Best King Size Sheets – 7 King Size Bedsheets You Need To Know

Bedsheets are a essential part of the bedroom and they are crucial for the overall comfort of getting a good night’s sleep. Most are more concerned about the aesthetic part of bedsheets; matching the overall décor of the bedroom but having the right bedsheet with a material that fits your sleeping needs is more important. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a bedsheet for your king-sized mattress in terms of comfortability, cooling features, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic features.

Since you are looking for a king-sized sheet, you should already have a fairly comfortable mattress to begin with. You should identify what you would like your king-sized sheet to offer to help you achieve comfortable sleep nightly; perhaps you would require sheets that are more focused on airflow or if you prefer extra-soft luxurious feel sheets to enhance the comfortability.

Type Of Bedsheets To Consider


A solid go-to choice for most sleepers, pure cotton sheets are always in style. These sheets are usually made with pure cotton fibers (it is always best to check the label of the product to be completely sure) and made of completely natural raw materials. Cotton sheets are great for airflow and moisture-wicking; its absorbent rate is excellent with good durability due to the natural fibers. The texture of a cotton sheet might not be very soft, this depends on the quality of the sheet and the type of weave that is used for the sheet. People who live in hot and humid climates usually prefer cotton sheets due to its breathability and if the consumer prefers a more luxurious feel on a cotton sheet then purchasing one with high thread counts will help.

Egyptian Cotton

This material is rated as one of the highest quality bedsheet material available to man and it is famous for its luxurious feel due to its long fibers and flexibility; Egyptian cotton is also very soft so the bedsheet made from it can feel opulent and luxurious. Due to its high-quality make, Egyptian cotton sheets are very durable and long-lasting; they also have excellent breathability to keep the sleeper cool while resting.

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Pima Cotton

Pima cotton sheets are made of a special breed of cotton that is famous for its long-staple fibers that makes it extremely durable and soft at the same time. Pima cotton sheets are weaved in two methods; sateen or percale. The sateen weave gives the sheet an extra-soft luxurious feel while a percale finished sheet is very durable and strong. A pure Pima cotton bedsheet is usually very sought after due to its extreme softness; a low thread count Pima cotton sheet can rival a high thread count cotton sheet very easily due to its long-staple fibers.


Blended material bedsheets are very easily found in the market these days, a blended bedsheet is generally made of polyester and cotton materials. The two materials are usually weaved and blended together in a specific ratio to ensure that the sheet has good features to provide; blended bedsheets are usually silky, durable, wrinkle-free and cheaper than pure material based sheets. Blended bedsheets are also quite breathable due to the presence of cotton fibers in the mix while the polyester material helps to maintain the sheet’s softness and retains the color dye well.


Bamboo sheets are extremely strong, durable and famous for their breathability. These sheets are made from bamboo-based materials like rayon, viscose and lyocell; these are by-products made from bamboo cellulose. Since this material is very sustainable and eco-friendly, it is generally great for sleepers who need their king-size sheets to be hypoallergenic, breathable and soft. Bamboo sheets are also very durable due to the strong fibers and have great moisture-wicking abilities.

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Additional Comfort To Consider For Your Bed


If you are looking to add more comfort to your bed, quilts are a great way to do so which adding a stylish look to your bedroom décor. A quilt is a soft covering that goes on top of the bedsheet and it is made of many fabrics being stitched together to form a unique pattern. This extra layer of comfort is usually filled with cotton or synthetic blend of materials which adds to the cozy factor in the bedroom.


Comforters are used as a thicker and softer substitute of a blanket, a high-quality comforter can add to the luxurious feeling of the bed while providing great comfort to the sleeper. A comforter is usually filled with organic or non-organic material, you can choose which material meets your preference. This is a great addition to have in your bedroom especially if you live in a cold climate as it provides good warmth and is very comfortable.

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A duvet is a lighter variation of a comforter, this comfort layer provides some light, cooling coverage while being easy to manage. A duvet may also replace a blanket and it is a more comfortable option; it also comes in many patterns so you may add some artistic value to your bedroom décor with a unique duvet to match the bedsheet.

