Best Sofas for Small Spaces (2020) – A Comprehensive Review

If lounging is your favourite past time, your small living room does not have to cramp your style. It is actually really easy to create a cozy living space even in a petite parlour. There are many decorating tips and tricks for smaller rooms to make it feel much larger than it really is.

Luckily for small-living connoisseurs, many home retailers have heard your please for more functional furniture for small spaces. If you’re wondering where you can find a comfortable yet affordable couch for your tiny home, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up ten sofas that are sure to upgrade your space without breaking your bank.

Tips for Buying a Great Sofa

A couch is a significant furniture investment that you may live with for decades, so it is imperative that you make the right decision. Although style preferences are a personal matter, there are a few objective criteria that you can use to make sure you’re getting a quality sofa to last you for years. Check out our tips below on how to ensure you’ve made a great purchase.

Check the Fit

There is no sense in getting a sofa that does not fit you or your style well. The seats should be comfortable for all to enjoy. The primary fit consideration is how deep your seats are. If you’re taller, you should get deeper seats; and if you’re shorter, get shallower seats. Overall, you should be able to lean into your couch’s back with your feet flat on the floor and knees just slightly forward of the lower seat cushion. If you love taking afternoon naps, you should make sure to test it out to see whether it stays comfortable enough for a snooze.

Evaluate the Frame

Sofas can be reupholstered and cushions replaced, but your couch frame will be there forever. No sofas can be considered as a quality piece of furniture unless it has a solid inner-frame. You need to start learning and understand what your sofa frames are made from.

Cheaper sofas may use particleboard, plastic, or metal frames. But good-quality couch will feature a solid hardwood frame made of kiln-dried oak, beech, or ash. Some manufacturers use pine frames as they’re more economical, but they may show signs of warping and wobbling after a few years.

On top of that, the legs of the couch are also an important point to take note on. The legs of the sofa should be integral with the frame or held on with screws or dowels. Avoid glued on the legs as they will snap easily.

Ask About the Joinery

Look for frames that are joined with wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets. Sofas that are assembled only with staples, nails, or glue are bound to fall apart sooner or later. However, these can be used together with other joinery methods to provide additional reinforcement.

Test the Arms

It is always a good idea to forcefully test out the arms of the sofa to check if they’re secured tightly. They should show no signs of giving way when you lean into them. Push hard on the arms and check to see if you notice any wobbling. If the sofa is not rock-solid, it will easily break apart, especially if you have a family with active children.

Consider the Spring Support

Most sofas use what is known as serpentine springs. These are sinuous pieces of snaking wire that runs across the frame members. They offer excellent support, but it may start to sag over time if it’s not made of heavy-gauge metal.

More expensive sofas are fitted with eight-way hand-tied springs that are very comfortable. Some experts dispute if this type of spring is actually any more comfortable than quality serpentine springs.

You can feel the springs through the upholstery. Check that the springs feel firm and take a look to see if they are spaced closely for better support. You should feel well-supported when sitting on the couch.

Feel the Padding

Run your hands over all the corners of the couch to make sure you don’t feel the edges of the frame through the padded upholstery. If the padding is thin, the upholstery may wear through quickly, and your couch may no longer be comfortable for use.

Test the Operating Mechanism

If you’re getting a recliner or sleeper sofa, make sure to operate the mechanism repeatedly and aggressively to make sure it will not break down easily. It should recline or move into position smoothly and easily. Don’t overlook any mechanical glitches as they will only become more pronounced after you’ve used it repeatedly in your home.

Evaluate the Upholstery

The sofa is the most frequently used item in the entire house, so you most definitely want to make sure it is made of good quality and durable fabric. You won’t like to have to replace an entire sofa after only a couple of months’ usage.

A leather sofa looks very elegant and lasts longer than other materials when taken care of properly. Pure leather may be a bit on the pricey side, but it creates an extremely soft, comfortable, and luxurious feel that you’ll want to rush back home every day just to lay on it. On top of that, leather is also very low maintenance.

