Best Pull Out Sofa Bed In 2019 – The 10 Most Comfortable Couch

Surviving in an urban metropolitan area indicates you need to save every inch of your living room space. As the name suggests, a sofa bed lets you lounge around all day, and doubles up as a convenient sleeping area at night, it’s ideal and a functional alternative for a personal use and for accommodating guests.

However, given the recent popularity of pull-out sofa beds, the market is replete with this furniture in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, designs. So for a new buyer, choosing the top sofa bed could be an uphill task.

It doesn’t stop there, you need to choose a suitable pillow to sleep on too. I would suggest getting the best throw pillow for your pull out beds because they have just the right size. You have the choice of purchasing a square pillow, box pillow or even a rectangular throw pillow. 

Also, I thought it is important distinguishing between sleeping on a couch and a pull-out sofa bed. In fact, the very reason why you need a pull sofa bed is to mitigate problems which you may face when you sleep on the couch

If you’re thinking of purchasing a sofa bed for your home which has negligible room to spare, check out this rundown of 10 best pull-out sofa beds to narrow down your search for the finest style to suit your limited space.

Types of Sofa Beds

Sofa beds come in a range of types, from ultra-minimalist futons to extra-large comfy couches and everything in between.


Futon is the simplest, no-frills version of a sofa bed usually consisting a solitary cushion over a metal/ wooden frame; they might be folded up to sit, and unfolded to sleep. Futons are a great choice for apartments for their low-profile, casual look and moderately minute footprint.

Sleeper Chair

If you’re particularly short on extra room and have few guests at a time, a sleeper chair (or two) is an idyllic option, each chair folding out to a twin-sized bed. Sleeper chairs present more design options than futons and are often wider; think tufted or slip-covered models, overfilled easy chairs and more.


They’re more like a bed than sofa, so if you desire to use it for sleeping, a daybed may be perfect for you. They’re typically the dimension of a standard twin/full bed.

Pull-Out Couch

Pullout couch is the most customary choice for a sofa bed, since it performs double duty, being a comfy full-size sofa mostly, and a full/queen/king-size bed if required. These can be found in any size, style, from small, structured loveseats to hefty, relaxed sectionals. The most ordinary choice for a pullout couch is a typical 3-seater sofa, accommodating a queen-size mattress.

Power Open

If you got back troubles or mobility issues, consider a power-open sofa bed. This high-tech opening system allows the sofa bed to spread out by pushing a button.

What are the different types of mattresses available ?

As you buy a sofa bed, there’s more than just looks. What’s inside matters as well and it’s significant to find a piece with a first-rate, durable mattress. It goes without saying that you desire to pick a mattress that feels comfortable. Depending on the type of sofa bed, you will have many options.

Cotton or Polyester Fill

This fill is used for futon cushions. Cotton- and synthetic-filled mattresses (or a blend) sofa beds come in many thicknesses; for finest comfort, buy one that’s at least 8″ deep.

Memory Foam

Foam mattresses are the most popular than ever for sofa beds. Remember, quality is key. Standard sofa bed mattresses are 3-5″ deep, so a low-density material makes you feel every support bar or coil in the frame hurting your back. Opting for a superior memory foam can make a lot of difference.

Memory foam mattresses contain flexible, durable visco-elastic foam offering steady support, mold nicely to body shape, and fit back into place effortlessly. Memory foam mattresses are known to easily conform to the shape of your body, making it highly conformable to any form of pressure. 


While customary innerspring mattresses may have earned a bad reputation, makers now add extra coils and thick padding to guarantee a superior night’s sleep. The comfiest options are 5″ deep and have steel coils and a broad, quilted cover. Innerspring mattresses are noisy to use in a shared bedroom or in the living space, opt for foam version.

Innerspring mattresses get bounciness from coils. A mattress with a high number of coils (600+) will be more comfortable than mattresses with lesser coils. Stress-relieved temperature-treated springs relieve stress spots.


This new option is an innerspring mattress beneath with inflatable air bed atop. Air-over-coil construction permits a greater thickness, but tucks away effortlessly into a sofa when airbed portion gets deflated.

Why buy a sofa bed ?

