Best Luxury Mattress Reviews 2019 – In-Depth Review of The Top 10 Picks

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and most of us are plagued with restless sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses. Why not splurge and finally get the perfect luxurious mattress to cater to your sleeping needs and finally get that restful night of uninterrupted sleep?

Choosing the perfect mattress is no simple feat, there are a multitude of choices available for luxury mattresses but without research you might not choose one that fits your specific needs.

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Luxury Mattresses

If you are wondering what is the difference between a standard mattress and a luxury or premium range mattress, the difference is exactly as what the category describes. A luxury mattress exemplifies opulence, unparalleled comfort and it is the best of what’s available in the current market.

A standard mattress at most will deliver good comfort and durability but a luxury mattress is supposed to enhanced the sleeping experience in the literal lap of luxury. A premium range mattress usually comes with specially formulated materials, unique features, guaranteed satisfaction and a hefty price tag but it will seem worth the money you spend due to the grandeur and the benefits you will reap when owning a super comfortable mattress.

Top companies in the mattress industry usually have a special line or series that produce premium range mattresses as consumers who can afford to the pricings generally prefer high-end mattresses as opposed to the standard range due to the lifespan and overall guarantee of high-quality materials being used for the manufacturing of luxury mattresses.

Top 10 Picks

Let’s have a look at our top 10 picks of best luxury mattresses in the market.

 1. Tempur-LuxeAdapt®

Tempur-Pedic is famous for its patented memory foam technology and has the reputation of manufacturing mattresses that are filled with specially formulated and engineered advancements to provide their customers with optimum comfort, cooling abilities and superior support.

The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® is their most advanced mattress in their specialized series of mattresses, boasting of features that exemplifies luxury in a mattress. Aside from being famous for their scientific breakthrough in the mattress industry, their products are globally renown for providing excellent pressure relief due to their one-of-a-kind memory foam technology.

Available in two firmness feels of soft and firm, the Tempur-LuxeAdapt® is covered in Tempur-Pedic® trademarked SmartClimate® Dual Cover system, a mattress cover that provides more than just coverage and protection to the layers beneath it.

The SmartClimate® Dual Cover system features a 360° zip-off feature which enables the user to easily slip off the cover for easy washing and cleaning with playing tug-and-war with the mattress to get the cover off. The specially formulated cover has a cool-to-touch outer layer, as soon as you lie on the mattress you will be able to cool off considerably fast. The mattress cover is made with a superstretch inner layer that covers the mattress with excellent elasticity and will not bunch in corner to create unsightly bumps when you toss and turn on it.

The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® Soft comes with a comfort layer made of Tempur-ES® (Extra Soft), that is basically Tempur-Pedic’s special memory foam that has been re-engineered to be extra soft for comfort while still being able to provide support to the body while you try to relax on the mattress.

After the Tempur-ES® layer, the next support layer is made of Tempur-APR+™. This support layer provides the base support to the mattress with excellent pressure relief and has more advanced cell structure for 30% more conforming comfort than the rest of the Tempur-Pedic® mattresses. The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® Soft has plushness to comfort the body when you lay down and the Tempur-APR+™ support foam will help to ease any aches and pains with excellent pressure relief and conformity.

The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® Firm has the same SmartClimate® Dual Cover system encasing the mattress but its first support layer is made of the Original Tempur® comfort layer. The Original Tempur® is the memory foam that was first formulated by Tempur-Pedic® for astronauts to use in space, this memory foam has pressure relieving abilities that are superior and almost unchallenged in the mattress industry.

Right after the first comfort layer, the mattress is supported by the highly conforming Tempur-APR+™ layer that completes the maximum delivery of pressure relief and comfort for the Tempur-LuxeAdapt®. You can’t get more luxurious than having all these specially engineered layers being combined to give you the most comfortable mattress science and money can find.

The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® Soft can provide deep pressure relief that can be appreciated more by side sleepers as the shoulders and hips has excellent support from this mattress however, back and stomach sleepers might find the Tempur-LuxeAdapt® Firm to be more suitable for their sleeping needs.

The Tempur-LuxeAdapt® is priced with a hefty tag of $4,699 for its king-sized version and it’s a premium range mattress with features that are one-of-its-kind. There is a 10-year warranty and a 90-night trial that is included and overall with all its special features and ability to deliver luxurious comfort this is one mattress that is determined to keep its top spot in the game.

