Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2021 – Reviews on the Top Picks

Memory foam is one of the most widely used materials for mattresses since the 1970s’. The industry of mattress manufacturing would not be the same without the invention of memory foam, its pressure relieving, soft and conformity features are the cornerstones of some of the market’s best mattresses.


Memory foam is high conforming to any form of pressure and this makes it an ideal material for a mattress. It’s mainly made of polyurethane which sometimes is treated or infused with other chemicals to re-engineer its texture, durability and density. Memory foam is also a material used to increase the airflow in a mattress but this depends on the sort of pores or density the foam has as some foams tend to retain heat instead of cooling down.


This mattress material has varying forms of firmness that is used to gauge the comfort level of the mattress it’s used in. Due to the fact that it can be reengineered, there has been many technological achievements where memory foam has been made to be more comfortable and supportive for sleeping purposes.


There are three sorts of general memory foams used for mattress making, there’s the traditional memory foam, Aircol memory foam and gel memory foam. The standard memory foam is generally used for support and pressure relief purposes while the gel infused memory foam is used for cooling the mattress while it’s being used.


Memory foam can be highly combustible and it also gives out harmful emissions that may cause respiratory issues compared to coil and latex made mattresses. As a consumer it’s important to check if the mattress you are purchasing has undergone regulated testing to avoid sleeping on a product that gives off harmful gasses that could cause injury to you and the environment.

Our Top 10 Picks for Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Here’s a list of our top ten memory foam mattresses in the market, the prices given are for king-sized versions of the mattresses:

1. The Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux combines the best things about sleeping, exquisite comfort and solid support. This is the luxury version of the Puffy mattress that was also popular for exceptional comfort with their memory foam. The Puffy Lux is an all memory foam mattress with four layers of foam for a good night’s rest. The Puffy Lux was created with the vision of getting a comfortable night’s rest on a mattresses with a “cloud-like” feeling.

Let’s start to delve into the comfort layers of the Puffy Lux, the first being the mattress cover made out of polyester which gives it a good airflow ability to keep you cool on this memory foam mattress. Right after the cover is the first comfort layer made of two inches of gel memory foam known as Cooling Cloud Foam.

As the name suggests, one of the main functions of this comfort layer is to keep the temperature regulated and with a slow response to pressure it will provide you with a slow sinking feeling that immediately comforts pressure points. This memory foam also has gel microbeads infused into it so it retains less heat than a standard grade memory foam. Cooling down the mattress is very important in a memory foam bed as you should avoid any mattress that keeps you overheated so you can sleep rest better.

After the Cooling Cloud Foam comes the contour layer that is two inches thick for maximum conformity and pressure relief. This contouring layer is only available in the Lux version of the Puffy mattress to provide that luxurious feel of sleeping on a cloud.

The transition layer comes next with two inches of memory foam that is made of denser poly foam which prevents deep sinkage and optimises the “cradle” like feeling while you are on the bed. This layer is important in the Puffy Lux as deep sinkage would mean you would not be able to move around freely on the mattress and changing sleeping positions will be hard.

The firm support base of the whole mattress consists of six inches HD poly foam which is generic support base that is found is most memory foam mattresses. This base support is dense enough to relieve your pressure points while supporting your back and giving you comforting support. The combination of all comfort layers should provide you with good push back, firm support and deep compression for most pressure points.  

There was a slight lack of support detected around the hips area by the Puffy Lux, which could mean that stomach sleepers might find this mattress too soft for their sleeping position. The Puffy Lux is rated at a 5.5 on the firmness scale, giving it a firm but medium soft classification. This memory foam mattress is highly recommended for side and back sleepers who will feel the benefit of good pressure point support and comfortability. Other sleepers might find the Puffy Lux unsuitable due to the sinkage feeling and might feel a little constricted to change their sleeping positions as the mattress allows the body to sink in and be cradled.