A pull-out Sofa bed is an ideal furniture making your living room nicer by saving space and accommodating guests. Plus, it’s easy to fold up as well. Go through some reasons why you must own a sofa bed.

Twin-purpose item saves space

A sofa bed can equally be a sitting and a sleeping place and is snug and stylish. It addresses the trouble of tiny spaces in your room. There’s no need to spend money on buying a separate sofa and a bed. Moreover, you save space for other furniture and move around effortlessly.

If you stay in a tiny apartment or move a lot, a small, light sofa bed is better than a hefty queen-size model. If you have space, a more substantial option is good for you.

Better substitute for an additional mattress

When you don’t have additional space for the guests, sofa bed helps. It’s better and respectful to offer your guests to sleep on a sofa bed rather than an inflatable mattress or a thick floor mat. Of course, no one desires to toss and turn all night.

Easy to set up

The sofa bed is structured to be quickly set up; thereby saving your time for other chores. Just pull the bed out, a built-in mattress spreads, and place cushions. You will have a comfy and cozy bed in no time. If you plan to use it for sitting and have guests sleep on it infrequently, it makes sense for the sofa bed to be really convenient. If it’ll be used for sleeping, focus on the comfort factor too.

Storage options

Offering you an extra storage space, some sofa beds keep your room organized and clutter-free. Stuff that you don’t regularly use, like quilts/pillows, you can store them in the sofa bed. Thus, you save lots of space and take them out anytime you desire to use.

Factors you should consider before buying a sofa bed

Investing in a pull-out sofa bed would help your guests look forward to visiting you and you never have to worry about where to accommodate them at your place.

While the decision to purchase a sofa bed is a no-brainer, inspect the features before finding a comfy one that fits your space and budget to ease out your decision.

Type & Size

Before choosing the sofa bed type, think if there are any red flags that designate the item you’re about to purchase is a proper fit for you. You can go with a customary pull-out, power-open, clic-clac or keep it simple with a miniature futon.

Select your mattress as a standard twin, full, king, or queen, you’re guaranteed to reach a good decision. go for innerspring mattress or plush memory foam, whichever fits well.

Picking a bed with the right size such a king size mattress can give you sufficient space to  move around when you are sleeping. But if you have limited space in your room, a queen size mattress may be more appropriate in fulfilling your sleeping needs. 

Always compute your space before purchasing it and bringing it home. Because if you can’t fit your new sofa bed in the room, no one’s going to sleep well. As the size of a sleeper sofa bed increases, so does the size of the mattress on the sofa.

Material & Construction

After figuring out which type of bed and mattress is right for you, consider the construction for finding a top-notch sofa bed. Ask what is the frame made out of. It must be either metal, kiln-dried hardwood or a blend of hardwood with furniture-grade plywood. Shun sofa beds with frames of pine or any soft wood.

Check if it opens and closes easily. If you can’t get it to open and close in the store, setting it up back home will be a pain. Your mattress must fold out in a smooth motion and should have a locking bar to secure its place; squeaks, sticking, or shaky parts are red flags.

Edges must be smooth. Rough or pointed edges could rip the fabric on your sofa bed or your mattress. High-tech, power or automated open-and-close mechanisms are pricey but desirable.

Clic-clac mechanism is desirable where you just pull the sofa frame frontward until it clicks, and fold it back directly so it stays flat. Most sofa beds are designed to effortlessly pull open with one hand. You need to reach down and pull on a handle to unfold the mattress.

Luxury upholstery such as velvet, leather, or specially-ordered shades or fabrics is available other than standard cotton twill or basket weaved linen. Mattress material must be noted as well, like high-quality memory foam, air-over-coil mattress, innerspring or polyester fill.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

Ultra-soft memory foam mattress on your sofa bed is assured to offer an uninterrupted and pain-free sleep. Good mattress on a sturdy sofa bed gives a solid spinal support so that your comfort level isn’t affected and you never develop health issues.

For good comfort, you might choose a wire-mesh mattress support or wooden slats frame which does not droop or screech. The frame must be solid to hold a weight of 200-300+ pounds.

Just like shopping for a regular bed, you must lie on your sofa bed to ensure it feels great. If you’re purchasing online, read reviews about the bed to ensure previous consumers are satisfied. If you’re purchasing in-store, take 10-15 minutes to inspect the bed.

