Best Leather Sofas of 2020: An Extensive Buying Guide For You

Best Leather Sofa

Moving to a new house or wanting to replace your current beat-up sofa? A leather couch can be an excellent investment – if you take good care of it, you can expect it to accompany you for many years to come.

A leather sofa is arguably the most luxurious furniture one can buy. On top of being super inviting, leather furniture is remarkably easy to clean. Many modern sofas allow you to use a vacuum to suck up any dirt without causing any damage to your furniture. Otherwise, you can also opt to wipe the leather down and buff it up easily.

Getting a leather sofa can be a considerable investment. With so many models available online, it can get challenging to decide on which is the best one to purchase. We have scoured many sites available to round out the top 10 leather sofas for you today to take into consideration.

Guide to Buying the Best Leather Sofa

Before purchasing a leather sofa, you must first understand how to check the quality of leather upholstery. There are different quality of levels that distinguish every piece, whether it is the frame underneath or the leather itself.

Methods of Dyeing Leather Furniture

Pigmented Leather – This is usually the cheapest option, and the dye used is mixed with a protective coating before getting sprayed directly onto the surface. While it is durable and low-cost, a pigmented leather does not offer the buttery feel that many people want.

Aniline Leather – This leather is dyed in a drum to allow the colour to properly impregnate the whole piece of leather for a lasting finish. This creates a most natural-looking because the animal hide marks remain visible.

Semi-Aniline Leather – This type of leather uses the same dyeing process as aniline leather. However, the dye is only coated on the surface for semi-aniline leather. This gives the leather better durability while still retaining the natural appearance.

Checking the Leather Style

It is always recommended to go for full leather instead of a vinyl-leather combination. Vinyl may boost the sofa’s appearance, but it will deteriorate quickly. Soon, you may find yourself needing to reupholster the couch or to buy a new one.

How to know if your sofa is full leather? Here are a few ways that you can check to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Aniline Leather – The creases in this type of leather are distinct because they’ve not been filled out by a surface coating. The grain pattern appearance will defer according to the species and part of the animal it came from.

Semi-Aniline Leather – This leather falls somewhere in between the two types. It has a light surface coating, but the creases are less distinct. The protective layer of coat has partially filled up some of the creases to give it a smoother appearance.

Pigmented Leather – The grain pattern on this leather is least visible as it is thickly covered in several layers of coating for greater protection.

Testing the Sofa Out

You should always test the sofa out by sitting into it and moving from side to side. Try to naturally fall into the couch and lean back into the frame to check if you hear any squeaking noises. If you feel any movement, the structure underneath it is likely poorly constructed.

Examine the Padding

Have a good feel around the padded areas, you should never feel the frame on a quality sofa. It is an excellent option to get sofas with removable covers as you can easily wash or redo them in the long run. Any couch that is easy to repair is definitely better quality than those that are not.

Inspect the Stitching

This is one of the most often overlooked points of inspection but is also the most important. You need to check the stitching to make sure they are not wearing out. Every leather piece needs to look and feel tightly stitched as if the stitching is glued to the leather. This will prevent any loose threads or your upholstery splitting apart after a few uses.

Top Best Leather Sofas

To ease your burden, below is our shortlist of the top 10 best leather sofas that you can find online.

1. Smith Leather Sofa by Darby Home Co

Smith Leather Sofa

Darby Home Co. has been offering furniture, textiles and lighting that are practical and elegant. Characterized by dark wood, intricate pattern, and strong silhouettes, the successfully encapsulate a timeless grace in their product. These centrepieces are not only beautiful, but they are also created to stand the test of time.

Delivery & Installation

The Smith Leather sofa will arrive neatly packed, and it’s small enough to fit through any standard 36 inches doorway. Once unpacked, you’ll only need to attach the legs then you’re free to lounge your day away on your brand-new sofa.


