Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets in 2021 (Recommended Reviews)

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets; Fitted Sheet Set

Prior to a final decision to purchase the best possible bed sheets according to individual requirements and budget constraints, most people tend to spend quite a lot of time in doing research about the various types and brands available in the market. However, they seem to forget another extremely important component of bedding.

They do not realize the importance of getting the best possible fitted sheets. Rough and scratch sheets lead to serious discomfort during sleep as opposed to the extremely comfortable and luxurious sheets that give the user the impression that he/she is literally sleeping on a cloud.

Bed sheets are really important because they are there to keep you comfortable at night. Remember to get the most comfortable bed sheets you can find because they will directly influence the quality of sleep you get. For example, it’s important to get a sheet set that helps you maintain optimum body temperature for better sleep. 

It is always a good idea to learn a bit about the best possible sheet sets in the market before making a decision. Egyptian cotton is regarded as a cotton of utmost quality and is considered superior to the rest. Sheets made out of extra-long or long-staple fibers are considered the best. Egyptian cotton grows along the Nile River, it is extremely silky, breathable and highly absorbent.

Factors to consider when looking at Egyptian cotton sheets


The weave is the first factor which one needs to consider when making the purchase of Egyptian cotton sheets. This is important because it has a bearing on the sheets would feel on your skin.

For these people who like cooler, crisper sheets, then the Percale weave would be the right choice. On the other hand, for those who prefer super soft and highly luxurious sheet sets, Sateen is the way to go even though these are a bit warmer and also slippery. In the end, the choice is really subjective.

Thread Count

Thread count is to be considered next. It refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads that are present in one square inch of the sheets. Usually, if the thread count increases, the sheet becomes softer. However, as expected, a high thread count sheet would be expensive. One must not rely entirely on the thread count in order to determine the feel and quality of the sheet.

There are quite a few companies that have increased the thread count by using deceptive technologies while the quality has remained low. Research on Egyptian cotton sheets would reveal a range of thread count starting from 200 to 1,000 or more. However, it must be understood that a lower thread count does not necessarily indicate bad quality.

Other factors like the material, finish as well as the weave quality is important and the highest thread count is not really needed. It is important to read reviews written by other customers as well.

In fact, as experience indicates a thread count ranging from 270 to 450 is more than adequate. The reason is that Egyptian cotton is already such a high-quality material that it is possible to get the desired quality with a thread count in the range of 200 to 300 even.

Other Relevant Factors

You need to consider a few additional things before a final decision to purchase the best Egyptian cotton sheets. Firstly, the sheet set should be available in a size that fits your mattress. Some users might have a mattress that would be either extra-long or perhaps extra-deep. In either case, you’d have to look for sheet set that would have the required length as well as the ability to fit the required depth.

Extra-depth can be easily handled by getting sheets which have got an elastic edging as this helps to create a perfect fit for the mattress. Secondly, you have to remain within the budget that you have allocated for the purchase of your sheet set.

If you are unable to afford the best Egyptian cotton sheets, it is possible to find sheets with the right blend of cotton and other materials which would have a high thread count and would be soft enough for a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Basic Varieties of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are made out of hand picked cotton and thus these are the finest sheets available in the market. These are a common feature in the best world class hotels as well as in well managed houses all over the globe. The Long Stapled cotton is a long fibered cotton and is known as ELS or Egyptian cotton. It’s pliable and long and gets woven in an extra-fine material. It tends to become even softer as time passes and can literally last for decades. These sheets are extremely durable and very tough.

Egyptian sheets have 5 basic varieties and these are described below

Standard – Basic cotton weaves
Sateeen – The softest and silkiest
Percale – Well known for a crisp finish
Twill – Distant pattern and wrinkle resistant
Pinpoint – Durable but not as soft

How to choose the perfect Egyptian cotton sheet?

These bed sheets are so popular that pirated ones are also available in the market It is important to watch out for these pirated versions. It is also important to confirm that the Egyptian cotton that you’re buying is indeed authentic.

