Best Rollaway Bed 2020 – Comprehensive Review on Our Top 10 Picks

Best rollaway beds; best folding beds

You have thought of getting a rollaway bed for personal comfort or unexpected guests, but you are getting more confused than ever. I understand that numerous folding beds have flooded in the market and it is frustrating to know that some of them are given misleading titles that resemble nothing more than a standard rollaway.

Rollaway beds are probably one of the best inventions for the worrying issue of limited space in urban homes today. Everyone will benefit from its convenience and portability as it is easy to store in the space available and it is a lovely gesture for your guests.

Generally, you need to know that there are 3 types of rollaway beds, namely standard rollaway bed, cabinet rollaway bed, and an ottoman rollaway bed.

Both the standard rollaway and ottoman varieties have similar characteristics, but the ottoman rollaway bed is built to fold into thirds instead of half. The cabinet variety resembles your closet; the bed and the frame can be hidden inside itself but require more effort for rotation. 

However, you might find two products with similar dimensions and sizes offered at a completely different price point. Therefore, I am here to share a comprehensive review of 10 rollaway beds available on the market today so you can incorporate all the necessary considerations before purchasing a unit.

How do you choose a rollaway bed?

I find that these are the essential factors that affect the level of comfort and durability of a rollaway bed

Material and weight

The most vulnerable part of a rollaway bed is its linkage and it needs strong material to remain sturdy throughout the wear and tear process. Steel joints are usually used due to affordability and portability while wood joints remain a popular choice for its hardiness with longer durability.

You will find that some of the frames are painted with a coat of paint to prevent it from getting rusty while a lot of the options in the market remain uncoated.

Your guest bed should be relatively light in weight as most models fall within the range of 22 to 62 pounds. It is also crucial for the user to get a bed that handles the sleeper’s body weight with necessary strength by making sure the frame is made from top quality material.

Comfort and support

You may find a rollaway bed with mattress, or without. This is totally dependable on your budget and the amount of time you are willing to spend on completing this buying process. In my honest opinion, buying a rollaway bed with mattress will spare you from the hassle to hunt for a compatible mattress albeit it costs extra.

The choices of different mattresses will affect the ergonomics of your rollaway bed as different types of mattresses gives you provide a different level of comfort and support. 

For instance, if you require a mattress to the highest firmness possible, you can choose the innerspring mattress. It is the classic, durable choice for everyone since the 1930s.

However, let’s not leave out the plushy memory foam mattress which can help with your spine alignment as your body weight will be evenly distributed and subsequently, the numbers of your pressure points will be reduced. 

If storage remains your main concern, I think that you should check out the air mattress as it would be a brilliant choice.

Structure and portability

The structure of a rollaway is built to be user-friendly and it should take very little time to assemble. If you intend to skip all the troubles for installation, you can search for a fully assembled rollaway bed. 

Some manufacturers have chosen to utilize hardwood slats to improvise the existing structure of the frame because this will help the bed to have better endurance towards the user’s weight and many have chosen mesh wires instead.

The weight of a foldaway is easily manageable as mentioned above and this leads to greater portability. Additionally, a great number of rollaway beds come with casters that make it movable. Though, you must beware of the size – the bigger the bed, the less portable it is.


You will need to be aware that a lot of the manufacturers have decided to offer only a short period of limited warranty for rollaway beds, and some of them have no warranty at all.

I reckon to have some warranty for a highly maneuverable item that experiences a lot of wear and tears, is better than none.

Top 10 Best Rollaway Beds

Here, I have put together a list in the order of the overall performance.

#1 LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

Best Rollaway Beds: Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed

Material and weight

This solidly built bed frame is made from heavy-duty steel and it weighs about 53lbs. It is considerably lightweight and became easily transportable for the users. 

Besides that, the frame is powder-coated to improve its resistance to scratches and rust as the manufacturer has targeted to build the bed to be durable. 

In this case, the bed is engineered to be a sturdy quick-pull bed with minimal assembling time required for the setup. I am pleased to find out I had taken approximately 15 minutes to put these together.