Special Features To Look Out For

Thread Count

Thread count of a bedsheet is generally an indicator of softness, quality and durability of the sheet. In broad terms, thread counts cannot fully capture the total feel of comfortability of the sheet as the big variable that makes a difference in this is the material of the sheet. For example, a Pima cotton sheet might have a lower thread count but its softness and durability might be the equivalent to an high thread count bedsheet made of pure cotton. It is adviseable to use thread counts as a basic guideline and to always consider the material of the sheet before fully deciding on its comfortability, airflow capabilities, overall softness and durability.


It is important to get a texture you prefer for your king-sized bedsheet due to large surface area that will be covered by the bedsheet; you would not want to sleep on a bedsheet that you will uncomfortable in. Sleepers generally prefer a silky smooth and soft texture for bedsheets; having good airflow is a plus point too as you would not want the bedsheet to overheat and make you sweat while you sleep.


A king-sized bedsheet should have more vertical positioned weaves than horizontal weaves; this would help the sheet to give off a luxurious, extra-soft feel. Since a king-size sheet has a large surface area exposed compared to smaller sized sheets, maximizing the level of comfort with the appropriate weave pattern is important to ensure the sleeper is comfortable. It is the generally the belief that a vertical based weave gives off more silkiness which is important to have in such a large-sized bedsheet.

Our Top Picks For Best King-Sized Sheets

Here’s a list of our best king-sized sheets for 2019.

 1. Cuddledown

Cuddledown is a bedding company that was famous in the 70’s for their luxurious, high-quality down comforters in their Maine hometown. Their down comforters were famous as it was an affordable and comfortable way to keep warm when the cost of heating was high. Since then this bedding company has evolved to include more bedding products to their repertoire much to the delight of their loyal customers. Cuddledown bedsheets are manufactured with high-quality materials for optimum comfort and durability for consumers.

Their Hotel Sateen bed sheet set is made out of 100% pure combed cotton with a sateen weave; the special weave gives the sheet a silky smooth finish that will give your mattress a luxurious, hotel-like feel. This bedsheet set has a 400 thread count which would provide good durability and comfort; the pure cotton fibers will also encourage good airflow into the sheet and mattress so you can sleep cool. The cotton material will also have good moisture-wicking abilities so if you live in a humid or hot climate you will not have to deal with the sheet clinging to your skin with sweat while you sleep.

The Cuddledown Hotel Sateen sheet set are also wrinkle-resistant and comes with shrinkage-controlled finish; this would mean you will get crisp and crease-free sheets on your mattress and this is a bonus feature as most extra-soft sheets can be prone to creasing and wrinkling quite easily. The king-sized sheet set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the flat sheet and pillowcases are furnished with double satin stitching which adds a touch of class to the bedsheet set.

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The fitted sheet comes with 16 inch sewn pockets and can fit most standard king-size mattresses (unless your king-sized mattress has a custom made thickness level). All the materials used in the manufacturing of the sheet have been certified by the OEKO-TEX® standard; the sheet is safe to use for humans and contains no harmful chemicals while being hypoallergenic.

It is quite easy to clean and maintain this Cuddledown sheet, you may machine wash the sheets in a gentle warm water cycle and use a low heat setting in the dryer; avoid bleach or any harsh chemicals as this will compromise the cotton fibers and the durability of the sheet. You may choose to iron the sheets to get rid of any wrinkles that are stubborn but sheet should be wrinkle-free after it is fitted across the mattress.

This is a premium range king-sized bed sheet set that is priced at $252, you get a hotel-quality sheet set that adds a luxurious feel to your bedroom while not compromising on quality, comfort, breathability and durability. The company does accept returns and exchanges for non-specialized items (if the bedsheet is monogrammed this cannot be returned) but you will need to keep the original packaging to return the set to Cuddledown.

 2. Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch is a relatively young bedding manufacturing company that was established in 2014 that placed their focus on creating, producing and manufacturing sheets that are all-organic, ethically made and high-quality for customers. They are a fair-trade certified company that is very transparent about how their raw materials and manufacturing process is done; consumers who prefer to support companies who are fair-trade will find Boll & Branch’s business model to be ethical.

Boll & Branch’s Solid Hemmed sheet set is manufactured from long-staple organic cotton that is sourced from Orissa, India. The long-staple fibers are great for bedsheets as they are very durable and Boll & Branch has chosen to weave the fibers with a four-over, one-under method which means this sheet will stretch well over a king-sized mattress and will be able to retain its flexibility well for a long period of time. The long-staple organic cotton fibers provide a silky touch to the sheet so you get sheets that are high-quality and hotel-like; the cotton fibers are also very breathable so you can sleep cool and moisture-free through the night.

