The Best Linen Sheets in 2021 – 8 Best-Rated Linen Sheets

Comfortable bedsheets are not overrated, they are essential for a good night’s rest and if you are on the hunt for the perfect sheets then perhaps researching about the many types of materials used for bedding accessories is a good way to start. Purchasing the most comfortable bed sheets that have the features you need to sleep well is no easy task but once you have narrowed your requirements it should be a fairly easy and fun shopping activity to do. By looking at different aspects such as the quality, durability, comfort and ease of maintanence, we will be able to indicate which sheets are the most comfortable bed sheets in the market. 

Sheets made of linen are quite easy to find as they are commonly used for sheets just like cotton and microfiber; linen sheets provide very different features compared to other types of material used for bedsheets. Let’s have a closer look at linen sheets and see if they are suitable for your sleeping needs.

How Are Linen Sheets Made?

Linen fibers come from the flax plant and although its extraction process is more complicated and laborious than cotton it produces fibers that are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The plant-based cellulose fibers from the flax are best when they are hand-harvested; these fibers are usually longer than machine harvesting and are more durable. The flax plant is usually harvested, dried in the sun and threshed to get rid of the flax seeds; flax seeds are a superfood that is used for skin and digestive health.

The stalks of the flax plant are then dampened with water and before they are dried and cured they undergo a process called retting; this process basically uses the micro-organisms that are in the wet stalks to dissolve and soften the cellular tissues so the fibers can be separated from the stalks. After retting the softened stalks are put through a process called scutching; the process helps to clear off any impurities from the raw flax stalks. Heckling comes after scutching which is a process where the stalks are split and the remaining fibers from the flax plant are polished; this results in the harvesting of the flax fibers that turn into high-quality yarn that is used is many products.

The yarn can then be used for weaving and creating fabrics or sheets by using a loom that basically weaves the fibers horizontally and vertically to bind it together. The overall process of producing linen sheets is complicated and long due to all the processes that need to be accomplished before the flax plant can be turned into useable and weaveable yarn.

Are Linen Sheets Suitable For You?

Due to the origins of its raw material, linen sheets provide a different feel from cotton, bamboo or microfiber sheets. Linen sheets are not conventionally soft, it has a firmer feel and sometime may give the impression that it is more suitable for other uses rather than a bedsheet. Linen sheets may get softer over time and washes but it will soften fast like how cotton sheets do; you will need to be patient and wait for the sheets to gradually develop the softness that you prefer in a bedsheet.

If you are a sleeper that immediately prefers sheets that are soft and luxurious then linen sheets might not be the way to go for your bedding preferences; if you have the time and patience to wait for the sheets to get soft then you can give the material a try. There are benefits attached to using linen sheets and if you are able to tolerate the unique issues that might occur when first using the sheets then it is worth adding this type of bedsheet to your bedding accessory collection.

What’s Great About Linen Sheets

Regulates Temperature And Moisture Wicking

One of the best things about linen sheets is they have amazing breathability capabilities; it is even better than sheets made of pure cotton. Linen can be used in hot and cold climates; it has better heat absorption rates than wool and can flow the heat away at a more accelerated rate keeping the sleeping cool. Linen sheets are also capable to perceive temperature up to 4° which is a much better rate than cotton, silk and microfiber sheets in hot weather.

This material also has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities that can keep you dry if you tend to overheat and sweat excessively during sleep; the linen sheets will keep you dry and cool while in bed no matter what the climate. Research shows that the all-natural flax fibers are capable of absorbing up to 20% of its weight in moisture; if you live in a hot and humid climate then linen sheets might be a great bedding addition to your mattress to absorb sweat and preserve your mattress from unpleasant odors.


Sleepers with allergies and sensitive are highly recommended to use linen sheets due to its many health benefits. Linen sheets have anti-static properties so if you have very sensitive skin then this material will help to not trigger any adverse reaction from your body. Sheets made of linen are also antimicrobial hence you do not have to worry about the sheets attracting dust mites, bacteria and allergens; you can easily avoid skin and respiratory allergies by using linen sheets. This type of sheet is also said to be beneficial to the skin and improves the overall moisturization of the skin; if you have dry skin then linen sheets might help to not dry you out too much when you are asleep.


