Best Futon Mattresses in 2020 | A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Futon mattresses are made for convenience and not take up space in your home. In contrary to your assumptions and doubts, futon mattresses can work very well as a regular bedroom mattress. It can be used as a couch/sofa, or it can be doubled as a mattress for you to sleep on.

It really depends on what your needs are for your home. Before we continue, here are some criteria you should consider before buying one.


Before you settle for that futon mattress, you may want to consider the criteria listed below.


The material can be a crucial choice. It matters because you will want to consider whether the material is easy to clean. Some materials are easier to clean than others, while some may be washing machine friendly.

Product Dimension

The dimension depends on what purpose you have in mind for the futon mattress. Size matters because sometimes some people bought the futon mattress that doubles for a sofa and a mattress. Some people may never even use the futon mattress for sleeping purposes, and let it stay as a living room sofa.

If that is the case, maybe a full size futon mattress would have been sufficient. Not forgetting to mention that if you live in a house or apartment that’s tight for space, a foldable futon mattress would work. It does give your home a very hipster feel too.

Singular or Set

Singular futon mattress basically means it comes as it is. It does not come with extra mattresses or pillows.

Set futon mattress just means that it comes with other “complementary items”. Usually it’s an extra layer of mattress, pillow, and/or covers. It depends.


Some futon mattresses allows you to customize or fold it, especially the ones that is half-couch, half-bed. It depends on what you really want in your futon mattresses and the size of your home.

Additional Information

Additional information is basically the extra information that doesn’t quite fit anywhere and does not require its own sub-section. We included this section where we feel the information is still important info for you to get the products and items. It may not be the most important clause for you to consider, but it’s still important to not let it pass.

Depending on what purpose you wish it to serve you, here are our top picks.

Our Top 10 Best Futon Mattresses

Grace your home with one of our best futon mattresses.

1. Emoor 3-Piece Futon Set

Emoor 3 Piece Japanese Futon Set

Emoor 3-piece Futon Set is a futon set from Japan. It’s a Japanese-style futon set, so it’s made to be thinner than most conventional ones.

In this set, you will get 1x mattress, 1x comforter, 1x pillow, and its covers. All that totaling to 6 pieces in the set.


Emoor 3-Piece Futon Set is made out of cotton. Though the covers are 100% cotton, the filling is made of polyester.

Its mattress cover (fitted sheet), however, comes with an elastic. That means it will attach with great ease to the mattress.

Product Dimension

Emoor 3-piece Futon Mattress comes in 3 sizes: twin size, full size, and queen-long size.

Twin Size Dimension
  • Comforter: 59” (width) x 83” (length)
  • Comforter Cover: 75” (width) x 83” (length)
  • Mattress: 39” (width) x 79” (length)
  • Mattress Fitted Sheet: 57” (width) x 85” (length)
  • Pillow and Pillow Case: 43” (width) x 63” (length)
Full Size Dimension
  • Comforter: 75” (width) 83” (length)
  • Mattress: 55”(width) x 79” (length) x 2.5” (height)
  • Pillow 17” (width) x 25” (length)

Note that in this full-size set, it does not come with covers. You will either have to find the covers yourself (spend extra money to get it), or sleep on it as it is.

Queen Size Dimension
  • 63” (width) x 79” (length)

The queen size only comes with the mattress and not the pillows and comforter. You will have to get the extras on your own.

Singular or Set

It comes in a set of 3 pieces – a mattress, a pillow, a comforter, and a cover for each. Note that this only applies for the twin-sized Emoor Futon Mattress set.


Yes, it’s foldable. Its thickness allows you to fold its mattress (and comforter if you choose the full size and twin size) and pack it away.

To think of it, since it’s really easy to fold it that means it saves a lot of space for you home. What’s more, this is the epitome of minimalist living. So yes, if your home has space problems this futon set works as a bed substitute.

Additional Information

This is a pretty good mattress for people who are accustomed to sleeping on the ground. Users have come back saying it (naturally) helps with back pain and sleep comfortably. If you are not a fan of sleeping on a hard surface, this won’t be a recommended product.

