Best Fitted Sheets In 2019 – The 5 Best Fitted Sheets In The Market

Whether you need a replacement, or you just want to have a second one on hand, it’s sometimes worth it to buy a fitted sheet separate of a set. Although buying bed linens is such a subjective thing, there are a few things that are universal. You want a fitted sheet that is comfortable, durable, easy to wash, easy to use, and folds like a dream.

Okay, you may have to give up on the folding of fitted bed linens, but you can find the best fitted sheets around within this guide. Start with a bit of information on why you might want to get a second fitted one, even if it isn’t to use as a replacement. And then keep reading to see which details you should be on the lookout for, and why those details make them the best. Finally, be sure to read the best fitted sheets reviews where you’re sure to find the type of fitted sheet that’s right for your bed.


Why Buy Just a Fitted Sheet ?

No matter how great the linens are that you buy, there’s always a chance that something happens to just one piece of your set. And then what ? Do you throw the whole set away ? Of course not. Instead of wasting three parts of a four-part set that’s perfectly usable, you find the best fitted linens to work as stand-ins. That’s probably the most obvious reason to buy just a fitted sheet.

It’s also helpful to have a second fitted one around as bed linen insurance. Whether it’s for you, your children, or a guest, an extra fitted sheet can save the day in case of accidents. The sheet doesn’t even have to match the rest of the set. To be sure everything still looks like it makes sense with your bedroom décor, choose a white sheet.

There are also some of you out there who don’t sleep with a top sheet at all. In fact, this is a hot topic for debate right now. Many people in Europe and Japan do not sleep with a flat sheet on top of them at night. After all, that’s what a duvet cover (with a duvet inside) is for, right? North Americans are much more familiar with the four-piece set of linens that includes a fitted one, top, and two pillowcases. What with many people doing away with the top one, seeing it as extraneous and too much work, there’s a bigger market now for just a fitted linen (and you buy the pillowcases you want separately).

What Makes the Best Fitted Sheet the Best ?

There are some features of fitted linens that are a huge must for anyone who sleeps with sheets. And these features go beyond the basics of a normal fitted design.

Deep Pockets

Bed linen manufacturers have no idea how thick your bed is. Mattresses bought today are often thinner than their older cousins. Memory foam, latex, and other materials have become more affordable and easier to come by, and they don’t have to be 20 inches thick to be comfy. But even if you’re rocking a 10-inch mattress, you might add a mattress topper (or two), which could add another 4, 5, or 8 inches of height to your bed. To ensure a fitted sheet actually fits, you will need to make sure it has deep pockets.

Full Elastic


Another important feature of the best fitted bed linen is elastic that goes all the way around. These are perfect for kid’s beds or an adjustable bed. Many lesser sheets are made with elastic only on the corners of the sheet. That sort of fitted sheet is more likely to pop off at the corners, and then wind up balled up or twisted around you like a sheet tornado by morning.

The thickness of elastic could also be important. Find a fitted one with thick, durable elastic, and you’ll have a much more secure fit on your mattress. The thinner elastic could snap easily when you’re stretching the fitted sheet around each edge.

Variety of Colors

Okay, having a bunch of colorful sheets available isn’t the most important feature of a fitted one, but it can help with a plan to do away with a top sheet. If you can buy a fitted sheet in a color that matches your duvet or pillowcases, it’s super helpful.

Front, Back & Sides Tags

Seriously, this might be the best invention in bed linens ever. It’s the equivalent of pockets in dresses. That’s not even an exaggeration. If you ever watch the TV show ‘This is Us’, you might remember a scene in which Jack and Rebecca are making a bed. The first try is wrong, and then have to flip the fitted sheet around by a 1/4 turn. It’s one of the most honest moments of television ever. A fitted type with a tag on the side that reads “side” and a tag on the front or bottom with a tag that correlates could end a ton of frustration for couples everywhere.

Easy Care

Naturally, you want bed linens that are easy to wash. You just want to toss your sheets in the washer and dryer and be done with it all. So, look for sheets in durable materials with strong stitching.

Types of Fitted Sheets for Your Bed

Just like sets of linens, you can find a single fitted one in a plethora of materials. Whether you prefer soft and cozy or cool and crisp.


Cool, crisp, and usually made of 100 percent cotton. These are great for hot sleepers and to use during the summer.

Cotton is one of the best materials used in the manufacturing of fitted sheets. It is derived from the fuzzy fibers surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton has many qualities of flax. It is crisp, cool, absorbent, smooth, and strong.

The quality of cotton fitted sheets is determined by the closeness and regularity of the weave and the construction of the fabric, as well as the kind of cotton plant that provided the fibers from which it was made.

The cotton plant determines the fiber’s color, strength, luster, and the length of the staple; the longer the staple, the better and the more costly the cotton bedcover. With that said, the best kinds of cotton are considered to be Sea Island, Pima, and Egyptian cotton.