Sheets made from the all-natural plant fibers of the flax plant are extremely durable and they actually become stronger over time and washes. Due to the superfine fibers of the yarn and the type of weaving the linen sheets are made of, the durability of linen sheets can be longer than cotton, bamboo and microfibers sheets if they are taken care off properly. Linen sheets may be a long-term investment for your bedding needs and it can be a good addition since the sheets also will get softer in time, increasing its comfortability when it is used to sleep on.


Since the raw material for linen sheets is made purely from a plant, it is very sustainable and renewable; it does no harm to the environment when it is harvested properly and replanting the flax plant does not require much effort, minimal pest control and irrigation. Its all-natural origins makes it biodegradable so the by-products of the fiber will not harm the planet. If you are a consumer who prefers to make green purchasing choices then linen sheets are a great option compared to synthetic sheets.

Cons Of Using Linen Sheets

Not So Soft To Touch

Unlike cotton and bamboo sheets, linen sheets do not come out of the packaging with a soft-to-touch feeling, in fact some of the linen sheets on the market may have a coarse feeling due to the all-natural fiber that is used to weave the sheet. If

the main criteria of the sheets you want for your mattress is softness and plushness then linen sheets might not be able to cater for that requirement immediately. The sheets do get softer over time and washes but patience is needed to achieve this. Manufacturers sometimes market pre-washed linen sheets so customers can get soft sheets as soon as the purchase is made but these linen sheets can be pricer than the normal standard sheets sets.

However, if you highly prioritize soft sheets, then I would highly recommend that you look at bamboo bedsheets. They are really comfortable for because the bamboo fibers are really soft and they feel really comfortable too. You can read more about the best bamboo sheets in our blog too. 


The natural state of flax fibers are unlike cotton or bamboo, they do not have enough flexibility to retain their original shape when folded or bunched; linen sheets tend to develop creasing and wrinkling faster and easier than other sorts of softer materials. If you are particular about having creased sheets then this characteristic of linen sheets might be bothersome to you. The linen sheets might crease lesser overtime when it turns softer from more washes but there will always be a certain amount of wrinkling present when using linen sheets.


Due to the hard labor involved in the multiple processes to extract the fiber for the yarn and complicated weaving process of linen sheets, the price point for this type of bed sheet is considerably higher than other materials. Keeping in mind that most linen sheets are also organic and eco-friendly which are features that are quite in demand due to more environmentally conscious users, pricings for organic products can also be higher than usual. Linen sheets are also famously durable so most companies price their pure linen products to be high due to its functionality.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Linen Sheets

Thread Count

The quantity of thread counts in a bed sheet is generally used to gauge the level of quality and softness of the material; the higher the thread count the better the quality of the fabric and the softness of the sheet. This does not apply to linen sheets as thread counts should not be high for this type of sheet material; this is due to the thicker characteristic of the flax fiber hence a tight weave cannot be achieved. The best thread count for a standard linen sheet would be around 80-120; this would the ideal number of thread count for the linen sheet to be fully functional as a bedsheet. Most manufacturers of linen sheets prefer to add the weight of the sheet to the label of the product; the ideal weight of a linen sheet should be between 175-190 grams per square meter.


Linen sheets tend to shrink easier during the first few washes hence manufacturing companies usually recommend users to purchase sheets that have deeper pockets to accommodate the potential shrinkage. It is best to measure the depth of your mattress and ensure that the linen sheets that you purchase have extra bandwidth of at least an extra 5% depth to ensure the sheets can fit your mattress after being washed.


Ensure to read the packaging or description of the sheets from the manufacturer before purchasing to check if any chemicals were used to treat the fabric to make it softer; if the linen sheets are soft when you first purchase them most likely the sheet has undergone a chemical bath. This softness from the linen sheets will not last as when you wash them at home they will get coarse since the softening chemical would be washed away. It is best to look for organic linen sheets that have not been treated with any chemicals and let the sheets grow softer over time naturally.