Note that you can also use this product as a topper. If you find that your bed mattress is too low, too thin, or what other reasons you have, this futon can be used as a topper also. It works just fine and some users come back saying it works like a dream.

Some people wonder if it comes with a storage case. It doesn’t, so if you want a storage case you may have to find one for it.

If you are bothered because folding it and stashing it somewhere may dirty it, it depends on how you take care of it. As long as you have it neatly folded and kept at a clean corner, it should be fine.

Since the futon mattress comes with light-colored options (white, gray) people often have doubts with cleaning it. If you accidentally stain it, do not put it in the washing machine to wash. It will spoil the futon set!

Instead, you should dry clean the futon set in order to keep it hygienic. Take it to a dry cleaner, or dry-clean at home. It works. Just don’t put it in the washing machine as it will destroy it.

Also keep in mind that each dimension comes with different “amount” of a set. Some users voiced dissatisfaction that the queen sized don’t come with covers, comforters, etc. Check the product information again. It did mention that the 6 piece set is only for the twin-size and not for the full-size and queen-size.

Some users are also quite unhappy how the product came delivered looking dirty and stained. If this is an issue, do contact the manufacturer for further assistance. However, do keep in mind sometimes what you get may not look exactly like how it is in its online product pictures. The stains may have been a different shade under the lighting. Once again, if this is an issue, contact manufacturer for further clarification.

2. Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon (Foldable Mattress)

Luxton Home Japanese Shikifuton Mattress

This is another Japanese-style futon mattress. If you are someone who is very keen on back health, this is a good futon mattress.


Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon is made of polyester (fill material) and padded. The fabric is 100% organic and made of cotton. The material is highly durable and soft, and makes it easy to clean and have no offensive smell.

Product Dimension

It comes in 3 sizes: twin-long, full-long, and queen-long.

Twin-Long Size:

39” (width) x 83” (length) x 6.8” (height)

It comes with the option of having a sheet or without one.

Full-Long Size:

55” (width) x 83” (length) x 6.8” (height)

It comes with the option of having a sheet or without one.

Queen-Long Size:

63” (width) x 83” (length) x 6.8” (height)

It does not come with the option of having a sheet.

Singular or Set

It comes as it is, a single futon mattress. Despite it coming in a single futon piece, it also comes with a sheet depending on which option you choose. As mentioned previously, the queen-long size does not come with an option of having a sheet.

However, with or without a sheet is no big deal. To resolve this “issue”, often times people will just put an extra layer or cover over it.


Fear not, for it is foldable!

Like the Emoor Futon Set, you can fold it up neatly and pack it away in a corner. So if you are having space problems at home, this is another good choice.

On the other hand, it works as a topper for your bed too. If you feel you do not like sleeping on hard surfaces with very little padding between you, this works. All you need to do is to lay it across your bed and it turns into a topper. You’ll get an extra layer of padding!

Users have commented that it is comfortable and portable. Despite it being thin-layered, users said it is very comfortable to sleep in. Some users even said it can be used as a yoga or meditation mat. Furthermore, it can be packed up easily so that means you can use it for travelling, camping, and other outings.

Additional Information

Luxton Home Shiki Futon helps with back health. This futon is somewhat thin so you don’t sleep on a fully padded surface somehow. However, you will be sleeping on a firm surface that aligns your spine. Note that an unaligned spine during sleep is cause for back pains and back problems.

Another important information you should know is that futons sometimes take a while to expand to its full height (or size). Some take several minutes or hours, some take days. For this futon, you will need to allow 3 full days minimum to expand completely. As this product comes packed airtight, it will need some time to come to its full size.

If you fear bacteria, you can put it to sleep. This futon is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. If you have skin problems or babies, you can sleep on it with no irritation at all.

As mentioned previously, it does not have any offensive smell. IF it does, allow it to air out for several days before you use it.

To clean it, it is recommended that you hang it in sunlight or when the air is relatively dry. You can also use a beater to beat out dust and other material while airing. Do not wash it in washing machine as it may damage the futon mattress!