If you want the features leather can offer, but your wallet simply does not allow it, an economical alternative is to go for mixed or PU leather products. It does not provide the same longevity, but it does provide great value.

Fabric upholstery comes in a range of patterns and colours. This makes it much easier to mix and match your sofa to any kind of interior design. High-quality fabric is made out of synthetic fibres that are highly durable and resistant to stains.

Other than that, you need to also check the welting and seams along the upholstery. Uneven welting or seams that are pulled to one side could mean that the cover was poorly tailored. If there are any buttons, check to see if they’re sewn on securely. Loose buttons will come off and quickly get lost.

Check the Cushions

Seat cushions should provide a firm and resilient support and fit snugly within the sofa frame. Check that the cushion regains its original shape after you press down on it. A cushion that flattens quickly will not only look unsightly, but it will get uncomfortable when you sit on it.

Polyurethane foam is commonly used in sofa cushions. It is essential to find a good balance between a firm foam that is durable yet not too hard, and a soft foam that is cozy without breaking down too quickly.

A step up is high-resilience foam that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Top of the range sofas will use goose down mixed with feathers in their cushions. As comfy as it is, you will need to plump these cushions more frequently.

Take the Ruler Out

Often sofas are returned to the store because delivery service could not get it through the doorway. To prevent this from happening, make sure you measure the height, width, and diagonal opening of all your doorways in your house. Cross-check these measurements with the couch to make sure your new purchase can fit through your doors into the room you want.

Top 10 Best Sofas for Small Spaces

Here, we highlight ten stylish apartment sofas that you can squeeze into even the teeniest of living rooms.

1. Denver Sofa by Anthropologie

Denver Sofa

Anthropologie creates furniture to cater to creative and affluent lifestyles. Their fun and beautiful sofas bring a sense of adventure into your home décor. Each Anthropologie product caters to the lifestyle of their five muses: soft & delicate; boho chic; easy cool; elegant classic; and modern sporty.


A piece of small space-minded furniture, the Denver sofa is a plush, comfy respite for living rooms and sunrooms alike. Its inviting laidback look helps to brighten up the room, while the seats are generously sized for all your guests without taking up too much space.

Enveloping the couch is a luxurious Belgian Linen that is ultra-smooth to the touch. Belgian linen is the champagne of all linen – one step above the most-favourited and timeless fabric material. Made from flax plant fibre, the Belgian linen is prized for its softness, durability and elegance.

Linen fabric features high air permeability, meaning it is a breathable fabric. This helps to ensure you stay warm during the winter and cool during the hot summer days. On top of that, it is able to quickly wick away any moisture without feeling wet to offer you a pleasant, refreshing feeling when touched or slept on.

Because of its unique resistance to bacteria and dust, it is considered as an anti-allergic fabric. The Denver couch is suitable for both children and adult who are prone to allergies. The fabric’s anti-static characteristic even helps to soften and preserve the skin due to its naturally balanced pH.

Under the indulgent upholstery are high-resilient foam core cushions that are wrapped in soft fibre padding and a hypoallergenic blend of down and feathers. The high-density foam supports and conforms to your body for pressure relief while the feather and down fill gives the sofa a cozy softness for many to enjoy.

The cushions are removable and are reversible for fabric. This makes it easy to care for and maintain, and you just need to conduct spot cleaning with mild soap and cold water to wipe off any stain or dirt on your Denver sofa.

Supporting the entire sofa is a solidly built frame. Made of kiln-dried laminated hardwood, the couch is not expected to warp or shrink easily with environmental changes. This stable couch will stay in shape throughout all the seasons without a sign of breaking down.

The hardwood is dried under a controlled environment which ensures it gets sufficiently hardened for excellent support. The high temperatures reduce any fungi, mould, insects, and larvae hidden in the wood, so you know your frame is resistant to any fungal degradation.

