Best IKEA Mattress Review in 2021 – Comprehensive Review and Guide

Buying new furniture? IKEA will undoubtedly be the first brand to pop up in everyone’s mind. This popular Swedish brand has a broad range of home products that covers anything you can think of.

This big-box houseware retailer company is particularly famous for its many showrooms that feature mazes of dream living rooms or kitchen setups available in major cities all over the world. Shoppers love IKEA simply because of how affordable, accessible, and ready-to-assemble their furniture are.

IKEA Concept


IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden. From the very beginning, the company’s focus has always been the provision of affordable home furnishing products that improve the quality of life for everyone.

Each and every one of IKEA products are designed with the customer’s needs in mind so that it remains functional and enhances everyday life. Their popular furniture remains affordable as IKEA genuinely wants to help its customers create their desired lifestyle without the hefty price tag.

According to a nation-wide survey, IKEA takes 4th place out of all furniture and bedding sales in the United States. This company’s presence in the mattress industry is not something to turn a blind eye to.

In addition to that, IKEA offers a wide range of bedding collections that you can pick up in-store or simply have delivered. Shoppers looking for the best deal will get to choose from a wide selection of foam, latex-blend, and spring mattresses!

IKEA’s approach is somewhat different compared to many other mattress manufacturers. They place less emphasis on online sales and is more focused on its in-store experience. So, consumers looking to choose a mattress online may find the experience somewhat tricky.

With that being said, we are here to make your online shopping experience much more manageable with our in-depth review! In this IKEA mattress review guide, we will be breaking down their top mattresses, so you can have more knowledge of each bedding option before you make that final decision.

Here’s a fun fact about some IKEA mattresses:

Which Model is the Best?

IKEA foam mattress is suitable if you:-

  • Prefer firmer mattresses
  • Want to give memory foam a try without paying too much
  • Need a comfortable bed quickly

IKEA’s latex mattress is suitable if you:-

  • Are searching for a good deal
  • Prefer a medium-firm mattress
  • Sleep hot and require better airflow features in your bed
  • Are environmentally conscious and want to get an eco-friendly mattress
  • Don’t like to be jostled awake by your partner’s tossing and turning at night

IKEA’s innerspring mattress is suitable if you…

  • Prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress that offers even weight distribution
  • Need a bed with excellent edge support
  • Like the bouncy feels and support of coils
  • Require a thinner mattress

IKEA’s Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses

IKEA’s spring mattresses consist of lots of metal coils suspended in other materials that offer a lot of bounce and food temperature control. Innerspring mattresses support the body by providing a good push-back response.

Spring mattresses are known to offer excellent support by evenly distributing body weight. The coils’ open construction allows proper air circulation within the mattress to keep you cool at night. IKEA offers a diverse line of different spring beds ranging from medium to firm support.

Below are the reviews of our top 4 innerspring and hybrid mattresses by IKEA.

1. HOLMSBU Pillowtop Mattress


This medium-firm mattress features a pillowtop comfort layer made of 3.1 PCF Gel memory foam, 1.7 PCF Polyfoam, fibre fill, and 750 pocketed mini coils that mold to your body and improve blood circulation. This integrated pillowtop layer allows sleepers to achieve complete relaxation.

Unlike standard memory foams, this gel-infused layer quickly dissipates any heat build-up to create a cooler sleeping surface. Additionally, the soft layer of mini pocket springs contours gently to your body’s natural curves for enhanced comfort.

The HOLMSBU mattress core is made up of two layers of individually wrapped pocket springs – each consisting of 594 coils – that work independently to provide your body with the best support in all the right places. The manufacturer even included a generous layer of soft filling for that added comfort.

This mattress also comes with an extra zipped protective cover that can be easily removed for cleaning. The cover even has handles on all sides to make it easier for transporting or moving between rooms.

This exceptionally thick mattress stands at an impressive height of 17 ¾ inches tall. Many happy customers commented that this plush bed is “the best mattress” they’ve ever purchased.