Some users complained that it is too thin for their liking. Mind that if it is too thin, it can always work as a mattress topper. Do remember that this futon mattress is made for people who have back problems in mind. Hence, it wasn’t made for the general or average population with “normal backs”.

3. DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

This futon mattress is made to look like a mattress and a sofa at the same time. It works well as both.


DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress is made of high-density foam and polyester layering between cover and coils. That makes for maximum comfort and support. Its 6” coil futon comes with a lavish tufted microfiber cover.

The foam in the mattress is made without PBDE, TDCPP, or TCEP (“tris”) flame retardants. It is also made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. That simply means it is made of safe material.

Product Dimension

Unfortunately, it only has one size. If you are looking for bigger sizes you will be disappointed.

Full-Size: 54” (width) x 75” (length) x 8” (height). It comes in multiple color choices.

Singular or Set

The futon mattress comes as it is – singular mattress. It doesn’t come with frames or covers. Once you unpack it from its package, you can set it up in your living room or your bedroom. It comes ready-to-use.


DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress is totally foldable in half (length-wise). It can be folded upright and prop it on a sofa-frame, and there you go! You’ll have a sofa in your guest/living room in no time.

However, some users said within 3-6 months of folding-unfolding this futon mattress, the fabric rips. That and how the springs punches through the mattress topping. Some users voiced dissatisfaction of within 1 week of moving it from bed to couch it splits.

Remember that when you fold-unfold the futon mattress, do it gently and with care. If it has been handled forcefully, it will of course damage it. Also try not to fold-unfold it too often because that will obviously put a strain on the mattress. Only fold-unfold when you really need to.

Additional Information

Some users complained that it comes infested with bugs. If you face with that issue, call the manufacturer immediately to make a report. At the same time, have it aired outside your home under sunlight.

At the same time, the encased coil futon mattress works very well in providing equal weight distribution. It works by contouring to the curves of your body and relieve pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. It also helps with reducing motion transfer.

4. Royal Sleep Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Royal Sleep Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Royal Sleep’s Memory Foam Futon Mattress really looks as regal as its name sounds. It works like a charm in your home.


Royal Sleep’s Memory Foam Futon Mattress is made of 4 layers of premium cotton and polyester blend. It is also made of 1 layer of polyurethane foam, 2 layers of memory foam.

On top of that, it is also tufted in white thread, though other fabrics are available for its tufting.

Product Dimension

It only comes in 2 sizes – full size and queen size.

  • Full-size: 54” (width) x 75” (length) x 8” (height)
  • Queen-size: 60” (width) x 80” (length) x 8” (height)

Singular or Set

It’s a foldable futon mattress that comes with 2 throw pillows. However, it does not come with a frame.

Note that when the product description said it “comes with pillows”, they don’t mean the kind where you sleep with. They meant throw pillows that are meant for decoration purposes.


Yes, it is foldable. Users are really satisfied and happy with this product as it is really durable. So far there are very minimal complaints about the durability of this futon mattress when they fold it into a couch or mattress to sleep on.

Users also voiced satisfaction that it is really comfortable to sit and sleep on, with the pressure points well taken care of.

Additional Information

Some users said that after a period of time, it sags in the middle that leads to sleeping in a sinking mattress. Users have voiced out how they have to re-position or rotate it periodically to avoid sinking in the middle.

If that is the case, remember that mattresses are made for the average-sized person. There will be times when the mattress can support the heavier- and more active-than-normal sleeper.

Let’s say if you are a heavier-than-average person. You still can sleep on it, just not move around too much. The movement can cause an indent in the mattress.

Some users said the material can get a bit hot sometimes, especially during the summer months or hotter climates. That can be remedied with an extra cover.

At the same time, some users said how the mattress isn’t thick enough. That and how its all lumpy foam and cushion. If this bothers you and gives you sleepless nights, thrown on an extra layer of mattress before sleeping on it.

Otherwise, this product has received pretty good commendations and users are pretty happy with what they get.

