Best Satin Sheets In 2019 – 10 Satin Sheets To Look Out For

There is nothing quite like satin sheets on your bed. The soft silky feeling that provides a cool surface during warm nights. The surface is much smoother than cotton sheets and makes you feel like you are lying in luxury.

Satin sheets are different from silk sheets. Satin sheets have to have a shine, and it can be made of any material, but in a strict sense must be made of silk. But because satin can also be made from polyester or nylon, it is best known as a weave. Read our latest guide about the best bamboo bed sheets.

The top side is shiny and smooth, but if it isn’t made of silk, then the bottom side isn’t as smooth as the top. The traditional kind of silk satin sheets is on the more expensive side. But whichever fabric you choose a nylon satin sheet can offer similar luxury as a silk satin sheet, and you won’t feel the difference while you are lying on it. Read our complete guide about the best bed sheets.

What Exactly are Satin Sheets ?

When you hear the word “satin,” you may simply conjure up an image of a glossy, shiny surfaced fabric. It could be made of anything, really, but it’s got to have that shine. The truth is that satin can be made of many different materials, but speaking strictly, it should be made of silk.

Now, bed linen manufacturers know not many people are willing to pay the prices that silk fetches. After all, silk is a luxury material that takes a long time to produce. However, those same manufacturers know they can create a facsimile of silk satin with polyester or nylon. So, it might be safer to define satin as a weave.

The satin weave is created a specific way with more of the warp (top to bottom) yarns on top of the weft (side to side) yarns to create that telltale sheen. That’s what creates that familiar shiny, silky feeling on top. Usually, with synthetic fabrics, the bottom side of the sheet is dull and not nearly as soft to the touch.

If you’re looking for traditional silk satin sheets, expect to pay a pretty penny – and don’t look for the same terms used for other sheets. You won’t find thread counts here. Instead, silk is measured by momme weight. A thread count would be pointless because silk creates such a fine thread, anyway. So, silk is weighed. A 100-yard long and 45-inch wide measure of fabric is weighed. Low-quality silk comes in around 8mm (momme weight). The medium range falls between 14 to 16mm, and the higher quality silk measures at 19mm, and up to 30mm.

Difference between Satin and Silk


The threads in a silk sheet are flat, and your body can glide above it easily. They are comfortable and smooth considering they are the peak of luxury. Satin sheets can be made from other materials except for silk, but they are smooth and shiny as well with a sleek surface.


Silk is fragile but durable if it is cared for properly. If maintained well, it will last long without losing color. But if not maintained they will become thinner with use. Satin sheets are very durable, more than silk because of how they are woven. The intricate weaving makes it harder to tear.

Maintenance and Care

Silk sheets have to be washed by hand in cold water, then dried in a warm place. One shouldn’t wash silk sheets in a machine or use the dryer for drying it out. Satin sheets, if made out of bamboo or silk need the same care. However, most satin sheets are made of nylon or polyester, and you can wash them in a washing machine.

How to care for Satin Sheets ?

Satin can be made of different types of fibers, and it is essential to understand them first before you decide on the care.

Based on the material used you can either hand wash or use the washing machine. But if the sheet is made of other materials, then you can use the washing machine, set to gentle wash.
Always use a gentle detergent and cold water. Don’t use hot water or very harsh detergents as they will affect the texture of the sheet.

Do not tumble dry with high heat. Just hang on a line to dry to air dry it.
It is best if it is dried away from direct heat and light as it will make the fibers weak and affect the colors.

If you need to iron, it uses a pressing cloth between the sheet and the iron. Use the wrong side or bottom side of the fabric to iron it out.

Benefits of sleeping on Satin Sheets

You must have heard many times that one must use silk pillowcases to sleep. It is gentle on your skin and hair. It prevents wrinkles and hair breakage. Similarly, satin sheets have pros that are beneficial and lead to their purchase.

Feel and look

Satin sheets feel and look smooth and glossy. Even though it may not be silk, it is smooth and doesn’t cause a rip easily.