Look for mattresses that are chunky enough so that you or your guests don’t feel the coils and metallic support bars on your spine. Ideally, choose a mattress that’s 5″ thick. Avoid mattresses less than 4″ thick, no matter the material, avoid any sofa bed that can’t be unfolded by one person effortlessly.


The foremost pull-out sofa beds carry several years of warranty coverage on the actual product and parts when bought from authorized dealers.

If you come across any manufacturing defect within the predetermined warranty period, it’s repaired/replaced by the maker free of cost. Warranty periods are different across brands and models. Check out our complete guide about best Folding Beds.

Top 10 best pull out sofa beds

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Larkinhurst Traditional Sleeper Sofa

Create rooms in your style with Signature Design by Ashley Furniture and feel the thrill of spotting the beautiful pieces from the entire selection.

With immaculate and simple lines, this Larkinhurst traditional sleeper sofa fits with many genres of decor. The comfortably firm and cushioned item provides the optimal support and accommodates a full-size mattress. Thanks to a simple lift-mechanism, transforming from sofa to bed is almost unproblematic.

Type & Size

Queen-size Larkinhurst classic full sleeper sofa is perfect for any living room, this multipurpose pullout sofa features rounded arms, solid seat cushions, and an obscured innerspring full-size mattress that pulls out smoothly with an easy-lift mechanism.

Earth-colored Larkinhurst is made of faux-weathered leather and is great for mid-size spaces. Sleeper sofa measures 89″W x 39″D x 38″H with its 20″ seat height and weighs 204 pounds. Queen pullout innerspring mattress has dimensions of 60″W x 72″D x 4.25″H.

Larkinhurst is a casual custom-made silhouette. Sleeper sofa is created with a corner-blocked frame, taut back, loose-fitting seat cushions, bare feet with faux wood finish. Bi-fold queen innerspring mattress pulls out easily on well-built metal frame.

Larkinhurst sofa bed’s innerspring mattress lets you treat overnight guests to the ultimate comfort with the robustness of easy-lift steel frame. Utmost-resiliency foam cushions are enveloped in chunky basil-hued poly fiber having corded trim.

The material is a tough, stain-proof microfiber that actually does a credible job of seeming like suede. It can be wiped with damp cloth with/without mild detergent.

The height is ideal. The accent pillows are heavy with the leather-like fabric on one side and plush fabric on the other. The bottom cushions are detachable and could be flipped over to extend the sofa life. Big back cushions are attached. Fits through 32″doorways and higher.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

You can buy Larkinhurst with confidence. Designed and made by Ashley Furniture Industries, a trusted name for fashionable furniture, accessories, mattresses for any taste and budget for over 70 years since 1945, furnishing millions of homes, Larkinhurst sofa bed is an assurance of lasting quality and functionality.

Ashley Furniture does the extra mile to package, shield, and deliver your item in a timely manner. Larkinhurst arrives assembled, it’s all set for immediate enjoyment in living room/guest bedroom.

The sofa bed is nice and firm with a slight bounce from the spring of the bed beneath. The cushions aren’t as broad, so while sitting, you have ideal posture, relieving your back muscles. The throw pillows are chunky and dense. They arrive shrink wrapped, but they get fluffy and firm soon enough.

Pillow top armrests relieve elbow or hand pain. Bustle backs allow for lumbar support. High-resiliency foam cushions keep the upper/lower back pain-free.


1-year limited warranty is given to the original retail purchaser of Ashley Furniture Larkinhurst sleeper sofa. Limited warranties are non-transferable.

2. Homelegance Sleigh Daybed with Tufted Back Rest

Enjoy nicest sleep experience with Homelegance Sleigh Daybed!Homelegance Sleigh Daybed with Tufted Back Rest and Nail Head Accent, Twin, Dark Grey

Homelegance is your complete home resource for the fashion you desire, the value you need, the class you anticipate and the diversity you ought to have. Homelegance Sleigh twin daybed gives you the rest you deserve.

Type & Size

Dark grey Sleigh daybed (model# 4966DG*) measures 84″Dx45″Wx42″H and weighs 174 pounds; with its trundle measuring 75.8″x38.6″x12.2″, mattress isn’t included.