5. Dingman Memory Foam Futton Mattress

Dingman Futon Mattress

Dingman Memory Foam Futton Mattress is another really great product to choose. Its look is effortlessly classy and unassuming.

Product Material

Dingman Memory Foam Futton Mattress is made of cotton and foam-based construction. Its material makes it soft and comfortable for the sleeper. Its core construction is made of memory foam, whereas the cover material is made of polyester and cotton blend.

It also has tufted designs on both sides of the mattress, which serves to make it look charming.

We should also mention how the materials are flame-retardant and does not react readily to inflammable substances. At the same time, it is non-toxic and safe for use at home with small children and pets.

Product Dimension

It comes with 2 sizes available: full size and queen size.

  • Dimension: 75” (width) x 54” (length) x 8” (height)
  • Overall Product Weight: 87lbs
  • Dimension: 80” (width) x 60” (length) x 8” (height)

Singular or Set

It comes as it is – a futon mattress. The frame is not included in this product and is sold separately.


Yes, it is foldable into a couch or a mattress at any given time. That means if you have a guest over, you can turn this into a bed for your visiting guests.

Users mention how when they have slept on couches and sofas for so many years, this one is one of the best they have slept on. Some users claimed that this futon mattress “feels like heaven”. It isn’t too plush or too firm. If you have chronic back pain and knee issues, this will be a very good mattress for you.

Additional Information

Some people mentioned how they don’t feel comfortable with the material of this futon mattress. They claimed that the microfiber is not as soft as they’d imagined. Some claimed that the memory foam layer stretches too thin and makes it very uncomfortable for them to fall asleep. Furthermore the white stitching on the black mattress looks very awkward.

If that is an issue and hinders you from a good night’s sleep, you can always pull a comforter over it. Either that or you can put an extra layer of mattress over it.

Sometimes, it may not be because of the mattress material. At times, the reason why some people are not falling asleep as fast as they lay on the mattress is because they are very light sleepers. If you are a very light sleeper, maybe this isn’t exactly the best choice of mattress for you.

Even then, that can be remedied with an extra layer of mattress. Sometimes it may not even be a mattress issue at all. It could be due to surrounding issue, but that is meant for another time.

6. Emoor Japanese Shikifuton (Classe Series Futon)

Emoor Shikifuton Mattress

Emoor’s Japanese Classe Series Shikifuton is another really great futon mattress option. It is traditionally used as a bed mattress is Japan.


Its outer fabric is made of 100% cotton, and comes with 200 thread count. Its internal padding is made of 100% polyester. Within it is filled with soft fillings.

The whole setup will give you a firm feeling but not too hard. Its high density firm pad supports your body well when you lay on it. It’ll be a great option for your back if you have back issues.

Product Dimension

Emoor’s Japanese Classe Series Shikifuton comes in 4 different sizes.

  • Twin-Size: 39” (width) x 79” (length) x 2” (height)
  • Twin-Size, Long: 39” (width) x 83” (length) x 2” (height)
  • Full-Size: 55” (width) x 79” (length) x 2” (height)
  • Full-size, Long: 55” (width) x 83” (length) x 2” (height)
  • Queen-Size: 63” (width) x 79” (length) x 2” (height)
  • Queen-Size, Long: 63” (width) x 83” (length) x 2” (height)
  • King-Size: 71” (width) x 79” (length) x 2” (height)

Singular or Set

It comes as it is, a singular futon mattress. It doesn’t come with any covers though. So if you want to cover it, you will have to get one on your own.


If you have space problems at home and is concerned with its foldability, you can set that worry aside. As Emoor’s Japanese Classe Series Shikifuton is foldable, that means you can fold and pack it away as soon as you wake up.

As it comes in a sandwich structure, it provides users with good cushioning as it is relatively thin and lightweight. Live in a dorm? Looking to have a minimalist lifestyle or a temporary bed? Well, this futon mattress is just what you are looking for.

You can also use this as a mattress topper if you feel it’s too thin to be slept on. It does, after all, work like that too.

Additional Details

This futon mattress is made specifically for people with back problems in mind. Its high density polyester pad supports your back if you are plagued with back health issues. Filled with fluffy fillings surrounded by firm paddings give your aching back the much needed soft touch for a good night’s sleep.