The sofa features 100% genuine leather upholstery. The beautifully brown full-grain leather is super durable to allow your gorgeous sofa to weather through more than just everyday wear and tear. This type of leather is very tight and works well to resist any moisture.

Supporting the cushions are sinuous springs, which are zigzagging pieces of metal sets that run perpendicular to the front of the sofa. These springs work as the support core to prevent the couch from sagging after a few uses.

The cushions are filled with cozy 1.8 density foam, you’re sure to be laying on it comfortably for hours. The cushions and springs work together to keep you from sinking deep into the sofa. You won’t need to struggle to move or get off the couch.

Holding the entire structure up are solid rubberwood legs. Solid wood is easily the best choice for material as they are incredibly long-lasting and can easily be refinished or repaired down the road. The robust build of the sofa makes it possible to withstand up to an impressive 750 pounds of weight capacity.


The Smith Leather Sofa brings with it a sophisticated and classy feel to suit traditional and classy home décor. The rich chocolate colour leather features a tufted back design that is simply gorgeous. Additionally, the nail trim detailing along the base and arms really makes it look and feel much more luxurious.

The exposed cabriole wooden legs have elegantly carved detail to give your room a unique Victorian flare. The sofa easily matches other furniture around the room to complete any look you’re going for.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 43” H x 86” W x 39” D
  • Seat: 21.25” H x 63” W x 22.74” D
  • Arm Height – Floor to Arm: 29.5”
  • Back Height – Seat to Top of Back: 21.75”
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 6”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 30”
  • Overall Product Weight: 159.5 lb.

The Good:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Beautiful designs with intricate pattern fit traditional and classy décor
  • Long-lasting and durable material
  • Supports up to 750 pounds weight

The Bad:

  • May be a little stiff at first

2. Brinson Leather Chesterfield Sofa by Three Posts

Brinson Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Three Posts helps you to create a traditional home without compromising on comfort. Their furniture designs are crafted with the belief that quality, value, and style are all part of what turns a piece of furniture into a part of the family.

Delivery & Installation

The item is well packaged during delivery. The sofa is quite heavy, so you may want to have a friend to help you out with installing the legs. The Brinson Leather Chesterfield sofa does not require any tools for assembly. It is very extremely easy to install and will take up less than 15 minutes of your time to set up the sofa.


The genuine 100% cowhide leather features a crackled two-tone visual appeal that is very luxurious and soft to the touch. A unique final process of finishing is applied onto the leather to boost its natural durability, so you can expect your gorgeous leather piece to last for many years to come.

The furniture is easy to care for. You only need to dust regularly, and if it somehow gets stained, you can gently clean it with a damp cloth. Remember never to apply or use harsh chemicals to prevent any damages to your leather.

The frame is constructed with solid and manufactured wood making the sofa much more resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity. This type of wood is also very resilient and can withstand constant abuse without breaking apart easily. The solid framework enables the sofa to support up to 250 pounds of weight.

The seat fill is a blend of foam, polyester, and down to create the ultimate comfortable lounging experience. The cushions have a bouncy support that does not feel too hard or too soft such that you start sinking into it. Moreover, the entire sofa is water, scratch, and even mildew resistant, making it safer for those who are prone to allergies.


The Leather Chesterfield sofa showcases a timeless silhouette that features thoughtful details and meticulous craftsmanship. Three Posts have successfully elevated furniture design to an art form.

This leather sofa includes cut and sewn button tufting, hand-applied nail heads, and sumptuous leather to turn it into a real showstopper. The colour and quality of the furniture is exactly as advertised, leaving no room for disappointment.

Backed with overflowing positive reviews, this stylish and sturdy sofa is sure to keep you happy and relaxed for a very long time. It will not be easy to find another furniture that will make you as satisfied as this little piece could do.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 40.5” H x 95” W x 30.5” D
  • Seat: 20” H x 69” W x 24” D
  • Arm Height – Floor to Arm: 31”
  • Back Height – Seat to Top of Back: 10.5”
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 3”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 29”
  • Overall Product Weight: 126.76 lb.