Satin sheets have this amazing health and hygiene benefit that you cannot get with cotton sheets. The fabric is inhospitable to dust mites, and hence you get a clean bed.

Shiny hair and less breakage

Satin sheets and pillowcases are the reason for gorgeous silky hair. Instead of looking for a hair care product choose a sleek satin sheet and pillows to minimize hair breakage and matting. Cotton will cause more friction leading to matting and breakage. It also absorbs moisture from your hair making it dry and frazzled. Satin doesn’t absorb moisture and will leave your hair glossy and shiny.

Styled hair and hair loss

If you blow dry your hair, then it will last longer if you sleep on satin. It will allow the hair to slip around without getting entangled. People who are bedridden are advised to used satin pillowcases and sheets as that way the hair doesn’t get rubbed in a harsh way, preventing hair loss.

Sensitive skin

If you have dry and itchy skin that is very sensitive, try sleeping on satin sheets. These sheets glide over your body easily and will not irritate skin.


Satin sheets are soft and cool, making it very comfortable to sleep on. Satin sheets warm well on cold nights making it a perfect sleeping surface during all seasons.

Smooth and soft skin

Sleeping on a cotton bedsheet or pillowcase can lead to lines on your skin. These go away soon enough, but over time it may lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Cotton doesn’t allow the skin to slide smoothly and so chances of lines are higher. Cotton sheets also take away moisture from your skin resulting in dry, brittle skin. Using satin sheets and pillowcases reduces the chances of lines and dry skin.


Satin sheets have amino acids which make your skin look younger. They also repel dust mites and are very good for people prone to allergies.

Features to look for in the best Satin Sheets

Satin sheets give you a feeling of luxury while you sleep on it and you may be a first-time buyer or a veteran. So, what do you actually look for before you buy satin sheets ? See below the fine points of choosing the right kind of bedsheet for you.

Satin sheets are available in normal sizes, but you must be careful while ordering for a king size bed California or Eastern. Measure your bed, the depth of your mattress and add some inches to it as the sheets need to be tucked in.

A woven satin cloth is only 45 inches long, and twin sheets for large beds may be having seams. Look for seams down the middle of the sheet, so that no one sleeps on the seam.
Choose your colors wisely. Dark colors are offered on satin sheets, but the colors may bleed or stain, depending on what color you buy.

Sheets with prints can hide stains or marks and may allow you to use those sheets longer.
Try buying fitted sheets as they are much easier to have and keep on the bed. Other types will slip off, and it will be difficult to keep them on the bed. Satin sheets don’t stretch much so buy the size accordingly.

Satin sheets made of nylon or silk have to be shielded from the sun. If you have a sunny room, then you can go for polyester satin or acetate.
Consider the washing instructions when you buy the satin sheets. Different materials need to be handled in different ways and sometimes may involve dry cleaning which is expensive.

Top 10 Best Satin Sheets

1. Bedding Emporium 100% Pure Silk Satin Sheet Set 7pcs, King, Black

Bedding Emporium makes bedsheets, duvet sets, comforters, bed skirts, waterbed sheets and reversible duvet sets. You can redefine the way you furnish and decorate your room with Bedding Emporium. They have bed sheets and covers in black, burgundy, aqua blue, chocolate, grey, gold and a whole range of colors.

The sheets are sewn and made up of three panels to fit a large bed. They offer flat sheets, fitted sheets and duvet sets in various sizes like a twin, full, short queen, twin xl, full XL etc.

The Bedding Emporium 100% Pure Silk Satin Sheet Set has 7 pieces – 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 duvet cover and 4 pillowcases in a gorgeous black color. The fitted sheet has an elastic edge that can accommodate a mattress with a depth of 15 inches. The silk satin sheets will give you the ultimate sleeping experience and be gentle on your skin and hair.

Size & Fitting

The sheets and duvet cover are made for a king size bed with a 15-inch-deep mattress. The fitted sheet has a secure elastic edge that grips the mattress and keeps the sheet in place. The pillowcases have dimensions of 20×40 inches.