If you are wondering how to clean or wash it, it isn’t for washing machine. Manufacturers would recommend putting a cover over it before use. If you really want to clean it, you can either have it fry cleaned or hang under sunlight. You can also hang it out and use a beater to beat out any dust and mites.

Some users come back saying how the futon mattress don’t raise up to the purported 3” as mentioned in the product description. Note that for futon mattresses you need to give it a few hours to a few days to let it expand to its full size before using it.

If you were to use the futon mattress immediately after unpacking it, it is quite likely it will not rise up to its full size. Some Japanese futon mattresses don’t work like regular mattresses where you can use immediately after unpacking it. That is one of the downsides to such products.

7. Mozaic Futon Mattress

Mozaic Futon Mattress

This Mozaic Futon Mattress has an elegant look to it. Sophisticated yet unassuming, it graces your home as easily as the next.


Mozaic Futon Mattress is made of several kinds of material. Its fill material is made of a blend of polyester-cotton, cotton blended fiber, and convoluted memory foam. Its memory foam mattress is made from high quality, dual sided memory foam. The kind of memory foam made from polyester made to last.

Its cover is made of polyester-cotton blend, mixed with fiber. It is completed with a cotton twill tufted cover.

It is further tufted with lace for a sofa-like appearance. Hence, that means you can use this as a sofa for your living room. Or you can use it as a mattress for you to sleep on.

Product Dimensions

Though it comes with several color options, it is only available in one size. It is a standard full-size mattress with product dimension of 54” (width) x 75” (length) x 8” (height). It weighs 42 lbs after unpacked.

It claims to be able to fit any standard full-size futon frame.

Singular or Set

The product only comes with the mattress. It does not come with any futon frames, pillows, or extra cover.


It folds into a sofa or a bed mattress (in length wise halves), whichever way you fancy it to go. Note that when you fold it, fold it gently as it will bend the mattress in the center.

Additional Information

Like any other futon mattresses, you will need to allow a few days for the mattress to return to its full loft size. Also allow it a few days for the wrinkles and cotton cover to smooth out.

To clean it, dust it with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. When accidentally spilt liquids on it, do not leave it unattended. Should you spill any liquid on it, spot clean it with water. You are expected to protect the futon mattress from excess heat and liquids. Hence, keep the futon mattress away from direct sunlight to prevent the fabric from fading.

8. Nirvana Futons’ Extra Thick Premium Futon Mattress

Nirvana Extra Thick Futon Mattress

This premium futon from Nirvana Futons is simplistic yet exceptional in its own way. An American-made futon mattress, it fits your home nicely.


Nirvana Futon’s Extra Thick Premium Futon Mattress is made of high quality foam and polyester-cotton fill from the United States. Such material provides for superior support and comfort.

The futon mattress is further made with natural tufted twill, which covers the mattress. That helps to keep the internal material from shifting and lumping. Its tufted upholstered cover delivers a clean and luxurious look.

With its premium, natural cotton and polyester blend it reduces moisture. Its material maintains a moderate temperature for ultimate home experience.

Product Dimension

This futon mattress comes in several sizes. Its size ranges, however, are unique in a sense that it even has sizes for seats.

  • Twin-Size: 39” (width) x 75” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Twin-Size XL: 39” (width) x 80” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Full-Size: 54” (width) x 75” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Queen-Size: 60” (width) x 80” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Chair: 28” (width) x 54” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Chair – Ottoman: 28” (width) x 21” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Loveseat: 54” (width) x 54” (length) x 10” (height)
  • Loveseat Ottoman: 54” (width) x 21” (length) x 10” (height)

The futon mattress weights around 45lbs to 55lbs depending on which size you get.

Singular or Set

It comes as a mattress and with nothing else. You will need to get a frame and a cover for it if you wish since it comes without anything else.


You can fold it into a sofa or let it be as a mattress. It depends on which size of the futon mattress you decide to get actually.

