Best Microfiber Sheets In 2021 – Our Top 8 Picks

Bedsheets are an essential part of the bedroom and can help you achieve a good night’s rest if its fully comfortable and meets your sleeping preferences. It is not enough to have a comfortable mattress and pillow; the bedsheet that covers your mattress also plays a crucial part in making you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Choosing the right bedsheet material is important as different materials have varying functionalities; you need to identify what best fits your needs. If your mind is still open to different options, I would highly recommend that you check out our buyer’s guide on the most comfortable bed sheets, which covers different kinds of sheets and their comfort level. 

If you are specifically looking for microfiber sheets and need to learn more about why it might suit your sleeping preferences then our guide show shed some light on whether this material of bed sheet is suitable for you.

What Is Microfiber?

Most sleepers are partial towards picking sheets that are made with organic materials like cotton or bamboo but synthetic materials have come a long way to deliver great features and durability that can be in par with organic materials. Microfiber fabric can be made from polyester, nylon or other man-made fibers that have been engineered to replicate the features required for a bedsheet with ease. Microfiber fabric is usually woven with very fine synthetic fibers to make the bed sheet; the tightly woven method ensures the strength of the fabric on a whole.

There are many sorts of microfiber-based sheets available to be purchased online or in-stores but if you do not know what you are looking for you might purchase a sheet set that is sub-par in quality; it is best to do some research to be able to identify what is the acceptable standard of quality for microfiber sheets to get the best value out of the money you spend.


Advantages Of Using Microfiber Sheets


Microfiber sheets are incredibly durable due to the strength of the synthetic made fibers; the fabric of the sheet is generally tightly woven which enhances the strength and durability of the material while being able to be flexible and stretchable enough for prolonged usage over a mattress. A microfiber bed sheet can also hold its durability well after multiple washes provided the cleaning instructions of the sheet is followed.


Due to its artificially engineered features, microfiber sheets can be notoriously soft and silky; the fibers are made to emulate the softness of cotton and with a high thread count sheet you can definitely experience a top-notch luxurious bed sheet on your mattress without breaking your bank account.


Microfiber bed sheets are designed to have good airflow and moisture-wicking properties so if you tend to overheat easily in bed then a microfiber sheet should have good cooling properties to keep you temperature neutral while you rest. The sheet would not cling to your skin if you sweat which is a good feature to have since bed sheets that do not absorb moisture can be uncomfortable to sleep in.


Microfiber sheets are great for holding in dark-colored dyes; other organic materials tend to have dark colors fade easily. Most users are wary to get dark-colored sheets due to the dye coming off in washes but microfiber sheets are able to hold on the colors well so if you prefer dark-colored bed sheets then this material will be a good choice to consider. Additionally colors tend to fade at a much lesser rate with microfiber sheets compared to organic materials and this would mean you won’t have to constantly purchase new sheets.


Microfiber sheets are very affordable compared to cotton, bamboo or Pima cotton sheets; this could be due to the man-made factor of the microfibers. You can buy a few microfiber sheet sets with the price of one pure organic bed sheet set. This bed sheet material is great if you are on a budget or want to get the best value for money with similar functionality as other bedsheets.

Easy Maintenance

It is very easy to wash and clean a microfiber sheet as the fibers are more resilient to washing and drying with a machine as compared to organic-based bed sheets; this is great for a user who is busy or does not want too much hassle when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their bedding accessories.

Factors To Consider When Buying Microfiber Sheets

Thread Count

Generally, thread count is used as an indicator of quality and softness; the higher the thread count the better the sheet’s quality and softness. Manufacturers then to use the thread count number to push a sheet but the total softness of a sheet depends more on the type of material that is used rather than the total thread count. It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing bed sheets and not be deceived by the total number of thread count.

Mattress Size

It is crucial to purchase sheet that can fit your mattress; it is important to take note of your mattress sizings to fit your new bed sheet as an ill-fitting one will definitely disrupt your comfortability in bed. If you have a custom made mattress that has different dimensions from standard sizes then it is even more important to ensure that the sheets you purchase can fit your custom mattress.