The couch comes with removable feet with no assembly required for a quick and fuss-free installation. This is perfect for those who are concerned about their lack of handy skills as you don’t need any to enjoy and relax on the Denver sofa.

If you have a small living space, but you really want a comfortable sofa that is both elegant and gorgeous as well, look no further as the Denver sofa will fit right into your room. Not only will it harmoniously blend into your décor, but it also gives your small apartment an inviting warmth to draw anyone in for a cup of coffee.


  • Overall Dimensions: 32” H x 70” W x 39” D
  • Seat: 18” H x 24” D
  • Arm: 27” H x 4.5” W
  • Under Clearance: 2.25”

What We Like About It

  • Unique and inviting design brightens the room
  • Belgian linen upholstery is ultra-smooth and luxurious
  • Breathable fabric ensures proper temperature regulation
  • Cushions are a blend of high-resilient foam with feather and down for supreme comfort
  • Solid frame made from kiln-dried hardwood

What We Don’t Like About It

  • None

2. Sven Article Sofa

Sven Article

Since establishing in 2013, Article has made it their mission to create great style, long-lasting, and well-priced furniture. They promise that most of their products can be delivered to your doorstep in two weeks or less.


The Sven sofa is one of their most compact yet extremely attractive furniture available. The couch features tufted bench seat to support super long Netflix marathons. Their overstuffed cushions and round bolsters have your back no matter what position you like to chill in.

The Sven comes in three different upholstery option: fabric, leather, and velvet. For the full-aniline Italian-tanned leather option, it comes in five different colours (Charme Chocolat, Charme Tan, Oxford Black, Oxford Blue, Oxford Gray).

Aniline leather is one of the most sought-after leathers due to its high quality and appearance. It develops a beautiful vintage patina over time by absorbing body oils and contact with skin. The lack of extra processing and coatings on the leather makes it feeling soft and supple.

Sturdy and adaptable, this leather sofa easily become the focal point of any room and will easily adapt to your décor style. The leather’s natural colour variations, wrinkles and creases are what part of the unique characteristics of the aniline leather. Over time, it will develop into a relaxed vintage look.

For the fabric material option, the colours available are Aqua Tweed, Birch Ivory, and Briar Gray. These softer and warmer material offers a cozy and comfortable surface to lounge on. The cool fabric tones feature crisp lines with matching bolsters. The classic good looks of the Sven will compliment your living space for years.

The final velvet material has five colour options (Cascadia Blue, Grass Green, Pacific Blue, Shadow Gray, and Yarrow Gold). This luxurious material gives the velvet a royally sweet feel to it. The vivid and beautiful colours easily blend with your different décor style.

The mid-century modern couch is supported in a kiln-dried solid wood frame. This wooden frame has reduced moisture content levels to ensure the sofa will not suffer from moisture-related damage. Your sturdy sofa will be able to last you for years to come without any signs of warping or bending.

Article has used a blend of high-density foam, polyester, and duck feathers for the couch’s filling material. The high-density foam provides a firm and supportive cushion; however, some people may find pure HD foam to be too stiff – this is where the polyester and feathers come in. Polyester adds a degree of bounce while the feathers soften the cushions for a much more comfortable experience.

This stunning sofa design, paired with gorgeous colours, will certainly match almost any personality’s creative taste. Article has promised fast delivery of less than two weeks for most areas in the US, just so you get to quickly rest and enjoy on this lovely piece of furniture.


  • Overall Dimensions: 34“ H x 88” W x 38” D
  • Seat: 19” H x 24” D
  • Arm Height: 27”
  • Weight: 126 lb.

The Good:

  • Quick delivery
  • Comes in three different materials and a wide range of colours to choose from
  • Kiln-dried solid wood frame ensures the long-lasting sofa is sturdy and reliable
  • Blend of HD foam, polyester and feather filling material offers excellent support and comfort

The Bad:

  • Cushions may feel too stiff for some
  • Slight off-gassing odour

3. Petrie Midcentury Apartment Sofa

Petrie Midcentury Apartment Sofa

Crate and Barrel is a lifestyle brand that offers inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style. The company creates inspiration for the home by connecting creative work and designers to people all around the world.