The king sized version of the Puffy Lux comes at a price of $1,695 and a lifetime warranty which is great news if you are looking to commit to the mattress for a long term basis. If you are a side and back sleeper who wants a good memory foam mattress that has great cooling features and comfortability then the Puffy Lux is a mattress you should definitely consider.

2. The IDLE Double Sided All Foam Mattress

IDLE is a mattress manufacturing company that is famous for creating their double sided beds which can be easily flipped and moved around for the personalized comfort of the sleeper. The IDLE Double Sided All Foam mattress comes in two firmness settings, medium and luxury firm to cater to consumers who prefer medium to hard support for their mattresses.

The mattress comes covered in a Thermocool™ fabric that has been engineered to fit your ideal sleeping temperature. This unique mattress cover has woven smart fibre cross-sections that detects the body’s natural thermal capabilities and regulates the temperature to keep you either warm or cool while resting. This is a great feature to have if you live in an unpredictable climate or if you and your sleeping partner prefer different sleeping temperatures.

There is an inch of specially quilted IDLE foam under the Thermocool™ cover that provides added softness to the first touch of the mattress. This is followed by three inches of IDLE’s Gel Swirl Buoyancy foam that was specially created by IDLE for fast pressure reaction than standard memory foam with up to four times more pressure relief.

This element of fast pressure reaction is very important in an all memory foam mattress as memory foam generally tends to have deep sinkage. Deep sinkage is not ideal for pressure relief as your body will feel constricted in the mattresses and you would have difficulty moving in bed.

As the support base for the mattress, there is six inches of high-density core memory foam has exceptional motion absorption with solid comfortable support for important pressure points. The high-density support foam provides great support with almost no sinkage. The overall pressure response is adequate which is typical for a memory foam mattress as opposed to a coil mattress.

The IDLE Double Sided All Foam mattress is rated at 6 for its medium firmness version and given a 9 for its luxury firm version. The medium version is best for side, back and stomach sleepers as it gives excellent pressure relief, great body conformity and almost no motion transfer. The medium version has a very slight sinkage feeling for comfort.

If you prefer a firm to hard mattress, then the luxury firm version is ideal for you. The luxury firm mattress is recommended to stomach and back sleepers because these styles of resting have need of a strong support base for pressure points like the back and hip area. Also, if you weigh a little heavier than an average sleeper then the luxury firm mattress can provide good support due to the extra firmness it has.

Since this mattress is double sided, it means you really do get value for your money since you can flip the mattress in any way to use it. The more you flip a memory foam mattress, the more use you get out of it since memory foam breaks down over time with same indentations on the foam occurring every day. By flipping the mattress, you ensure the durability of the memory foam mattress.

The IDLE Double Sided All Foam is priced at $1,574 for its king size version and comes with a lifetime warranty. This company also provides a white glove delivery service where they can also remove your old mattress when they deliver your new IDLE Double Sided All Foam to your home. If you looking for a medium to firm memory foam mattress that has good cooling properties and superior memory foam that delivers optimum comfort and support, IDLE Double Sided All Foam is a good consideration even though it has a premium price range.

3. The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar memory foam mattress is an all foam mattress that five layers of specialized memory foam delivers great cooling features with substantial support and comfort.

The cover of the mattress is made of quilted long staple cotton and Tencel® to wick away heat and maximise airflow. Tencel® is an environmentally friendly material that is very breathable and soft which makes it a great material for a mattress cover.

Under the mattress cover there is a quilted gel memory foam for extra softness and comfort. Nectar uses the quilting process for this comfort layer even though it is a slightly costly way to incorporate the gel memory foam into the mattress. Right after the quilted gel memory foam comes the semi-open Lush Foam™, a premium Nectar manufactured gel that distributes heat and has exceptional pressure response.

This gel is quite pricey and is usually used in the medical field for its excellent heat absorption. This means you get a mattress that rapidly cools itself and keeping your body temperature neutral while sleeping. The Lush Foam™ also has good pressure response, having a good “bounce back” response to when pressure is applied to the foam. Memory foam that retains its original shape quicker would mean you would feel less sinkage and faster support when you place your weight on its surface.