On the other hand, this large thickness also means that it requires deep-pocketed fitted sheets that may be harder to find. Besides, some readers have also commented that the mattress feel too soft and has poorer edge support, which ultimately leads to early sagging.

2. HJELLESTAD Pillowtop Mattress


For those who find the HOMSBU mattress too firm, you may want to consider the HJELLESTAD. At 15 3/8 inches height, the HJELLESTAD is a slightly thinner version of the pillowtop hybrid style mattress with pocketed coils and polyurethane foam.

HJELLESTAD’s pillowtop layer consists of 3.1 PCF Memory foam, 1.5 PCF polyfoam and 1.7 PCF polyfoam, and 594 pocketed mini springs offer sleepers with snug and comfortable surface that molds to your body as you lay down.

The main difference between the HJELLESTAD and HOLMSBU is that the manufacturers have replaced one layer of pocketed springs with polyfoam in its comfort layer to give the mattress a medium firmness.

This softer bed is particularly suitable for back sleepers as the foam layer gently fills in the space in your lumbar region for pressure relief. The thick comfort layer also ensures side sleepers experience minimal pressure on their shoulder and hip area.

Stomach sleepers should do well to avoid this mattress as it is too soft to keep your shoulders and hips aligned. This will create strains in your spinal area and make it difficult for breathing.

Despite the slight reduction in thickness, this mattress still stands pretty tall and require deep-pocketed fitted sheets. The soft bed carries with it the same issues of poorer edge support and premature sagging.

Some readers even commented that they found the mattress to be too bouncy for comfort. The lack of gel infusion also means that the bed does get warmer in the middle of the night.

3. HESSTUN Eurotop Mattress


This Eurotop mattress consists of two coats of foam. The first one is made of 1.8 PCF cold foam, while the second is 1.7 PCF polyurethane foam. This magical layer of memory foam provides you with enhanced support.

The HESSTUN bed comes with a double layer of individually wrapped pocket coils that are 6 inches high for better comfort and resilience. The steel coils are highly responsive to even the slightest movement to reduce pressure on your body for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The response coil technology in the mattress reduces motion transfer so that you get to enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep blissfully. Furthermore, the mattress is made of breathable materials to keep the bed from getting uncomfortably hot during the night.

Standing at 13 inches tall, this mattress is comparable to many other mainstream hybrid mattresses. On top of that, the HESSTUN comes in two firmness options: medium-firm and firm to suit a variety of sleep preferences.

Although the mattress features two layers of coils, this bed is not made for heavier profiled sleepers. Heavyweight sleepers may find that the mattress is not as firm as expected with less support. Some readers have found that the HESSTUN does tend to sag inwards after a few months of sleeping.

4. HAUGSVAR Hybrid Mattress


The hybrid mattress uses 6 inches high base of individually wrapped coils that follow and adjust to your every movement. The coils feature plenty of space between them to allow for better airflow within the mattress.

The top of the mattress is made of 1.8 PCF Polyfoam for contouring purposes and dense polyfoam, which is excellent for pressure relief and soothing painful joints. Sleepers will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

The HAUGSVAR mattress is available in two firmness settings: medium and firm. While back and stomach sleepers are free to choose from both setting, side sleepers should go for the medium-firm option as the softer mattress allows the body to sink in a bit for a more comfortable rest.

This reasonably-priced mattress has upscaled features that make it feel more expensive than it really is. Sleepers love the pressure relief and improved blood circulation offered by the highly resilient foam. The pocketed coils also ensure there are low levels of motion transfer across the bed for a peaceful sleep.

However, the plush but supportive mattress does not have a removable cover. In case of any stains, it is recommended to conduct spot cleaning with a damp cloth to wipe off spots.

While there are a few complaints about sagging and depression, it is well noted that these conditions only develop after a few years. Other negative reviews also mentioned that the mattress has poor edge support, and the bed is too firm for some.