The Good:

  • Easy installation
  • Gorgeous leather has excellent quality that exceeds expectations
  • The button-tufted design gives it a classy and elegant look
  • Foam, polyester, down blend cushion fill offers unbeatable comfort

The Bad:

  • Some noticed the sofa came with a slight odour
  • Lower back design makes it difficult for taller people to lean their head

3. Twining Leather Sofa by Wade Logan

Twining Leather Sofa

Wade Logan’s bold, European-inspired home furnishing collection features sleek designs. The company believes that unique design should always go hand-in-hand with versatility and affordability.

Delivery & Installation

The Twinning Leather sofa arrives with multiple layers of packaging to protect it from damage during transport. Tools required for assembly are not provided along with the couch. However, you only really need a screwdriver that almost every home should have. If not, just head on over to any home depot or hardware shop to get one.


This three-seater sofa uses Grade-A Italian aniline leather that comes in black, coffee, grey, peanut, and white colour. This high-quality top grain leather is exquisitely processed to look as natural as possible. This is an ideal option for those who desire a more stain-resistant, cleaning friendly leather sofa.

The frame of the sofa is made up of engineered wood composite – Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This MDF board is much denser and stronger than particle board; it can hold up to a whopping 850 pounds in weight! The solid wooden frame is what gives the sofa a heavy and sturdy feel, you may need a friend to help you out during installation.

Featuring chrome legs for improved wear and corrosion resistance, they work to support the entire structure. This hardy and durable material ensures your sofa does not give way easily.

The cushions are filled with high-density foam to provide seaters with a comfortable support. The leather sofa even has adjustable headrests to save yourself from annoying neck, shoulder, and body aches. The cushions feel a little firm, which makes it easy for you to get up from the sofa.


The Twinning Leather brings with it a modern style with a distinct mid-century chic look. The sofa strikes a low-profile silhouette sitting on top of gleaming chrome legs. The quality leather enveloping the entire couch is accented by corded edges and detail stitching.

The collapsible headrests are perfect if you don’t like having something blocking the windows. This beautiful sofa is not only easy on the eyes it is ideal for small apartments. If you’re looking for an elegant sofa that is supportive and comfortable, you’ll not be disappointed with the Twinning Leather Sofa.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 77” W x 42” D
  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom with Headrest Up: 28”
  • Seat: 18”H x 47” W x 23” D
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 5”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 26”
  • Overall Product Weight: 176 lb.

The Good:

  • Arrives with multiple packaging for extra protection
  • Sofa comes in five different colours to match any décor setting
  • Grade-A Italian Aniline top grade leather upholstery
  • Weight capacity of up to 850 lbs.
  • Adjustable headrests for customizable comfort
  • Firm and supportive cushions

The Bad:

  • May be too heavy to handle alone
  • Metal legs easily scratch floors or rugs

4. Grand Isle Sofa by Trent Austin Design

Grand Isle Sofa

Trent Austin fuses rustic detailing and industrial inspiration into their modern furniture design. Their products are juxtaposition between warmly finished wood and well-worn metals to provide a look that’s urban, inviting and on-trend.

Delivery & Installation

Much like the other sofas, you’ll need to attach the legs once its delivered. If you can’t find the legs, do not worry as they’re cleverly hidden in a zipper underneath, so you’ll have to turn the couch over to find them. Overall, it’ll take less than 10 minutes to get everything set up.


The chestnut genuine leather has a buttery soft feel to it. The top-grain contains the toughest natural fibres to increase the durability of your upholstery. The water-resistant leather is not only beautiful but very easy to maintain; you can easily wipe off any stains with a damp cloth.

The wide wooden legs ensure the sofa is well supported. You wouldn’t need to worry about your furniture going wobbly after a few uses. The solidly made sofa will last you for many years to come.