The Petrie is a Crate and Barrel classic featuring 1960s aesthetic that lets you sit deep and upright, but also allowing you to slouch back in comfort. This distinct living room sofa is scaled for apartment living. It has sleek, boxy cushions and slim track arms in heathered colour and soft texture.

This customizable sofa comes in an impressive range of fabric type and colours for you to pick from. In each colour category, you get to pick your preferred price point and fabric texture. All their materials are fabricated with exceptional durability to stand up to the demands of daily life.

The fabric upholstery’s stain-resistant feature makes for convenient clean-up, allowing you to wipe up any household spills easily. One common disadvantage of fabric material is that they tend to form little balls called piles. It can get unbearably itchy and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Crate & Barrel uses material that prevents that from happening, so you get to enjoy a smooth surface for many years.

On top of that, you can even pick out the colour and texture of your sofa legs to match your preferred upholstery. You are free to get creative with nearly thousands of possible colour and fabric combinations you can create with Crate and Barrel’s Petrie sofa. The company even offers you free swatches of fabric for you to have a look before deciding.

The frame of the Petrie Midcentury Apartment sofa is Benchmade with certified sustainable hardwood. The wood used is dried under controlled environment in a kiln to ensure it achieves the desired dryness to prevent any warping when you lounge on it.

The seat cushions are filled with soy-based polyfoam that are toxic-free. The high-density polyfoam offers excellent bouncy support that is ideal for people with muscle and joint pain. Additionally, the foam filling is more resistant to sagging, so you can expect your couch to last for many years more.

Crate and Barrel uses a blend of virgin and recycled fibre for their back cushions that is comfortable to lean into. Both seat and back cushions are wrapped in a down-proof ticking material that are tightly woven so you will never have to suffer through the prickly feeling of feathers poking out.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly sofa that not only combines comfort with style but also to fit into your tight living room space, look no further! The Petrie Midcentury Apartment Sofa features a sleek and modern design that feels firm yet cozy. This beautiful piece will instantly add a vibrant warmth into any room.


  • Overall Dimensions: 32” H x 76” W x 36” D
  • Seat: 19” H x 69” W x 23” D
  • Arm: 25” H x 3.5” W
  • Leg Height: 7”

The Good:

  • Customizable sofa with plenty of fabric and colour options to pick from
  • Certified sustainable hardwood frame
  • Toxic-free polyfoam that offers a bouncy support
  • Down proof ticking upholstery material
  • Free swatches for you to have a feel and look

The Bad:

  • Some material feels itchy

4. Cavett Wood Frame Loveseat

Cavett Wood Frame Loveseat

Another lovely piece from Crate & Barrel, Cavett Wood Frame loveseat captures the best of 1950s design in solid American walnut and cushioned upholstery that features a textural weave to give your room a hint of retro character.


Cavett consists of dramatic streamlined arms, cantilevered seat and vertical slat back that demands attention from every angle. It is a sleek choice for smaller living rooms as it offers plenty of seating area without feeling cramped.

Similar to the Petrie Midcentury Sofa, Crate & Barrel offers a complete customization of the Cavett loveseat. It has a wide range of fabric material and colours to choose from arranged at different price points and texture.

All their fabric are made to last and easy to clean up, all thanks to their strong resistance to stain. You can easily wipe up any household spills easily with a gentle detergent and damp cloth. Their fabric also resists the formation of piling and provides superior colour fastness. Your Cavette Wood Frame couch will look brand-new for a very long time.

With the wide range of combination made possible by the manufacturer, you are free to get a sofa that matches perfectly with your interior décor. If you’re still uncertain, Crate and Barrel even offers you free swatches of fabric for you to have a look and feel before making the final decision.