Quality & Thread Count

The set is made of premium quality silk sheets, duvet and pillowcases. It is made from the highest quality of satin silk. The material is soft and breathable that allows one to glide over the surface. It is gentle with moisture-wicking properties that leave you with soft skin.

Sleeping Experience

The satin sheet adjusts itself to the body temperature to keep one cool in summer and warm in winter. It will not absorb moisture from the skin to prevent lines. It protects and hydrates hair and skin. One can sleep comfortably on it, especially if you have sensitive skin. These sheets prevent itching and are gentle on your skin while you sleep.


Seeing that it is a Satin Sheet, you will definitely feel its comfort and gentleness on your skin while sleeping on this one. Besides that, it is also light, cool and breathable which contributes significantly in providing a great sleeping experience for you. Also, it comes with great color with the sheen, this sheet doesn’t just feel good, it looks good too.


There have been a few concerns of the sheet having manufacturing defects with wrinkled ends, but this should usually be just an anomaly as manufacturing errors tend to happen and it is not uncommon. Some users have mentioned that this item is not very luxurious to them, but this is on a case to case basis. In terms of comfort and breathability, there’s no question to what it can provide.

2. Pizuna Linens 1000 Thread Satin Sheets

Fed up of trying different cotton sheets for your bed yet not getting a perfect one? This happens most of the time when the bed sheets are purchased online. They either lose their colors in the first wash or get shrunk. But with Pizuna Linens, you can shop without any tension. With superior quality, breathable material and utmost comfort, Pizuna is here with a wide range of luxurious satin bed sheets suitable to your bed.

Size & Fitting

No matter whatever is the size of your bed, Pizuna high count cotton satin sheets comes with high-quality material along with complete elastic fitting. The linen sheets are available in different sizes to fit your bed like Full 4pc sheet set, Queen 4pc sheet set, Queen pillow pair, 6pc Queen sheet set, King 4pc sheet set, King pillow pair, 6pc King sheet set, California King set, California King 4pc sheet set, and Split King 5pc sheet set to select from. Not only the sizes but you also a wide range of colors that include white, ivory, light blue, silver, dark blue and dark grey.

Quality & Thread Count

Pizuna brings you bed sheets in superior quality that are authenticated with 1000 thread count. With a combination of cotton and linen, these sensitive skin sheets are well tailored with perfect measurements. The bed sheets are made with a chemical-free process and Fade Resistant Dyes that remains bright even after several washes.

Sleeping Experience

Perfect breathable combination of cotton and satin, OEKO-TEX standardized material, smooth and durable… What else do you require for having a sound sleep at night? Use it in summers or during winters; it provides with perfect temperature balancing to keep you sweat free and warm easing quick and healthy sleep.


This sheet features a 1000 thread count which is known to many as being the best thread count for both King and Queen size beds, providing the best comfort and breathability for you when sleeping on it. The choice would definitely depend on your budget and needs, and whether you would like a bed with high breathability or a firm construction. 

Besides that, this sheet is also super easy to maintain and care if you compare it to many of the Satin Sheets out there as this sheet can be washed in washing machines, no more sore arms from washing sheets !


There have been a few reviews mentioning that there are some wrinkles in between and it feels more like a canvas bedsheet rather than a Satin bedsheet. However, do note that all this are on a case by case basis as different users have different likings.

3. Bamboo-Derived Rayon Bed Sheets

Love the soft bed sheets at hotels ? Why not get one for your own bed ? Yes, the 300-thread count silk soft bed sheets is here to give you that luxurious feel. The bed sheet comes with a convenient design that is much more comfortable for the people having any kind of chemical sensitivity or allergies.

The bed is designed with bamboo-derived material that helps in regulating the body temperature of the user and also prevents from overheating.

Size & Fitting

With dimensions like 90×90 inches and pillow dimensions of 20×26 inches, the bedsheet is available for twin size bed, Queen size bed as well as a King size bed too. The bed sheet is also given a zipper closure in the inner side which keeps the sheet firm on the bed holding the duvet, blanket or even the quilt properly. Again, the enveloped closing design of the pillowcases make it easy to use them. Along with the sizes, Rayon brings a wide range of elegant colors too for your room like grape, ivory, linen, mocha, navy, pink, silver, turquoise, and even white.