IKEA’S Foam & Latex Mattress

IKEA’s foam mattresses include models made from polyfoam, memory foam, or a combination of both. Memory foam is well known for its deep compression support, pressure relief, and body contouring properties, while high-density polyurethane foam has a supportive and firm feel.

The foam mattresses rely on supportive layers to adjust to your body. Many beds vary in thickness or type of foam used, but each different layer is what makes each foam mattress so unique.

On the other hand, latex mattresses are constructed by aerating a sap-like substance to create a firm, bouncy mattress. Latex beds are known to provide firmness and pressure relief. Foam latex is also environmentally friendly since they’re made of natural materials.

IKEA’s latex mattresses come only in medium-firm support and is on the higher end of the height spectrum. These premium beds are also priced slightly higher than the rest and can go up to $1,000 for a queen bed.

Below are the reviews of the top 4 foam and latex mattresses by IKEA.

1. MAUSUND Natural Latex Mattress


IKEA’s latest addition to its latex bedding line and also their only mattress incorporated with natural latex. The MAUSUND is made from 85% natural latex, natural wool, and coconut fibers.

Although it is not made entirely from natural latex, sleepers can still notice a significant difference and improvement in terms of comfort, contouring, and durability of the MAUSUND mattress. At 8 inches high, the bed combines natural fabrics such as cotton and wool to enhance airflow through the mattress.

The comfort zone gives the mattress a medium-firm feel that is more responsive than memory foam with an added touch of bounciness. Other than that, the MAUSUND features natural wool on the top for added softness above the thick layer of latex.

This makes the mattress universally suitable, regardless of whether you’re a back, stomach, side, or combo sleeper. On top of that, this mattress is best for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, as it’s made up of hypoallergenic materials.

The MAUSUND is one of the thinnest IKEA mattresses available on the market. For a slightly more premium price, sleepers might expect a thicker mattress with more cushioning. Sleepers who have a heavier profile may experience some sagging and indentations sooner than expected because the mattress is not thick enough to bear the weight properly.

Overall, this is IKEA’s best latex model that offers sufficient support for pressure relief and gentle contouring to body curves for a comfortable night’s sleep. What’s more impressive is that this eco-friendly mattress is made from renewable materials that come from sustainable sources. Good for the environment, even greater for your body!

2. KNAPSTAD Memory Foam Mattress


KNAPSTAD uses polyurethane memory foam, 2.0 PCF polyurethane foam, and 2.5 PCF polyurethane foam in their comfort layer. The layers are softer on top for better contouring effect and a firmer base at the bottom to support the mattress.

It is a well-known fact that memory foam retains heat easily, that is why this memory foam mattress features gel-infusion to keep the moldable, pressure-relieving memory foam from getting too hot. You get to enjoy the bed without having to worry about getting all sweaty and uncomfortable.

While sleepers share the concern that the cooling gel would interfere with the pleasant squishy feel of the memory foam, this apparently is not the case with KNAPSTAD. The medium firm sleeping surface offers you a better quality of sleep with reduced back pain.

IKEA smartly packs this mattress rolled up tightly to keep things simple and convenient for you when transporting your new bed into your room. All you need to do is to remove the packaging and unroll the mattress on your bed frame.

Although you can use the mattress immediately, you do need to keep in mind that the mattress has been tightly rolled for a while and will need approximately 72 hours to regain its full shape and comfort.

Standing at 9 7/8 inches, the KNAPSTAD is not exceptionally thin, yet some sleepers found that it felt thin because of its slightly solid build. Some customers also reported an unpleasant odour. However, this is completely normal as the materials in the foam tend to produce off-gassing. The smell should be gone after airing the mattress for a couple of days.

3. MYRBACKA Latex Mattress


IKEA’s next latex bed, MYRBACKA, features only two layers in its 9.6 inches thick build. This mid-level entry mattress stands significantly taller than most of their budget-friendly mattress options.

The MYRBACKA consists of 5 inches of synthetic latex made from the low-cost Dunlop process. Latex produced through this process is known to be firmer and bouncier than the standard latex. The manufacturer even included a layer of lamb wool on top for extra coziness and comfort.