Comfort and support

It is noteworthy that the mattress comes with the bed is formed by 3” of support foam and topped by 1” of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, which means that the sleeper will not inhale toxic odors which are often accompanied by memory foam.

This 4” thickness should provide sufficient support to the sleepers as it conforms to the shape of the body without the bed sagging too much. 

The LUCID Rollaway Bed’s spring-supported deck is arguably more comfortable than the other alternative like wire mesh.

One of our readers had also brought attention to the breathable bamboo cover because it comes in handy with its temperature regulation nature and it is also good for sleepers with sensitive skin. 

Structure and portability

The LUCID Rollaway Bed is known for the use of a different kind of support system mentioned above and this has been structured to hold greater weight. It claims to hold 100lbs more than the average capacity of 250lbs for rollaway beds with similar size. 

The supporting deck is designed to absorb the impact more efficiently and thus, reduce the unsteadiness of a normal rollaway bed has. The two pairs of wheels are well-made with the feature of dual lock to prevent any unanticipated traveling in the night or it can be secured in a fixed location in the storage space.


On a side note, this rollaway bed comes with an extraordinary 10 years limited warranty, so you can be at ease for many nights of sleep on this bed. 

Useful information

The folded dimension is 44” x 36” x 12”. It is not the most compact size, but it is definitely manageable for most people. The unfolded dimension is 73” x 36” x 11” which is the preferred proportion for comfort and portability in a rollaway. 

Many have complained to us on their first oddly malfunctioned unit, but the company had remained helpful and professionally handled most of the cases by providing a replacement unit as agreed in the clauses of the warranty issued. It is safe to say that the after-sale services will be provided as it should be.

I have decided to rate this as the best rollaway bed due to the great combination of convenience and comfort. It might not be the cheapest choice but it is undeniably a good investment.


  • Powder-coated solid steel frame
  • 4 inches mattress
    (CertiPUR-US certified memory foam)
  • Dual-lock system on wheels
  • Breathable bamboo cover included
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 years limited warranty


  • Slightly heavy

  • #2 Milliard Diplomat Folding BedBest Rollaway Beds: Milliard Diplomat Rollaway Folding Bed

    Material and weight

    This full metal bed frame is built using high-quality steel tubing and this made the durability stood out among the competitors because of its hardiness. I have also put the resilience to test by having my teammate to nap on the bed. He is about 240lbs and there was no creaking noise nor discomfort. 

    This bed weights at 57lbs, a few pounds heavier than our first option as it is slightly bulkier but I find it equally manageable. 

    Comfort and support

    This is yet another rollaway bed with an exceptional, luxurious mattress attached. It features a 1” of memory foam and 4” of solid support base foam with a premium density rating of 2.5 which softly contoured your body shape for greater support. 

    I have to agree that the comfort brought by the firmness is going to be well celebrated for most back sleepers, although it might be slightly firm for a regular side sleeper as it is not as plush as I thought. 

    The special design of the wire lattice base is constructed for better support on bodyweight with little to no sagging.

    Structure and portability

    In the meantime, the bed can be folded into a clamshell pattern that remains securely shut when it is not in use while it can also be opened easily within a short period of time. The double reinforcements on the base and strong legs have created an unexceptionally stabilized folding bed. 

    Fortunately, the manufacturer understands that some might want another mattress like an innerspring model for the greatest firmness, so they have included a trident buckle to ensure you have the freedom and flexibility to swap out the default mattress with another preferable option that is compatible. 

    Besides, they have 360-degree pivoting casters installed to maximize the bed’s mobility whilst the wheel lock keeps the bed in place when it needs to remain stationary. 


    Milliard does not usually provide a warranty because they are confident that none is required when they have created one of the sturdiest models of a rollaway bed which can last you for many years of sleep. 

    You might want to take note of the unavailability of the product warranty if you are usually concerned about the warranty issue. 

    Useful information

    The folded dimension is measured at 44” x 38” x 14” while the unfolded dimension is 75” x 38” x 17” which is a couple of inches bigger than the first model. 

    No extra tool is required because the manufacturer has included every accessory needed with the assembling process. They have also included an instruction manual with crucial information along with helpful illustrations. 