Daybed is available in dark gray, gray, brown; modern design Sleigh daybed is equipped with tufted backrest with nail head accent to give your home the classiness it needs.Transform a seating spot into a sleep haven. Hosting sudden guests wouldn’t be tough if you have a Sleigh daybed that’s ingeniously crafted with quality materials.

Material & Construction

Tufted backrest along with nail head accent allows for more stylish look. Sleigh daybed can support up to 8″ thick mattress. Trundle comes with casters for simple access, some assembly is required. The back has black mesh-like linen material.

Get ready to shop for Sleigh daybed by measuring the living space you need to work with. Account for the space required for the pull-out and room for moving around the bed.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

Homelegance strives to offer the newest and most functional, stylish furniture ranging from classical to modern. Quality assurance of Sleigh daybed is derived from more than 30 years of experience providing to accommodate any lifestyle with fine home furnishings.

High thread count sheet and layered linens make your Sleigh daybed look and feel welcoming. Add a duvet, quilt, decorative pillows, and throw. Guests might take out layers as desired. Create a plush and comfortable look that guests will desire to dive into.


Sleigh daybed carries 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

3. PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

Find the comfy and cozy feeling with a PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress!PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress – Twin

It really makes sense to go for the top sleep environment possible. You need to ensure you spend those moments on a mattress that is safe for your health and is comfy to sleep on. PlushBeds specializes in this respect. PlushBeds gel memory foam sofa bed mattress promotes good health and brings quality sleep.

Type & Size

US-made PlushBeds gel memory foam twin mattress ensures the peak product quality standards during the manufacturing and delivery process. 4.5″ luxurious shape-adjusting Cool Bliss gel memory foam and CertiPUR-certified Plushfoam weighs just 21.4 pounds measuring 72″x35″x4.5″.

PlushBeds sleeper sofa memory foam emits no dangerous gases or odors and uses the top US-made materials. Solid, strongly-knit cell structure assures that PlushBeds mattress won’t sag, retaining original shape.

Material & Construction

Pamper your guests in the plush cooling gel comfort of PlushBeds mattress with 30% superior cooling properties than customary memory foam. There’s a generous 4.5″ thick foam with no feeling any metal bars on the spine.

High-quality, non-toxic, plant-derived, biodegradable gel and other materials make up comfortable bed for deeper sleep. You gain more energy during the day and less hassles from a chronic pain. The mattress is anti microbial, hypoallergenic, dust-mite and mildew-resistant.

GreenGuard Gold is the world’s most meticulous chemical emissions certification, earned by just 1% of mattresses. PlushBeds mattress meets this standard and ensures no use of 10,000 major toxic chemicals or compounds.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

Get superior pressure relief from plush foam providing enhanced body weight and heat distribution by reducing pressure points, offering good support to your shoulders, waist, upper/lower back, and knees.

Open-cell visco-elastic channels dissipate heat away. Chemical-free PlushBeds has resilient and quality construction and won’t sag in years. Supports sleepers of even 250+ lbs.

Wake up re-energized with Cool Bliss mattress. The plant-based gel foam offers outstanding pain relief in all sleep positions. GreenGuard Gold certification enhances breathability, night after night.


PlushBeds carries a 10-year warranty coverage.

4. Signature Sleep Casey Velvet Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress, Gray, Queen

Find ample comfort in Signature Sleep Casey Faux Leather Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa ! Signature Sleep Casey Faux Leather Queen Size Sleeper Sofa with CertiPUR-US certified Memory Foam Mattress is available in Multiple Sizes

Signature Sleep Casey faux leather queen-size sleeper sofa with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress is the ultimate in ache-free sleep and refreshing mornings.

Type & Size

Faux leather queen-size black Casey sleeper sofa with CertiPUR-US certified 2″ thick memory foam mattress is available in other sizes such as twin, full; it’s very nice-looking and absolutely fitsin small spaces getting through a 32″ doorway.

Available in grey velvet upholstery, it measures 32.5″x74.5″x35.5″ and weighs 149lbs. Twin bed and sofa weight limit is 225lbs and 400lbs respectively.