The Nectar’s fourth comfort layer is made of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam providing superb conforming ability and has minimal sinkage. This memory form is dense and can provide good support for relieving pressure points. According to Nectar this memory foam is very heavy and expensive to ship for their manufacturing but worth the expense since it brings great comfort to their customers.

The fifth support layer is made of a breathable, high-density base layer that also focuses on airflow. This base layer also provides a solid support to the rest of the comfort memory foam layers, consolidating the mattress into a reinforced foundation. This gives the Nectar memory foam mattress a rating of 5.5 on the firmness scale which makes it a medium firm mattress with plushness.

Back sleepers will find the Nectar memory foam mattress comfortable for their sleeping position, providing them with great pressure relief to the lower back even with the slight disadvantage of sinkage that might make moving around a little difficult.

The same would go to side sleepers as the Nectar’s support system is good for the pressure relief and comfort of a side sleeper’s style. However, the Nectar might not be the mattress of choice for a stomach sleeper as it might not be firm enough to provide adequate support for the hips which is a very important pressure point for such a sleeping position.

The Nectar has excellent motion cancellation and quickly absorbs any motion transfer on its surface. If you are sensitive to motion during sleep, rest assured that on Nectar you would not feel any motion transfer.

This mattress is priced at $899 for its king size version and comes with a lifetime warranty. For its exceptional materials and features, this seems to be a fair price point especially since there’s a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a classic memory foam mattress that has the technological advances of optimum cooling and pressure relief then the Nectar is a great choice.

4. Nod by Tuft & Needle

The bed-in-a-box company Tuft & Needle is very well known for their high-quality and affordable mattress. Their latest mattress is the Nod which is exclusively sold on Amazon. The Nod is rapidly gaining popularity for being a budget mattress that delivers.

The Nod has a simple, no frills aesthetic and is made of just two layers of memory foam. The cover of the mattress is a simple polyester make which is thin and slightly breathable. The manufacturer suggests against washing the cover and if you need to do any cleaning, a surface wipe is more recommended. Also, using a mattress protector is wise so you can be prepared for any potential stains before it happens.

The first memory foam layer is a 2.5 inch of poly foam comfort layer which is very similar to the top comfort layer that is used in the Tuft & Needle mattress. The Nod’s first comfort layer provides good support and pressure relief but you might find the airflow of the mattress slightly restricted as there is no specially formulated foams in the Nod for temperature regulation.

The base support layer is made of 5.5 inches of poly foam support layer that is denser from the first comfort layer. This base layer is the main support frame for the Nod and it has some sinkage and slow pressure response. The Nod is rated at 4, giving it a soft feel mattress classification. This memory foam mattress does not have great conformity but it is still quite comfortable for an average user with no special needs for extra support or cooling features.

Since the Nod is a soft feel mattress, most side and back sleepers might find it acceptable to use. The conformity and support provided by the Nod would be adequate for pressure points like the shoulders and back but stomach sleepers might not find this mattress to be up-to-par for their needs.

The Nod is recommended to users who are of petite or average weight as it does not posses enough firmness to support heavier individuals. Heavier users might find themselves sinking in too deeply into the mattress as its memory form is too soft to support the extra weight.

For a mattress that has only two memory foams, the Nod has good motion cancellation. You will feel minimal to no motion transfer on the Nod which is quite surprising owning to the fact that there is no specially engineered memory foam used in it.

The Nod has no special cooling features and as a full memory foam mattress the user needs to expect that the mattress might not have the best cooling ability. For now, reviews have rated the Nod as temperature neutral, meaning it can be either cooling or hot depending on your environment and your sleeping habits.

The best feature about the Nod is that it is a budget mattress that is comfortable but affordable for a large portion of the demographic. This mattress is great for college students, young working adults and young couples who are furnishing their home. The Nod is also a good addition to have to your guest bedroom or as an emergency mattress.