    All these small touches gathered many praises, including mine for making it extremely easy to assemble. 


    • Sturdy steel tubing frame5” memory foam mattress
    • 360-degree pivoting casters
    • Can change to your own mattress
    • Easy to assemble


  • Slightly heavy 
  • No warranty

  • #3 Zinus Resort Folding Guest Bed with Wheels

    Best Rollaway Beds: Zinus Resort Folding Beds with Wheels For Guests

    Material and weight

    This luxurious bed is constructed using solid steel which provides the necessary strength to hold up to 250lbs. 

    I find that Zinus’ attention to detail deserves more praise. They have painted the bed frame to match with the fabric which creates the resemblances of a traditional box spring with mattress set. 

    It has to be one of the most stylish, modern looking rollaway beds in the market, though its weight is on the heavier side. Some might be taken aback by a 60.2lbs, but the mobility remains unaffected with the help of wheels. 

    Comfort and support

    The mattress is composed of 1” of memory foam and 4” of high-density base foam. It is also notable that the durable foam is CertiPUR-US Certified. In other words, it is safer and healthier for the sleeper because no harsh chemical odors will be presented. 

    Again, it does conform to your body shape comfortably, but I do not agree that the slight cushioning is the same with a real viscoelastic mattress. However, the foam does release certain pressure points while giving enough support to the sleeper.

    Our readers have complimented that they end up using this as their regular beg as they find the comfort level is definitely acceptably for nightly sleep.   

    Structure and portability

    Surely, you can be deceived by the look of this handsome looking rollaway bed as it looks like a regular bed. The robust design fits perfectly into any room and your guests will feel spoiled by the comfort. 

    The four wheels give you proper control for shifting the bed to the designated location. I am genuinely surprised by how easily it folds up, thanks to the sturdy frame. 

    You will find some extra strap and hook and these are meant to further secure the bed during storage.


    They have included a 1-year limited warranty for this bed in the event of any malfunctioning issue. 

    Useful information

    This bed is folded in 48” x 38.6” x 15.4” while it opens to 75” x 38” x 19”. When it is fully expanded, the size is equivalent to a typical twin size bed. 

    The inner naturalist in me is madly in love with the introduction of the Biofoam – an environmentally friendly option with the infusion of green tea extract and active charcoal to remove undesirable odors. 

    I am also pleased with the quality brought by Zinus and I have to agree the outlook and the comfort level is very close to what a regular bed has to offer. I think that you will be getting plenty of value if you have decided to invest in getting Zinus Resort Folding Bed for Guests. 


    • Robust design matching color frame with bed fabric 
    • 5 inches mattress
      (CertiPUR-US Certified foam)
    • Environmental friendly
    • 1 year limited warranty


  • Heavier than normal rollaway bed

  • #4 Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo 

    Best Rollaway Bed: Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

    Material and weight

    This steel cot is unexceptionally strong as it can support weight up to 300lbs and cater to heights up to 6 feet. The whole set (mattress + cot) will weigh around 29lbs which is extremely light. Aside from that, a microfiber cover is sewn onto the cot to stop the air mattress from moving too much. 

    Some of the readers have argued that the loud noises caused by movements on the airbed are too bothersome while I personally think that you can easily resolve this by separating the air mattress and cot for two sleeping spaces. 

    A fitted sheet might do the trick but you need to bear in mind that it will not be the easiest to find.

    Comfort and support

    The airbed will enhance your sleeping experience with the technology of the ComfortStrong coil system. The structure of the coil will contour to your body accordingly and, thus lead to better support. 

    Coleman has included both the cot and air mattress in the combo so that your sleeping support can be elevated without hassle. The air mattress also comes with the AirTight system with a Double Lock valve to ensure excellent air retention. 

    When you slip the airbed under the microfiber cover, it transforms into one of the most comfortable cots you will be resting on.

    Structure and portability

    One of the main advantages of air mattress is you have the ability to adjust the bed’s firmness. The convenience of compressing the airbed into a compact tote is unbeatable. 