Boll & Branch’s cotton is also certified by the OEKO-TEX® standard so the whole bedsheet set contains no harmful chemicals and is it safe to use; it is also hypoallergenic so if you are prone to allergies this sheet should not trigger any adverse reaction from your body. The king-sized bed sheet set comes with one flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, which is a standard package for most bedsheet sets. The fitted sheet comes with pockets of 17 inches which is a standard size, it should fit be able to fit your king-sized mattress provided the mattress has no custom measurements. The Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed sheet set comes with 300 thread counts since it is made of pure long-staple cotton this sheet should be very soft in feel; Boll & Branch has used a sateen weave for this bedsheet set to enhance the silkiness.

You may wash the sheets in a cold water wash using a machine, it is better to separate the colors when washing. The sheets can be tumbled dry on a low to medium heat setting or it can also be air-dried. It is recommended to avoid fabric softeners and bleach when washing the sheets to preserve its durability and if you need to get rid of stubborn stains you can spot clean or pre-soak the bedsheet.

This luxury king size sheet set is priced at $250 and it comes with a 100-day return policy. Overall the Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed bed sheet set would be great addition to your bedding collection or as a gift due to its pure organic make, great functionality and high-quality materials.

 3. Saatva Dreams

Saatva Dreams is a branch from the online mattress company giant, Saatva. Saatva Dreams manufactures high-quality bedding accessories like bed sheets and pillows to accompany the mattress that the main company produces. Saatva Dreams is a focused arm that helps to produce high-quality cotton sheets that are luxurious and comfortable for the consumer with good after-sales care.

The Lofton Organic Sheets set by Saatva Dreams is made from 100% long-staple cotton fibers that are breathable and organic. The sheets are cooling and have great airflow properties while being very durable due to the long-staple feature of the fibers. Saatva Dreams has used a sateen weave finish for the bedsheet set so there is an added value of silkiness to sheet in combination with the long-staple fibers.

You will experience ultra-softness with the sheets and the durability will also add to the flexibility of the fabric making it to drape well over the king-sized mattress. It is important for the sheet to fit well on the mattress as you will not want the bedsheet to bunch and cause lumps on the mattress; this will affect your comfortability during sleep. This king-size bedsheet set has 300 thread count, it is very soft due to its long-staple features and should serve your preference for having soft king-size sheets.

The cotton sourced for this bed sheet set is ethically sourced and the company is fair-trade and  Global Organic Textile certified. The sheet contains no harmful chemicals and it is hypoallergenic; it is safe for prolonged usage for humans and animals alike. The set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet can fit mattress with the thickness of 10 to 15 inches, this is a standard level of thickness. The bedsheet comes in three neutral colors; white, ivory and grey. The color scheme of the bedsheet is set at a neutral color palette which can be quite classy for a bedroom.

Saatva Dreams recommends washing the bed sheet set before using it for the first time this is due to the sheet being slightly oversized before it is first used. After the first washing there will be natural shrinkage and the sheet would fit better to the king-sized mattress. You can wash the sheets in cold water with a machine on a gentle cycle while avoiding bleach and strong detergents. The manufacturer recommended organic or natural detergents to preserve the pure cotton fibers of the sheet. The sheets can be dried on low heat with a dryer but they should be removed from the dryer immediately after the cycle to avoid shrinkage and damage.

This premium range king-size bed sheet set is priced at $215, comes with free shipping and there is a 45-day return policy. This is a good quality bed sheet set that comes with good materials and functions while still keeping to its luxurious theme.

 4. Slumber Cloud

Slumber Cloud is a bedding company established in 2013 to focus on delivering sleeping solutions to consumers by partnering with sleep experts; they prioritize quality and functionality so their customer can experience the good night’s sleep they deserve.