Material & Construction

Combine comfort and practicality with this stylish Casey sleeper sofa, crafted in modern lines, wooden block legs, eye-catching piping detail in arms and seat cushions. Casey sofa bed is a superb centerpiece, with separately-encased coil seat cushions for extreme comfort.

This sofa bed is Consumer Safety Product Commission-regulated foam doesn’t contain PBDEs or TDCPP flame retardants, ozone-depleting materials, mercury, lead, phthalates, heavy metals; it’s low in VOC emissions for home air quality.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

Casey sleeper sofa’s CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress gives a soothing night’s sleep. Modern design with broad track arms deliver additional comfort, superior durability and quality.


This product has a 10-year warranty coverage. Signature Sleep warrants the item to be free from manufacturing imperfections in workmanship and material.

5. AirDream Hypoallergenic Inflatable Mattress with Electric Hand Pump for Sleeper Sofas, 60″ Queen

Fashion Bed Group is an industry leader in the production of fashionable beds, adjustable bed bases, bed textiles, bedding support. This company’s been innovating for over 100 years, and is dedicated to modernism. You’ll find practical, smart advancements in AirDream sofa sleeping system integrated just to make life easy and well.

Type & Size

Queen-sized hypoallergenic AirDream mattress allows for comfort never deemed possible on a conventional sofa. It measures 11″x 60″x 72″ when inflated and weighs 50 pounds. The 0.5″ innerspring thickness offers most favorable support which makes it perfect for overnight guests or sudden sleepovers with simple cleanup every morning, it comes with everything required for rapid and simple use.

AirDream is an inflatable hypo-allergenic mattress with patented air-over-coil technology to offer a soft surface, without the lumpiness of a traditional sofa mattress. AirDream fits almost any sleeper sofa.

Material & Construction

Patented air-over-coil technology AirDream mattress for sleeper sofa comprises handy, trouble-free-to-use handheld electric pump. No lumpy feeling is there and the surface is smooth, plush to sleep on. Start by only peeling back AirDream mattress top to reveal the air valve. Plug the pump in a wall outlet, screw on the air mattress valve and the pump instantaneously gears up.

The integrated electric hand pump makes this piece simple to inflate in 60 seconds and just as simple to deflate. You’d sleep comfortably without feeling any roughness of sleeper mechanism beneath.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

AirDream is an epitome of superior quality and durability which includes handy, easy-to-use handheld electric pump for easy operation for years and remains durable after extended use.

AirDream provides a smooth and soft surface, without any lumps or bumps of a customary sofa mattress offering a pain-free experience and ultimate ergonomic support.


AirDream comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

6. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Lottie Sleeper Sofa – Queen Size – Slate

Whether your interior design preferences are eclectic or customized, modern or conventional, Ashley Furniture strives to present quality, fashion, value, and diversity – the standards that are included in the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Lottie sleeper sofa.

Type & Size

Slate-colored queen-sized Lottie sleeper sofa is a traditional one. It has typical elements such as rolled arms and exposed stand, and twirls it into a discerningly sophisticated living room sofa with fresh conveniences. Use it in place of a bed in minute studio spaces, or simply convert your living spot into space for multiple guests. It measures 84″Wx39″Dx39″H and weighs 184 pounds.

Material & Construction

Chic nail-head trim and easy tufting make all the difference. Pewter-tone nail-head trim piercingly distinguishes the shadowy slate faux leather upholstery. Leather pieces are ground up and a soft leather-like fabric mixture is created.

Simply remove the shipping cardboards and Lottie sleeper sofa is ready for use. Instructions are included. Passes via 32″ doorways or more. Corner blocked frames and pillow top armrests are other salient features. Lift mechanism is fast. Two-fold mattress sits over the robust metal frame and both memory foam and innerspring mattresses may be used.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

With a supple, cooling memory foam mattress, your guest’s accommodations are perfect for total comfort. Mattress is covered in damask ticking and sits over a strong steel frame. Seat cushions are made of lush high-resiliency foam.

Streamlined comfort and classic lines and curves come in high-powering DuraBlend that looks like leather without any maintenance or charge. When you want to rest, simply pull out the queen mattress and have an ache-free sleep. Ashley Furniture has been offering lasting quality since 1945, so the quality, durability, and resilience of Lottie sleeper sofa doesn’t hold a shred of doubt.