If you decide to get the full-sized mattresses then it’s not able to fold. However, if you have decided to get the ones for the loveseats, you can fold it.

Additional Information

This futon mattress requires you to let it expand to its full size for about a week. Try not to use it before then as it may not expand to the original size as intended. Some users said it doesn’t really need 1 full week for it to expand to the full size. The users have mentioned that theirs take around 2-3 days for the futon mattress to reach its full size.

According to some users, the mattress sags in the middle and doesn’t spring back to level after a few nights’ of sleep. This has left several dissatisfied users in its wake.

To solve a sagging mattress it depends on what material it is made of. As this futon mattress is made of foam, you can rotate it 180 degrees or flip it the other side up (if it’s a double-sided mattress). Then sleep on it for a few days. This will help re-distribute the weight on and around the mattress.

If you have a bit more money to spend, get a topper or a comforter and put over it. This is a temporary fix, not a long term one. You may feel like you are sleeping on a sinking hole nonetheless. The best remedy is still to flip it the other side up and sleep on it for a few days, so to re-distribute the weight evenly.

At the same time, remember that most mattresses are made for people who are of average weight. If you are a heavier than average person, the mattress may sag sooner than its intended lifespan. You may want to consider throwing over another topper mattress to help adjust the weight distribution.

Some users said there is some kind of odor coming from the futon mattress. Note that mattress odors don’t last forever. Air it out in open-air for a few days to allow the bad smell to dissipate.

If it helps for any, this product comes with a four-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty is just for the mattress and nothing else. It covers any defects and workmanship errors.

9. Serta Cypress Double-Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress

Another American-made futon mattress with medium support. This one makes for a really good mattress and couch in your living room and your guest rooms.


This futon mattress contains cottonique fiber products. That means it combines selected grades of cotton mixed with polyester fires for unique, durable upholstery blend. It usually outperforms and outlasts most material made of traditional cotton batting.

To mention, as such futon mattress is made of cottonique fiber it makes the mattress more resilient and comfortable. It also has a very light feel to it. If you are someone who moves around a lot, this mattress won’t make you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world.

What’s more, it is made of 3 layers of heavy weight cotton fiber blend that surrounds the innerspring unit. That aspect gives the mattress more bounce, and makes it easier for users to fluff it back to normal level.

Product Dimension

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress comes in 2 sizes only.

  • Full-Size

Dimension: 53” (width) x 75” (length) x 8” (height)

Weight: 60.7lbs

  • Queen-Size:

Dimension: 60” (width) x 80” (length) x 8” (height)

Weight: 68.7lbs

Singular or Set

It comes with just a mattress. The futon mattress doesn’t come with frames, covers, pillows, and any other accessories. If you feel the need to complement it with pillows or needs an extra layer of cover, you will have to get them yourself.


It is foldable sideways (length wise) into a bed or a couch. So if you have guests coming over, this can be made into a bed for your guests. Alternatively, you can put it in the living room and make is as a regular sofa.

Additional Information

If you want to clean it, you will have to air it or put it outside under heat. Note that although you may have to put it outside to air it, however, do not put it under direct sunlight. If you put it under direct sunlight, it will cause the fabric to fade.

Some people reported back saying how it’s difficult to fold the futon mattress during the first time into a bed or sofa. It may feel a bit stiff if that makes any sense. Over time it gets easier.

Though it may take a few times for the mattress to “loosen up”, you may have to do it moderately. Excessive folding can damage the springs inside and make the mattress uncomfortable to sleep or sit on.

Some users may wonder if too much folding or prolonged folding may leave a folded mark on the futon mattress. It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t leave a folded mark on it. If it leaves a mark on the futon mattress surface, you still can fix it nonetheless.

Usually, a quick wipe down with a mildly damp cloth should work. Wipe it down several times to ensure that the marks are fully gone.

At the same time, some users said the springs poke through the surface and dug into their backs just after 4 months of usage. To solve this issue, what you can do is to try fluff it back.

If it still doesn’t resolve the issue, get an extra topper mattress to cover over the poking springs.