    The cot is easy to set up and it does not involve anything other than the air pump. Yes, all you need to do is to unfold the set, pump the air, and voila. 

    The portability is not as impressive as the rollaway beds from the list, but transporting the cot is made easy because the carrying case comes with wheels.  


    Coleman has provided a 1-year limited warranty on this camping cot and I think it is fairly reasonable because camping cots usually have no warranty.

    Useful information

    This camping cot opens to a dimension of 74” x 40” x 23.5” while it can be effortlessly kept in the duffle bag carrying case for storage. Its versatile design allows it to accommodate both outdoors and indoors usage. 

    Coleman Camping Cot also comes with a removable side table attached to the cot and this remains a useful place to store something that is easy to lose. You may choose to remove it if you do not like it. 

    This 3-piece combo includes a 4 D battery-operated pump and you need to purchase the batteries separately. The combo might be affordable for most but the D batteries can be costly, but it is a small price to pay for the efficiency of having an air mattress inflated within minutes. 


    • Comfortable air mattress
    • Easy for storage
    • Can be used for both indoors and outdoors
    • 1 year limited warranty


  • Expensive batteries for air pump
  • Limited portability

  • #5 SpaceMaster iBed Rollaway, Folding Guest Bed with Wheels

    Best Rollaway Bed: SpaceMaster iBed Rollaway Bed, Folding Beds with Wheels

    Material and weight

    The bed features a hardy bed frame made from tubular steel with a total weight capacity of 250lbs. However, it is nice to learn that the bed only weighs a mere 30lbs which makes iBed highly portable and easy to be carried. 

    It is one of the lightest models that I have come across and it is designed to be able to take up minimal storage space as it is super compact when it is folded up. 

    Comfort and support

    In contrary to most rollaway bed mattresses out there, iBed complete set comes with a 3” cot size memory foam and I am slightly impressed by the number of readers that ascertain the adequacy of support for a good night’s sleep. 

    Your body will be contoured by the softness of the foam. With the help of its mesh base, I believe the comfort level is comparable with some of the thicker mattresses. In fact, a lot of the readers have commented they had always enjoyed a good night’s sleep with this mattress.

    Structure and portability

    iBed is constructed to be ultra-compact with its well-known “Spacemaster space-saving” design. 

    The spring-supported mesh has great flexibility that every sleeper enjoys. In fact, one of the readers claimed that the sturdiness of the bed is proven by zero noise made when he was tossing and turning on it. 

    Besides, the manufacturer has smartly added a leg lock to stabilize the bed and keeping the sleeper safe from unexpected skidding. You can also utilize the caster wheels to move it from one spot to another in an effortless manner.


    No warranty is given for this rollaway bed.

    Useful information

    The bed is measured at the dimensions of 74.5” x 38” x 17” while it folds into 38” x 31. 5” x 8” within seconds. 

    The ultra-slim feature of iBed has granted the easiest storage at tight spots and it is ideal for small apartments or narrow dormitories where the people have to make the most out of every inch of their space. 

    I understand how the affordability of iBed has managed to make the supporters look past their shortcomings. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider this option. 

    I recommend setting up the bed properly to enjoy the full comfort you can get from iBed. 


    • Ultra-compact
    • Lightweight
    • Stabilizing legs
    • Affordable


  • Not the easiest to set up
  • No warranty

  • #6 Inofia Rollaway Guest Bed

    Best Rollaway Bed : Inofia Rollaway Bed for Guest

    Material and weight

    The tubular metal frame is made of strong metal with the coating of eco-friendly paint. I believe that the paint will help to prolong its durability as it efficiently prevents the occurrence of rust. 

    You will find the familiarity of the bed frame design as I see this portable metal frame is inspired by our traditional bed. It is certainly a plus point for the functionality of an existing, practical design to be reinvented with mobility. 

    However, the sturdiness comes at the cost of extra pounds. This bed weights at 62lbs and it is actually the heaviest option on the list.

    Comfort and support

    The bed features a 1.5’’ memory foam over the 3.5’’ supportive foam base of great intensity. It seems to be the right ratio for a balance of softness and firmness because I feel that it is super comfortable to sleep on. 