Made with single ply Ring Spun Yarn

Fine yarn leads to the finer fabric. The process or ring spinning is behind the single ply yarn production and it can manufacture a true 500 thread count bed sheet. Other faster but cheaper spinning technologies will produce a cheaper yarn with lower quality. Plied yarns with twisted or plied strands is also used to produce low quality sheets.

This way, the seller is able to state a higher thread count. The majority of the sheet sets which claim a thread count of 50 or more is usually made out of plied yarn. In fact, their actual thread count is either half or even a quarter of what is claimed.

This practice leads to providing misleading information and also produces low-quality fabric. Sheets that claim a thread count of 1000 or wrongly stated the actual thread count of 250 because of using yarn piled 4 times.

Strong Percale Weave

The strong and long wearing fabric which resists piling is usually soft but still crisp is made out of percale weave. It can have either a plain or a twill pattern. Another weave which contains four threads over is called the ‘Sateen weave’ It is cheaper to execute and is one of the ways to get a higher thread count besides the use of plied yarn.

It also leads to cheaper sheets with higher claimed thread count. Sateen however, appeals to a lot of users because when new, it is extremely soft and lustrous. However, Sateen is also vulnerable to pilling and does not wear well either. Piling leads to the formation of little bunches or balls on the cotton surface. This starts making it a rather uncomfortable and rough sheet.

Dyed or Bleached with Light Colors

Heavy dyes which are used to make dark sheets end up reducing the breathability and absorbency of the fabric. Printing is even harsher as certain formaldehyde based resins are applied. The cheaper the resin used, the rougher and less comfortable the sheet would get. The sheeting also becomes weak. The luxurious bed sheets make good use of pure finish and do not use heavy resins pastes or dyes.

Sewn with Focus on Detail

The best quality sheets completely encase the elastic around the edges and cover it completely. This way, sheets look nicer and they snugly fit the mattress sides for a mattress with different thicknesses. Fine sewing, similar to the one in high quality blouse or shirt gives a very beautiful and durable bed linens and these look absolutely incredible in the bedroom. You should look for very tightly sewn seams which are at least 10 or 12 stitches per inch as this ensures a high level of quality.

Most of the mass produced bed sheets and pillow cases have a general sew hems of 5 to 7 stitches per inch sewn on giant automatic machines. In fact, a high stitch count per inch requires the sewing to be done by craftsmen and this enables the sheet to have an extremely beautiful appearance with extra long hems. These fitted sheets never come un-stitched and never fray.

Top 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

1. eLuxurySupply Sheet Set

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets eLuxurySupply Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

eLuxury Supply 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 thread count sheets set is the true definition of luxury and comfort. Why is Egyptian cotton so much better for your sheet? Quite simply, Egyptian cotton produces longer fibers, up to twice as long as a standard cotton fiber. The longer fibers or staples are easily spun into finer count yarns and turned into the softest sheets you will even sleep on.

Prominent features

“Ply” refers to the number of yarns wrapped together in a single thread. The process of plying creates thicker threads, which will impact a sheet’s feel and durability.

Finer threads allow for higher thread counts resulting in a softer sheet with an elegant drape. These single ply sheets use individual, un-plied threads in the weaving process, resulting in lightweight fabric with exceptional drape and softness.

These sheet sets come with an elegant 4″ hem with piping and are constructed with a single ply sateen weave that provides the perfect balance between luxury and durability.

You will love these sheets, however, if you don’t, you have the manufacturers’ word that they will give you a full refund or exchange if you have any issues with your product. Please request this refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order.


These sheet sets are really soft. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to drape over a bed and tuck under mattresses. They’re not too thin because they provide good breathability and will keep you warm and comfortable. The care instructions say to wash cold with similar color, then tumble dry on low and remove promptly and put on your bed.

While the eLuxurySuppy label says no ironing is needed, the care instructions on the back of the tag (attached to the fitted sheet) say that ironing may be necessary.