10. Artiva Home Deluxe Futon Mattress (with Innerspring)

Artiva Home Deluxe Futon Sofa-Mattress

This futon mattress blends easily into your modern and contemporary home settings. It makes for a perfect sofa in your living room or as a bed for your guestrooms.


This futon mattress is made with a mix of fabric, cotton, and foam. The quality cotton, foam, innerspring, and fiber creates a superior comfort sensation when you relax on the futon mattress.

This product is sure to guarantee quality in the material its used. Constructed with solid fabric, cotton, and innerspring to provide you with full support, you can expect this futon mattress to be very durable and comfortable at the same time.

Its fabric is made of 3 layers of 1.5” polyester fiber batting. Expect it to be filled with 2 layers of premium cotton blended into cotton batting.

For its cover, it comes in off white polyester cotton featuring a 23-lace tufting that provides for quality support. With such quality presented, you can turn your restless nights into a well-rested one.

Product Dimension

Artiva Home Deluxe Futon Mattress only comes in 1 size. It does, however, comes in several color choices.

The only size it has is in full-size. Its product dimension’s 54” (width) x 74” (length) x 8” (height). It weights 51lbs.

Singular or Set

It comes in a singular mattress. If you are hoping for it to come with a cover or a frame, you’d be disappointed. It doesn’t come with a cover or a frame so you will have to get it yourself.


It can certainly fold (length-wise, sideways). This product is suitable for people who are living in apartments or houses that are tight for space. Or the fact that they do not want to buy too many beds for their homes without compromising having the luxury feel to it.

This futon mattress would fit the bill as it ticks off all clauses they are looking for.

However, some users have said that the material of the futon mattress looks nowhere near what it looked like in the pictures. Aren’t some of the products like that though? If the difference in material quality bothers you, you have the choice to return it.

Let’s say you do not wish to go through all that hassle, you still can customize it to your advantage. With a new cover and throw in some throw-pillows can make the cheap material look luxurious.

Additional Information

Like most other futon mattresses, you will need to give it a few days to let it inflate to its full maximum size. Once it has become its full size, subsequent deflations will bounce back relatively fast. That shouldn’t be an issue.

Some users came back saying this product is pretty good in a sense that it doesn’t feel too soft or too firm. The balance of the mattress makes their sleep improve in quality. If you have back pain or back health problems, this would make a good choice.

Try not to sit or sleep on it without a cover. It is advisable to get a cover to pull over it. However, if you have dirtied it (cosmetic stains) it’s all right. You can remove it by dripping a bit of water on it before gently scrubbing it out.

Some users said they received the futon mattress with canvas cover instead of a non-canvas cover. This could be due to product confusion, so please contact the manufacturer for clarifications.

Generally, this futon mattress have received pretty good reviews with a few minor hiccups here and there. Put it in the living room for visiting guests, or have it as a bed in your guestroom. Whichever works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

Are futon mattresses good for your back?

Using a firm mattress gives a good support for your aching back, reducing any back pain. Futon mattresses are usually firmer than your traditional mattresses. This is because they are designed to be placed on the floor, so using a futon mattress on the floor can be good for your back.

Are futon mattresses comfortable?

Futon mattresses can be comfortable. The futon mattresses that combines cotton and foam can be the best in several ways. It can be both supportive and comfortable in the long run compared to the ones made of purely cotton.

How do I make my futon mattress more comfortable?

There are several ways to make your futon mattress more comfortable. Place a featherbed on top of the futon mattress or add an extra support at the bottom of it. You can also add a topper mattress to the futon.

There are so many ways to make your futon mattress comfortable and those are just a few suggestions.

Are futon mattresses better than regular and traditional mattresses?

Futon mattresses are better for people who have back problems as it naturally work as it aligns with your back. That is not to say your regular and traditional mattresses are any less good. It depends on what your sleeping needs are.

How much does a futon mattress cost?

It depends on the kind of futon mattress you are looking for. It depends on the size and quality of your futon mattresses. Obviously the better quality and bigger sized ones will cost more. The smaller and lesser quality ones will cost a lot less.

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