The mattress’s base is made of 6.5 inches of resilient cold polyfoam that is highly durable. The supportive base effectively distributes weight evenly across the mattress and works well to relieve specific pressure points, especially in the knees, hips, and shoulders area.

The MYRBACKA has a medium-firm setting that some sleepers perceive as quite firm initially. This firmness enables the mattress to ensure back sleepers get proper spinal alignment.

The mattress does not come rolled in a box, which makes transporting it more tedious. On the other hand, the MYRBACKA mattress is ready to be used immediately as you won’t need to wait a few days for it to regain its full shape.

However, there have been some comments that heavier sleepers experience sinking in after a while, which is why this bed is mainly suited for average to lightweight people. Other than that, the mattress also lacks good edge support and has much shorter durability.

4. MORGEDAL Foam Mattress


MORGEDAL is one of the best-valued mattresses in IKEA. This foam mattress is made of 2.4 inches of 2.2 PCF high resilience foam. This soft layer keeps the foam bed from feeling too firm. Sleepers with achy hips or shoulders will find relief in this comfort zone.

The high-resilience foam gives the bed improved support and reduced motion transfer for a comfortable and blissful night’s sleep. Many of our readers commented that the firmness is “just right” and praised this budget-friendly bed’s excellent back support.

The base layer consists of 1.7 PCF polyfoam that helps the mattress to achieve better overall durability. This solid base enables the mattress to withstand many nights of sleeping before it starts to sag. Many have reported back with good feedback regarding MORGEDAL’s performance.

The 7 1/8 inches thick mattress is completed with a removable cotton/polyester blend cover that is very easy to take off and air out. The cover can be split into two parts with a machine-washable top layer for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

The MORGEDAL mattress is available in both medium-firm and firm variety to appeal to a wider segment of consumers. Heavyweight sleepers may prefer the firm option for better support and reduced sagging.

The MORGEDAL lacks a cooling feature, which makes the sleeping surface warm up rather quickly, as you might expect from an all-foam mattress. This makes the bed a poor choice for hot sleepers.

IKEA Mattress Similarities

IKEA carries a total of 16 different mattresses, each of which are unique in their own way. However, there are several similarities shared by the entire line, regardless of whether it is constructed of foam, latex, or spring. Below are the common similarities among IKEA mattresses:

  • Every IKEA mattress is designed and built at the IKEA factory in Sweden.
  • IKEA offers a 25-year warranty for all their mattresses, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.
  • IKEA mattresses come with a 365-day trial period. Within those 365 days, you may return your mattress for another mattress in the company’s line under it’s “Love it or Exchange it” program.
  • You can return your IKEA mattress for refund, but you must have the original receipt and the card used to make the purchase.
  • IKEA has a recycling program that will help to collect and recycle your old mattress for free if you purchase a new mattress from the company and have it delivered to your home.

IKEA Mattress Overall Reviews

At present, IKEA sells 16 different mattress series that range from cheap to slightly expensive pricing. The quality of their mattress varies along with the price, but each of them is backed by competitive exchange and warranty policies. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an IKEA mattress.


  • Average to good satisfaction
  • Great value
  • Average to good performance
  • Wide variety of selections
  • Good warranty

Many people find that the IKEA mattresses show average to above-average satisfaction. The comfort factors offered like motion isolation, ease of movement, odor, and bed temperature are satisfactory for the price. So overall, IKEA’s mattresses do offer suitable comfort and performance.

IKEA mattresses enter the market at lower than average prices, which means they have a higher value potential compared to other brands that charge much more for similar or even lower features. On top of that, IKEA has a large selection of bedding, including springs, memory foam, latex, and hybrids that come in different price levels for customers to choose from.

Other than these, the famous Swedish company offers 25 years of limited coverage on all their mattresses. This longer than average warranty duration is yet another strong advantage point for IKEA mattresses. The warranty covers manufacturing defects such as springs, foam cores, and latex cores to ensure that customers do not get a faulty product. However, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.