Color Options

Linen sheets do not usually come in strong colors or in many color varieties compared to cotton or microfiber sheets. This can be possibly due to the organic fibers of the sheet do not hold well to strong dyes hence if you are looking for dark or patterned pure linen sheets there might not be many options available in the market for these.

Our Top Picks For Best Linen Sheets For 2019

Here are our top picks for best linen sheets for 2019.

 1. Luxor Linen’s Paola Italian Linen Sheets

Luxor Linens is a bedding accessory company that focuses on manufacturing high-quality and luxury bedding products. They pride themselves on the personalized craftsmanship that is applied to the manufacturing of their products and the raw materials used for manufacturing are of the highest standard possible for the comfort of their customers.

The Paola Italian linen sheet set from Luxor Linens are made of 100% pure linen fiber that is woven in Italy. These sheets have superior weaves that encourage good airflow and moisture-wicking properties so you can sleep in cool comfort all night long. Due to it is high-quality make and weaving it is very absorbent and this is perfect for users who overheat during sleep or live in a humid climate; the sheets will not be wet or cling to the skin due to its excellent moisture-wicking properties.

The flax fibers for the yarn are ethically harvested and responsibly sourced so sheet is eco-friendly too; this is helpful to note is you are particularly looking for sheets that are ethically made. The durable fibers of the linen sheet are strong enough to last for many years; the sheet will also get softer with more washes so you do get great value for money with this sheet as you would not have to keep replacing your linen sheet frequently.

The Paola Italian linen sheet set has lint-free capabilities so as long as the proper care routine is followed there should be no piling or loose fibers with this sheet set. This linen sheet is hypoallergenic and is resistant to allergens, dust mites and bacteria; this is a helpful feature to have especially when the moisture-wicking capabilities are so good with the sheet, you would not want bacteria to grow in the threads due to the high amount of moisture that can be absorbed by the sheet.

The whole linen set is tastefully given a plain-sewn hemstitch which has a rustic look to fit a linen-based bed sheet. This linen sheet set comes in three neutral colors; white, flax and ivory. The care instructions for this linen sheet set is fairly easy; you may wash the linen sheets with cold water with mild detergent and avoid bleaching the sheet. The sheet can be tumble dried on low heat or air-dried by hanging it outdoors; it is best to avoid high heat with the sheet as the linen has the capability to shrink.

The company provides custom monogramming services for a fee of $14.95; you can customize your bedsheets and make it feel more luxurious and personalized or this might also make a great gift for a friend or family member. This luxury linen sheet set is priced at $336.12 and it comes with a 30-day trial period. This linen sheet is premium priced due to its high-quality materials and luxury make but if you are looking for linen sheets to last and add some opulence to your bedroom then it is a good choice to consider.

 2. Snowe

Snowe is a home essentials manufacturing company that caters to providing high-quality and durable home products that special and functional. Their linen sheet set has simple minimalistic qualities that provide good durability, style and comfort for the sleeper. If you are looking for a linen sheet set that provides direct and straightforward functionality with no frills and fuss then Snowe’s linen sheet set would be a great option to consider for your bedding needs.

This linen sheet set is made of 100% pure Belgian flax fiber; the sheets are woven in Italy with designing features from the US. Due to the Belgian flax fibers that are used, the linen sheet has good comfortability and less coarseness compared to standard flax fibers. Snowe uses a special manufacturing method which blasts, tumbles and whips the linen fabric to produce the softness that is not usually had with standard linen sheets.

The weaving counterpart of Snowe in Italy uses a special proprietary technology that helps to relax the linen after its woven with blasts of wind; this helps to naturally soften the fibers without the use of chemical baths and the overall weaving is completed by hand after the softening process is done. This extra effort of softening the sheets using a natural method is great for customers looking for linen sheets that are softer than usual; this would mean it would take lesser time for Snowe’s linen sheets to be softer than other standard linen sheets.