If you want wrinkle-free sheets, we think you’ll need some combination of making your bed with the sheets while they are freshly dried and some ironing touch-ups. However, you will have no problems with the fabric shrinking or issues with the shape once you wash and dry them.

2. Precious Star Linen 1000 Thread Count Bed Sheet

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Precious Star Linen Soft Sateen Cotton Sheet Set

Welcome to the world of luxurious sheets in soft sateen and durable, long-staple cotton. At Thread Spread, the True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton – Genuine 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set bedding collection has endured for well over a century and is now available for the modern home.

You’ll sleep easy in Thread Spread’s beautiful bed sheet sets, with linens that feel decadent and delicate to the touch. These finely-made bed sheet sets consist of a top and bottom sheet, plus two pillowcases.

Prominent features

Your cozy nest can be lined with what feels best against your skin fresh, breathable and lightweight cotton, crisp cotton percale, or smooth, lustrous cotton sateen.

Ranging from understated to bold color combinations, subtle to assertive accents, elegant jacquards to simple, delicate details, Thread Spread bed sheet sets offer impeccable quality and versatility, enabling you to elevate your sleep experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

All Spread Thread sheets are woven using 100% combed compact yarn. The compact is the latest spinning technology superior to the combed process which eliminates the short fiber surfaces and impurities.

The longest and straightest fiber once woven gives the much smoother and quality fabrics. Serving as a foundational piece to your bed or a gift, this sheet will be your best friend for many years to come.


A sateen weave is one vertical thread woven for every four horizontal threads. This type of weave produces a fabric with a lustrous look and satin feel.

Mostly sateen weave is associated with higher thread counts wherein the finest yarn counts are used to achieve the optimum hand feel. The construction of sateen weave is generally four yarns over, one yarn under, which gives the soft and silky hand feel.

All the Spread Thread sheets are made out of soft sateen weave which gives the utmost comforting sleep and keep you cool through the night.

Unique 4 way elastic all around at the head and foot of our fitted sheet gives you a snug, stay-put fit assured to fit low profile, regular and deep mattresses up to 17″ without popping off.

A hem in sewing is a garment finishing method, where the edge of a piece of cloth is folded narrowly and sewn to prevent unraveling of the fabric.

3. Boll & Branch Luxury Sheet Set

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Boll & Branch Luxury Cotton Fitted Sheet

The Boll & Branch Queen Sheets are heirloom-quality sheets that only get softer and more comfortable with time. What makes Boll & Branch sheets so special? Quality yarns made of single-ply, long-staple organic cotton yield maximum durability and softness. The smooth, sumptuous weave is the perfect density for year-round comfort, with a lightweight, lustrous drape.

Prominent features

An eight-step finishing process that includes buffing and heating the fabric makes the sheets extra soft and durable. A seven-inch hem lends the classic sheets a modern touch. The fitted sheet is generously sized, with extra-deep pockets to fit any mattress. The GOTS-certified organic cotton means the sheets are made of the purest nontoxic materials and gentlest dyes that are safe for you and your family. No skin-irritating chemicals ever.

Boll & Branch creates simply exceptional products for your home — all ethically made, sustainably sourced, and grounded in quality, down to the last stitch. Long-staple cotton makes the fabric softer, stronger, and more durable. Single-ply cotton means it’s light and soft. These are woven with a four-over, one-under design into a sumptuous 300 thread count. Since its inception, Boll & Branch has directly sourced the world’s finest organic cotton and re-engineered every design for a better-end product of heirloom quality.


There is a 17-inch-deep pocket on fitted sheets to fit the tallest mattresses. Fair Trade certified cotton means the farmers earn a living wage. GOTS certification means the supply chain has met rigorous ecological and social criteria. By selling directly online to the consumer, they eliminate the cost of the middleman and retail space, saving you money and ensuring you’re purchasing nothing but the highest quality blankets, bedding and bath. They go a step further by tracing back to the origin of our cotton, so you and your family feel confident knowing our products are authentic, pure and chemical-free.