Slumber Cloud’s Stratus Sheet set is a special bed sheet set that is designed with special patented engineered technology from NASA; the sheet is created with Outlast® fibers. The Outlast® technology from NASA is essentially a uniquely engineered material that has excellent properties to absorb excess heat to reduce a high percentage of the fabric to overheat. Outlast® fabric also has the ability to store extra heat until the external temperature around the fabric drops; when the temperature reduces the Outlast® fabric will release the stored heat to warm whatever it surrounds; this fabric will ensure that the sleeper will sleep in a perfectly regulated temperature. This is a great feature to have in a bedsheet especially if you sleep with a partner who has different temperature preferences to yours, Outlast® is capable to manage two different temperature preferences due to its storing and releasing heat features. The bedsheet is completely made of the impressive NASA-approved Outlast® fibers and premium grade cotton fibers; you can be ensured that you can sleep in a cool and comfortable temperature all night long with the Stratus sheet from Dream Cloud.

This bed sheet is also very durable and flexible due to the cotton fibers incorporated with the special Outlast® material; the manufacturer ensure that the Outlast® features in the bedsheet is guaranteed to last through the lifetime of the sheet. The Stratus sheet comes with a sateen weave finish so it is incredibly soft-to-touch and will drape well over your king-sized mattress; the sheet has a 300 single-ply thread count which speaks of the softness possessed by the specially blended materials.

The bedsheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet has a unique 360° degree elastic sewn in so it is easy to secure the whole sheet to the king-sized mattress without any confusion. The fitted sheet also comes with pockets that can fit mattresses that are up to 15 inches in thickness; this should fit a standard king-size mattress.

To care for the Stratus sheet you may machine wash the sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent avoiding bleach and other strong cleaning agents. The manufacturer recommends using their Slumber Cloud Free & Clear Laundry detergent for better cleaning capabilities and to help preserve the special materials that are used in the bedsheet. A low heat cycle to dry the sheets with a dryer is possible but it is also best to air dry the sheets when possible to preserve its durability and functionality.

The Dream Cloud Stratus Sheet set is priced at $209 and it comes in three color choices; white, bold blue and linen. The sheet has a 60-night sleep trial and free shipping. If you are looking for king-sized bed sheets with superior cooling features then look no further as the Stratus has amazing features that can help to keep you and your sleeping partner cool in bed.

 5. Parachute

Parachute was created by Ariel Kaye to produce and manufacture high-quality bedding products that are luxurious and made with social responsibility. This company has a good array of bedding products and accessories with good user ratings and the addition of the company’s partnership with the UN’s Nothing But Nets campaign makes it a worthwhile manufacturer to consider purchasing bedding products from. In case you were wondering, the Nothing But Nets campaign by the UN is designed to send life-saving malaria prevention bed nets to those who are living in the disease-prone area.

Parachute’s Percale Sheet set is a bedsheet set that is made from 100% premium organic long-staple Egyptian cotton. The cotton is harvested from Egypt and shipped to Portugal where the bedsheet is crafted in the Guimaraes region of Portugal in a mill that has been run for generations; this is a special unique feature that you can boast about the sheet as not many sheets are made in old mills. The pure Egyptian cotton fibers are woven in the percale style making it highly durable and since Egyptian cotton is naturally soft and breathable so the resulting bedsheet will have superior cooling properties while being ultra-soft.

Parachute’s take on thread count is that is it not the best way to measure the quality of sheets hence they have omitted the thread count information; the company states that their bedsheet is made from high-quality materials and weaving technology so the comfortability and quality of the sheet cannot be accurately measure by the number of thread count. The manufacturer also states that they do not use any chemicals like formaldehyde, silicone or other toxic chemicals to soften or stiffen their fabrics; the percale material will naturally soften even more over time and washes.

The Egyptian cotton used in Parachute’s Percale sheet is OEKO-TEX® certified meaning they do not use any chemicals before or after the manufacturing of the sheet to alter or enhance the functionality. This bedsheet is also hypoallergenic so it is safe to use for a long-term basis for kids and humans. This luxury percale sheet can be washed with cold water on a gentle machine cycle with mild liquid detergent; it is always recommended to avoid using bleach or strong cleaning chemicals to maintain the features of the premium Egyptian cotton fibers. The sheets can be dried with a low heat cycle; you may opt to use woolen dryer balls instead of dryer sheets in the dryer.

The Parachute Percale sheet set comes with one fitted sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet can fit king-sized mattresses that are up to 16 inches thick. This bed sheet set comes in seven different colors are neutral to dark; it is recommended to separate colors when washing the sheet. This luxury percale sheet is priced at $149 and comes with a 90-day return policy; this premium range bedsheet set has good luxurious materials and excellent functionality to make your nights on a king-sized mattress comfortable.

