

– Center rail breaks down sometimes for the previous design

9. Marjorie Platform Bed

Best Storage Beds; Marjorie Storage Platform Bed

Design and Finish

Three Posts’ Marjorie Storage Platform bed is crafted from solid rubberwood in a solid hue makes is perfectly at home in traditional aesthetics. The bed even features storage drawers for extra stowing space in your sleep escape.

The bed arrived in four separate packages and I was able to fix the complete set in 45 minutes due to its extremely easy assembly. The drawers are way easier to put together than anticipated. Easy and quick project for those who prefer a simpler setup.

The storage platform bed frame is made from solid wood and has a sturdy and stylish matching footboard design. Three Posts manufacture all their products using eco-friendly, plantation-grown hardwood. So, you can be rest assured that you’ve gotten a piece of environmentally friendly furniture that does not harm the earth.

The eco-friendly solid hardwood comes with a non-toxic finish. This means you won’t have to spend a few days to air out the chemical odor before using it. The bed is especially safe for kids and those with a sensitive nose.


Featuring 14 number of wooden slats the platform bed provides additional support and good air circulation that helps to extend your mattress’s shelf life. On top of that, you also get a springy support that promises you a more comfortable sleep.

The platform bed features two height settings and a unique dual-height slat kit that makes the bed truly the most versatile piece of furniture in the market. You can opt to attach the slat kit higher for use without a box spring or set it low to accommodate your own mattress foundation – the choice is totally up to you!

Although the bed can accommodate up to four drawers, I opted for two drawers on the left side. The drawers have wheels below which made it easy to roll them out for full accessibility. The large storage compartment is very convenient for me to store all my out of season clothes.

Additional Information

Overall, the Marjorie Storage Platform bed is sturdy and quite attractive, making it a great purchase for children with lots of room for keeping toys and clothes in drawers. The product is of high quality, comfortable, and easy to roll the drawers open and close. It is a fantastic deal at a very reasonable price.

Product’s Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Full – 44.25” x 57.75” x 78”, 162.5 lbs.
Queen – 50” x 64.63” x 83.63”, 179 lbs.

The Good:

– Made of eco-friendly solid rubberwood
– Free of harmful chemicals
– Features 14 wooden slats for additional support means no box spring required
– Options to choose 2 or 4-bed roller drawers
– Very easy assembly

The Bad:

– Lower quality of painting for some

10. DHP Rose Upholstered Storage Bed

Best Storage Beds; DHP Rose Storage Upholstered Bed, Gray Velvet, Queen

Design and Finish

You get a nice combination of style and quality with the DHP Rose Storage Bed Frame. The upholstered velvet foundation has button details that will bring life to any bedroom. This bed is packed with style, durability, and functionality.

Delivery for this storage bed was prompt and everything came in one flat box. The box was very heavy though, I paid a few extra bucks to have the delivery guy carry it into my bedroom. All the tools and screws were neatly packed in the box.

The tools supplied by the manufacturer were quite small as you may be better off getting your own Allen wrench. I managed to completely assemble the bed in about two hours as the instructions were easy to follow, and it was a breeze to match the steps with the labeled parts.

The frame has a fancy and sophisticated look without the hefty price tag. Covered in beautiful gray fabric upholstery with tufted buttons give it a luxurious quality to the bed. The stitching was great as well with no loose threads are seen anywhere.

The linen fabric is smooth to touch and has a pleasant texture that does not scratch against your skin. I got the gray bed frame and the color is much more beautiful in person compared to the pictures. The simplicity and elegance of the bed frame blend well with the rest of the room’s furniture.


The queen size platform is the perfect fit and there is no gap between the headboard and mattress. This precise fit will ensure that your mattress is held steadily down without moving around.

The padded headboard has a bit of cushion that is comfortable to lay on when you sit up on the bed. I found it better to have the pillows at the back for me to lean against. It works great for when I’m working on my laptop or as I read in bed.

Designed with bentwood slat support system that is only about an inch apart, it gave the mattress sufficient support. There is even a metal center bar that works as additional support, so you can lie down on the bed without worrying about it snapping apart.

The Rose Storage Bed comes with four rollout drawers underneath, but due to the low profile design, it does not carry as much space for storage. Although, it still works well to store bedding and linen.

Additional Information

DHP Rose Storage Upholstered Bed has stunning design and impressive durability that makes it a must-buy. If you want a standout piece in your bedroom without breaking your bank, you should strongly consider this bed frame.

Overall Product Dimensions: 86” x 64.5” x 38”

Product’s Weight: 136.5 lbs.

The Good:

– Simple assembly instructions
– Comfortable headboard suitable for resting against
– Perfect fit to mattress increases stability
– Curved slats construction offers better comfort

The Bad:

– Tools supplied are quite small and more difficult to handle

Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion, the Graham Queen Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress by Beachcrest Home is one of the best storage beds. I love how easily convertible the bed frame is – you would never figure out that the storage cabinet hides a full-sized queen mattress underneath. All you need to do is open up the front doors and pull out the bed to accommodate surprise guests or for an evening nap.

The amount of space-saving this modern bed frame brings is amazing. The two drawers underneath the bed make it an easy and convenient place to store all the necessary bedding. This is the most versatile furniture that you can find available in the market.

The Graham Storage Murphy bed is absolutely perfect if you’re planning to turn your spare room into a multipurpose space. Study or work area during the day, comfy bedroom by night. This creative storage bed comes at a very affordable price and it’s a must-have in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a storage bed?

Storage beds are beds that include hidden compartments like drawers for additional storage in your bedroom. These beds are perfect for storing bedding, pillows, clothes, shoes, and many other items.

How many types of storage beds are there?

There are 3 different types of storage beds: divan, ottoman, and bed frames with drawers.

Divan beds consist of a divan base that is the same dimensions as the mattress which allows you to further maximize space available in your room. It comes with different storage options for you to choose from: drawers, ottoman storage, or even a combination of both.

Ottoman bed frames can lift the entire bed to reveal storage space underneath. They usually offer gas-lift hydraulics that makes it easy to open. With the special mechanism, the bed stays open while accessing storage items until you’re ready to close it.

Bed frame with drawers is ideal if you want a trendy bed frame without sacrificing on storage. The bed frames have two or four drawers on either side of the bed that are easily accessible. Most of them feature wheels at the bottom for convenient rollout.

How does gas lift work?

Gas lifts work by injecting gas into the production tubing that allows the top part of the bed to be lifted with ease. The strong hydraulics mechanism enables you to raise your mattress and utilize the vast space underneath.

Are platform beds comfortable?

Platform beds are comfortable as their low-profile design helps to increase stability with the headboard and footboard. The platform is suited for a memory foam mattress that provides a firm, supportive sleeping surface.

How hard is it to assemble a storage bed?

Most modern storage beds are very easy to assemble. They come with clear instructions with illustrations that are easy to understand. Some manufacturers even label all their parts for extra ease in setting the bed frames up.

Do I need special tools to set up my bed frame?

Normally the storage beds come with the necessary tools and screws required to fix up the bed frame. However, the tools provided may not be the easiest to handle, it is best if you have your own parts and you might find it is easier to assemble the parts.

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