The Boll & Branch seal means more than just meticulous craftsmanship. It means economic opportunity for the farmers and factory workers that dedicate their lives to the cultivation and manufacturing of cotton textiles. It means each product was made with respect for the human and environmental resources that make it possible. Each detail is highly intentional—from the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn and the type of dye used.

4. Chateau Home 800 Thread Count Cotton Sheets

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets 4  Chateau Home Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

In pursuit of the ultimate sleep experience each undertaking by Chateau Home Collection is diligently carried out dedicated to your utmost comfort – right from the collaboration with the hardworking farmers, the craftsmen so skilled you could call them artisans to State-of-the-Art factory. The end result is a silky soft sheet set that have the perfect combination of luxury and homely comfort.

Prominent features

These sheet sets come in various sizes ranging from Twin to California King and are available in an assortment of colors. They are certified free of harmful chemicals to keep your family safe. These sheets are made in oeko-tex standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. A beautiful tailored look finish enhances the sheets and pillowcases.

800 thread count premium sheet is a must have product for a good night’s sleep. An Italian product, this sheet is woven and manufactured from the best cotton of Egypt. The authentic Egyptian cotton is woven finely to craft a very soft and durable fabric. Due to its extra-long staple, these sheets are considered superior to most of the fabrics.

Each thread, this sheet consists make it more soft and shiny. The strength of each fiber comes by mercerization of each thread. Known for its amazing durability and soft drape, this is one of the best brands of Egyptian sheets.


When this exquisite sheet material combines with the excellent craftsmanship of Italy, Egyptian cotton sheets with best thread count are created. Artists of Italy are well-known for linen making since ages and it’s a part of their culture. They make these sheets best in the world by cutting, sewing and designing them to fit on your beds.

The Italians combine the deep pockets of the sheet with extra-thick elastic to fully elasticise the sheet. It ensures that the fitted sheet will fit and stay on any mattress that is 6-22 inch thick. These sheets are famous for their meticulous fit. The quality and value of this product is quite famous.

These sheets are available is all possible sizes and the packing includes two fitted sheets, one flat sheet and two pillow cases. This ultimate combination of softness and durability, the sheet is open to both machine wash and tumble dry.

5. SGI Bedding Sheets 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheets 

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets SGI Bedding Sheets Luxury Soft Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

If you are looking for something particularly to impress your partner, this is the best you can order. The visual appeal SGI bedding Queen Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count of the décor determines your feel and sensory experience. Choosing the best brand Egyptian cotton sheet for your room is not an easy task. This comfortable, authentic Egyptian 1000 thread count sheet is so light and comfortable. The 100% Egyptian satin weave product adds a soft, luxurious feel and a gentle sheen into your life.

Prominent features

This sheet is thick, convenient and washable in machine. A variety of trendy designs and solid colors are available in the button-closure duvet covers to match your and coordinate with your décor. The color of digital images that are displayed on the sheet are as accurate as possible. It is available is more than 25 solid colors and 5 sizes like California king, King, Full-Queen, Queen and Twin. The breathable fabric gives you a fantasy nap. The product is available with the best quality and guarantee.

The product consist 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams of standard size. Duvet insert is not included in the product. The sateen finish sheet has excellent elasticity. This sheet has a very amazing feature. The company has taken an eco-friendly initiative for the long healthy life of our Earth. The sheet is delivered in bag made of the same material as sheet which is 100% reusable and biodegradable. This is a major step in the support of Plastic bags.


The queen sheet comes with a few washing instructions like it should be washed in cold water, low tumble dry, not to bleach and rinse the dark color clothes separately. Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy.

Silky soft, most comfortable and luxurious bed sheets you can find. Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest room, kids room, vacation home. By choosing to purchase a SGI Bedding for your home, you are getting an amazing product at a price you can afford.