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 2. The All New Purple® Mattress

Purple® has built their reputation as an innovative and creative mattress company that prides itself on delivering the best comfort they can to their customer via their famously trademarked Purple® Mattress. They have since reengineered the original mattress that helped to put them on the map and the All New Purple® Mattress a popular choice of a luxury mattress.

The mattress comes covered in a Premium StretchMax Cover that is very stretchy and breathable, this helps the cooling properties of the mattress while giving you a comfortable feel when you have the first contact with it.

Purple® made their mark on the mattress making industry with their Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™ technology, an advancement made of their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material. The specially engineered polymer material is designed in a comfort grid that delivers amazing pressure relief to the shoulders and hips for proper support, you’ll virtually feel almost no pressure in these pressure point areas while sleeping on the All New Purple® mattress.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ is also designed to intelligently flex under your body, giving you a variation of firmness and softness while you find a comfortable sleeping position on the mattress. This comfort layer also has superior cooling properties and this is extremely important for you to get a good night’s sleep. Keeping cool or temperature neutral is essential as overheating will make the body uncomfortable and tense, making you feel more tired than before you went to sleep.

The grid also has excellent motion isolation, you will not feel any sort of motion transfer if you or your partner move around in sleep. This is great news for light sleepers who can easily awaken due to motion in bed or if you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns through the night, the All New Purple® mattress is guaranteed to absorb the movement. Under the Smart Comfort Grid™ there is a layer of responsive support coils that are individually wrapped, giving the mattress the ability to give dynamic pressure relief and provide some push back so you don’t sink into the mattress.

The support coils also add durability to the mattress giving you, a better lifespan of the product and it adds supports the ability to provide motion isolation together with the Smart Comfort Grid™, giving you two comfort layers that are working together to ensure you will experience no motion movement when sleeping.

The final base support layer is made of high-density poly foam that helps to function as a springboard for the support coils, giving the mattress an overall feel of being fully supported with no gaps in between the layers.

The All New Purple® mattress comes with a choice of different thickness for the Smart Comfort Grid™ layer, you get to choose from 2,3 and 4 inches of the specially formulated grid to meet your preference of comfort. The mattress is made of hypoallergenic materials and its layers are CertiPUR-US® certified which means that none of the materials used are harmful to humans and the environment.

The All New Purple® mattress is priced at $3,499 for its king-sized version that has 4 inches of the Smart Comfort Grid™ layer, an ultimate luxurious choice of comfort. The mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. The company also provides a white glove delivery service, once you receive your new All New Purple® mattress, they can take away your old mattress and bed frame for free.

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 3. Casper® The Wave

Casper® is a company that is quite well known for its bed-in-a-box mattresses and The Wave is a more opulent version of their bestselling budget mattress, the Casper® Essential. This company started their business selling primarily online and since their launch in 2014 they have done exceptionally well; they have since opened their own stores around the country.

The Wave is a 13-inch mattress made from high-grade memory foam and coil springs but you have the option to choose if you want the mattress to have all memory-foam or to be a hybrid of foam and springs. This is totally up to your preference and sleeping needs.

The mattress come with a cover made from a mesh of polyester, rayon and wool that helps with combating humidity, promising great breathability which is important if you opt to have full memory foam version of the mattress. Memory foam has the tendency to overheat easily so having the cover being breathable helps with airflow and cooling down the mattress faster.

The first layer is made from velvety foam that is comfortable and soft and has quick a quick pressure response so you will immediately feel some sinkage when you apply weight to it. A layer of latex foam is next, this comfort layer focuses on breathability and is bouncy which is a good counterbalance to the sinkage that is provided by the first layer of memory foam.

The latex foam also has good airflow properties so you have extra cooling features to keep the temperature neutral for sleeping. The pressure relief comfort layer comes next, this contour layer conforms to the unique shape of your body and helps to relief the soreness you have in your body when you sleep.

Since this comfort layer is beneath the latex layer this helps to combat excessive sinkage and you should not feel restricted or trapped to move around in bed and the heat distribution due to the smart layering of The Wave mattress. Casper®’s technique of layering their comfort layers are one of the reasons that their mattresses are comfortable and have good breathability.