The Nod is priced at $495 for its king size version and comes with a ten-year warranty from Tuft & Needle. This is a good and simple memory foam bed to consider if you are looking for a non-premium mattress that just delivers the basics with minimal hassle.

5. Bedstory Lavender Memory Foam Mattress

If you are on the hunt for a memory foam mattress that has a unique one-of-a-kind feature, the Bedstory Lavender memory foam mattress might be just what you are looking for. This foam mattress is reputedly eco-friendly and ergonomic to all sleeping styles.

The Bedstory Lavender mattress comes with a simple non-woven knit material that is stretchable with a quilt cover that encourages some airflow into the mattress. The first comfort layer consists of 2.5 inches of memory foam that provides the initial comfort feel to the surface of the mattress. To encourage airflow, the next layer is made of seven inches of air-circulating foam.

As with all memory foam mattresses, regulating temperature is a crucial element to avoid overheating. Sweating and overheating while sleeping is not ideal and will make your body feel worse when you wake up. This mattress falls under the category of temperature neutral as it does not seem to able to cool or regulate temperature. If you need a mattress that rapidly cools itself, this might be a slight deterrent for you to purchase the Bedstory Lavender memory foam mattress.

The final support layer of the mattress is made of high-density support foam that helps with the conformability and overall comfort of the mattress. The unique feature of this mattress is in its third comfort layer where the memory foam has been infused with the essence of lavender. In an effort to be innovative, Bedstory has infused lavender into this foam mattress to promote relaxation for the user.

The mattress is unique in terms of its smell, where usual mattresses smell of foam, latex or chemicals. Bedstory’s take on providing comfort and a relaxing ambience to the sleeper is admirable.

In terms of support and comfort of the memory foam itself, the sleeper can expect good conformity and pressure relief with slight sinkage. It provides a good balance of support and comfort with acceptable firmness.

If you have trouble relaxing or have insomnia, this mattress with its aromatherapy feature might be helpful to combat the insomnia. The lavender smell does dissipate after awhile but it does help the user to drift off to sleep easier if the smell of lavender does not put you off. The scent of lavender is also very cleansing to the air and can help to get rid of unpleasant odours around your bedroom.

The Bedstory Lavender mattress has good motion isolation, you will feel almost no motion transfer while resting on it. Although there is a slight sinkage factor, which is normal for most memory foam mattresses, the mattress is still very comfortable and pressure relieving.  

Rated at 5 on the firmness scale, this mattress is a medium firm mattress with slight plushness. This is a good mattress for side and back sleepers but stomach sleepers might not have enough support for their pressure points on the Bedstory Lavender.

The Bedstory Lavender memory foam mattress retails for $429.99 with a ten-year warranty. This mattress gets points for its creative manufacturing and innovative idea of incorporating essential oils into the environment of the sleeper. This mattress also is CertiPUR-US™ certified and its safe for your and the environment. If you are an average sleeper who does not require extreme cooling features or firm support then this is a fun mattress to consider for purchasing.

6. Signature Sleep Flex Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep is a reputable brand with a good memory foam and hybrid mattresses in the market. Their Flex Charcoal Gel memory foam mattress is mid-range memory foam mattress with good potential to provide comfort and a unique touch to your sleeping arrangements.

This mattress comes with four memory foam layers to supply you with lasting comfort. One of the comfort layers is infused with charcoal and gel to eliminate odours and the airflow of the mattress. Infusing memory foam with cooling or relaxing properties are innovative as there are many natural extracts that can be used to ease and relax the body while on the bed.

By infusing charcoal into the gel memory foam, the mattress has the capability to clean or deodorizer the airflow within the mattress, giving you a “fresh” ambience to fall asleep in. The other support layers in the mattress provide pressure relief and comfort.

A specially designed feature of this mattress is the “waterfall edge” on the mattress where it helps to increase the motion isolation on the mattress. Motion transfer is basically movement that on the mattress vibrates throughout the surface which disturbs the rest of the sleeper. This “waterfall edge” design is supposed to minimize the motion transfer of the mattress and give you a peaceful night of rest with no movement interfering.