6. Thomas Gene Bed Sheet Gift Box Set

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thomas Gene Egyptian Soft Sateen cotton fitted sheet gift box set

Thomas Gene luxury bedding is specifically designed with you in mind. These quality sheets are expertly woven so Thomas Gene 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Genuine 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Gift Box Set that every inch ensures a cool, breathable and relaxing night. Sleep longer, live better. The 1000 thread sheet of authentic Egyptian cotton is the ultimate luxury one can feel. This sheet is cozy, soft, luxurious, lustrous, perfect fit and what not.

Prominent features

The duvet covers coordinate well with both solid and pattern bedding giving your bedroom a more complete and tailored look. This linen company has survived for 40 years in this industry on the name of its high quality products. This particular product is the pride of this company.

The pocket size of this fitted sheet is 15 inches and it easily fits into mattress size of 6 to 18 inches. These fully elasticized products  give your bed a well fitted look. Packing of this product consists of 4 things one oversized flat sheet, one flat sheet and two oversized pillow cases. The colors of this machine washable sheet are fast. It can be low, tumble dried. It is advised to follow proper care and wash instructions of this sheet.


The stronger fiber turns into a sheet of greater strength which is quite durable. This sateen weave sheet is available in various vibrant colors and different sizes. Choose a duvet cover that coordinates with your décor. You can put it together with extra pillow cases to give a plush look. The manufacturers are so confident that you’ll love these sheets that they offer a “no questions” return policy. If you don’t love the Thomas Gene Egyptian cotton sheets, simply return them in the first 30 days for a full refund.

The Thomas Gene sheet is available in five different sizes Full size, King size, Queen Size, Thomas Gene King and Olympic size. This is one of the best brand Egyptian cotton sheets. The sheet is available in 10 colors. The packed sheet comes in a nice plastic zippered pouch.

7. Bluemoon Homes Luxurious 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets 7 Bluemoon Homes Luxurious Italian Finish Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Welcome to the world of luxurious sheets in soft sateen and durable, long-staple cotton. The manufacturers at Bluemoon Homes luxurious 1000 Thread Count Italian Finish 100% Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet SetBluemoon Homes are building luxury products for your home that help reduce the stress of a busy life. “Luxury products at your doorstep that help you to reduce your daily stress” this is the motto of this linen company.

Prominent features

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the sheet set is woven, dyed, sewn and stitched with certain specification to create excellence in the product. The company believes that a man spends almost one-third of his life span on bed, and thus one should take great care of his bedding.

The product comes with 100% money back guarantee, just return if you do not find it up to the standards. This single ply sheet is lightweight and ensures your comfort and a good night’s sleep.

The bedding is delivered in a customized magnetic box which is closed and can be used a gift box as well. The quality and craftsmanship of this amazing product in unbelievable. This much softness in such a limited budget and that too with cash back guarantee is no less than a surprise.


The 21-inch deep pockets of this product increase its fitting capacity. The beautifully stitched 4 inches hem is a perk. This machine washable product is quite durable. The product is made in a way to take good care of physical health, mental health, safety and quality of life. With this product, you will have a peaceful sleep and a better tomorrow in your hands.

All these Bluemoon Homes sheets are made out of soft sateen weave which gives the utmost comforting sleep and keeps you cool throughout the night. The best part is, it is machine washable. These sheet sets are woven dyed and sewn with specific standards and requirements that produce excellence.

Each one of us spends about one-third of our lives in our bed. Sleep plays a vital role in our good health and well-being throughout our lives. Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

8. Royal Hotel’s 1000-Thread-Count, Super-Deep Cotton Sheet Set

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Royal Hotel’s Super Deep Soft Sateen Bed Sheet Set

These premium 1000 thread count fitted sheets are crafted specially from handpicked Egyptian cotton and single ply Royal Hotel’s 1000-Thread-Count Super-Deep 4pc King Bed Sheet Setyarns.

This sheet set is considered best among the woven collection. The authentic Egyptian fibers are finely woven in such a way that the end product comes out to be more durable. This softer sateen weave brings the real luxury closer to your skin.