    You will find the gentle contour of your body on the memory foam will not sink in as much because it is supported by much thicker base foam. I have a reader commenting on how their guests and elderly slept easy on the bed and woke up feeling fresh without any backache.  

    Structure and portability

    I find that the metal frame is well made and the base is supported by the design of the metal grid. This strategic design is commonly used in the traditional bed frame to evenly distribute the bodyweight of the sleeper. 

    Besides, it is convenient and easy to maneuver the bed with these high-quality wheels as it promotes smooth mobility. 

    There is a lock design included with the wheels so that it can further stabilize the bed and stop it from skidding away. 

    It is extremely easy to put these together and it required no extra tools as advertised in the description.  


    You will be assured by a decent 5 year limited warranty period, which is more than the average warranty period offered for a rollaway bed. 

    Useful information

    The bed will be unfolded into the dimension of 75” x 38” x 11.5” while it is at the dimension of 44” x 38” x 13.5” when it is not in use. 

    If you intend to get this bed, do take note of the recommended time for a fully expanded mattress is 72hours since the mattress will be shipped in a vacuum pack. 

    You may also remove the zippered mattress cover for washing as this is a good way to keep it hygienic for the next user.


    • 5 inches memory foam mattress
    • Removal zippered mattress cover
    • 5 year limited warranty


  • Much heavier than a lot of rollaway beds
  • Need to wait for the mattress to be fully expanded

  • #7 Linon Home Dcor Luxor Folding Bed

    Best Rollaway Beds : Linon Home Decor Luxor Memory Foam Rollaway Bed Folding Bed

    Material and weight

    The twin size bed frame uses a top-quality, sturdy metal tube and 15 durable wood slat as a support base. The solid steel frame is constructed to offer you better spinal support while keeping the memory foam mattress in place. 

    It is one of the few rollaway beds that come in a light color and it can blend into your room without any difficulty. 

    The weight of the bed falls within the average range, 41lbs. Worry not, this should not be a bothersome issue as you can always roll the bed to whichever corner you preferred in the house.

    Comfort and support

    The rollaway bed frame comes with a plush memory foam mattress with this sophisticated damask fabric cover. 

    I regard this mattress as their best attribute as it features a 5” mattress under the elegant cover. It consists of 1” of memory foam and 4” of support foam. 

    The comfort of the memory foam will cushion your body to promote proper back support and you will wake up without any form of discomfort. 

    It is not the softest bed I have slept on but for the price tag and its features as a rollaway bed, I think it is fair to say the bed is more than comfortable.

    Structure and portability

    The sturdy built of the frame is structured to allow you to have a flexible sleeping solution. The construction holds up to 275lbs, which is not too bad considering the price tag. 

    The bed has been further stabilized with the help of the wood slats. 

    This Luxor folding bed can be folded and unfolded within seconds as the whole process was smooth and easy. 

    There is a useful plastic latch that keeps the bed securely folded in storage. The assembling was easy-peasy and I think that it is one of the easiest models I have worked on. 


    However, I would want to remind you that only 6 months limited warranty is given by the manufacturer, which is relatively short but I think that it is better than none.

    Useful information

    The folded dimension is rather average at 45” x 30” x 14” and it will be unfolded into a comfortable dimension of 79” x 31.5” x 15.5”. 

    The Luxor folding bed is designed to be space-saving with flexibility while it is surprisingly affordable for a thick mattress with such a level of comfort. 

    You be can rest assured that this bed can last you more than the warranty period. But in case any issue arises, you can utilize it just like any other limited warranty.


    • Easy to unfold
    • 6-months limited warranty


  • Wood slats can cause noise

  • #8 Milliard Lightweight Rollaway Bed

    Best Rollaway Beds : Milliard Lightweight Rollaway Bed for Guests

    Material and weight

    The Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed is considerably well made because the bed frame is made out of super-strong metal. This material permits it to provide excellent support to individuals of different sizes

    I think it is safe to say that the bed lives up to its name, weighing at only 27lbs. It is impressively lightweight for the comfort offered and I am amazed by the quality Italian craftsmanship from the manufacturer. 