Snowe’s linen sheets are also highly durable due to the Belgian flax fibers; you can expect the sheets to last and function for a long time considering the material and care that has been put into manufacturing it by the company. This sheet comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases; the fitted sheet comes with secure elastic fastening and with a pocket depth of 17 inches. This is a good depth for a fitted sheet to have considering the possible shrinkage that the linen sheet will have, 17 inches of depth should be adequate to fit most standard mattresses. You can learn more about different best fitted sheets here. 

This linen sheet set has the OEKO-TEX® certification which means it has been manufactured with the absence of any harmful chemicals and it is also hypoallergenic. The wash instructions for this linen set is quite straightforward, you can wash the sheets using warm water on a gentle machine cycle; it is recommended to was the sheet separately. Avoid bleaches and other strong detergents to preserve the fibers and its durability; the sheet can be dried with a low heat setting using a dryer. If you want to get rid of any creasing and wrinkling you may opt to use a warm iron to do so.

Snowe’s linen sheet set is priced at $298 for its queen-sized version and it comes in three neutral colors; Essential White, Ash Grey and Slate Blue. This is a luxury range linen set that is high-quality and durable; it is a good choice to consider if you are window shopping for linen sheets.

 3. Boll & Branch’s Linen Lined Sheet Set

Boll & Branch is a bedding accessory company that focuses on producing sleep products that are solid, simple, innovative and functional. They pride themselves on the hands-on approach towards crafting their products that provide customers with a comfortable and well-deserved night of restful sleep. Their Linen Lined Sheet set is one of the sleeping essential products that speak of their dedication to producing high-quality bedding items.

The Linen Lined sheet set from Boll & Branch is made from 100% ethically sourced European flax fibers that are woven and spun to make their signature linen. After the linen is woven the manufacturer confirms that the sheet is given a wash to encourage the fabric to soft for the first time use for the customer. The weaving of the strong European flax fibers makes the linen fabric highly durable; the sheet is strong and can be draped well over a mattress for a long period of time. You can also make the sheet to be softer in feel by frequently washing it provided the care instructions are followed.

The Boll & Branch linen sheet has also good airflow properties to keep you sleeping cool and temperature neutral; the high-quality flax fibers are also capable of regulating temperature and can keep you warm during colder nights. This linen sheet set has been OEKO-TEX® certified so you can be assured that no harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process; this also confirms that the linen has not been put through any softening chemical baths.

This linen sheet is also hypoallergenic and it is safe to use for users who have sensitive skin or prone to respiratory allergies. The sheet can be easily washed with cold or warm water in gentle machine cycle and can be tumbled dried on a low heat setting with a dryer. It is best to avoid bleaches and strong detergents to care for the durability of the linen fabric and its fiber. The sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases; the fitted sheet has deep pockets that can fit mattresses that have up to 17 inches of thickness.

The full linen set is given a subtle striped stripping pattern so it has a seasonal accent; this can be quite a trendy addition to your bedding collection. The Boll & Branch linen set comes priced at $276 for its queen-sized version and it is quite a reasonable price for a pure linen sheet set.

 4. Magic Linen

Magic Linen is a Lithuanian based company that focuses on producing high-quality linen products with sewing traditions that have been passed down for generations. The company sources organic materials that are ethically sourced for their linen products and their natural linen sheet set is one of the by-products of the high-quality linen fabric this company uses.

This linen set is woven from 100% European flax fiber; the linen sheet has a weave that makes it highly durable and the strong fibers ensure that this sheet can function for a long period of time. It also has good breathability and airflow capabilities so you and your partner can sleep cool and comfortable without any discomfort caused by sweating. Magic Linen has an extra process where they stonewash their linen sheet to encourage the sheet to be naturally soft for the consumer’s first time’s usage. This is a unique method of washing the sheet and it is quite labor-intensive; other standard manufacturers of linen sheets do not employ this method of washing.