The frame of the Cavett Wood Frame loveseat is Benchmade with certified sustainable kiln-dried 100% solid American walnut wood. Walnut wood is highly desired in the furniture industry for its dense and robust properties. It has a characteristic dark colour with attractive grain patterns that are very resistant to wear and tear.

Underneath the cushions are soy-based polyfoam and fibre filling that are toxic-free. The high-density polyfoam offers a bouncy support that makes sure you don’t sink and feel stuck in your couch.

The hammock-lick webbing suspension is not only comfortable, but it eliminates any possibility of discomfort caused by metal springs poking through the cushions – a frequent complain for spring supported sofas.

This modern and sleek loveseat is perfect for those eyeing for a contemporary look in their home decor. The loveseat offers a lot of space to lounge on without feeling claustrophobic Cavett’s no-frills design will have any minimalist instantly fall in love at first sight.


  • Overall: 31” H x 51” W x 33” D
  • Seat: 17” H x 34” W x 21” D
  • Arm: 22” H x 3” W x 21” D
  • Leg Height: 17”

The Good:

  • Customizable sofa with plenty of fabric and colour options to pick from
  • Certified sustainable kiln-dried 100% solid American walnut wood
  • Toxic-free polyfoam and fibre that offers a bouncy support
  • Free swatches for you to have a feel and look

The Bad:

  • None

5. Chelsea Apartment Sofa

Chelsea Apartment Sofa

Chelsea Apartment sofa features a modern style that meets classic good looks in a miniaturized package to fit even the most intimate of spaces. It’s top-quality craftsmanship, stately silhouette and inviting shelter arms to give it a timeless classic look that can be enjoyed by your friends and family for years to come.


Joybird offers you more than 50 selection of fabric and colour for you to customize your sofa in any way you please. Pick a bold hue to brighten up your cozy quarters or go for something more subdued if you prefer to let your accessories do the talking. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a compact heirloom-quality piece that fits into your apartment without sacrificing on style.

The frame of a sofa is the most crucial component as the type of wood used for construction determines the lifetime of the couch. The Chelsea sofa is made from one of the most durable material – kiln-dried hardwood. This hardy material enables the frame to retain its shape and stability for a very long time.

The high-profiled couch is supported by wooden legs with gold-toned caps for that touch of elegance. There’s an optional centre leg provided that you can install to act as additional support that will help to increase the lifespan of the structural support and integrity of the upholstery.

Chelsea’s thick 2.8 lb. high-density polyurethane foam is combined with layers of fibre to offer customers with superior seating comfort. Over time, you may notice a slight softening and flattening of the cushions. However, this is entirely normal as it is an inherent characteristic of ageing due to frequent usage.

The Chelsea Apartment sofa proves that you can pack a lot of high-profile panache into the smallest settings, this diminutive couch features eye-catching details that simply demands attention. A tight channel back, bench seating, and glitzy gold-capped legs will make it a stunning addition to your living space.

Joybird goes the extra mile by letting you test run your new furniture. You’ll be able to get the full experience of how your Chelsea Apartment sofa will feel for a lifetime with their 365-day home trial. Break it in, live your life on it, and discover how superior materials and hand craftsmanship makes all the difference.

If you do find the sofa to be unsatisfactory, Joybird will gladly make arrangements to take the couch off your hands unless it’s damaged, soiled, or excessively used. If you initiate a return within the first 14 days, the company will provide a full refund. After the 14th day, a return shipping fee will be deducted from the refund.

Additionally, the company firmly believes that a piece of furniture should be made to withstand years of memories, which is why their sofa is backed with a lifetime of limited warranty. Joybird promises to pay for standard maintenance rates to repair or replace any defective parts at no charge to you.