The cushions in the Grand Isle Sofa is stuffed with synthetic fibres that are much more durable than most natural fibres. Natural fibres tend to be a good food source for insects, so you’ll be able to chase away any fabric-damaging insects by utilizing synthetic fibres in your sofa.


The Grand Isle Sofa is an attractive blend of streamlined design and rustic-lodge looks. This beautiful sofa easily anchors any living room with its handsome contemporary appeal. The solid wooden frame adds a touch of class to the furniture.

Featuring angular padded arms and gently-angled back draped in genuine leather upholstery, the sofa carries with it a two-over-two silhouette. The exquisite detailing with eye-catching stitching and chunky wooden black feet in an antique espresso stain really helps to elevate the overall design.

This beautiful sofa fits pleasantly in any space. Not only is it attractive, but it is also very comfortable. Quite frankly, if you have any reservations about ordering this sofa, you can forget it as you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 37” H x 91” W x 41” D
  • Seat: 18” H x 65.4” W x 20” D
  • Arm Height – Floor to Arm: 23”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 36”
  • Overall Product Weight: 141 lb.

The Good:

  • Easy to care for leather
  • Quality materials ensure product durability
  • Wide wooden legs for a reliable support
  • Streamlined design and rustic-lodge looks

The Bad:

  • The sofa seats are not deep enough for some

5. Harlem Leather Chesterfield Sofa by Trent Austin Design

Harlem Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Another piece from Trent Austin, the timeless Harlem Leather Chesterfield sofa is brimming with traditional style that showcases a classic chesterfield design. The Harlem Leather looks fantastic in just about any room, regardless of its size and style.

Delivery & Installation

The couch is deeply ensconced inside a thick amount of packaging to keep it protected during delivery. It is very heavy so you should consider paying extra for the delivery man to carry it right into your room or have a friend help out.


The couch features top-grain leather on all seating areas that feel incredibly luxurious and comfortable to lounge on. The leather match on sides and back resemble the genuine leather very closely in terms of appearance and texture. It is recommended to regularly moisturize your leather with conditioners and/or wipes to keep it looking fresh.

The sofa rests on a solid kiln-dried hardwood that is drier and more resistant to fungal degradation. Since the wood is dried in a controlled environment, it is less likely to have distortion, staining or drying stresses like warping or bowing.

Supporting the cushions are sinuous springs system where heavy-gauge steel wires are formed in continuous, vertical S-shapes. These springs are attached to the frame with padded clips and fasteners that produces a “no sag” construction. This structure is both comfortable to sit on and can also be very durable.

Made with high-density foam, the cushions offer the highest degree of support. On top of providing a good foundation and shape, the firm foam makes the Harlem Leather Chesterfield sofa suitable for people with back pain.

Standing on solid wooden legs, the couch is able to carry an impressive weight of 750 pounds. It is solidly built for many years of reliability – you won’t have to worry about your couch giving way midway through a lazy afternoon snooze.


The chesterfield sofa works great with just about any room décor. Even some of the smallest spaces can benefit from a well-positioned chesterfield sofa. This natural and ageing sofa design can add a real sense of warmth and character to your room, providing a perfect focal point.

The chesterfield upholstery is characterized by its strength since it has a buttoning system which keeps the sofa in shape and always remains as good as new. The classic style lined with leather makes it very easy to care for and maintain.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 30” H x 86” W x 39” D
  • Seat: 17” H x 66” W x 23.5” D
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 3”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 32”
  • Overall Product Weight: 150 lb.

The Good:

  • Features top-grain leather on all seating areas that feel incredibly luxurious and comfortable
  • Solid kiln-dried hardwood frame that is drier and more fungal resistant
  • High-density foam cushions offer the highest degree of support
  • Weight capacity of 750 pounds

The Bad:

  • Couch may be too heavy to handle alone

6. Lambdin Leather 88” Round Arms Sofa by Canora Grey

Lambdin Leather 88'' Round Arms Sofa

Canora Grey has been creating homes with their excellently designed furniture that never goes out of style. Their enduring classic designs blend built-to-last centrepieces with a touch of elegance. Their collection of timeless heirlooms will last for generations to come.