This mattress is rated at a 5 on the firmness scale which makes it a medium firm mattress with slight plushness. This would be great for side and some back sleepers as the mattress is balanced to give you pressure relief at important pressure points like shoulders, lower back and ribs.

Stomach sleepers might not fancy the firmness of this mattress as they would need much firmer support for the hips area. If you a combo sleeper you might find the mattress suitable enough for your sleeping needs with adequate support to most pressure points.

The Signature Sleep Flex Charcoal Gel memory foam mattress is priced at $382.30, a mid-range price for a mattress that can deliver temperature regulation, support, conformity, durability and comfort. This is a reasonable price for the mattress which is also CertiPUR-US® certified and can be easily delivered via a compressed box.

7. Live & Sleep Classic Foam Mattress

Live & Sleep’s Classic memory foam mattress is a straightforward, hassle free memory foam mattress that was created to cater to your sleeping needs. Its construction is quite basic, the mattress comes with a mattress cover and two memory foams.

The cover of this mattress is made with a stretch knit material that is breathable and flexible. It does not bunch up on the surface of the mattress which is good since you do not want to be sleeping on lumps made by the fabric.

The first comfort layer of the mattress is made of 2.5 inches of memory foam that has a slow reaction to pressure. The feel of the first layer is soft and conforming which will give your body good comfort with slight sinkage to relieve pressure points.

The base layer is 7.5 inches of dense poly foam that forms the support foundation of the whole mattress. This support later is rather generic memory foam but it does the job of supporting the body and giving you a true memory foam mattress experience. This mattress has a 6 rating on the firmness scale which makes it a medium firm mattress, it has good body contouring without overwhelming sinkage with acceptable cooling capabilities.

Ideally this mattress would cater to back and stomach sleepers due to its firmness rating. Back sleepers might find this mattress to be quite conforming as it distributes weight evenly across the surface. There is less sinkage with this position and the pressure relief is great especially for the lower back.

Side sleepers might experience more sinkage and pressure at crucial pressure points as the memory foam might conform and your body might sink deeper into the main support form. This might make it difficult to change sleeping positions and you might feel slightly trapped.

Due to its ability to distribute weight quite well, stomach sleeper will find this mattress to be supportive and firm on their pressure points, giving them a well-rounded feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The Live & Sleep mattress also has good motion isolation due to its dense memory foam support so you will not feel any motion transfer while on this mattress.

Priced at $379.95 for a king-sized mattress, this product is ideal for you if you are on a budget but still need a good memory foam mattress. Alternatively, if you are looking for a good old-fashioned firm memory foam mattress with no fancy features and provides good support for back and stomach sleepers, the Live & Sleep Classic memory foam mattress would be great for you because of its affordable price point and comfort delivery. This mattress is also CertiPUR-US® certified and comes with a free memory foam pillow if you purchase the mattress on Amazon.

8. Zinus Cloud King 12” Mattress

The Zinus Cloud King memory foam mattress is also known as a pressure relief memory foam mattress that focuses the memory foams used for effective pressure relief and comfort. Pressure relief comfort foams basically work to improve your sleep efficiency by delivering effective pressure point relief.

The mattress comes covered in a one-inch microfiber quilted soft knit jacquard cover that surrounds the mattress with flexibility and it is also quite breathable which is great for the airflow of the mattress.

The Zinus Cloud King is measured at 12 inches and is made of four different comfort layers of various memory foams. It starts with one inch of Viscolatex Responsive foam, this foam has good pressure response and retains its shape fairly quickly after some pressure is applied.

The second layer is two inches of memory foam, added for support and body conformity and giving you some sinkage after the first comfort layer. Three inches of comfort layers then follow the standard memory foam and the support base is made of five inches of high-density memory foam.