Magic Linen also assures that their linen fabric is made with no harmful chemicals since they have the OEKO-TEX® certification. The European flax fiber that is used for the weaving of this linen sheet also ensures that the materials of the linen sheet are fully organic and natural; this helps the sheet to be hypoallergenic and it will not trigger any adverse reaction with your skin or respiratory system. If you have sensitive skin and cannot sleep on sheets that are damp due to sweat absorption, this linen sheet has excellent moisture-wicking properties that will keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

This sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two standard sized pillowcases; the manufacturer also provides two pocket depth options, 10 and 18 inches so you can choose in between these two depths to fit the linen sheets to your mattress. This linen sheet set comes in only one color which is Oatmeal, a light yellow neutral tone color; it has a very rustic look and can add a touch of class to your bedroom décor.

Since Magic Linen’s linen sheet set is made of high-quality flax fiber, it is quite durable and sturdy so its cleaning instructions are relatively easy to follow; you may wash the sheet by machine or by hand. The sheet can be machine washed in lukewarm water, it is best to avoid hot water as high heat will cause up to 10% shrinkage with linen-based sheets. Separately wash the linen sheet to avoid tearing and transfer of color from other dark-colored fabrics. You can use a gentle wash cycle with the washing machine and mild detergent; tumble dry on a low heat setting and if the sheets are still damp from one dryer cycle you can air dry it till it is completely dry. This way you preserve the sheets to be softer and durable.

The Magic Linen linen sheet set is priced at $274 for its queen-sized set and it comes with a 30-day trial period. This is a stylish and fully functional linen sheet set that has the makings of long-term durability and is worth your consideration if you want to use a good set of linen sheets for sleeping.

 5. Casper’s Airy Linen

Casper is a bed manufacturing company that made it big in the sleep industry with their Casper mattress, they are also one of the pioneers of the bed-in-a-box movement that catered to delivering mattresses with minimal hassle to customers. After making their mark in the hearts of their customers and the industry they soon added more products to their repertoire to improve the sleeping experience for their customers.

Casper’s Airy Linen sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two standard sized pillowcases; the fitted sheet comes with a pocket depth of 14 inches which can fit a standard size mattress but if you have a mattress that is only slightly smaller then it is best to always consider the shrinkage factor. Casper boasts that their Airy Linen sheets are soft and relaxed, unlike most standard linen sheets and this could be due to the 100% Belgian flax fibers that are used in the weaving of this sheet.

Belgian flax is slightly different from standard flax fibers as this flax originates from European flax yarn; the linen of this sheet from Casper would be woven in Belgium using traditional craftsmanship that defers from the standard weaving techniques elsewhere. The sheets made from this sort of flax yarn do have a higher degree of comfort and softness with more durability. In essence, you would be getting a higher quality type of linen sheets with Casper’s Airy Linen set.

This linen sheet set also has been pre-washed by the manufacturer to provide the first feel of softness when you get the product out of its packaging; all you would need to do is start your own routine to wash the sheets when need to enhance its softness. The sheet also comes with specially tailored piping to give it a classy rustic look; this will look good on the mattress while also serving its function of making the sheets durable and strongly attached.

The care routine for the Casper Airy Linen set is fairly simple, you may wash the linen sheet with cold water in a gentle cycle; try to wash the sheet separately or you can also wash it with fabrics of similar colors. If you need to clean stubborn stains you can opt to use non-chlorine bleach but it is best to avoid strong cleaners; you can pre-soak the sheet or spot clean it if you need to preserve the durability of the all-natural fibers longer. The sheet can be tumble dried on low heat with a dryer or you may air dry them; be aware than linen sheets are prone to shrinkage so try to avoid high heat temperatures if possible.

This sheet set is priced at $250 for its queen-sized version and it comes with a 100-night sleep trial. Overall this is a good set of linen sheets to consider due to its high-quality yarn and general functionality.

 6. CuddleDown

CuddleDown is a luxury bedding accessory company that produces high-quality sheets and other sleep-related products for consumers to have a comfortable and luxurious night of rest. Their Italian Linen Deep Pocket sheet set is made of 100% linen which is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting with great breathability.