Quality & Thread Count

Rayon Bed Sheets derived from Bamboo and cotton which makes the bed sheet breathable and quite moisture whacking too. The quality of the bed sheet is also known as Bamboo quinone as it is prepared with anti-bacterial, anti-mite, and insect as well as deodorant proof properties which is much more helpful for the people with sensitive skin. The green material of the bedsheet is pretty soft and cool which makes it the best for small babies too.

Sleeping Experience

The Rayon bed sheets are very helpful for improving the health quality which helps in improving the sleep. Made from bamboo fiber, the bedsheet comes with extra softness and smoothness that provides with a comfortable sleep.


The sheets are easy to clean and maintain as they can be washed in washing machines, unlike many other Satin Sheets out there in the market. Besides that, this sheet is free from chemicals and on top of that, it remains dust free and mite free according to some long term users, this feature is pretty outstanding especially for those who are sensitive to dust.


Some reviews have mentioned that the sheets can shrink a little in size after being washed in cold water. Note that there are only a few reviews that mention this issue, so it is probably not a common thing for most users, but if you want to be safe, wash it with warm water. There are also reviews mentioning that it smells like dye when they first received the package.

4. Dajor Linens 6 Piece 1800 Series Luxury Premium Bed Sheets Set

If you are looking for the next level of sleeping comfort, microfiber is the latest favorite in the linen world. Danjor linens bring you these distinctive uniquely thin bed sheets made up of natural hypoallergenic microfiber. Beside looking luxurious, the premium bed sheet set guarantees durability and extra strength and has other properties such as wrinkle resistance, easy cleaning and stain resistance. These satin sheets are available in almost 10 different colors to go with a different type of interior design style. The bonus pillowcase can be a lovely collection to your complete bedding set. Rest away to the night with a good night’s sleep on allergen-free bed sheets.

Size & Fitting

This luxury set of satin bed sheets are fully elasticized to fit any twin, king, full and queen size bed. The sheets can fit up to sixteen inches deep pockets and fit all the modern day mattresses. The six pc set includes 1 72″x84″ fitted sheet, 1 108″x102″flat sheet, and 4 20″x40″ pillowcase. The manufacturing brand also provides 100% satisfaction and return on your product if you are unsatisfied with the quality of your sheets.

Quality & Thread Count

Throw away all the cheap imitations and get yourself these hypoallergenic, fade resistant bedding set. Danjor linens premium quality bed sheets are made up of the highest quality 100% double brush microfiber fabric. That means optimal softness making it one of the top-selling bedding sets. For the thread count, the brand does state the gsm count for the microfiber, but it has more heavy feel like a fluffy flannel.

Sleeping Experience

Talking of sleeping experience on these Danjor linens premium quality bed sheets, the crisp looking sheets feel really soft and give you a comfy nestle for a peaceful sleep experience. The microfiber in these sheets have a velvety feel and do not trap heat giving perfect ventilation for your body.


This sheet is stain and wrinkle resistant, so you don’t have to worry too much about ironing or doing heavy cleaning on this sheet. Aside from that, the sheet is also environmental friendly, allergen free and its breathability is guaranteed to be great. This sheet is definitely worth its price.


Very few users have mentioned in receiving stained and dirty sheets in the package, this is pretty rare and possibly a delivery error.

5. Todd Linens Satin Sheets

Looking for something cozy to add some extra romance to your room décor? Todd Linens is here with a 6pcs bedding set designed in satin material. The bed gives a soft and silky experience to the user for a sound sleep. The 6pcs bedding sheet comes with a set of the duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet and 4 pillowcases that give your bed a perfect appearance.

Size & Fitting

When it comes to the size and the fitting of the bedsheet and cases, it is well designed to suit both Queen size and King size beds with ease. The satin duvet comes with 220×230 cm while the fitted sheet is made with measures 152×203 cm. The cases come with dimensions 50×75 cm which is suitable for the big pillows of your bed. The bed sheets are available in a wide range of bright colors like black, navy, red, brown, purple, olive green, cream, and fuschia that give your bed an appealing look.