The purpose of these memory foams is to mesh together and create a solid base for your body to fully relax and get the pressure relief it needs so you can drift off to sleep with no trouble. The Zinus Cloud King mattress allows your joints to sink in the mattress and experience a “cradle-like” feeling so the pressure relief can work its magic to ease the pains of your body.

The Zinus Cloud King has a firmness rating of 7.3 which is quite firm with no plushness, this mattress is very suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers might not prefer this level of firmness as the mattress might be too hard on the shoulders and rib area for this sleeping position.

On the other hand, the firmness of this mattress is excellent if you are a back sleeper who needs extra support and firmness on the lower back area. Stomach sleepers also will find this mattress to be quite conforming to their sleeping needs as this mattress is firm enough to support the hip area while the sleeper is on the stomach, easing the breathing process and escalating effective pressure relief for a good night’s rest.

Thanks to its firmness this mattress also has excellent motion isolation, this is good if you have kids, pets or a bedmate who shares the mattress, you will feel minimal to no motion transfer while resting on the Zinus Cloud King.

This memory foam mattress is temperature neutral as there are no special cooling features added to enhance the airflow in the mattress. So, if you easily overheat you should consider this factor before finalizing the decision to purchase the Zinus Cloud King.

The Zinus Cloud King is a good mattress to consider especially if you are on a budget but still need a specially conforming mattress for your sleeping needs. The king size version of this mattress is priced at $345 (12”) and it comes with a ten-year warranty. This is a good price for a mattress that conforms and supports the body well.

The Zinus Cloud King is also CertiPUR-US® certified so all the memory foam that is used in the mattress is safe for humans and the surrounding environment.

9. LUCID 10” Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID 10” Gel Infused memory foam mattress is made for maximum pressure relief with good support and comfort.

Protected by a Tencel® made cover which is highly breathable and flexible due to wood cellulose origins, the mattress begins with having good airflow and a soft feel on its surface. The LUCID 10” mattress is made of two memory foam layers, the first being three inches of gel memory foam that does wonders for body conformity and has a slow response to pressure. The gel memory foam provides a nice sinkage that does not confine the body to the mattress which is ideal.

Under the gel memory foam, there is seven inches of high-density poly foam that forms the support base of the mattress. Supplying the mattress with stability and support, this high-density foam allows the mattress to have firmness while being comfortable and not too harsh on the pressure points.

The firmness rating of this mattress is a seven which makes it a fairly firm mattress with no plushness. Back sleepers will experience good pressure relief on the lower back area but the sinkage of the mattress will be constricting to movements which is not great as it will be hard to change sleeping positions.

Side sleepers would find the conformity and support by this mattress more than adequate with very good pressure relief at their shoulders and hips area which are traditionally the problem areas for side sleepers. Stomach sleepers tend to require firm to very firm mattresses due to their sleeping position and unfortunately a stomach sleeper might find the LUCID 10” Gel Infused memory foam mattress not firm enough for their pressure points.

LUCID 10” Gel Infused memory foam mattress has subpar motion isolation which is quite surprising for a memory mattress. It is possible that since there was no extra reinforcement aside from the base support layer, this mattress is unable to sufficiently absorb motion transfer. If you are sensitive to motion while in bed, this might prove to be a slight disadvantage to have on the LUCID 10” Gel Infused mattress.

This mattress can regulate its temperatures thanks to the gel infused form so in addition of getting great support and comfort, this mattress is cooling enough for the sleeper to not overheat.

Should you consider this mattress? If you want an all memory foam mattress with good support and if you are a side sleeper, then the LUCID 10” Gel Infused memory foam mattress might be great for you! The price point of this mattress is also great and it does show value for money, priced at $344.32 for a king size version of the mattress. This mattress is affordable, durable, provides good comfort and has ten-year warranty.

10. Classic Brands Cool Gel 8”

The Classic Brands Cool Gel memory foam mattress is a gel infused memory foam mattress that strives to provide a cloud like luxurious feeling to the sleeper.