Delivery & Installation

This three-seater arrives fully assembled, so you won’t need to fuss around to use it. Just position it in your room, and you can lay on it immediately for a good nap or to cozy up with a novel.


Made with 100% genuine Italian leather are tanned naturally with vegetable ingredients. This process results in a resistant, elastic, and smooth leather that can only be found in quality Italian leather.

The leather upholstery can withstand everyday wear and tear, with most nicks and scratches being easily wiped away – it is made to last! If you find any stains, simply wipe off with a damp cloth, and it’ll be good as new.

The frame and legs are made of solid wood. The natural strength of wood helps the sofa to last through any circumstances and reduces the need to replace a new piece of furniture every few years. Furthermore, the solid build allows the couch to take up to 729 pounds of weight.

The back and seat fill materials are made of foam, polyester, and synthetic fibre. This blend of materials gives the couch a firm memory foam feeling. The cushions are very comfortable with a slight bounce to it. The seat cushions are firm, and back is soft yet supportive for a very comfy experience.


The Lambdin Leather 88” Round Arms sofa is washed in an eye-catching brown finish that blends with a variety of design aesthetics and colour palettes. The classic and timeless design will instantly give your room a boost of elegance.

This couch will easily be an all-star anchor to any room to provide a safe and comfortable place to lounge during movie marathons, book binges, afternoon naps, and much more! On top of that, this pet-friendly couch is built to endure through almost any damage you could possibly do to it, making it ideal for people with pets at home.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 37” H x 88” W x 38” D
  • Seat: 22” H x 71” W x 22” D
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 3”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 30”
  • Overall Product Weight: 175 lb.

The Good:

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • 100% genuine Italian leather upholstery that is resistant, elastic, and smooth
  • Solid wood frame offers solid built
  • Most nicks and scratches can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth
  • Cushions feel like firm memory foam

The Bad:

  • Velcro behind the seat cushions make some noise when you sit
  • Some reviewers experienced slight off-gassing odour

7. Orlando Sofa by Wade Logan

Orlando Sofa

The Orlando Sofa features an abstract design with colourful canvas prints to bring artful beauty to any room. Simply centre your couch atop a plush rug to instantly liven up your room. Its versatile solid hue will beautifully blend into just any ensemble.

Delivery & Installation

The couch is packed with a ton of wrapping material to provide maximum protection. Again, this neat little piece comes fully assembled, and you need not be concerned about lacking any handy skills to enjoy it.


The upholstery is made of solid and thick genuine leather. However, not the entire couch is made of genuine leather, some parts utilize faux leather. But this does not necessarily mean it’s bad. It helps to increase the sofa’s durability, so you can expect to lounge on it for many years to come.

The durable and robust frame is crafted from solid wood. Oakwood is one of the most used types of solid wood for furniture. Oak is among the few most resistant to moisture, and the sturdy structure can survive for several hundred years.

The cushions are held by a web suspension that creates a sofa cushion support similar to a hammock. It gives the couch a snug and cozy feeling while also eliminating the discomfort that some spring structure may bring with it.

The high-density foam cushion keeps the couch looking crisp and clean as the internals aren’t prone to wrinkling. Unlike down-filled cushions, this type of cushions does not require a lot of fluffing and prodding to keep it looking presentable.


The Orlando Sofa is absolutely beautiful, sleek and modern. This low-profile couch can easily blend into your room without sticking out like a sore thumb. You will certainly not be disappointed with your purchase.

The adjustable headrest on the sofa are functional and offers loungers with a customized comfort. You can even opt to tilt it slightly forward for additional support for your back. The flat armrests work great to place your books, phone, or laptop on. Stylish and practical!