 6. Thread Spread

Thread Spread’s True Luxury king-sized bed sheet set is unique to its many options of colors and patterns; it comes in 21 different options and this is great if you are looking for a king-sized bedsheet that needs to have a unique color or pattern. This bed sheet set is made of 100% pure long-stapled pure Egyptian cotton making the sheet very durable and breathable. Thread Spread boasts that their True Luxury bedsheet set has 1,000 thread counts which makes this bed sheet set very luxurious and you may expect the sheets to have superior softness due to the Egyptian cotton fibers and the amount of threads used.

The long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers are woven with a sateen finish which adds a classy, silky look to the sheets so your king-sized mattress will look luxurious draped in such high-quality woven sheet. The cotton used in the sheet is not treated with any chemicals to artificially soften the fibers, the whole set is OEKO-TEX® certified hence you can be assured that the sheet is safe to use for a long period of time. The Egyptian cotton will only become softer to touch after prolonged usage and washes; it is important to ensure you care for the sheets according to the care instructions so the delicate fibers will not be damaged.

This bed sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases; the fitted sheet comes with extra-deep pockets and can fit king-sized mattresses that are up to 18 inches in thickness. This is very helpful if you have a custom made king-size mattress and need your sheets to have deep fitting pockets. The fitted sheet also comes with extra-strength elastic so it can fit and stay secure on the mattress; a bedsheet that loosens or bunches easily will compromise your comfortability in bed and might interrupted your sleep.

This Egyptian bed sheet can be machine washed with warm water with a gentle spin cycle; it is best to avoid bleach and strong detergents, always try to use mild detergents so the softness and durability of the cotton fibers can be preserved. It is recommended to dry the sheets by hanging them but if you need to use a dryer you made do so at a low to medium heat setting and the sheet has to be removed immediately after the cycle is completed so avoid shrinkage. It is preferable if you wash the sheets before using them for the first time, this would let the sheets to get softer and fit the mattress better.

The True Luxury bed sheet set from Thread Spread is a affordable bedding set considering its high-quality material, color options, functionality and overall comfortability. The company also states that they are happy to entertain any feedback or requests for exchanges in cases where customers are not happy with the bedsheet.

 7. Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is a predominately a mattress manufacturing company that also incorporated other bedding accessories after their mattress production took off and became successful; this company was one of the first manufacturers to launch the bed-in-a-box concept in the early years of 2000s.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Brushed Microfiber bed sheet set is made of 100% polyester that is high-quality and is finely woven to provide excellent airflow and breathability. If you are on the lookout for a king-size bed sheet made of synthetic material then this bed sheet might be worth your consideration. This brushed microfiber bed sheet set has tight weaves which makes it very durable and flexible which is important to have when fitting a sheet to a king-sized mattress; you would not want a sheet that is too tight or too loose on your mattress. The sheet will also hold its durability after multiple washings; this is important as you will get your money’s worth when investing in this bed sheet and will not have to frequently buy new sheets.

Due to its synthetic nature, this bed sheet has excellent airflow capabilities and can keep you cool while sleeping; the airflow capabilities of the sheet would also help to keep the mattress cool and not retain too much heat. The sheet also has good moisture-wicking capabilities while being soft-to-touch; you won’t have to wake up with sweaty sheets clinging you if you tend to overheat easily while sleeping. The microfiber has been engineered to have a soft feel so you will have a luxurious feel to the mattress when the bedsheet is used.

The Brooklyn Bedding bedsheet can be machine washed with cold water and can be tumbled dried on a low setting dryer cycle; do avoid bleach, fabric softeners, strong detergents and dryer sheets to preserve the functionality of the sheets. The fitted sheet can fit a mattress that is 11 to 14 inches thick, it is important to measure the thickness of your king-size mattress before making the purchase. This sheet comes in six neutral tones which can add a classy feel to your bedroom and it is quite affordable for a king-sized sheet with its $59 price.

Buying Your King-Sized Sheets

There is a good variety of king-sized sheets available in the bedding accessory marketplace, all you need to do is identify your preferences first before going on a shopping spree. Factors like material, features, budget and color are important to lock in before you go window shopping for your king-sized bedsheets. Once you have narrowed you options then making the decision to purchase the right type of sheets for your sleeping needs will be a lot easier and fun.

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