  • Overall: 31” H x 74” W x 30” D
  • Seating: 19” H x 60” W x 19” D
  • Arm Height: 31”
  • Leg Height: 7”

The Good:

  • Sofa comes with more than 50 selection of fabric and colour for customization
  • Made of kiln-dried hardwood enables the frame to retain its shape and stability for a very long time
  • 2.8 lb. HD polyurethane foam combined fibre to offer superior seating comfort
  • 365-day home trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty

The Bad:

  • May be a bit stiff at first

6. Lindstrom Chesterfield 90” Rolled Arm Sofa

Lindstrom Chesterfield 90" Rolled Arms Sofa

Darby Home Co. has been offering furniture, textiles and lighting that are practical and elegant. Characterized by dark wood, intricate pattern, and strong silhouettes, the successfully encapsulate a timeless grace in their product. These centrepieces are not only beautiful, but they are also created to stand the test of time.


Defined by its iconic chesterfield silhouette, the Lindstrom sofa brings a dash of traditional character to your living room layout. Sitting atop four turned legs in a versatile black finish, this piece is crafted in a solid hue for an approachable look.

Enveloping the entire couch is a polyester upholstery that stands up very well to sun exposure and daily use. The synthetic fibres used in the construction are very soft and comfortable that feels almost like linen.

This easy to care for and long-lasting material ensures that you do not take up too much effort to maintain the sofa. If you notice a stain, just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Make sure you do not use any harsh chemicals on your couch as you may risk ruining the upholstery.

The coiled spring support construction features conical metal springs that are individually wrapped in fabric to create small pockets for each spring. This type of support system is generally considered to be more durable and upscale than other options.

The pocket springs help to retain the sofa’s shape and support better over time, making it ideal for those who prioritize longevity in their furniture. Furthermore, the Lindstrom couch’s seat and back cushions are stuffed with 100% polyester foam to soften things up for a more comfortable experience.

If you’re concerned on the sofa’s built and construction, Darby Home Co. offers a 30 days limited manufacturer warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects. This way, you can have a carefree shopping experience without having to worry about the fussy details.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 33” H x 90” W x 37.5” D
  • Seat: 20.5” H x 75” W x 24” D
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 2”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 32”
  • Overall Product Weight: 122 lb.

The Good:

  • Polyester upholstery that stands up very well to sun exposure and daily use
  • Linen-like fabric feels soft and comfortable
  • Coiled spring support that is more durable and upscale
  • Cushions stuffed with 100% polyester foam that feels soft and cozy
  • 30 days limited manufacturer warranty

The Bad:

  • May feel a little firm at first

7. Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat with Hardwood Frame

Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat with Hardwood Frame

Stone & Beam is an international company that manufactures standard quality furniture, mattress, and other home equipment. With its classic lines and variety of neutral colourways, this sofa is a solid investment for a studio or a smaller apartment.


The couch comes in a big cardboard box wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the fabric, wooden legs, and framing. Absolutely no assembly is required so you can immediately lounge on the couch the minute it’s placed in your room.

However, some did find that the boxing was a little too big to fit through their door, but you could easily unbox it first before moving the couch in. This even works to keep your place neat and tidy with all the packaging outside.

The Lauren loveseat comes in seven different colours, namely Chocolate, Cognac, Dark Brown, Fawn, Pearl, Pepper, and Slate to fit a wide range of décor and style. Made with performance fabric, this material ensures your couch is crisp yet soft to the touch.

The scratch-resistant property of the fabric makes it suitable for those with pets as you wouldn’t need to worry about their nails damaging the couch. This piece of furniture is not only beautiful, but it is also functional and durable to last all kinds of wear and tear.

The down-filled couch is a delight to sit on as it gently cradles you in a cloud of comfort. If you’re the type who loves a loftier, more voluminous pillow, this sofa will be ideal as the down clusters provide a super fluffy feeling that is much less likely to flatten compared to feather cushions.

The sofa features removable back and seat cushions with reversible covers to prolong the couch’s life. On top of that, the material is moisture and stain resistant so you can easily wipe away any stain with a damp cloth.

The Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat with Hardwood Frame lets you get comfortable with its classic style. The sofa clean and simple silhouette in durable performance fabric is a perfect addition to any living room.


  • Overall: 44.9” H x 73.6” W x 37.4” D

The Good:

  • Seven colour options to fit any room décor
  • Soft performance fabric is durable and scratch-resistant
  • Down-filled couch is plush and comfortable
  • Removable back and seat cushions

The Bad:

  • Packing box may be too large to fit through the door

8. Johnston Tufted Loveseat

Johnston Tufted Loveseat

Langley Street inspires and celebrates individuality with their mid-century furniture and home décor that are perfect for small spaces. The Johnston Tufted sofa’s rustic design seamlessly fits into your modern lifestyle, budget, and vision.


The loveseat’s upholstery is made of 100% polyester that is non-allergenic to keep it safe for you and your kids. The best part about this synthetic fabric is that it is made to resist most damages without compromising on comfort. The smooth material makes the couch very cozy snuggle upon. Pair it with a book and a cup of coffee for a much needed peaceful relaxation.

The sofa sits on cherry coloured legs that create a minimalistic and cute outlook. The blend of solid and manufactured wooden frame ensures the couch is hardy enough to withstand an impressive weight capacity of 1,300 lbs – one of the strongest sofa out that we have reviewed.

The sinuous spring and foam combination provides a firm support to keep you comfortable. The stiffer cushions mean the couch can last longer without sagging, plus it will eventually break into a softer and plush feeling.

The deep seats allow you to fully lean back into the cushions or sit with your feet tucked up on the sofa. With so much space, you could even add in some throw pillows to show off your unique personality or simply to introduce some colour to your décor.

Whether you’re gathering your family around for a movie night or just kicking back for much-needed me-time, this loveseat will make the perfect partner-in-crime. This larger-than-most loveseat would be the ideal addition of elegance and simplicity into your room.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 32.5” H x 78” W x 33” D
  • Seat: 19” H x 68.5” W
  • Arm Height – Floor to Arm: 25”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 27”
  • Overall Product Weight: 89 lb.

The Good:

  • Upholstery is made of 100% non-allergenic polyester
  • Weight capacity of 1,300 lbs
  • Firm and comfortable support by sinuous springs and foam cushions
  • Deep seats to fully lean back comfortably

The Bad:

  • May be too stiff at first

9. Roberta Chesterfield Loveseat

Roberta Chesterfield Loveseat

Willa Arlo Interiors is a one-stop for all things chic to offer you upscale glamour and luxe looks. From button-tufted headboards and sofas to shimmering gold-finishes tables, Willa Arlo Interiors offers the perfect pop of posh to add to your elegant lifestyle.


Surrounding the entire couch is a smooth velvet upholstery. The soft texture enhances the entire sofa with a luxurious look. On top of that, it is a very conducive accessory to use during the cold season as it will keep you warm and cozy.

This waterproof material ensures any spills will immediately bead up and roll off without causing a lasting stain on your beautiful couch. This way, you will not need to take up too much time to maintain and care for the Roberta Chesterfield loveseat.

The coiled spring support construction features individually wrapped metal springs that are more durable and upscale than other options. The bouncy support helps to keep the sofa in shape for a longer time. Furthermore, the Roberta loveseat’s seat and back cushions are stuffed with high-density foam to keep things soft and comfortable.

The birch wood frame helps to ensure the sofa can take on up to 900 pounds of weight without breaking a sweat. It is an incredibly strong sofa, especially for a two-seater, you can more than fit a family of four on top without worrying about the frame bending.

This stylish loveseat offers space for cocktail parties and movie nights alike. With seven different colours to choose from, this posh addition would harmoniously fit into any living room look that you’re going for.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 32” H x 62” W x 33” D
  • Seat: 20” H x 48.5” W x 22.5” D
  • Arm Height – Floor to Arm: 32”
  • Clearance from Floor to Bottom: 6”
  • Overall Product Weight: 86 lb.