Quality & Thread Count

Made out of fine satin and polyester, these luxurious bed sheets come with utmost softness with a silky feel. Light in weight, the sheet comes with an elastic fit on the right side that keeps it pretty high from the floor and wrinkles free on the bed.

Sleeping Experience

Love that soft bed with a breathable sheet ? Todd Linens is well designed to give you the comfortable experience you are looking for. The material of the bed can be used in every season, that helps in regulating your body temperature for a sound sleep.


Aside from being comfortable, this sheet comes in a size that suits almost every pillow and bed size, making it very versatile so you won’t have to worry about size issues with this sheet. Also, it is super easy to maintain and wash as it is washable in washing machines and if you wish to hand wash, it can be washed easily with hands too. Sleeping on this sheet will give you wrinkle free softness you can’t find anywhere.


Some users with sensitive skin found sleeping on this sheet irritating, perhaps it might be caused by the materials as they aren’t 100% natural. There are reviews mentioning about the cheap polyester build.

6. Satin Radiance Luxury Charmeuse Bed Sheets

Looking for a smooth and comfortable bed sheet to gift your mother? Try the exclusive range of bed sheets introduced by Satin Radiance. No matter whatever bed size you come up with, Radiance Charmeuse bed sheets are sure to add a luxurious look to your bedroom. Apart from a charming look, the bed sheets also provide you with a safe and sound sleep for a refreshing morning.

Size & Fitting

Talking about the size and fitting of this marvelous range of bed sheets from Radiance, the bed sheets come in a 4pc set which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The size of the bed sheets is suitable for beds that include twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size beds.

The generously sized bed sheets also provide you with lovely colors to select from like black, blue, blush pink, ivory, mocha, red, and silver. The fitted sheet is also given elastic that surrounds the sheet from every side that gives it a perfect look.

Quality & Thread Count

With standardized quality, the bed sheets from Radiance Satin are made up with 100% polyester satin material. The imported material of the bed sheet with sheen beautiful colors is quite soft and silky which helps in adding to your sound sleep.

Sleeping Experience

Worried about breaking hair while you rest on the bed? No need to worry if you are using Radiance Charmeuse bed sheets. The bed sheet protects your hair from getting tangled and breaking. Again, the satin material helps in the maintenance of moisture balance in both the skin and hair promoting healthy sleep.


This sheet features a sheen material which doesn’t lose its shine even after several washes. It comes with 15 inches pockets and is fully elastic. The sheet is pretty versatile when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it as it can be washed in both ways, with or without a washing machine so you won’t have to worry about how to clean it.


Some reviews have mentioned regarding its poor breathability while sleeping on it, perhaps due to its poor quality polyester which might also contribute to why some users mentioned that they wouldn’t recommend using this product in the long term.

7. Natural Life 4 Piece Satin Sheet Set, Queen

If you are looking for a bed sheet that can give you the classic look and feel of shiny satin, this set from Natural Life is just what you need. This product is made from polyester material which helps lock the natural lustre in – wash it all you like but there is little probability that color will fade.

The telltale sheen and slippery feel of satin are very much evident which is likely to result in your pillows slipping and sliding around a little. Anything else you put on the bedsheet is likely to experience a similar slip, but that’s the very least you can expect out of a satin product.

Size & Fitting

This Natural Life satin sheet is available in queen size, twin size, full size, king size, as well as California king size. It makes a snug fit for a 17-inch mattress which is thick enough for providing good comfort and support on the bed.

Quality & Thread Count

These satin sheets are very soft and smooth. They fit in nicely with the bed. Polyester material is machine-washable, so you can take good care of the product without the color getting faded even with repeated use. The sheets are a little thin and could tear upon the slightest of scratches.

Sleeping Experience

Polyester is not the most breathable of materials and will make you feel warm when you sleep. However, if you are okay with that, then the comfort of these smooth sheets is something you can really enjoy. Adjusting to the frictionless surface could take some time though.