The all foam design of this mattress is made of three layers which work hand-in-hand to give the sleeper good comfort, body conforming and support throughout the night.

There are layers of gel memory foam, this is predominately great for temperature regulation and comfort so the mattress can keep you cool while sleeping. The transition foam acts as a middle support layer and prevents deep sinkage, this layer is also self-ventilating which adds more airflow to the mattress to maintain its temperature.

The layer of base support is made of high-density poly foam, contributing to the overall integrity and foundation of the mattress. This firm support base provides the sleeper with good body contouring, comfort and pressure relief. Additionally, Classic Brands also has advertised that the support base’s pressure relieving abilities also help with spine realignment.

Your body needs the pressure relief that can be only provided by a suitable, supportive mattress. Pressure relief is very important for the body as inadequate pressure relief can affect the quality and duration of a user’s sleep. Proper pressure relief would ensure you can fall asleep easily with no discomfort and get the rejuvenating sleep you need to heal your body.

The rating on the firmness scale for this mattress is at 6 which makes it a medium firm mattress. The weight distribution even across the surface and there is minimal sinkage for side and back sleeper. Users should note that sinkage and support on a mattress would vary depending on the weight of the sleeper, so if you are a heavier individual you might find yourself experiencing a different variation of support from the same mattress.

Motion transfer is rated as average on this Classic Brands mattress and you will feel minimal motion transfer when there’s movement on the mattress. If you are very sensitive to motion on the bed and wake up easily, this might be a slight disadvantage that the mattress has.

This mattress is reasonably priced at $225.95 for a king size version, giving you a lot of value for your money. If you are on a budget and looking for a simple mattress that delivers good support and functionality, the Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress is a great choice. This is also a good mattress to use in a guest bedroom, for kids or as a spare mattress.  


Your Perfect Mattress

Memory foam mattress are great to own and it’s a proven fact that the comfort provided by this material is essential to relieve crucial pressure points. There are many factors to consider when purchasing any sort of mattress, a wrong choice of firmness or comfort level can compromise your sleep.

We spend one third of our lives in bed, picking the right mattress that offers you the best comfort and support is important because it indirectly determines how healthy you get to be in your day to day life.       

From choosing the right firmness to deciding if you need temperature regulation, this is an exciting journey you get to ideally experience once a decade since mattress warranties are usually a decade long. The path to owning your dream memory foam mattress is a little crooked and you will be spoilt for options but if you identify and prioritise your sleeping needs then purchasing the right mattress would be a walk in the park.


What certification should I look for when browsing for a memory foam mattress?

You should keep an eye out for CertiPUR-US® certification when looking to purchase a memory foam mattress. A mattress that is CertiPUR-US® means that it is free from ozone free depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. Generally, memory foams that are CertiPUR-US® certified have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) with minimal emissions that is classified to be not harmful.

Is a memory foam mattress suitable for me?

This entirely depends on your sleeping preferences, you should first identity your common sleeping positions and research if your sleeping habits are ideal for a memory foam mattress to handle.

Is cooling features important in a mattress?

Mattresses made of memory foam tend to overheat easily, so cooling features in a memory foam mattress is very important to regulate temperature so you can get a good night’s sleep. Overheating and sweating when sleeping is bad because you lose water and electrolytes. Since you can’t immediately replenish the lost nutrients to your body while sleeping, you can be prone to experiencing muscle discomfort and cramps if it’s a prolonged issue.  

Are there health risks connected to using this type of mattress?

It is important to look for certifications that regulate emissions and chemicals used in the manufacturing of a memory foam mattress to avoid potential health problems. Try to ensure that the mattress you want to purchase have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and have been CertiPUR-US® certified; this would mean that the materials used in the mattress is safe to be near you and your family.

What is the durability of a memory foam mattress?

The typical lifespan of a memory foam mattress is eight to ten years depending on factors like usage, environment and materials. Generally flipping a memory foam mattress regularly also helps to ensure its lifespan is prolonged a little.

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