Prominent features

The extra long staple of the sheet set makes it superior to most of the fibers. If you are picky about bed sheet, Royal Hotel’s 1000 thread count genuine Egyptian cotton single ply bed sheet set is ideal for you.

Wrap yourself in the softness of the luxurious 100% cotton sheets like those found in world class hotels. These fine, luxury bed linens are crafted from long staple Combed cotton. Comfort, quality and opulence set these luxury bedding in a class above the rest.

This beautiful single-ply sateen weave is crafted very carefully to maintain its breathable feature. Each thread contributes to the strength of the fiber and gives it a lustrous appearance.

One of the best Egyptian cotton sheets is available in most oversized dimensions. The cotton sheets have ultra deep pockets and are perfect for both thick and normal-sized mattresses.

They can accommodate mattress of the depth range 6 to 22 inches. The elastic of this fitted sheet goes all the way around the bed to give a perfect fitted look.


The extensively soft and durable sheet is resistant to piling. These sheets are beautifully stitched with double-piped satin hems and are available in white, ivory, khaki, chocolate, silver sage and slate color.

The high-quality cotton threads are imported to US and these sheets are prepared there to provide extreme comfort. The sheet is ideal for one who feels so much heat or cold. The sheets are known to maintain a perfect temperature range.

The Royal Hotel’s sheets are designed in such a way so that they can fit universally to provide a secure fit and a great look to your bed. This product has got a maximum rating in all Egyptian cotton sheets reviews.

The sheet set is available in different sizes and with pillow case set as well. Elegant yet durable, their softness is enhanced with each wash cycle.

9. Threadmill Home Linen 800 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheet

Egyptian Cotton Sheets 9 Threadmill Home Linen Extra-Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set

Threadmill Home Linen is more than a linen company; they are advocates for their customers and our environment. Threadmill Home Linen 800 Thread Count 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set.

Their customers sleep happier – not just comfortably enveloped in soft breathable cotton, but knowing these sheets were made without harmful chemicals and pollutive practices. These extra long staple (ELS) cotton sheets are both luxurious and lasting, and are produced in a factory powered entirely by wind and solar energy.

Prominent features

Further, their factory is OEKO-TEX certified, which means their textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. Their factory is also GOTS certified to manufacture Organic cotton products. 100% ELS (Extra-long Staple) Cotton.

It means fewer loose fibers and sheets that can wash and wash without pilling or losing their strength. Their sheets are made to help you sleep better at night. These products keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

These extra-fine yarns used in the sheet set will give it an unusually soft and satiny feel and finish.

Threadmill linens are made with your health in mind, not just your comfort. All chemicals used in our production process are certified free from AZO compounds, meaning they are safe for even the most sensitive skin.


All of these fitted sheets are made in the state-of-the-art factory powered entirely by wind and solar energy. Their packaging uses no plastic – sheets are packed in a reusable tote made from the same 100% cotton.

The manufacturers want to get the best possible product onto as many beds as possible so they sell direct from their factory to their customers. They can keep their prices reasonable and bring a higher quality product to more people because a good night’s sleep is important.

The material is 100% cotton. The sheet set includes 1 flat sheet 110″x104″, 1 fitted sheet 78″x80″, 2 pillowcases 20″x40″. All round elastic fitted sheets with 16-inch deep pockets are generously sized to fit extra deep and pillow-top mattresses.

Care and Wash instructions: Machine wash in warm and tumble dry on low, do not bleach.

10. Mayfair Linen 1000 Thread Count Bed Sheets

100 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Mayfair Linen Soft Sateen Bed Sheet Set

Are you getting what you really want in your fitted sheets? And more to the point, do you really know what it is the Mayfair Linen 1000 Thread Count Best Bed Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton in the first place? For a place of refuge, rest and love, most people pay very little attention to building their perfect bed, and of those who do, even fewer understand the world of difference that can be found between the sheet sets.

Prominent features

A soft feel and durable construction, perfect for a new home or upgrading your living space. You’ll enjoy the quality of top-tier linens, and the feel of satin or silk sheets with the breathability of cotton.