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 27.5” H x 86” W x 40” D
  • Seat: 15.5” H x 64” W x 22” D
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 30”
  • Overall Product Weight: 124 lb.

The Good:

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Durable and robust frame crafted from solid oak wood
  • Web suspension creates a hammock-like support
  • Adjustable headrests for customized support

The Bad:

  • Sofa may feel a little stiff at first

8. Brooklyn Leather Chesterfield 87″ Rolled Arms Sofa by Mistana

Brooklyn Leather Chesterfield 87" Rolled Arms Sofa

Mistana produces pacific coast-inspired boho furniture and décor that celebrates the individuality of each home. Bring all the charm to your living room arrangement with Brooklyn Leather’s unique design and distinctive details that withstood the test of time.

Delivery and Installation

You’ll need to be prepared to remove a lot of packaging material as the Brooklyn Leather sofa is packed in huge cardboard boxes and layers of Styrofoam and plastic wraps. The sofa will also come with five legs that you will need to screw on. One for each corner and the last one fits in the center as an additional support.


The couch features top-grain leather on all seating areas that is incredibly luxurious with equally comfortable leather match on the sides and back. It is recommended to keep your leather fresh and moisturized with leather conditioners every few months.

The sofa rests on a solid kiln-dried pine hardwood that is strong and resistant to shock, making it suitable for furniture. Over time, the pine gains a patina that gives your couch an appealing rustic or antique-like quality. Other than that, the sofa stands on solid wooden legs that can support up to 700 pounds of weight.

Pocket springs in the couch gives loungers a responsive and bouncy support, which provides extra orthopedic level of support. Unlike older designs, modern pocket springs are individually pocketed to have zero motion transfer across the couch. This way you will not bounce around as your kids jump on the couch.

Made with high-density foam, the cushions offer the highest degree of support that is ideal for people with back pain. It is firm enough to keep you up and not sink into the sofa, yet soft enough to enjoy several hours of afternoon nap on the Brooklyn Leather Chesterfield sofa.


The stylish chesterfield sofa features artful accent and characteristic silhouette that bring an inviting warmth into your living room. Sporting rolled arms, trendy button-tufting, and classically turned feet, the Brooklyn leather sofa infuses your space with eye-catching style for many hours of lounging or curling up with a cup of tea and a book.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 31″ H x 87″ W x 39″ D
  • Seat: 18″ H x 69″ W x 23″ D
  • Leg Height – Top to Bottom: 6″
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 34″
  • Overall Product Weight: 138 lb.

The Good:

  • Features top-grain leather on all seating areas that feel incredibly luxurious and comfortable
  • Solid kiln-dried pinewood frame that is strong and shock resistant
  • Pocket springs in the couch gives loungers a responsive and bouncy support
  • Weight capacity of up to 700 pounds

The Bad:

  • Non-removable cushion makes for difficult cleaning
  • May have an off-gassing odour

9. Bombay Leather 88” Square Arms Sofa by Trent Austin Design

Bombay Leather 88" Square Arms Sofa

Anchor your space in mid-century modern style with this retro leather sofa. The sofa strikes a streamlines silhouette with a 100% genuine leather upholstery. Featuring corded edges and button tufting for a tailored touch, the Bombay Leather sofa will blend into any style.

Delivery & Installation

The leather sofa is packaged in a large cardboard box for convenient delivery. Once you remove the packaging, you’ll need to screw the legs in and place the cushions on the couch for a brand-new furniture to rest on.


The Zander leather upholstery on the Bombay Leather Square Arms sofa ensures your couch can last longer than typical fabric couch. The leather is tough yet flexible to naturally resist punctures and tears. On top of that, the breathable material quickly dissipated heat and cold to offer a comfortable sitting without feeling sticky and clammy.

The solid and manufactured wood blend material much more compact than plywood and may even be more durable than natural wood. This ensures the sofa frame does not flex or crack under pressure.