  • Limited firmness option
  • Limited size options
  • Durability concerns
  • Exchange-only policy

Although IKEA does provide a wide range of mattress option, all of them only come in firm to medium-firm setting. This firmness generally suits the majority of the sleepers, but larger and heavier individuals may have difficulty in getting comfortable with an IKEA mattress.

Most IKEA beds only come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. While these are the most common mattress sizes, you won’t be able to get one if your bed frame does not fit in any of these four sizes.

Next on the list of concerns is regarding the mattresses’ durability. Many customers complained of early sagging and indentations in their IKEA mattresses, particularly the innerspring version.

Lastly, IKEA offers an exchange-only policy; customers have up to a year to exchange their mattresses for one time only. This means that you would not be able to get a full refund even if you end up not liking any of the beds in store.

Should I Get an IKEA Mattress?

This is a toughie, mainly because there are so many different mattresses available. Below are the general reasons one might opt to go with an IKEA mattress.

Tight budget. The best part about IKEA mattresses is their reasonable price. They are priced below market average and would make an excellent investment if you only need a generally good fitting bed.

Prefer firm beds. All IKEA beds are pretty firm. If you’re a firm bed lover, you most likely will love the support and feel of their beds.

Options. IKEA has a wide variety of different mattresses to choose from. This company even offers other bedding products to complete your bed setup. I’m sure you can easily pick one that is best suited to your sleeping needs.

IKEA Mattress Alternatives

It is a given that IKEA mattresses are one of the best value purchases one could get. However, they do come with their own limitations, as discussed earlier. For those who prefer to invest slightly more to achieve better quality sleep at night, here are two alternatives that you might consider.

1. Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress

Puffy is one of the most popular foam mattresses available online and has defied all odds to become a household name in the competitive industry. This 3-layer foam mattress features 2 inches of cooling cloud foam on top that keeps this soft, airy mattress fresh and dry.

Puffy’s comfort layer consists of 2 inches of Climate Comfort Foam, which is manufactured in an environmentally friendly fashion that minimizes process emissions and eliminates the use of any harmful chemicals. This memory foam layer is extremely safe for both you and the environment.

For the foundation, the mattress uses 6 inches of dense support foam to keep the mattress in shape without any worries of early sagging. All in all, the Puffy mattress sits in between that of a memory foam and neutral foam feel that is very comfortable. This is one of the safest bets for people who are not sure what they want.

If you’re still hesitant about the mattress, Puffy offers a 101 nights trial to test the bed out and decide whether you like it. During that period, if you do decide that the mattress is not for you, you can contact customer support to schedule a refund. On top of that, all Puffy mattresses are backed with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

Now here comes the good part, Puffy is very aggressive when it comes to deals and discounts. The company can be seen almost always to have some sort of sale or promotion running for their mattresses. You can always head to their website to check out their latest promotions and see what you can save.

2. Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid is the company’s top-selling mattress, and it could just be the one you’re looking for. As the name suggests, this is a hybrid mattress that incorporates both foam and coils in a total of five layers.

The base layer is a solid support foam where individually encased coils are placed to provide even support and proper spinal alignment to sleepers. Above the coils is a layer of transitional foam and a comfort foam that eases you into the mattress without feeling the uncomfortable coils.

Next is a layer of gel-infused memory foam that offers better airflow compared to traditional memory foam. This pressure-relieving layer quickly dissipates any heat buildup to keep a cool surface. On top it all is a removable soft, quilted Celiant cover.

The combination of foam layers and coil allows the Bear Hybrid to offer good support without feeling too firm. This 14-inch is thick enough to ensure excellent durability and prevents heavier sleepers from sagging into the mattress.

Overall, the Bear Hybrid is a really nice mattress that even come with a 100-night trial period and completely free returns. If you want a responsive, durable, and comfy bedding, this affordable hybrid mattress should be on your list to try out.

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