Each sheet set of premium cotton sheets and pillowcases is created using Extra Long Pure Cotton Yarns. This quality is easy to feel when you dive into cool sheets in a variety of hues or lay your head on the crisp pure white pillowcases.

When it comes to construction, each set of bed sheets is stitched by a skilled artisan, and then inspected by hand.

The attention to detail makes them superior in look and feel to other micro-fiber sheets. The sheets are easy to put on and take off, with our fitted sheets featuring upgraded elastic quality.

Upgrade from lower-quality bedding to premium Mayfair cotton sheets. Deep pockets and a silky sateen weave are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy.


Revolutionary new dyes offer lush color sheets through a process. From twin size sheets to deep pocket king sheets, each set delivers the perfect pop of color. Mayfair Linen employs highest quality cotton – 100% combed compact yarn, called long staple cotton.

Staple refers to the length of the cotton fiber; the longer the fiber the better, because it creates stronger and finer yarns. Finer yarn allows for lighter, softer fabric which then does not pill!

Ensure optimum comfort while you sleep with the Mayfair Linen Cool 100% Cotton Sheets. Say NO to night sweats with the breathable fabric innovatively designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does thread count work?

Thread count is a simple measurement calculated by adding the total number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of a fabric. In other words, it’s a measure of the density of the fabric. Simple enough, right?

In fact, it gets a bit complicated because regulators allow manufacturers to use double – or triple-ply threads (threads made of two or three often lower-quality strands twisted together) and count each of those threads twice or even three times.

This means that 200 thread count fitted sheets made of three-ply threads can be marketed with the price of 600-thread count.

Why does the thread count matter?

Thread count can make a difference in how a fabric feels and how it wears – and problems can arise when thread count is low – and also when it’s high. Below a certain threshold, you’re going to notice that sheets feel skimpy and rough. Higher thread counts – up to a certain point – feel silkier, smoother, and more substantial.

Because thread count impacts feel and durability, it’s going to be more important for bedding you’re in closer contact with and wash more frequently – like sheets and pillowcases – and less important for things like duvets or towels. But when you’re shopping for those silky-feeling high thread count sheets, beware of manufacturers using multi-ply thread for unscrupulous thread counting.

What’s the highest possible thread count?

You may see sheet sets with thread counts well over 1,000 on store shelves, but this is likely due to manipulative marketing. Keep in mind that there are only so many threads that can physically fit into a square inch of fabric.

But in an effort to inflate thread count, some manufacturers will spin low-quality fibers into very thin thread, thereby squeezing more of them into each square inch of fabric. This usually decreases durability without increasing comfort.

Are there any issues with fitted sheet with higher thread counts?

Exaggerated thread counts may seem harmless. However, they can actually lower fabric quality. For example, if cheap, weak fibers are used to make a sheet set, they may feel coarse and be more prone to wear.

If an inflated thread count comes from a tighter weave, less air will be able to pass through, making the fabric less breathable and less comfortable.

What’s a good thread count for bedding?

Basic fitted sheets have a thread count that starts around 150, and anything above a thread count of 200 will yield the smoother, softer feel that makes bedding a dream. The sweet spot for cotton sheets woven of an extra-long staple cotton like Pima or Egyptian cotton, which produces a finer thread, is generally 400 to 600, with some luxury options edging up a bit higher, eg. Egyptian cotton sheets.

Is thread count the most important factor in choosing sheet set?

As you might have guessed, thread count is not the most important factor when choosing your fitted sheet.

Because manufacturers can manipulate the thread count using multiple-ply threads or using thinner, weaker fibers, thread count doesn’t mean as much as you might feel. It’s more important to look for the quality of the cotton itself.

Upland or blended cottons aren’t going to be as soft or durable through your wash cycle, as compared to a pure extra-long staple cotton like Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton. So when you’re choosing bedding, your best bet it to look for a proven pure Pima cotton and pick the thread count and weave that feel the best on your skin.

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