Paired with walnut wood legs, the leather sofa has an impressive weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. This is more than sufficient to fit two to three adults with a significantly heavier profile.

Web suspension is commonly found in sitting furniture as a functional foundation which cushions are placed on. The webbing structure in the Bombay Leather Square Arms Sofa is flexible enough to provide a comfortable sitting area, yet strong enough to act as a functional suspension.

The cushions in this leather sofa is stuffed with polyester foam that features open-cell structures. This large amount of cells makes the foam much more breathable so that you remain comfortable on the couch. On top of that, the foam has excellent energy absorption to provide seaters with good cushioning.


The sofa itself is true to colour as shown in photos, you won’t get an unexpected pop of unwanted hues to ruin the look you’re going for completely. It carries with it an elegant style that fits any space perfectly.

The seating is firm enough to support seaters without sinking into the couch, while the softback makes for a very cozy lounge. The seats may feel a little firm at first, but it will slowly soften over time. The Bombay Leather sofa is a perfect fit for a mid-century modern style room.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 37” H x 88” W x 38” D
  • Seat: 18” H x 67” W x 23” D
  • Back Height – Seat to Top of Back: 19”
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 22”
  • Overall Product Weight: 139 lb.

The Good:

  • Leather upholstery is tough yet flexible
  • Webbing structure provides a comfortable sitting area
  • Breathable and good energy absorption cushions
  • Features Velcro strips to ensure cushions don’t slouch down
  • Colour stays true to photos

The Bad:

  • May be a bit stiff for some

10. Arine Faux Leather Sofa by Red Barrel Studio

Arine Faux Leather Sofa

Red Barrel Studio offers functional furniture to help you build the foundation of your dream home. This company provides classic designs that never compromise on comfort. Bring home versatile elegance that adds appeal to your space with the Arine Faux Leather Sofa.

Delivery & Installation

This excellent product is very easy to setup. Once you’ve placed it in the room you like, just remove the packaging and attach the legs and you’re ready to go. All-in-all, the entire setup should take you about 15 minutes.


The sofa is made of faux leather that offers a similar look and feel to genuine leather without harming any animals in the making. Since it is made from a machine, the fabric has an even and consistent colour throughout. You won’t have any odd patches of lighter or darker tones in your couch.

On top of that, faux leather is much more durable and easier to clean. You only need to wipe off any dirt and body oil with a damp cloth. For harder-to-remove stains, you can clean the sofa with an approved leather cleaner or a mild non-alkaline, non-detergent soap.

This hardy material can stand up to all kinds of abuse, making it especially suitable for those with kids or pets. Moreover, the Arine Faux Leather sofa is well made with a strong and sturdy frame to support up to 700 pounds in weight. You can cramp an entire family on that couch without worrying about it wobbling or breaking down.


The Arine sofa is wrapped in bonded leather upholstery to showcase a rich dark brown hue. This handsome three-seater will instantly elevate your favourite décor arrangements. Its streamlined silhouette and padded track arms give it a clean profile, while its tufted and stitched details add a touch of classic appeal to any room décor.

At 85 inches wide, this sofa is a perfect fit for any rustic or traditional room ensemble. An amazing couch at a friendly price that will not let you down.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Overall: 36” H x 85” W x 38” D
  • Seat: 20” H x 22” D
  • Minimum Door Width – Side to Side: 33.9”
  • Overall Product Weight: 107.35 lb.

The Good:

  • Animal-friendly faux leather material
  • Consistent colour and texture throughout the entire couch
  • Durable and easier to clean surface
  • Durable to all kinds of damage
  • Suitable for kids and pets
  • Weight capacity of up to 700 pounds

The Bad:

  • Not made of genuine leather
  • May be too soft for some


Leather is one of the most popular upholstery coverings for furniture, like sofas, chairs, bed frames, and footstools. Quality leather sofas have the attributes to be incredibly comfortable, especially when it is combined with a supportive framework and soft cushioning.