    Comfort and support

    It comes with a 4” removable fuss-free polyurethane foam mattress with medium softness. It is comfortable to rest on as you will not be able to feel any hard spring that keeps the mattress in place. 

    On top of that, Its firmness provides the right amount of support for a good night’s sleep. You will be amazed by how the level of comfort for such an affordable product. I had a reader who is slightly over 200lbs and he felt comfortable sleeping on it.

    Structure and portability

    The construction of the bed allows a total weight capacity of 264lbs. The assembling process is rather enjoyable as it is really quick and simple. I am happy with the detailed instruction manual as it comes with step by step instruction. 

    It also comes with 360-degree pivoting casters that facilitate the movements of the bed. It is designed to be highly maneuverable and its mobility can be maximized at ease with the help of these 4 wheels.


    Milliard does not provide any warranty for its products as they take pride in producing the durable items are value for your money. 

    Useful information

    This bed folds neatly into one of the smaller beds for storage as the folded dimension is 35” x 33” x 13”. It is ultra-compact and then, the bed can be easily unfolded within seconds. It can be expanded into the dimension of 74” x 31” x 14”. 

    It is promoted as an ideal solution for sleeping accommodation, that being said, I would recommend the usage to be focused on temporary accommodation.

    Besides, the manufacturer also claimed that this bed is commercially used in the hotels and resorts and it has been proven that it withstand constant usage over the years. I think that these super-strong folding beds are designed to last, so why not have a leap of faith?


    • Lightweight
    • 4 inches removable polyurethane foam mattress
    • 360-degree pivoting casters


  • No warranty

  • #9 Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed 

    Best Rollaway Beds: Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed

    Material and weight

    The bed frame is using high-quality steel and it comes with a sturdy canvas base. The canvas base has eliminated all the possible noises you would get from a rollaway bed with a metal or wooden base. 

    Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Bed for Guests weighs only 22.2lbs and it is the lightest model I have on this list. I am actually pleased by how I get to carry this around without an issue.

    Comfort and support

    It comes with a 4” mattress which includes 2” of pressure-relieving comfort foam and 1” of fiber padding. I am pleased to know that the foam is CertiPUR-US Certified. 

    It means that your guests will enjoy a good night’s sleep without any hazardous chemical odors. I have known that Zinus uses a lot of foams like this because it represents high durability, good performance, and quality content. 

    Structure and portability

    The bed frame can withstand total body weight up to 250lbs. 

    However, you might be bummed that this model does not come with any caster. This might have limited the portability, but the bed is very light for a rollaway bed and I think that this has made it up for the lack of wheels because there is little need for it. 

    It comes with a latch that helps to keep the folded bed secure and I think it is very practical because the mattress folds uniquely into an inverted clamshell.


    It comes with a worry-free 1-year limited warranty and I am happy that the manufacturer has extended such gesture even though the bed is inexpensive. 

    Useful information

    The bed will fold into 37” x 31” x 8” and the mattress does fold differently from some of the rollaway beds, but it is super compact so you can store it in the closet or under the bed. When it is opened up, the bed will be measured at 75” x 31” x 17”. 

    It is a great short term solution in the case of a sleepover or unexpected guests.


    • Super-compact and lightweight
    • 4 inches mattress
      (CertiPUR-US Certified foam)
    • 1-year limited warranty


  • There are no casters

  • #10 Linon Verona Rollaway Bed

    Best Rollaway Beds: Linon Verona Rollaway Folding Bed

    Material and weight

    The bed is formed by heavy-duty metal with a spring-supportive base and it is proudly manufactured in Italy. 

    The mattress comes in multicolor fabric which is interesting as most mattresses come in white. 

    It weighs slightly below average, around 37lbs and I feel that it is easily movable without much effort needed. 

    Comfort and support

    Linon has included a chunky 5” foam thick mattress for this model and I am surprised at how comfortable it is. 

    This would get you some soothing sleep without any issues and the firmness of the mattress will be good for your spine alignment as this would prevent spinal injury from happening.