The next layer has specially targeted gel pods that features hyper-targeted support is designed to fully support your hips, back and core. This comfort layer prevents your body from sinking too deeply into the mattress and because it has excellent support that is firm, back and stomach sleepers would love the pressure relief provided by this layer. The Wave is fully encased by a final base support layer of high-density polyfoam, this layer helps to contour the shoulders and is very helpful to re-align the spine.

If you opt for the hybrid version of The Wave, the mattress would then have coil springs for extra bounce and support with extra advanced edge support that would increase the useable surface area of the mattress. The pocketed spring coils help the body to feel less sinkage and you’ll easier to move around the bed with a less restricted feeling.

Casper®’s The Wave mattress is a medium firm feel mattress and the firmness of the mattress will vary depending on which version you choose (all foam or hybrid). The Wave luxury mattress is priced at $2,895 for its king-sized all memory version and the hybrid version will cost $300 more. Casper® provides a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night trial, so you can test of the mattress first if you are unsure about the mattress fitting your needs.

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 4. Sealy Hybrid Premium

Sealy has been in the mattress making business since 1881, making them a pioneer of the industry for over 130 years. This company has a wide range of mattresses from their Essentials (least expensive), Performance and the Premium (most expensive) lines. We’re taking a look at the popular Sealy Hybrid Premium mattress, a mesh of patented memory foam technology and coil springs.

First off, Sealy is quite renowned for their PosturePedic™ technology that was developed by orthopaedic experts so all Sealy mattresses can provide superior reinforced support in the centre of the mattress. PosturePedic™ is designed to prop the heaviest part of the body while you are resting so if you have severe body aches or spine issues, Sealy’s PosturePedic™ can help to elevate the pain and discomfort of your body.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium comes with a mattress cover that is specially formulated with Sealy’s Duochill™ cooling system. The cover has a “2x cool-to-touch” feature it also has the Sealy Chill™ technology incorporated to the knit fabric, so your first contact with the mattress is soft, luxurious and cool.

The first comfort layer of the Sealy Hybrid Premium is made out of their Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Memory Foam, this memory foam is specially formulated to give your body deep pressure relief and excellent body contouring. Since the special high-density memory foam is quite dense you get a pleasant sinkage and your body will feel completely supported.

Memory foam generally tends to overheat easily but Sealy’s Comfortsense™ Foam is the next layer after the advanced memory foam and this layer helps to cool down the dense memory foam and conforms to your body shape to give you personalized comfort. The advanced cooling feature with the infused gel helps to keep your temperature neutral and you won’t overheat during sleep.

The next layer is the comfort layer that gives Sealy Hybrid Premium some bounce with the pocketed spring coils made of Duralflex™ Coil Edge System, its high-density and flexible coil support provides amazing edge support that increases the surface of mattress that is useable for sleeping. This layer also provides the PosturePedic™ feature that focuses on supporting the spine and optimal pressure relief to the lumbar area.

If you suffer from back pain, scoliosis, arthritis and other joint or muscles ailments that cause your body to ache then the Sealy Hybrid Premium with PosturePedic™ will do wonders to provide pain relief and let your body rejuvenate the sore muscles and joints while you rest. The mattress comes with “zoned support” where the pocketed spring coils are added by 20% by Sealy so you get the best and optimum support where you body needs it the most.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium has a medium soft firmness feel which is a good firmness level to have as it can cater to various sleeping positions but the experience of the user would also depend on their weight. For example, a heavier user might find the sinkage of the mattress to be a little deeper than a lighter user. The pocketed spring coils are great for distributing pressure evenly and you should feel the mattress providing equal support to the whole body.

This premium range mattress is priced at $2,499 for its king-sized plush version and it comes with a 10-year warranty. All the patented memory foam and materials used in the manufacturing of Sealy Hybrid Premium are CertiPUR-US® certified which makes it safe to use and the mattress would not emit any harmful emissions. This luxury mattress offers exceptional comfort with great features and if you are looking for a mattress that helps with spine support then this is a good choice to consider.

 5. Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a hybrid mattress that is a superb blend of luxury, functionality and personalized comfort. The Luxe series are the premium range from Helix that are designed to let you sleep in comfort and pure luxury.