This sheet features deep mattress pockets that can fit a 17 inch thick mattress. It is smooth, soft, comfortable and is very easy to take care of and maintain as it is easy to wash in the washing machine and one great feature is that it even holds its colors even after several washes.


Some users question the sheet’s quality as it tears easily. The sheet also makes the sheet warm to sleep in, probably due to its polyester material.

8. Chezmoi 4-Piece Bridal Satin Collection Sheet Set

It does not matter how many times you wash them; the Chezmoi Collection bridal satin sheets will not let go off their color. That is what makes polyester such a wonderful product to work with – if dyed, the fabric tends to hold on for. These sheets offer you the kind of soft, silky touch you would have come to expect from everything satin.

While they are not exactly breathable, most users have spoken highly of the cool feeling it gives when touched. In keeping with the characteristics of satin, these sheets are slippery, but the all-around elastic allows a good fit. However, it is large enough to hold only 14-inch thick mattresses.

Size & Fitting

This product is of a queen size though you can take your pick from full size, king size, and California king size as well. It comes with an elastic lining all around that helps to keep the sheet in place and gives a good fit with the mattress. This Chezmoi Collection bedsheet can fit mattresses of maximum 14-inch thickness which is not the most preferred choice for many.

Quality & Thread Count

Like any other satin product, these bed sheets are of a very soft and comfortable feel. However, there have been numerous complaints about the poor thread count where people have had their toenails, fingernails, and rings getting snagged very easily, resulting in damage to the sheets.

Sleeping Experience

The sheets are soft and will help you enjoy a comfortable sleep. However, polyester does not breath and will make the bed warm, so if you are uncomfortable with that, these sheets would not be a good choice. The slippery nature makes it a struggle to remain in one place, something not many are in favor of.


Looking at the features and price, this sheet sure comes at an affordable price. Being washing machine washable, it surely is easy to care for as well.


Perhaps one of its weaknesses is that it snags pretty easily and can only fit up to a 14 inch thick mattress, so if you have a mattress that is thicker than 14 inches, this sheet might not be what you would want to look for.

9. HollyHome Luxury 4 Piece Full Satin Sheet Set

HollyHome has been in the business of linens and blankets for almost ten years and is known to produce quality products from quilts, duvet covers, comforters and, of course, bed sheets. They enjoy an excellent reputation for its competitive pricing and quality levels. The four-piece luxury satin sheet collection includes luxurious and beautiful looking smooth satin sheets with two pillowcases.

These sheets can make a lovely gift for family, friends, and wedding presents. Overall, a good purchase and value for money, and to confirm that the product has been reviewed in detail as below.

Size & Fitting

The HollyHome satin sheets come with free fitted straps to help you fit the sheets and adjust the length as desired. These straps are very easy to fix and also keeps the sheet corners secured in place. The sheets are available in size Full, King, Queen, California King, along with queen size pillowcase. There is elastic all around the fitted sheet that can fit any mattress up to 17 inches deep.

Quality & Thread Count

The HollyHome satin sheets are made up of 100% woven microfiber polyester satin which is smooth, comfy and has a silky soft touch. The density of the sheet set is 95 GSM. Get a classy finish look on your bed with these wrinkle resistant bed sheets. The sheets are available in eight different colors to suit all your decor needs. The satin sheets are sewn in three joints, woven tightly, and tailored well to guarantee you extra durability and strength.

Sleeping Experience

At times people don’t receive good sleep due to the sheets they sleep on. The reason could be many from being hot, itchy, and rough causing a restless night. One of the benefits of buying HollyHome satin sheets is that these microfiber sheets gives you optimal heat and feel smooth on your skin.


This sheet creates the optimal temperature for you to sleep on. Besides that, the fitted strap is very easy to use in order to find the perfect fit. You can be rest assured that you will get what you see in the pictures as many reviews have mentioned how true to its color and size this sheet is as compared to the pictures they saw online, definitely a great feature you would want to see when purchasing something online.