Seasonal Usage

Living in a climate that is seasonal and experiencing temperature changes would sometimes require sleepers to change their bedding accessories to cope with temperature changes. Having microfiber sheets for your bed can be a one-stop solution for this issue as microfiber sheet can retain heat well during winter with the tight weaves it is made from so it can warm the sleeper and it can also possess good airflow capabilities to cool the sleeper down due to its light fibers and breathability; making it a good sheet to use for summer.


Microfiber sheets are soft and have a silky finish to them; this enhances the overall comfortability of the bedsheet and is able to give a classy and luxurious touch to your bedroom and mattress. If you are looking for affordable sheets that have a hotel-like quality to them then this material is a great choice to consider.

Our Top Picks For Microfiber Sheets

Here’s our list of top microfiber sheets for 2019.

 1. PureCare

PureCare is a bedding accessory company that manufactures and produces high-quality sheets and mattress toppers. This company has awards from the National Sleep Foundation for their innovative and quality products that help sleepers achieve a good night’s rest with good comfort and functionality.

Their luxury microfiber sheet set made from 100% polyester that is weaved with a twill finish to give it a luxurious feel and finish; you will find that this sheet is extremely soft and has a hotel-like feel. The microfibers used in this bed sheet is extra fine so the weave is made to be more durable and long-lasting; this would help the bedsheet have an extended lifespan after prolong uses and washes.

The twill weave finish also helps the microfiber sheet to be very breathable, encouraging air to flow through the sheet and into the mattress to keep you cool while you sleep. It also has excellent moisture-wicking properties that can wick away any sweat, leaving you and your partner sleeping in a cool and comfortable mattress. The microfiber material used in this luxury bed sheet set also comes in three classy neutral-toned colors that will add a touch of class to your bedroom; if you are looking for a dark-colored option then this PureCare bed sheet set might not be able to cater that option for you.

This bed sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcase covers. The fitted sheet comes with PureCare’s specially designed Precision-Fit™ elastic fasteners to ensure that the sheet stays fitted well unto the mattress with no loosening or bunching. The Precision-Fit™ feature also will provide your mattress with a clean, crisp look and there should be no wrinkling or creasing with the sheet when it is draped upon the mattress. Equipped with pockets that can fit mattresses that are up to 18 inches deep, this bedsheet should be able to fit most standardized mattresses.

The flat sheet of the mattress also comes with extra 4 inches width to completely cover the mattress and standard bedding companies do not usually provide extra length to cater for extra security for the sheets; this is a good addition to have to your sheets in case you have an extra-large mattress. This microfiber sheet is relatively easy to care and clean; it should be washed separately from other clothes to avoid tears and it can be machine washed in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. The sheet may be dried using a low heat cycle on a dryer and is iron save so if you wish to iron it you may do so on a low setting. It is best to use mild detergent and avoid bleach so the functionality and color of the sheet can be kept intact.

This PureCare bedsheet set is priced at $69.99 for its queen-sized set and it comes with a 30-day return policy. This is a premium range microfiber sheet set that can be a opulent addition to your bedding collection with good features.

 2. Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding made their mark with the bed-in-a-box movement in the early 2000s’ and since they have added bedding accessories to accompany their high-quality mattresses to cope with customer demands.

The Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber bed sheet set is a high-quality and durable microfiber sheet option that also comes with the guarantee of performance from a well-known bedding brand. This sheet set is made with premium, high-quality brushed microfiber that is weaved tightly to ensure its durability and strength so it can last through many washes and uses throughout its lifespan. The finely woven weaves also provides a plushness and softness that is luxurious to touch and it has a very comfortable feel once it has been draped over the mattress.

The microfiber weave also allows good airflow so you can sleep cool and the sheet may also work to cool down the mattress so you can avoid overheating if your mattress retains heat. The Brooklyn Bedding microfiber sheet set also excellent moisture-wicking capabilities that can keep you dry while you sleep; this is especially helpful if you live in a hot and humid climate. This microfiber sheet also can stay wrinkle and crease-free due to its 100% polyester fibers; the fibers are designed to resist from creasing due to its tight weaves.