The mattress cover is 100% quilted polyester and stretches across the surface with good elasticity. The cover comes with Helix’s special Ultra Breathable technology which helps airflow and keeps you cool when you lay down on the mattress. A layer of high-density memory foam makes up the first comfort layer and it has superb pressure relieving qualities giving you good sinkage and a “cradle-like’ feeling when you apply pressure to it.

The first comfort layer has a medium feel to it but its also soft enough to give you the plush-like feeling when you use the mattress. A support layer of Gel Visco is the second comfort layer of the Helix Midnight Luxe and this layer helps to conform and contour towards the specific shape of your body, providing personalized and customized support.

The transition comfort layer is made out of high-grade polyfoam that has good ergonomic support and pressure relief. Different users might have varying experiences with this support layer depending on their body weight as this high-density memory foam layer provides some sinkage and a heavier user might feel more sinkage than a lighter user.

The Helix Midnight Luxe’s extra special support feature comes in the next comfort layer where there are over 1,000 individually wrapped coils for advanced zoned support for the body. The zoned lumbar support coils are designed to provide a soft feel and pressure relief to your shoulders while giving firmer support around the hips area. The coils also will help to re-align the spine and support your body weight evenly, giving you a luxurious “cradle-like” feeling while helping to heal your body from the day-to-day aches while you rest. The pocketed coils also provide great breathability to the mattress and gives it a supportive lift so you’ll find it easy to move around in bed with minimal restriction.

The Helix Midnight Luxe is completed with an overall base support layer of DuraDense high-density polyfoam that gives a good solid support to all the support layers above it. The materials and memory foams used in this mattress are all Oeko-Tex® certified so this product is free from harmful manufacturing chemicals and safe to use for humans, pets and the environment.

The mattress has a medium firm feel with a degree of plushness which means it potentially can provide good support and be comfortable at the same time. The Helix Midnight Luxe is specially recommended for side sleepers due to the excellent cushion-like support it provides for the hips and shoulder pressure points. This mattress also has great edge support due to the individually wrapped spring coils that provide great push-back when pressure is applied.

The Helix Midnight Luxe also has excellent motion isolation due to its hybrid make of memory foam and spring coils. You will feel no motion transfer while on the mattress as the motion absorption on its surface is excellent, this is a helpful feature to have if you toss and turn actively when you sleep.

This mattress is priced at $1,945 for its king-sized version and it also comes with a 100-night sleep trial where you can opt to test the mattress before committing to its purchase. Helix also provides a 15-year warranty for the Helix Midnight Luxe which is a reasonably good warranty period for a luxury mattress.

 6. The WinkBed

The WinkBed is manufactured by the small family owned company of WinkBeds who pride themselves on their handcrafted luxury mattresses. Each mattress is reportedly built fresh to order with uncompromising attention to detail. WinkBeds boasts of many special features that are incorporated into the WinkBed, making it a unique luxury mattress to consider for your sleeping needs.

The mattress cover of the WinkBed is made from Tencel®, a 100% all-natural fabric that is woven from eucalyptus wood cellulose that has excellent breathability properties; the manufacturer states that the mattress cover can sleep 30% cooler than a lined based cover. The Tencel® mattress cover is also very soft to touch, adding an opulent feel towards the mattress and it wicks away heat with no trouble, helping you sleep cool through the night.

The first comfort layer that you will encounter with the WinkBed is made from a Euro-Pillow Top quilted cover that features a gel infused Hypersoft Foam. Compared to a standard memory foam-based layer, this gel infused foam dissipates heats with little difficulty. Aside from adding a luxurious feel when touched, this comfort layer also is manufactured to give great support and it has a good balance of being plush and firm.

Right after the unique Euro-Pillow Top layer, there is the second layer of support that is made out of individually wrapped coils that provide targeted support towards the lumbar and shoulder pressure points. The coils also give the WinkBed a good bouncy feeling which feels great to the body when you attempt to change your sleeping position or get up from bed.

The unique feature about the spring coils is that WinkBeds choose to use microcoils for this support layer; microcoils are thinner and have greater flexibility that normal standardized pocket spring coils. By using microcoils WinkBed has a more superior pressure relief system than most hybrid mattresses and if you prefer hybrid mattresses with coils then this feature would put the WinkBed high on your consider to buy list.