The Good:

  • Smooth and luxurious velvet upholstery material
  • Waterproof property resists stain
  • Individually pocketed springs offer a bouncy support to keep the sofa in shape
  • Heavy-duty birch wooden frame can support up to 900 pounds of weight

The Bad:

  • Colour may not match the photos
  • May be too firm at first

10. Ibiza Loveseat

Ibiza Loveseat

Zipcode Design offers contemporary furniture for today’s shopper. Their value-priced apartment furniture captures the bright pop of colours, geometric patterns, and contemporary silhouettes that encapsulates the urban aesthetic to fit in homes of all shapes and sizes.


The two-seater Ibiza couch utilizes microfibre upholstery material that is soft-to-touch and wear-resistant. The napped surface has a smooth and luxurious feel of genuine suede but without any of leather’s drawbacks.

Unlike other couched, a microfibre sofa does not collect dust. This is really important if you’re prone to allergies. The microfibre technology makes it impossible for the dust or lint to get stuck in. Even if they do, it is incredibly easy to wipe off with a damp cloth and cleaning solution.

The solid eucalyptus wood used to fabricate the sofa frame is dense and has varying grain patterns for you to enjoy. On top of that, it even produces a beautiful reddish colour that darkens with age. You can generally expect about 20-25 years of service from your Eucalyptus furniture as it exhibits excellent durability compared to other standard softwoods and plastic frames.

The spring and foam sofa construction offers you with a firm yet comfortable seating. The armrests feel a little stiff. However, you could prop a few throw pillows up to make for a comfy afternoon nap with the Ibiza loveseat.

The lovely Ibiza loveseat will be there for you from the days of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons to years of beers and Sunday night footballs. Take this wood-crafted eye-catching loveseat that boasts slightly flared arms. The foam-filled microsuede upholstery comes in a solid hue with button-tufted detailing for an approachable feel.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 32.3” H x 59.1” W x 31.3” D
  • Seat: 18.5” H x 44.9” W x 19.9” D
  • Leg Height: 5”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 20.5”
  • Overall Product Weight: 71 lb.

The Good:

  • Made of dust-resistant and smooth microsuede material
  • Durable eucalyptus wood frame ensures sofa is long-lasting
  • Comfortably firm spring and foam construction

The Bad:

  • May be very firm at first



Decorating a small space can be such a challenge. With so much to consider, from setting the perfect layout to choosing the right colour palette to make the room feel bigger. This is why my personal favourite is the Denver Sofa by Anthropologie.

Anthropologie offers a super wide range of fabric material and colours to choose from to customize your perfect couch. If you’re still unconvinced, the company will deliver free swatches for you to compare and decide.

Its laidback design invites warmth right into your living room with a generous size to fit all your guests comfortably. The Denver’s sleek and minimalist design is not something one could easily forget. You would be not be disappointed with this comfortable and elegant piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a couch and a sofa?

Historically, a couch referred to a low piece of furniture that was used for lying on, and a sofa was a bench-like with back and cushions. However, for the most part, these two words are used interchangeably today, and it often boils down to personal preference.

How do I clean leather couch?

For regular dusting, you can just vacuum up any loose dirt or crumbs on the sofa. For stains, you may conduct spot cleaning by wiping the couch down with mild hand soap and a damp cloth. You may want to buff your leather couch with a dry cloth to condition the material.

How do I clean a fabric upholstered couch?

Check the label on your couch. They usually have indicators of suitable cleaning methods. Below are a few standard labels and what they represent:

W – Safe to use a water-based cleaner

S – Safe to use with a solvent-based cleaner

WS – Safe to use either water-based or solvent-based cleaner

X – Should be professionally cleaned

To clean with soap and water, combine a half teaspoon of clear dish soap and mix it with warm water. Gently apply the mixture over the fabric and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

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