The Brooklyn Bedding microfiber sheet set is quite easy to care and clean; you may gently wash the sheets in cold to warm water with a mild detergent; it is best to avoid bleach and strong cleaning fluids as this will damage the color and the integrity of the sheet. The microfiber sheet can be tumbled dried in a dryer in a low heat setting and it is best to remove the sheets immediately from the dryer once the cycle is done; alternatively you may air-dry your sheets from time to time to preserve its durability.

This sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases; the set also comes in 6 neutral color tones. The fitted sheet comes with pockets that can fit mattresses that are 11 to 14 inches thick; this should fit most standard mattresess. The whole set is priced at $49 which is quite a reasonable price for a good quality microfiber sheet set that has great features and functions. There is a 30-day return policy that comes with the set and the company will bear the shipping charges if you need to return the set.

 3. Easeland

Easeland’s microfiber bed sheet set is a quality microfiber bedding accessory that is made to be durable and comfortable; it also comes in 9 different color tones that range from neutral to dark colors. This bed sheet set has high user rating and reviews due to its good functionality and reasonable pricing.

This bed sheet set is made of 100% polyester and is made of brushed microfiber that is tightly woven to enhance the strength of the fibers; this sheet can last for a long period of time with multiple washes and uses. The weave of the brushed microfiber is also made in a way to encourage good airflow into the sheet and mattress so excess heat can flow out and keep you and your partner sleeping cool and temperature neutral.

The microfiber also has a silky soft touch and it can add to your comfortability in bed; it adds a luxurious feel of plushness to enhance the hotel-like feel when you are in bed. The neutral color palate tones also may help to add to the cozy feeling of the sheets. A unique bonus to the Easeland bedsheet set is the addition of 2 extra pillowcases; in this set you will get one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and four pillowcases which is quite a nice bonus since most standard bed sheet sets only include 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheet comes with pockets that can fit mattresses that are up to 13 to 16 inches thick; this should fit most standard queen to king-sized mattresses.

The care routine for this microfiber bedsheet set is relatively easy, you may machine wash it in cold water in a gentle machine cycle and can be dried with a low heat cycle using a dryer. It is recommended to avoid bleach and strong detergents to preserve the durability of the fabric; bleach may also ruin the color of the sheets.

It is important to note that high heat should not be used with this sheet on a frequent basis as you will want to avoid the sheet from developing piling; these are little lumps that will form across the surface of the mattress and will be uncomfortable to sleep on. This microfiber bedsheet is also wrinkle, crease and shrinkage so you may expect the sheet to be smooth and crisp when it is draped across the bed. The Easeland bed sheet set is a reasonably priced microfiber sheet that comes with extra pillowcases; if you are on a budget and looking for a sheet that gives you the most value for money this brand is a good option to consider.

 4. Mellanni

The Mellanni brushed microfiber bed sheet set is a highly rated and sought after bedding set; this product is an Amazon Choice items with many good reviews. This sheet set is made out of 100% polyester with a tight weave so it is durable and has a silky smooth finish; it provides a luxurious soft-to-touch feel to the mattress surface and it will be comfortable to sleep and move around in.

This sheet set comes with extra-fine microfiber weaving so the airflow is encouraged; it has good cooling properties and can keep you cool during hot weather or if you tend to overheat while sleeping. This feature is also helpful if you have a mattress that retains heat; the sheet works to cool down the surface of the comfort layer so you can lie in bed in a temperature neutral condition. If you are looking for a microfiber sheet set that has many color and pattern options, this brand comes with over 40 different options to choose from; this makes it easier for you to customize your bedsheet to your overall bedroom décor and if you are looking for a fun pattern instead of a solid color sheet then this brand might be able to cater to your needs.

The Mellanni bed sheet set has a easy care routine, you may wash the sheet in cold water using a machine and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or strong cleaners are you do not want the color of the sheet to be damaged and bleach will also compromise the durability of the microfibers. The sheet can be tumbled dried on a low heat setting but you should remove the sheets immediately from the dryer after the cycle has been completed; this is to ensure the fibers are not damaged. The microfiber sheet also comes with anti-wrinkle and crease features so when you drape it across your mattress you should get clean lines and a crisp looking bed.