Lottie sleeper sofa has 1-year manufacturer warranty.

7. DHP Halle Sofa Bed, Brown, Twin

Relax with the convenience of DHP Halle Upholstered Daybed and Trundle. DHP Halle Upholstered Daybed and Trundle, Simple Design, Twin Size, Brown Faux Leather

DHP has perfect solution for small-spaced houses as cool and highly functional furniture is appropriate for any condo, home, apartment; it fits perfectly accommodating with elegant essence.

Type & Size

The twin-sized DHP Halle Upholstered daybed measures 40″ D X 84.5″ W X 38″ H. The compact design is perfect for accommodating guests, particularly with its feature of roll-out trundle. With an easy and fast assembly and contemporary designs, it comes at elegant design.

Material & Construction

The sofa is upholstered and comes in brown faux leather, faux leather, linen and velvet have been used for frame padding.

It’s perfectly padded at back as well as sides for better comfort and spacious seating. The DHP Halle Daybed is the ideal double-duty item for a home-based office, guest room or studio apartment. It has a simple and stylish construction that fits any variety of interior furnishings.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

It has slight sleighed arms to give ergonomic feel while you sit or sleep. It includes padded back along with sides for more comfortable feeling. This daybed with a high wrap-around back has the comfy look and features of a sofa with an optional obliging trundle.

It is built with an attractive design and high-end materials that will last for long. The DHP Halle Daybed and Trundle is a quality and stylish must-have product that fits impeccably into any space.


You get 1-year limited warranty coverage from the date of purchase.

8. Living Room Furniture Single Chair – Pull-Out Sofa Bed by Euradesign

Engage your home decoration with Modern Functional Lift and Pull-Out Single Couch Sofa Bed Futon. Modern Functional Lift and Pull Out Single Couch Sofa Bed Futon Easy to Transform for Small Space

Trouble-free to pull out into bed and slide back to make it a sofa, elegant design and versatility is adequate for saving space, most suited to tiny apartments. Transform your sofa into a comfy bed within seconds.

Type & Size

Enjoy the usability of lift and pull out single couch sofa bed that has a larger sleep area, after expanding, it has the dimension of 82.09″X32.68″X13.78″. The color is gray with black accents.

Material & Construction

The product has solid and non-deformable support frame beneath. The wheels are manufactured with high-strength plastic to prevent scratching the floor.

The simple, stylish, and flexible design makes it easily adjusted to space-saving sofa or bed. The sofa has superior elasticity; it is certainly comparable to a luxurious mattress as it’s squashy and comfy.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

The sofa is extremely comfortable; the bed’s back has birch and webbing-support to balance pressure on both sides. The design is to make the body lying comfortably on the sofa.

Transform swiftly and effortlessly in seconds, it is ideal for petite teens and children to effortlessly fit in. The sofa is stable and withstands the maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs., therefore don’t worry about the durability and quality.


The sofa comes with a 1-year limited warranty, you can return it within 3 months.

9. DHP Logan Twin Sleeper Sofa Couch Pull Out Bed

The premium range of DHP Premium sofa bed is the most comfortable in structure and extremely superlative for a small space, for apartments, condos or dorms; the sofa is also appropriate for sitting purpose and achieves the best comfort with few adjustments.

Type & Size

DHP Premium black faux leather sofa bed is a convertible couch that can be used as a pull-out couch and sofa sleeper mode. The open product dimensions are 45.5″W x 85.5″D x 35.5″H. Mattress dimensions are 72″L x 37.5″W x 3″H and sofa dimensions are 45.5″L x 31″W x 35.5″H. The sofa is accommodating for small spaces, this twin sleeper’s perfect for small spaces accommodating multiple guests.

Material & Construction

Enjoy the high-quality DHP twin size sofa bed that has black faux leather body, coil mattress integrated with coil seat cushions, along with sturdy wood frame holding 400lb weight limit. Easily seats two people, however, can quickly and effortlessly convert into a bed for a great sleeping space while its simple and elegant design will fit any interior decoration.

Indulge in the stylish pull-out bed with broad track padded armrests for extra seating comfort. Twin-size coil mattress is also included.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

The highest quality is implemented to build this product that will last long for years to come. The robust wood frame design is able to hold up to 400lb weight limit.