The WinkBed comes with enhanced the Extra-Edge™ Support System which maximises the total area of usage on the WinkBed’s surface. You will be able to use the edge of the mattress to sleep and should feel no sagging or “rolling off” feeling, a nice feature to have if you are an active sleeper and toss around a lot during sleep; you won’t have to worry about falling off the bed.

This luxury mattress comes with a 3-Step Back Relief System™ that is designed to get rid of muscle tension, re-align the spine, give good pressure relief to aching joints. The Euro-Pillow Top layer is added to the mattress to help with feature and it provides the right amount of cushioning to ease muscle tension, a great help if you lead a very active lifestyle and need your mattress to help you heal while you sleep.

The WinkBed comes with the option of firmness customization which is quite unique for a luxury mattress, you get to choose your firmness level from soft, luxury firm, firm and plus. The luxury firm version of the WinkBed is supposedly the most comfortable out of all the levels and it has a “hotel feel” to it.

The WinkBed is priced at $1,799 for its luxury firm king-sized mattress and it is quite reasonably priced considering its features and amazingly it comes with a full replacement lifetime warranty which is one of the best deals available for a premium range mattress. This mattress is a good balance of luxury, durability and value for money and should be given serious consideration if you are planning to purchase a luxury mattress.

 7. Saatva Mattress

Saatva has been in the mattress manufacturing business since 2011 and have made their mark with their signature namesake innerspring mattress since then. A Saatva mattress is made fresh to order and the company prides itself on delivering the same high-quality mattresses to all their customers with every order.

An innerspring mattress is composed more of springs than foam, making it a unique choice in this time and age where more advanced technology has taken over the make of comfort materials in most mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are great for sleepers who need extra back support or just more push back from the mattress in general.

The Saatva comes with a mattress cover that is made from 100% organic cotton which has great breathability and is incorporated with a thin layer of memory foam making it very soft to touch. You might find some natural markings on the mattress cover due to its 100% organic cotton material, Saatva assures that no chemicals will be used to remove the markings as they stand behind their decision to use completely natural and non-harmful materials for the luxury mattress.

The Euro-Pillow Top comfort layer is the first layer you will encounter in the Saatva and what’s unique about this layer is that the company uses Guardin® on the layer. Guardin® is a botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment which helps to discourage any pesky bacteria, dust mites or growth to make its hope in the first layer of the mattress.

Right after the first comfort layer, the Saatva has 416 of individually wrapped comfort coils (14.5 gauge) that is engineered to give your body personalized support and great contouring. This dual coil system gives a good bounce feeling to the mattress and they help with the general breathability, making the Saatva have good airflow to dissipate the heat.

The Saatva has Spinal Zone technology incorporated into it so it can provide pressure relief to help re-align the spine when you are sleeping. The active wire Lumbar Zone basically adds support in the middle part of the Saatva and with the addition of a high-density memory foam layer you will get optimal relief to your pressure points, making the mattress heal your pain areas when you are resting through the night.

The base support layer of the Saatva comprises of 884 tempered steel support coils (13 gauge), these support coils have been tempered three times and are oven baked to provide extra strength for the mattress to provide a good base support. The durability of the tempered steel support coils is supposed to prevent sagging in the Saatva and it also promotes superior breathability which helps to rapidly cool down the mattress on a whole, ensuring you don’t overheat on it.

The Saatva also comes with a perimeter edge support, a unique feature that helps to give excellent edge support with a foam encasement around the mattress. Aside from providing edge support, this added reinforcement of foam also prevents the sagging of the mattress. You can feel the mattress being supported around all its sides, give you the added useable space on the surface of the Saatva.

The Saatva is priced at $1,499 for its luxury firm king-sized version, it comes with 120-night trial period and a 15-year warranty. The company also provides a white glove delivery service which means you can request for the delivery service to remove your old mattress and foundation for free when your new Saatva arrives. If you are specifically looking for a innersprings luxury mattress that has good functionality and is reasonably priced, the Saatva would be a great choice for you.

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 8. Propel Mattress

The Propel luxury mattress has been marketed with many health benefits claims with a multitude of specialized patented technology that makes the mattress considerable unique among the current available range of luxury mattresses. This mattress is a hybrid mattress that consists of memory foam and coils that is created to help users to “sleep smart”.