This is a very durable and functional bed sheet that has great properties to serve your bedding needs for a long time and the company also accepts returns for any reasons you are unhappy; there is a 100% refund policy. Overall this is an affordable and good option to consider for microfiber sheets.

 5. Mezzati

The Mezzati microfiber bed sheet collection is a premium-quality microfiber bedsheet set that has good functionality and reasonable pricing; you won’t have to break the bank to get sheets that makes your bed feel luxurious. Spun with high-quality brushed microfiber, this bed sheet set is made out pure 100% polyester. This tight weave of the microfibers ensure that the breathability of the fabric is not blocked and the sheet can keep you sleeping cool during hot weather.

The microfiber sheet also has great moisture-wicking capabilities and it can keep you dry if you tend to sweat excessively; this is helpful as most sleeper do not like the feeling of the wet sheets clinging to their skin due to the fabric not being able to wick away moisture effectively. This sheet set also has a ultra-soft feel due to the high-quality microfibers that are used; it gives the sleeper a hotel-like experience while being very comfortable to sleep in.

The Mezzati bed sheet set is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial; it is resistant to dust mites, allergens and other sort of bacteria that might cause you to have allergies or for the sheet to develop unpleasant odors. This microfiber sheet can work to preserve its freshness; this is equally as important as having cooling properties as sheets that are not antimicrobial can hold on to bacteria and unpleasant odors.

This microfiber bedsheet set has a standard care routine, you may wash it cold water with a gentle machine cycle and mild detergent. It is always best to avoid using bleach to remove tough stains; try pre-soaking the sheet or spot-cleaning with mild soap instead as strong cleaning agents will compromise the microfibers and spoil the sheet. You can dry the sheet in a low heat cycle without dryer sheets in a dryer or you can also air dry it as this sheet has anti-wrinkle and creasing properties; you should get a clean, crisp look when you drape the sheet across the mattress.

The Mezzati microfiber bed sheet set comes in 22 different color and pattern options; this is nice if you are looking for a specific color or purchasing the sheet for a child who would prefer fun patterns instead of solid colors that adults prefer. This bed sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet comes with elastic fasteners that are all around the sheet so it can be securely fitted on the mattress and its pockets can fit a mattress with a thickness up to 16 inches.

This is a very reasonable bed sheet set that can function well and has good color options for the consumer; if you are looking for a no-hassle purchase that is straight forward then this is a good choice to consider.

 6. Beckham Hotel Collection

The Beckham Hotel Collection microfiber sheet set comes highly recommended due to its good durability and overall functionality. This luxury and premium microfiber sheet collection is made with 100% brushed microfiber and has tight weaving to keep it incredibly soft and luxurious; this is due to the ultra-soft nature of brushed microfiber that is used by the manufacturer.

The tight weaving of the pure polyester fiber ensures that the fabric is strong and durable while having good airflow properties to keep you cool and comfortable in bed. This ultra-plush microfiber sheets are able to withstand heaty weather and if you are prone to excessive sweating while sleeping these sheets can help with wicking away moisture effectively and keep you dry.

The Beckham Hotel Collection bed sheet set comes in a wide array of colors that cover dark to neutral tones and the microfiber holds fast to the colors so your sheets will not fade or release color when it is in the wash; the microfibre that is used is of high-quality and you can expect to use these sheets for a long period of time.

The cleaning routine of the sheets is fairly standard; you may wash the sheets in a cold water cycle with mild detergent; bleach or stronger cleaning agents will ruin the color and durability. The sheets can be tumble dried on a low heat cycle and even though the fabric comes with anti-shrinkage properties it is always recommended to remove bed sheets from the dryer immediately to avoid prolonged heat damage to the fibers.

This microfiber sheet is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant so you should not have any triggers to develop an allergic reaction. The Beckham Hotel Collection sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet can fit mattresses that are up to 16 inches thick which is a good standard size.