There have been reviews that mentioned how fragile the sheet is, as it can be easily teared up if not handled properly. Aside from that, customers have also reported that the sheets keep slipping off the bed.

10. Bedsure 4-piece Satin Bed Sheet Set

These satin bedsheets from Bedsure may be made of polyester, but that does not mean they become less luxurious by any degree. Of a silky, smooth texture, you will get a cool feeling on touching them that will remind you of the kind of luxury afforded by five-star hotels. They also give you the sheen you would typically associate with any satin material.

The fabric is resistant to numerous cycles of washing and drying. Customers have also said that they feel cool and comfortable when using these sheets in summer, unlike what you would expect from a satin sheet. The color holds nicely because of the polyester make which is one of the biggest positives of buying a Satin bedsheet.

Size & Fitting

You can take your pick from twin, full, queen or king sizes for this bedsheet from Bedsure. This deep-pocket satin sheet has elastic running all around, allowing you to stretch it and fit it snugly on your mattress. It is recommended for a mattress of maximum 14-inch thickness.

Quality & Thread Count

The superior comfort and cozy feel of this bed satin sheet is something you will love. It is reminiscent of the kind of luxuriant treatment you can expect from a star hotel. However, you need to be a little careful with sharp objects and scratches which can damage the sheets. There have also been reports that repeated washes lead to a worn-out look of the fabric.

Sleeping Experience

This satin sheet has the slippery feel that is a common aspect for everything satin. While it makes it difficult to hold things in place, older people will enjoy the ease of turning on their side without much effort. The sheets reportedly make your bed a little warmer than usual, so you need to keep that in mind if you are uncomfortable about sleeping hot.


This sheet is soft, smooth and silky which explains why reviewers have mentioned that this feels akin to a five star hotel quality bed sheet. Perhaps it is due to the material it is built on, the polyester material also makes it naturally resistant to wrinkles and color fades aside from providing great comfort and experience when sleeping on this one.


Perhaps one of the few weaknesses of this bedsheet is that the pockets are not deep enough and can only fit a 14 inch thick mattress maximum. Some users have also questioned over the built quality as they found it to be easily torn apart and snagged when scratched lightly.


Are Satin Sheets good ?

Satin sheets have a silky feeling that is cool to the touch, while cotton sheets are often heavier and coarser. Cotton is also better for creating warmth. Many people prefer cool satin sheets in the summer and cotton in winter. Enjoy year-round bedtime comfort with the Best Bed Sheets for Every Season.

Are Satin Sheets breathable ?

The truth is, most satin sheets don’t breathe very well, and they could trap heat, making your slumber sweatier. If you choose silk satin sheets, they manage to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but that’s often true of most natural fabric linens.

Are Satin Sheets better than cotton ?

One of the differences between satin and cotton sheets is the way they feel during different seasons. Satin is made from synthetic materials and holds heat more than cotton, making it a better winter fabric. Cotton is all natural and usually very light and airy, making it a better summer fabric.

What kind of sheets keep you cool ?

The Best Sheets For Hot Sleepers. When choosing bedding to keep you cool, avoid synthetic materials and instead choose breathable natural fibers like cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo and silk. Buying the perfect set of sheets to keep you cool is no easy feat.

How to wash satin sheets ?

Due to the delicate weave, satin clothes or sheets should usually be hand washed or cleaned using the delicate cycle of your washer. Always use a cold water temperature for the wash and rinse and a gentle detergent. If hand washing, do not wring or twist the satin fabric. Gently swish through the cleaning and rinse water.

Are Satin sheets good for your hair ?

Both polyester satin silk pillowcases and natural silk pillowcases provide benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction. This reduces split ends in your hair, pulling on your facial skin and both diminish crease wrinkles in the face

Why does my 1000 thread count sheet make me sweat during the night ?

Higher thread count means more threads are present in your sheet and that means thicker yarns are inserted in the production of the sheet fabric. It also means the sheet itself is thicker, and because the process utilizes a lot of material, the sheets will feel heavy. These sheets can block air, trap body heat, and make you sweat.

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