    Structure and portability

    There are two metal rods that play the role to stabilize the bed as this bed is structured to hold up to 300lbs. 

    The setup is simple and foolproof. A lot of readers have commented on the simplicity of how the bed is fully assembled out of the box. 

    There are 4 wheels attached to the bed frame and these rolling casters are helpful to move one place to another.


    There will not be any warranty from the manufacturer 

    Useful information

    The bed will be unfolded into a twin size 74.8” x 31.5” x 15” and it can be easily folded into a regular size of 42” x 32” x 13.5 which is compact enough for the bed to be stored in your closet. 

    This Verona folding bed essentially caters to unexpected guests or a slumber party with friends as the bed offers extra sleeping space.


    • 5 inches thick foam mattress
    • No assembling required


  • No warranty

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Now, here is a brief account on 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1. Are there any full size rollaway beds?

      Yes. You may find rollaway beds in various sizes and that includes full size. Though it is rather uncommon for people to look for extreme duty rollaway beds and manufacturers also tend to shift away from the production for more XL sizes.
      I thought that the decreased portability has subtly defeated the convenience of the rollaway beds. It is bulkier and thus, more difficult to move around.
      Always remember to measure the storage space you have before buying a bed because it will be tough to return it.

    2. How much weight can a rollaway bed hold? 

      I need you to bear in mind that a rollaway bed will not be able to hold the same weight that a standard mattress and bed frame could.
      On average, most of the cot size and a twin size can handle a bodyweight that is not more than 250lbs. Sturdier built of similar size might allow higher weight capacity.

      It is wise to avoid dropping a weight that is beyond 400lbs as I know the durability of a bed is also subjected to the total weight applied to it.

    3. Can I rent a rollaway bed?

      Of course. You need to make sure that you are renting from a reputable website so that the bed is not hopelessly abused and still capable of providing a few good night sleeps.

      There are plenty of rental services for one-off occasions like slumber parties and camping. I think that the charges are fair as you can have the rollaway bed for a week from $20 onwards, and you may get the bed delivered at no cost. This is a good way to find out if you will enjoy a rollaway bed if you are all fickle-minded about committing a unit for your home.

    4. How much should I spend on a rollaway bed?

      You should set aside $400 when you are searching for a good rollaway bed as you can easily score a quality rollaway bed under $400, which is a fraction of the price that you need for a traditional bed.

      If you intend to splurge a little, double up the amount! A rollaway bed is priced uniquely to its own, so I would like to advise you to search what you really need with how much you are willing to pay.

    5. What is the best rollaway?

      The best possible rollaway bed is one that befits all your requirements without breaking the bank. It is highly subjective, but my pick is going to be the #1 LUCID Rollaway Folding Bed for Guests.

      It is inexpensive and it comes with a good length of the warranty period. I also felt that the comfort level of the bed has surpassed the price that one needs to pay for the set. The durability of its sturdy structure and the comfy memory foam mattress have made this a promising investment.

    Final verdict

    It is highly beneficial to own a rollaway bed as it comes with a noticeably affordable price tag as compared to a static bed. If you need just an extra bed for unexpected occasions, I think that it is great to invest in a good rollaway bed like the LUCID Rollaway Bed for Guests. 

    The convenience brought by a rollaway bed’s portability has allowed better space management at home as I understand not everyone has ample space back home. These beds can easily be stored in your closet or under the bed. 

    The comfort of an actual bed instead of having to rest on the couch is unbeatable when you want your guests to feel at home. They will be highly appreciative towards your kind gesture of letting them sleep comfortably outside their home

    Besides, if you are one of the modern nomads, you may move around without the headache of getting another place to sleep and the mobility of the bed is going to be a tremendous help whenever you need to move.

    In conclusion, it becomes undoubtedly challenging to pick one that meets all of your needs and fits within a budget. Manufacturers have been pushing their limits and producing newer models with better designs on a yearly basis. 

    I certainly hope that my suggestions will be helpful for you when it comes to getting one. Share your thought with me in the comment section below as I am more than happy with your voice on this particular topic.


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