The premium microfiber bed sheet set comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer (which is quite rare for microfiber sheets) and the company states that if the sheets are worn or defective at any time of the ownership and they will replace the whole set for free; all you need to do is contact the company to activate the lifetime guarantee. This bed sheet set is a premium range sheet set that is worth considering for its overall durability, comfort and after-sales care.

 7. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics has high user ratings and reviews for their microfiber bed sheet set that comes with one standard flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases; this bed sheet set comes in a wide array of colors and patterns so it will be easy to match the bed sheet to the rest of your bedroom décor.

This bed sheet set is made out of 100% polyester fiber; the microfiber used gives the sheet good softness while keep it light and durable so it drapes well across the mattress. This budget-friendly bed sheet is silky smooth and would be a good bedding accessory for someone who likes to sleep cool; it is also helpful if you overheat easily at night as it has good moisture-wicking capabilities.

Due to its tight weaving, the bed sheet fabric is very durable with strong polyester fibers so you can expect a long lifespan for this sheet and the pillowcases. This microfiber bed sheet is also resistant to wrinkles and creases so you will get a crisp clean look when you secure the sheet on the mattress. The Amazon Basics microfiber bed sheet is very easy to maintain and care for; the sheet is machine washable with mild detergent and warm water. You may dry the sheet with a dryer on a low heat setting and avoid any bleach-based cleaners to preserve the durability of the sheet.

The fitted sheets come with a pocket depth of 14 inches for the queen-sized bedsheet set and it should fit a standard mattress well enough without having any bunches or loosening of the sheet which its being used. The polyester fibers that are used for the sheet are OEKO-TEX® certified, there are no harmful chemical used in its manufacturing so it is deemed safe for prolong usage among humans.

This microfiber bed sheet set is a reasonable option to consider with good choices in terms of colors and patterns and it can add some style to you bedroom while having good functionality. Most users have commented that they are satisfied with the value for money that comes with this bed sheet set and would consider purchasing it again should they require a replacement microfiber sheet.

 8. Nestl

Nestl is a bedding manufacturing company that produces high-quality sleep accessories that are affordable and durable with great value for money. The Nestl microfiber bedding set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; this is a standard package for most bed sheet sets.

This bed sheet set is made of 100% polyester; the thin fibers are weaved tightly to form a fabric that is highly durable and ultra-soft at the same time. The sheet has good airflow properties which can help to keep and your sleeping partner cool especially if you are living in a hot climate; the microfibers can also retain some amount of heat to keep you warm if the external temperature is cold so the sheets can be used in seasonal settings.

The durable weave of the polyester fibers ensure that the lifespan of the sheet is quite long and can last through many washes and uses; it is important to follow the maintenance instructions on the label to ensure the fabric is not damaged. The material used for the bedsheet is resistant to wrinkles, creasing and piling; piling happens when a fabric is exposed to extreme heat and starts to develop lumps or pills that will make the surface of the bedsheet very uncomfortable to sleep in.

This sheet should drape beautifully across the mattress with a crisp and clean look with no creases; this helps to give your mattress a hotel bed look and feeling. The care instructions for this microfiber sheet is easy, it can be machine washed with cold water and mild detergent.

This microfibre bedsheet comes with a lifetime guarantee and the manufacturer pledges to replace the sheets should the customer feel any sort of dissatisfaction; this is a good choice of microfibre sheet to consider considering its benefits and after-sales care.

Buying Your Microfiber Sheets

Purchasing your microfiber sheets is can be a fun shopping activity once you narrow down your specifications you need from the bedsheet. If you are on a budget constraint, purchasing new microfiber sheets are a good way to get the best comfortable bedding accessory as the sheets made from this material can be very reasonable and affordable. Microfiber sheets also can be used as spare sheets for your guest or spare bedroom; this is an economical option that can give good comfort and functionality to the mattress and sleeping needs of the individual. Overall, this material is a sensible and good addition to any bedroom that requires good bed sheets that comfortable, durable and soft.

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