The mattress cover of the Propel is made from a very unique material called Upcycle™ that supposedly convert your body heat into Far Infrared Rays which will be absorbed back into your body. The Far Infrared Rays allegedly can help stimulate blood circulation to help you get restful sleep, its usage of encapsulated minerals helps the mattress cover to change heat into the infrared rays.

Currently there is no research claim to the full benefits of the European performance fabric Uncycle™ mattress cover but it does make the Propel mattress very unique. If you tend to overheat excessively while sleeping then the Uncycle™ mattress cover feature on the Propel mattresses would be helpful.

A weave material made from TitanCool™ is included in the mattress to help the mattress to cool and keep your body temperature neutral, this special fabric is made from advanced phase change molecule weave and it will keep the temperature balanced with the Uncycle™ fabric that absorbs heat.

The next comfort layer is made from a 1.5 inch CopperFlex™ memory foam that is supposed to give great body contouring and pressure relief. The infused copper has antimicrobial properties that discourages mold, bacteria, allergens and dust mites in the mattress and has good response to applied pressure and cooling abilities. The addition of copper into the mattress also helps the body get zoned support for pain relief, this is great if you suffer from frequent body aches.

Right after the later of CopperFlex™, the next comfort layer is made of Energex™ memory foam which is designed to provide comfort, support and superior body conformity. This layer will provide personalized support as it moulds to your body’s specific shape and it has excellent bounce back time so it can reshape itself to your body quickly when you change your sleeping position.

The Propel then has a comfort layer made of gel memory foam that adds to the cooling properties of the mattress, balancing the temperature control in between the layers of memory foam. The next layer is made from 1,024 individually wrapped Ascension™ support coils that is supposed to promote the re-alignment of the spine and give the mattress a good bounce back support feel so you don’t sink into the mattress and feel constricted. These support coils also give good breathability to the mattress and great pressure point relief for the shoulders too.

The whole mattress is then encased in a base support layer made out of high-density foam that is very durable and supportive towards the Ascension™ spring coils. Overall, the Propel mattress is has a good layered balance of specialized memory foam and coils to give you a well-rested night.

The Propel mattress has a medium firm feel to it and is recommended more for side sleepers as the support function of the mattress seems to cater more towards the shoulder and hips area. Stomach sleepers might find the Propel to be too soft for their sleeping position as users found the mattress to not provide enough support for the chest area.

Overall, the Propel has very superior cooling abilities and this might be due to the special patented fabrics that is used to convert body heat into infrared ray and the TitanCool™ fabric weave. If you overheat very easily or live in a hot climate then the Propel’s cooling features might be great for you.

This mattress is priced at $1,249 for its king-sized version and it is a reasonable price for a luxury range mattress will all the special patented technology that it comes with. The Propel has a 120-night sleep trial period and comes with a 10-year warranty, all in all not a bad deal for a luxury mattress with a load of specialized materials.

 9. Tuft & Needle The Mint

Tuft & Needle launched their highly successful original T&N mattress in 2012 that became highly popular with consumers due to its good quality and very reasonable pricing. This company was also one of the first manufacturers in the industry to start the direct-to-customer movement.

After the launch of their original T&N mattress they then decided to put out a more luxurious and upgraded version of the original mattress and that’s there the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress comes in. The Mint mattress is an all memory foam mattress and T&N does not have a hybrid version available if you are looking for a spring coil version of the mattress.

The Mint mattress comes covered in a polyester blend made fabric which has a soft feel and stretches well on the surface of the mattress. The knitted fabric is said to add a luxurious feel while being comfortable for the user, it is a pretty simple mattress cover compared to the other luxury range mattresses in the market.

The first comfort layer on the Mint mattress is a memory foam that is also used in the original Tuft & Needle mattress, this layer of foam has a graphite gel infusion that helps the memory foam have superior cooling abilities and the Mint’s first layer has 30% more graphite gel infusion than the original Tuft & Needle mattress, giving it even better airflow and heat dissipation.

Tuft & Needle also upgraded their gel infusion in this memory foam layer with adding Ceramic Gel that can absorb up to five time more body heat that the previous comfort layer used in the original mattress. The combination of the graphite infused gel and the Ceramic Gel, T&N completely revamped the cooling ability in the Mint mattress to provide the sleeper with a superior self-cooling mattress that can work very well to keep your temperature neutral all night long.