A guest can lie and sleep pleasantly even as resting arms on both sides without any pressure on shoulders, arms, neck, or back.


It has a 10-year limited warranty coverage.

10. Signature Sleep Devon Sleeper Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress, Grey Linen, Full

Signature Sleep Devon Sofa is a pleasant, portable, hard-wearing, and eco-friendly item,it is also indispensable for tiny spaces.

Type & Size

Signature Sleep Devon is a twin sleeper sofa that converts to a full-size sleeper. It’s prepared to complement any home, adding a modern touch to classic and modern décor in a size that fits the smallest living spaces. The dimension is 70″x32.5″x35.5″.

Material & Construction

The sofa has grey linen upholstery with tufted back offering a feel of style and comfort. There are separately covered coil seat cushions. While guests visit, just open the sofa bed to unfold convenient CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam mattress.

The high-quality linen, memory foam, wood, & metal offer solid design for wellbeing and comfort using ecological manufacturing method decreasing the company’s carbon footprint.

Pull-Out Bed Quality & Comfort

This pull-out bed is high in quality with providing an ultimate comfort level. Separately-encased coil sofa seat cushion delivers ergonomic comfort.

With modern design of the wide track arm, you get extra comfort. Memory foam mattress shapes to your body and distributes body weight uniformly to provide peaceful sleep without any pain.


The product carries a 10-year warranty.


Can a pull out sofa beds be used every day ?

Some pull out sofa beds are made for daily/nightly use, but not all. Futons are generally not suitable for this. A sleeper with the bar-and-canvas system is ideal for moderate use of about 3 nights per week, as long as it has an updated mechanism. Premium pull out sofa beds , such as those mentioned in this article are designed to be used each and every night as a bed.

How to make a pull out sofa bed more comfortable ?

Most pull out sofa beds are far more comfortable today than they were several years ago. When purchasing one, make sure you’re getting an upgraded mechanism, with the bar moved away from the small of your back. Additionally, consider upgrading to a memory foam or gel mattress for maximum comfort.

How much does a pull out sofa bed weigh?

Most queen sofas weigh about 180 lbs. Most of the weight is in the sleeper mechanism, generally made from steel. Smaller sizes weigh less, as do futon sofa sleeper styles. Some premium sleeper sofas, like the Comfort Sleepers by American Leather, weigh approximately 250 lbs. in the Queen size, due to the wooden platform used for the bed.

How much weight can a pull out sofa bed hold ?

The sleeping weight limit on a pull out sofa bed depends on the size and manufacturer. However, the following is a good rule of thumb: a twin pull out sofa beds can hold one person who weighs up to 250 pounds. Full size pull out sofa beds hold twice that, supporting two people up to 250 pounds each. Queen pull out sofa beds support up to 600 pounds, and King size up to 650 lbs.

How to repair a pull out sofa bed ?

The first step in repairing a sofa bed is to diagnose the problem. Pull out sofa beds are component based units, including a sofa frame, a sleeper mechanism, cushions, mattress, and more. Once the issue has been identified, that precise component can more easily be repaired, or perhaps replaced. For example, replacing a sleeper mechanism is far more cost effective than replacing an entire pull out sofa bed.

Pull out sofa bed or futon ?

The main difference between a sofa bed and a futon is that a sofa bed has a separate mattress that comes out when you open the mechanism, whereas a futon folds down to create the sleeping space. This is both the largest disadvantage to a futon, but often also the main advantage. In small areas, lengthwise, a futon is a great space-saving option.

However, sofa cushions and mattress are meant to provide different needs, and the cushions used in a futon attempt to mimic both but often fall short on both ends. That said, there are some new premium pull out sofa bed options which open in the same way as standard futons, but have specially engineered memory foam which do a really good job of providing the needs for sitting and for sleeping on the same surface.

Are there pull out sofa beds without a mattress ?

The vast majority of pull out sofa beds include a mattress. But if you’re looking for an option that does not require removing the cushions or pulling out the mattress from underneath, there are options available, including futon styles, certain European mechanisms which fold down from the top of the sofa, and some unique new designs.

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