This linen sheet set is made in Italy and has great airflow properties to keep you cool and dry while sleeping; it also is naturally soft and will gradually grow softer over time. The sheet also has features where it can adjust itself to your body’s temperature so it can be easily used in winter and summer; you do not have to keep changing sheets according to the climate that you live in. The CuddleDown linen sheet set is made with all-organic and natural materials so it is completely hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

This Italian Linen Deep Pocket sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the deep pockets of the fitted sheet can fit mattresses that have up to 19 inches of thickness and it also as elastic fasteners all around the sheet; this would help the linen sheet to stay securely in one place and not move around with your body when you sleep.

You may wash this linen sheet with warm water on a gentle machine cycle while avoiding bleach and strong detergents. It is best to wash the sheet separately from other fabrics especially dark-colored materials as you will want to avoid dye transfer. This linen sheet can be tumble dried on a low heat setting and should be removed from the dryer as soon as the cycle is over to avoid any shrinkage.

CuddleDown provides four neutral-toned colors for this linen sheet set; white, ivory, flax and blue which can add a subtle yet classy tone to your overall bedroom décor. The queen-sized set of the linen sheet set is priced at $199 and it quite a reasonable price for a good set of linen sheets.

 7. Parachute

Parachute’s linen sheet set is one of the sought after luxury sheets from this bedding company’s many bedding products and this is due to the high-quality European flax fiber that is used to weave the linen. This sheet set is crafted and weaved in Portugal and it is extremely durable while being light and airy; it will drape well unto your mattress but you should expect some amount of creasing and wrinkling as it is normal for linen sheets to do so.

This sheet set comes with one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet can fit mattresses that are up to 16 inches in thickness, this is a standard-sized depth but if you have a mattress that is 16 inches thick then you will need to provide extra care to this linen sheet set so there is minimal shrinkage. The Parachute linen sheet set has good breathability functions and has dual temperature control functions so it is useable in a hot and cold climate.

The care instructions for this linen set is simple too, you can machine wash the sheets with cold water separately from other fabrics with mild detergent; it is best to avoid bleach to ensure the flax fibers are not damaged. The sheets can then be tumbled dried on a low heat cycle and should be removed immediately from the dryer to avoid shrinkage.

Parachute provides this linen sheet set with eight color options so you may choose from dark-colors to neutral-toned colors; this is quite rare for a 100% pure linen sheet set. The queen-sized version of this sheet is priced at $169 which is quite reasonable for a good quality linen sheet that looks great and functions well.

 8. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle’s rustic linen sheet set is highly sought after by their customers due to its great quality and reasonable pricing. This linen sheet set is made out of 100% European flax fibers, the sheet is crafted and woven in India. The Tuft & Needle linen sheet has great durability and has a soft feel right out of its packaging as it is pre-washed by the manufacturer; you can count on the sheet to grow softer over time and washes once you start using it.

This linen sheet set is certified by OEKO-TEX® hence there are no harmful chemicals used in its manufacturing and you can be assured that the sheet has not been given a chemical bath to make it softer. The full set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases with the fitted sheet being able to fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

The Tuft & Needle linen sheet set can be machine washed in cold water using a gentle cycle and mild detergent; you may also dry it using a low heat setting or air dry it to avoid excessive shrinkage. This linen sheet is very reasonably priced at $160 for its queen-sized set and comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 2-year limited warranty which is one of the best warranties in the market for a bedsheet. This is a great choice to consider as this linen sheet set comes with good functions and great after-sales care from the manufacturer

Are Linen Sheets Suitable For You?

If you have the patience and time to cultivate linen sheets to grow softer and have a penchant for rustic-looking sheets that are slightly creased and crumpled then you should consider investing time and money into linen sheets. Linen sheets are highly durable and may last you a very long time if you care for them well, they also provide great functions like breathability and antimicrobial properties. Considering the many options available in the market for good linen sheets, you can definitely equip your bedroom with a great set of linen sheets at least for the sake of variety and style.

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