 The next comfort layer in the Mint mattress is made of enhanced T&N Adaptive® foam which has been reengineered from to provide superior body conforming support, helping to relieve your aches in your pressure point areas. This comfort layer is also soft but has good push back to avoid extreme sinkage. Your body would feel supported with a “cradle-like” feel but with no restrictions to your movements should you choose to change your sleeping position.

The support layer of the Mint mattress is made from 6.5 inches of high-density polyfoam that has open-cell technology that can help the overall airflow of the mattress, keeping a balance from the first and second comfort layer. T&N has designed the layers of foam in away where they prioritised the breathability of the mattress knowing that memory foam that has not been specially engineered will tend to overheat easily.

The Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle is a medium firm mattress with a plush feeling and with all its quick response memory foam this luxury mattress is highly recommended for a combo sleeper. The mattress provides good support for both side and back sleepers, the pressure points for the lumbar and shoulder areas are excellent. Stomach sleepers might not find the Mint to have the support they need for the hip pressure points as the mattress is not firm enough (the overall support is also determined by the weight of the sleeper).

The Mint mattress is priced at $1,145 and it is quite a reasonable price for a premium range mattress. T&N also provide a 10-year limited warranty with a 100-night sleep trial. For an all memory foam luxury ranged mattress, the Mint from T&N has an acceptable number of features with a good price tag to attract buyers.

 10. Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has long since been a competitor for other premium range mattresses like the Casper® and the Purple® which a considerably lower price range but still being able to deliver luxurious comfort and great functionality.

This mattress is an all memory foam mattress that comes cover with a Tencel® based fabric, its 100% natural made from eucalyptus wood cellulose that has durability, softness and great airflow. The quilted Tencel® cover adds a sophisticated and decadent look to the mattress while keeping the Nectar’s surface area cool with good air circulation.

The first comfort layer is made from quilted gel memory foam, this layer provides great cushioning and contouring to your body as soon as you lay down on the Nectar mattress. You’ll get to experience optimum pressure relief as the memory foam works to conform to your body shape and you also might feel slight sinkage as the foam supports you.

The second comfort layer in the Nectar mattress is a transition layer of gel memory foam that has good weight distribution with great cooling properties. The foam used is their Lush Foam™, this foam is made from medical grade material that wicks away heat very effectively. Next comes the Adaptive Hi Core memory foam which prevents sinkage because of its high-density properties, giving your body excellent pressure point relief with comfortable support.

The Nectar mattress final base support layer is made of 6 inches breathable and dense polyfoam that encases the whole mattress to provide a well-rounded support foundation. This firm and high-density memory foam supports all the memory foam layers above it and as well as your body so you don’t sink in completely into the mattress.

This mattress has a medium firm feel to it and has an overall good pressure relief system with its layers of cooling and supportive memory foams. The Nectar mattress is recommended for combo, side and back sleepers as the mattress delivers good support with pressure point relief that helps elevate the pains in the back and shoulder area. Stomach sleepers might find the bed too soft and conforming; you might sink a little too deeply into the mattress with this sleeping position.

The Nectar luxury mattress is priced at $999, one of the more reasonable and cheaper luxury mattresses available in the market. An interesting feature that’s included with the Nectar mattress is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which amazing as its very rare that a manufacturer offers such a long-term guarantee. This speaks to the company’s confidence on how confident they are with the functionality and durability of the mattress. The Nectar is a good choice to consider if you are on a slight budget but still want a comfortable luxury mattress.

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Purchasing Your Perfect Luxury Mattress

Identifying your sleeping needs before shopping for any sort of mattress, be it a standard or luxury mattress is crucial so you can narrow down your options better. A luxury mattress exemplifies your commitment to get the best sleep you can on a mattress that delivers more than just a place to rest your head.

It would help if you have clear budget or how much is the maximum amount you want to spend on your luxury mattress and you should then do your research narrowing down the best mattresses by your affordability. Shopping for a mattress can be super fun and a luxury mattress shopping spree means you get to feel extra special when finalizing your opulent and grand purchase.

About the Author Jessica Larsen

I am a big advocate that having a great sleep is something everyone deserves. With over 10 years of experience in this field, I would love to use this platform as a means to help you achieve a good night sleep.

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