Percale sheets are well-known because they are durable, cool and crisp. If you like to explore more about Percale sheets, you can read more about it in our guide for picking the Best Percale Sheets


Microfiber sheets consist of fibers many times smaller compared to traditional synthetic fibers. Sheets made with microfibers are often unbelievably soft, but extremely durable. The most defining attribute of microfiber is fade resistant.

We all want to invest in a fitted sheet that is capable of surviving regular washing as well as drying. Microfiber does usually come with bold and bright colors that can withstand repeated washing and drying.

The fact that many microfibers are used in the construction of the sheet means superior durability. Therefore, microfiber sheets are highly stain resistant, and you can easily wipe stain out of the sheet in case of accidental spills.


Comes in a variety of materials and prices, silky soft, and durable. Thicker than percale and won’t breathe as well, so this is good for you if you want to stay warm when you sleep.

On a sidenote, there is a difference between Satin and Sateen sheets, which most people aren’t aware of. Although both satin and sateen have the same unique weaving pattern, they are made from different fibers. 

If you are  interested to know more about satin sheets, I would highly recommend that you check out our buying guide on the Best Satin Sheets

Importance of Thread Counts

This is a number frequently used to indicate the quality or softness of fitted sheets. Thread count is determined by the number of fine yarns in one square inch of sheeting fabric. Thread count can range from 80 to 700. However, most products in the market range from 180 to 320.

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet feels, but that does not necessarily mean the sheet will last longer. That said, you can buy a terrific 300 thread count sheet that you will be totally happy with.

Top 5 Fitted Sheets

1. Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

The Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet is a very soft and breathable bed sheet. It offers you a Bare Home Premium experience for a night of comfy night sleep. This bed cover provides lifelong exciting shade with a soft radiant touch.

The bedcover offers a secure fit for any size bed for up to fifteen inches deep. It is even softer compared to high-thread cotton sheets. It is available for different mattress sizes, including Split King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin.

This microfiber sheet is designed using a double brushed technique that produces its premium softness. The microfiber material is manufactured with a hundred percent real brushed yarns that are of high-quality.

If you are searching for luxury comfort when sleeping, then Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet is exactly what you need. Unlike other manufacturers, Bare Home understands that comfort differs from one customer to another.

It is the best choice if you need something that will stay tucked in, even if you raise the feet and head sections. The Split King can fit an overly deep bed. The sheet is machine washable, and it comes smoothly out of the dryer.


It is a fully elasticized sheet that is made to cuddle your bed from eight to sixteen inches deep. The fabric is hypoallergenic; therefore, it is the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. Also,
it is machine washable, fade resistant, and wrinkle resistant, and it will come out of the dryer smooth, making it super easy to care and maintain for.

Besides that, the fabric is ultra-soft and dust mite repellent; so, it will provide you with an unmatched sleeping experience. You know this is a quality sheet when it comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee that reassures you the resourcefulness of the sheet.


Some reviews have mentioned that the fabric is ultra-soft and smooth, making it susceptible to ripping.

2. Mellanni Fitted Sheet

The Mellanni Fitted Sheet wraps you in comfort, luxury, and elegance. This product is particularly designed for eventful people that value time as much as comfort. It is available in six sizes, including: Cal King, Twin XL, Twin, and Queen, Full and King.

You have twenty-five vibrant colors to choose from, including: baby blue, beige, black, blue hydrangea, brown, burgundy, coral, emerald green, gold, gray, hot pink, imperial blue, lavender, light gray, mocha, olive green, and persimmon to mention a few.

The sheet is made of super silky soft material, which is indeed a healthy choice for you as well as your family. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. The natural qualities of microfiber do a great job of wicking moisture away from your body, keeping you cool all night long.

This makes the Mellanni Fitted Sheet an excellent option if you are suffering from hot flushes and night sweats. This microfiber fitted bed cover also offer the best performance in winter. You might probably not need heavy blankets to stay warm when the weather is cooler.

The fabric features high-quality workmanship and brushed microfiber that guarantees durability. Unlike conventional brands, Mellanni offers lifetime guarantee along with absolute customer service. You are assured 100% money back refund in case you are unsatisfied.


The fabric has remarkable moisture wicking ability that ensures you sleep cool all night long. Also, the bed sheet is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, for people suffering from allergies and asthma, this is a great plus point.

The sheet is elastic all around so that it will fit perfectly in the corners, and will also fit beds of up to 16 inches, therefore you won’t have to worry about the sheets not fitting on your thick mattress. Furthermore, Mellanni offers a lifetime guarantee and 100% money back refund in case you are not satisfied with the product, this is an indicator of a great product that is worth noting.


Some reviews have mentioned that the sheet may be too thin and too soft for some people.

3. California Design Den Fitted Sheet

The California Design Den Fitted Sheet allows you to sleep comfortably and live beautifully. It is made of a hundred percent pure cotton material, and it is available in five bed sizes, including: Queen, Cal King, King, Full, Twin XL, and Twin.