Overall, the best leather sofa to be is the Smith Leather by Darby Home Co. Sitting on a rubberwood frame, this sofa brings with it a deliciously sophisticated look to instantly boost your room’s décor.

The elegantly cabriole wooden leg details go to prove the designers and manufacturers take great care into even the tiniest detail. The support frame of the Smith Leather sofa is so sturdily built that it can withstand a very impressive weight capacity of 750 pounds. Comfortably fitting an entire family on it without breaking a sweat.

The beautiful and indulgent genuine full-grain leather is so buttery soft to touch that it makes you want to melt right into it and never leave. The sofa does not only offer superior comfort, but it also keeps you well-supported without the feeling of sinking in.

You can tell a lot of care and effort has been taken to make sure the sofa lives up to even the highest standards of comfort. You can look forward to many hours spent relaxing on your new Smith Leather sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is leather?

Real leather is a natural product made from cured animal skin. The cattle hide makes up the majority of the leather used in upholstered furniture. It is warm, durable. And has unique characteristics that bear the marks of its natural origin. Some leather can show scratches, growth marks, and hair pore structure. These characteristics are 100% natural and in no way affect the quality of the leather.

Retailers love to confuse customers with the many grades of leather to encourage them to think that they’re paying more for better quality. However, this is not necessarily the case as tanneries only produce one quality of tanned upholstery leather. The only difference is the various finishing processes applied after tanning.

In any case, different types of leather bring with them a unique set of merits. Eventually, there will always be a trade-off between leather appearance and ease of maintenance. Leather’s smooth and silky design makes it an excellent choice for both modern and traditional house décor.

How is upholstery leather made?

A cattle hide is first salted to preserve it. When it arrives at the tannery, it is soaked in chemicals to dissolve any hair follicles. This process also causes the cowhide to swell up in thickness. The upper layer of the hardwearing grained surface is separated off for upholstery leather while the bottom layer is sent through for further processing.

Once tanned and dried, the cowhide is graded by size and degree of scarring and blemish found on its surface. The less-scarred hides are generally used for full-grain leathers, while hides with more blemishes are lightly buffed and used to create corrected grains.

Are leather sofas comfortable?

Quality leather sofas are well-known for their incredible comfort, especially when it is combined with supportive frames and plush cushioning. Leather is not only luxurious; it is also one of the most durable materials for upholstered furniture. You can look forward to many happy hours spent relaxing on a good quality leather furniture.

Are leather sofas durable?

Yes, real leather sofas are some of the most durable material around. With the right care and treatment, an item of leather furniture can last a lifetime. This material is inherently water-resistant, making it much easier to clean compared to fabric. They also don’t accumulate dust, so you don’t have to worry about dusting them as much as you would with other sofas.

Leather is a naturally robust material that holds up well to everyday wear and tear. In case of any accidental scuffing, the marks work to add some character into your upholstery.

What is the difference between full-grain and corrected grain leather?

Grain is a term used to mean the upper layer of the leather, though it is commonly used to describe the embossing of most finished leathers.

Full-grain leather – also known as top-grain leather – is where the topmost layer has been left untouched after the tanning process. This method helps the leather to retain its naturally smooth surface along with any natural scars or blemishes as evidence of the hide’s origin.

Corrected grain leather is where the topmost surface has been finely buffed to reduce any appearance of raised scars. This type of leather usually receives a fine embossed effect after finishing to mask any appearance of scars further.

What happens to the bottom part of the hide?

After chemical treatment, the hide is put through a splitting machine to slice through the thickness. The topmost section is used to make upholstery leather while the under section – known as “split” – is used to create suede items.

Some cheaper methods of leather production coat one side of a split with heavy pigment coating to create an artificial grain pattern to look like leather. However, this material will not last long and should be avoided.

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