California Design Den provides you with eleven color options for preference, including: black, blue, chocolate brown, blush, light grey, vanilla, indigo black, mod spa, pure white, smoked pearl, and wine red.

The sheet is made up of a hundred percent long staple cotton fiber with a stunning sateen weave. With a thread count of 400, the sheet is moderately thick and soft. This ensures that you have an authentic product instead of a low quality reproduction.

The sheet is fully elasticized, and that is why it is a good fit for most bed sizes. It has a special smart tag that enables you to distinguish between width and length. This makes it so easy for you to make your bed whenever you wake up.

California Design Den offers a hundred-satisfaction guarantee. Unlike other models, this particular fitted sheet is backed by exceptional customer service. The manufacturer is committed to providing you with an excellent experience.


It is made of pure 100% cotton, which is highly breathable and very effective at wicking moisture. Being hypo-allergenic, the sheet is a great plus point for you if you are prone to skin irritations and allergies.

Moreover, the 400 thread count means the knit of the fabric is tighter, durable, and would stand months of washing. It is an elasticized fitted bedding with a deep pocket; so, it will fit a mattress size of up to 16 inches and you won’t have to worry about it not fitting onto your thick mattress.


Some reviews have mentioned that it is susceptible to shrinking, which may be challenging whenever you are making your bed.

4. Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet

The Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet is one of the best options for a tighter budget. The brand is well-known for manufacturing reasonably priced yet high-quality and high performing home things, and this fitted sheet is no different.

It is available in four separate sizes, including the King, Queen, Full, and Twin. The King size measures seventy-eight by eighty inches with a fifteen-inch pocket. The Queen measures sixty by eighty inches with a fifteen-inch pocket.

The Full size measures fifty-four by seventy-five inches with a fifteen-inch pocket. The Twin size measures thirty-nine by seventy-five inches with a fifteen-inch pocket. All the sizes are available in four color option, including: black, white, grey, and beige.

This Utopia sheet is made up of brushed microfiber yarns. Unlike other fabrics, microfiber provides a new and unique standard in breathability and softness that will keep you in bed for longer. It is indeed one of a kind.

The fabric is knitted using advanced technology. Therefore, the fibers are outstandingly interlaced that they become remarkably tight. This makes the sheet very effective at repelling stains. You can easily wipe out a stain with no traces left behind.

This fitted sheet has a smooth grip skirt system that fits beds of up to fifteen inches deep. Smooth grip, unlike other skirt structures, features elastic rows at the footing of the skirt, which provide a sleek, smooth appearance.


The finely woven microfiber fabric is very effective at repelling stains, you can in fact wipe a stain out of the sheet. The brushed microfiber fabric is breathable and soft, it will effectively wick moisture, keeping you dry and cool. Furthermore, the sheet is machine washable at sixty degrees Celsius and is known to dry remarkably fast, making this sheet easy to care and maintain for. Also, the sheet is highly hypoallergenic and dust mite free, making it more convenient for you if are susceptible to allergies and skin irritations.


Some reviews have mentioned that the bedding may end up being a top sheet instead of a fitted one after some time.

5. Yaroo Fitted Sheet

There is no better feeling than sleeping on a clean, soft, fitted sheet. The Yaroo Fitted Sheet is designed to provide you with such a feeling. With this masterpiece, you are able to do away with annoying sheets that do not fit, but pop off during sleep.

The bedding is made of a hundred percent Egyptian cotton. The 300 thread count bed cover is knitted to create a satin texture. Indulge in this first-rate range to improve your sleeping surface as well as craft a reservation for resting and sleeping after an eventful day.

Invest in bedding that boasts a striking 300 thread count per square inch. All the yarns are warped together before lacing to produce a high performing 300 thread count satin. The sheet has a pocket that ranges from fifteen to eighteen inches deep.

This is the best choice if you want a silky smooth texture. The cotton that is used in this bed cover is composed of a warp facing structure that is almost entirely designed of vertical weaves. This provides the face of the sheet a smooth feel that radiates luxury and comfort.

If you want to enjoy the naturally occurring and unique benefits of Egyptian cotton, then you need the Yaroo. It is strong, durable, and soft. Not to mention how effective the sheet is at wicking moisture to keep you dry and cool all night long.

Regardless of its well-appointed feel and texture, the bedding is easily cared for. This allows you to work the washing all year round irrespective of how hectic your lifestyle may be. It also comes with a hundred percent money back guarantee.


Made of 100% Egyptian cotton that is soft, strong and durable. It is elastic all around and has a deep pocket that can fit the mattress size of fifteen to eighteen inches. Moreover, the sheet is dust mite repellent and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for you if you are suffering from allergies and skin problems.Also, the sheet is easy to care and maintain for as it is machine washable on cold.


Some reviews have mentioned that the fabric is made from pure cotton; so, expect it to wrinkle after washing.


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